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iON | 11 April 2015


Lil’ B's show was an exercise in attention whoredom
Electric arc; Deionization of gas due to increase in pressure; Arc Interruption or Arc Quenching or Arc Extinction Theory—electrical4u
Episodes of Squidbillies
When God’s Chariot Comes

What ‘Youth’?

What ‘Youth’?

Part 1
Part 2
14 April 2015

Bob Dobbs Reads from Wyndham Lewis’ “Hitler”

Official portrait by Heinrich Knirr, 1937


“As to my books ‘in favour of Hitler,’ I have written two books about Hitler, one when he first appeared on the scene… (in 1930) before he came to power and revealed what a lunatic he was, and the other [The Hitler Cult and How it Will End] at the time of Munich. The first book was ‘in favour’: though it was not the Nazi’s view of the matter; the second was very much the reverse of ‘in favour’.”
Wyndham Lewis, Rude Assignment, 1950

“Long ago… it became apparent to me that I had been wrong, like so many other people, in opposing the war. Before the Munich Conference enlightened us all upon that subject, I saw too clearly, with anger and dismay, that Hitler was that most detestable of things a chronic and unteachable little militarist, who just would have his good old second war, because it is for such hideous childishness that such men live.”
Wyndham Lewis writing to the sculptor Eric Kennington in 1942

A Rare Wyndham Lewis Pamphlet by James Egles

Monday, April 13, 2015

56 Year-Old Madonna Performs “Bitch, I’m Madonna” on the Tonight Show

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Rolling Stone

“Women, generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they're not allowed to behave a certain way. But I don't follow the rules. I never did, and I'm not going to start.”

“The real Illuminati emerged during the age of Enlightenment! 1650! They were Philosophers, writers and Scientists! ‘The liberation of the mind from dogmatic state of ignorance’ was the ideal, nothing to do with black magic or money or power! They were illuminated in their thinking. Hence the Illuminati!”

Evolving Media | The Screenshort

The Next Web

A screenshort is a screenshot of text, posted as an image usually at Twitter (to get around the 140 character limit) or at Instagram.

Young people are bypassing traditional social media like Tumblr, WordPress and other blogs by using screenshorts instead of posting text. They write in a notes app and take a screenshot.

The practice is widespread among celebrities. By screenshorting instead of writing a blog post; you know it’s directly from them rather than from their agency or someone they pay to post. It’s the most personal way of sharing thoughts because it’s right from their phone.

Above: image (screenshot) posted by Pink at her Twitter account

Embedding a text block means that people will read the thing you want them to read without having to follow a link. It, genuinely, saves a click (without being condescending!).

Sharing text as an image has other benefits too: it helps increase shareability on social media because we respond better to visuals versus text. A test by Buffer found that it leads to 150 percent more retweets than a tweet without an image. If that’s true, it’s no wonder everyone’s blogging as an image.

This new wave of ‘blogging’ simply removes friction from both posting your thoughts and getting the message out there. Screenshorting puts your words right where everyone is actively consuming already, rather than on some other site.

Above: image (screenshot) posted by the Valencia Luncheria food truck at their Instragram account

Bob Dobbs & Brian

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto