Monday, November 21, 2016

iON on Vacation in Paris | Stalked by Bob

What ‘Youth’?

[see also: Bob Reviews Tombs in the Père Lachaise Cemetery]

Below: Itinerary with links to photos & videos from the trip


24 Sat arrive and Flamel's (oldest restaurant)
25 Sun Pere Lachaise and Eustache

26 Mon Louvre

27 Tues Notre Dame and boat tour

28 Wed Versailles and Cafe de Flore (Existentialists)

at Versailles 20 (7 videos)
at the Cafe de Flore (Existentialists) 4

29 Thurs Eustache and Cafe Prokope (oldest coffeehouse)

at The Church of Saint-Eustache 13
at the Cafe Prokope (oldest coffeehouse) 8

30 Fri Vaux Le Viscount and Fontainebleu and Flamel's (oldest restaurant)

Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte 6


1 Sat travel
2 Sun Jesuit church and Blois castle

at Chambord Cottage 6

3 Mon Chambord

at Chambord Cottage and Environs 6
Chateau de Chambord and Environs 8
Chateau de Chambord and Environs 7
Chateau de Chambord and Environs 6

4 Tues Chambord and Blois

Chateau de Chambord 13
Chateau de Chambord 30 (6 videos)
Chateau de Chambord 14 (1 video)
Chateau de Chambord 2

5 Wed Chenonceau and Leonardo
6 Thurs Breze

7 Fri Beauregard (painting gallery) and return to Paris

More Pictures at Beauregard 29

8 Sat Hettie and Bert
9 Sun fly home


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