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Plants & Animals Will Be "Dust in the Wind" in the New Environment, Transcription, 14 January 2020

“iON Rants & Treasures

Transcribed by Nan

Scott 0:01
What happens in this new environment to things like plants and animals?

iON 0:10
They're, they're dust in the wind.

Scott 0:16
So, they just go away. So, there'll be different plants and animals in the world?

iON 0:23
New heaven, new Earth. Yes.

Scott 0:27

iON 0:28
And that's actually happening. See, that's already happening now. Now they're finding 350-pound groupers. The Earth is already starting to morph its new creation. But everybody talks about lookin' for their fossils. The fossils, they're lookin' around for the fossil. You got new things comin' that ain't never been before, you see. And that's already starting. They're startin' to find things that have never been because the environment is shifting and changing. Well, of course everybody shifts. Just like you, see, you've morphed into a -- you're not the same person you are either. We actually like this particular Scott, he's pretty cool. Ah, didn't care much for the latter ones, but this one's great. So, the point now becomes you are also morphing. [chuckles] You're morphing into a -- to your own new relegated position. Well, so are the feast and famine of the world. The flora and fauna, it's gonna meet -- if you have rain all the time like on the Hilo side, it rains all the time and everything's overgrown and, and just almost like jungle like. Then on Bob's side, it doesn't rain too much, it's a little more dry, a bit more arid, but whatever those plants are, they'll find the wet places and they go to them. You see? And so you're gonna meet, you'll meet that environ. You'll meet that environ. So, that's how that works. And then so as your Earth changes, then you'll have new flora and fauna so the beasts will change. You've got molds now that have never lived on this Earth. You got viruses on this Earth now that has never been, and they would kill the previous -- you remember the series, "The 100," how they were perfect beings, but any little gnat's ass would have fucked them off? 'Cause they were so perfect, they had no room, anything would have would decimate them. They had no resistance to anything 'cause they were perfect. So, it was a great life if you can live perfect, see? And not so fun. And that's the, that's the blessing and the curse, but you gotta have some resistance in order to survive. And that's what everyone's being built up to in the Ascension process. That's why the cancer is going through the roof 'cause see, the, the -- what do you call it? Radiation keeps increasing and the humans can't take it. The cells, they push against it, and it becomes malignant rather than benign. If you can live in a world where your entire body became a cancer cell, you'd live forever 'cause they can't kill a cancer cell. They can cut it out, but it just comes back. They can press it off, but it's just squirts out somewhere else. They can get it into remission, but it just comes back. See? So, that's the thing. So, if you could live with that, ooh, yeah, that's what you found out, that would be the answer to cancer.

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