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Payday, Partial Transcript, 22 February 2014, 2200 Hour


Transcribed by Nan

Brian 0:00
He was in the -- he knew what the pyramids were for and what they were about, and he was there. You know, let's say in the Great Pyramid chambers.

Bob 0:09

Brian 0:10
And why was Jesus in the pyramids? And iON's response was, well, it was for initiation. Well, my immediate question is what is the process of being initiated? What does that mean? I mean, explain, being initiated. And I think it's what you just said, it's knowing and a process of doing something, just what you said.

Bob 0:37
Spiritual technique, spiritual lessons, spiritual exercises. Yeah. And iON -- now this is really different today. All the portals have opened, the whole universe has changed, and none of these issues that were so problematic 2000 years ago aren't there as strong.

Brian 0:56
Yeah, stop right there. Bob, let's talk about this initiation. Maybe part of the initiation is, okay, you say that you make that statement, right? Guess what. Since April 15th, or whatever year it was, all the portals are open. Hey, so, what the fuck does that mean? What's a portal look like? And if I do see a portal, how do I utilize it? What happens? You know, I'm saying that's part of the initiation process is, is, knowing exactly how to identify a portal, how to see them, how to utilize them, how to travel through back and forth through them. Maybe it's an initiation...

Bob 1:30
Brian, here's the modern -- what Don Theall would say -- you know, the great student of McLuhan -- is that the modern media, the Android Meme, is a collective initiation. When they start showing sinkholes on the news, millions of humans see that, and then they gotta process that, figure out what it means. Now, they might get a lot of confusion, but the media dynamic Android Meme is a colossal ongoing initiation.

Brian 1:53
That's right. And iON even said those, those giant sinkholes that you've seen, he says they're portals. Okay? [recording glitch] An initiated one would know exactly how to utilize it.

Bob 2:08
Right. And maybe there's new ways to do it with our five bodies. And so we're all groping around with no real authoritative teacher, and this will lead to newer discoveries because if you go get a Tibetan Buddhist and become a monk and get into their techniques and they teach you how to do it, you're reliant on those techniques and how to do it. You know, that becomes a limitation. And maybe when Jesus was initiated, he was given some substances, RNA drops, or something to stimulate him. [Brian chuckles] No, he was given, he was given shewbread; that came up at one point.

Brian 2:46
Well, here's the, here's another thing, Bob, because I've heard stories about Jesus in His -- you can call it an initiation, but schooling, you know.

Bob 2:55

Brian 2:55
People said he went to all these different sacred schools or whatever, but...

Bob 3:01
Like I did. Like I did, Brian. On my chart going to Zappa, McLuhan, LaRouche, and all those guys in my chart were like secret schools.

Brian 3:09
Yeah, well, see, and here's the thing about what you taught with these different [indistinct]. You got Judaism, you got, like you said, you got the, you got the Tibetans, you got the monks, you got the Buddhas, all of these different quote religions. But you know, the story that I've heard is that you know, quote, Jesus or Ascended man was initiated in all of them, and he knew that each one by itself may not necessarily have all of the pieces, but to be initiated in every single one of them then you get the whole picture so to speak, maybe.

Bob 3:52
And probably they were looking for the Emerald Tablets because that was the source of a lot of this initiation ritual, and so they go to religions to get what those religions chipped off the blocks of the Emerald Tablets. And not many people have seen and engaged the Emerald Tablets iON says, but they were all looking for them, and they got this "B" levels of it.

Brian 4:16
Well, iON says that all of them haven't shown up yet.

Bob 4:20
Right! That's right. More coming.

Brian 4:23

Caller 4:30
Well, did iON say Jesus is still around?

Bob 4:33
Jesus went to -- the third Jesus went to the Guf. The first two, one lives in Afghanistan. The first two never died.

Brian 4:39
Okay here, I got a question for you, Bob. Now, you'll remember this. This was -- let's go way back. This was a, this was back in Cash Flow with Martinez. And we had this, or I had this conversation because I, you know, I was getting these conflicting stories from iON about the third Jesus. And, you know, I questioned them about the third Jesus and Mary, the Virgin Mary, and how, you know, the Immaculate Conception and what happened. Of course, the conver -- the way the conversation went was, well, Mary was impregnated by an angel. And iON said that the third Jesus was a Nephilim. Okay, now, it wasn't very much longer after that, it was maybe a week or two, maybe a couple days or I don't know, a week or two, but you was on a tailgate, and Tina had her sister on the tailgate, and you were talkin' to Tina's sister, you remember that?

Bob 4:39
Oh, yeah.

Brian 4:43
Anyway, yeah. Anyway, iON came in, and iON was talkin' to her. And he was talkin' about the third Jesus, and he said he was 100% human, and I'm like what? Well, wait a minute, we, we've discussed this earlier, and he was a fuckin' Nephilim. Now, how did he go from being a Nephilim to 100% human? But I never questioned him, and I've never gotten -- developed it.

Bob 6:06
The answer was he wasn't a Nephilim, he had Nephilim blood in him, the third Jesus. That's what I remember. He had a good chunk of Nephilim blood, but he was a human being.

Brian 6:18
Okay, well, fine. He was a human being, but if he's got, if he's got angel blood in him, then he's a half breed or a quarter breed or whatever.

Bob 6:28
He's an odd bird, and that might have given him extra abilities or something that made him outstanding when he was younger.

Brian 6:36
Here's the thing that when I was listening to that, even though he was talking to Tina's sister, it was like he was just -- it was like he was, he was poking at me 'cause it was the way he said, "He was 100% human."

Bob 6:49
[chuckles] So, that's the answer! He's human, but the blood, the Nephilim blood -- I remember that answer. In my mind I remember him saying that he had blood in Him, angel blood. I didn't get, I never heard that he was Nephilim.

Brian 7:08
Fine. Then okay, what's, how would you define 100% human? Does that, does that mean that being 100% human means that you have angelic blood in you? Angel blood in you or...

Bob 7:21
Yeah, but you don't have the other characteristics of a Nephilim angel. You don't want whatever other weird energies they have. You don't have that, you just got the blood.

Brian 7:31
See, this is gonna get back to the DNA, it's gonna get back to the 144,000, the 12 tribes. See, that's the reason they had it separated, you know, an [indistinct], get all the way to Genesis with the two different seed lines. Because look, you got a seed line, and it is, they are angels, you know, or half angels, you know.

Bob 7:52
That's a good point. That's a good point, they had to divide people up into tribes and make it really rigid to start separating and getting rid of the angel.

Brian 7:59
Yeah, but those 12 tribes are separate, that line is fucking separate from the line of Cain and that line that comes down. See, that's, there's a whole thing you can -- I mean, those are the questions I have because so far they, I mean, I've been poking at it and I guess iON is just poking back at me. But those were things, these are things that I would like to get developed.

Bob 8:24
What have you, what have you taught, or what is Wendy interested in? What did you -- see, I get the phone call reports, it's under my name. So I get a report that people have been using -- you were on there for a couple hours. What kind of stuff did you discuss?

Brian 8:39
Well, I just talked about the whole thing with -- she's after the angel business. That's the reason she wants to do the Chapter 23.

Bob 8:47
Right. What do you want to do with the angels? What does she want to do?

Brian 8:52
She wants to develop it. She wants to know it. She wants to, you know, know what it is and how it applies, which is a big deal. Because see, it's very interesting. If you look at, if you go back to Constantine and the fuckin' Council of Nicaea, if you notice, specifically, a lot of what they left out of the Bible or said couldn't be in the Bible, is heavy, heavy angel business. You know, they left out, for example, the sixth and seventh book of Moses; that's all about angel stuff. Well, they kick -- it ever made it to the Bible. The Book of Enoch, that's all about angel stuff; they left it out of the Bible. Chapter 23, in Revelations, all about angel stuff; they left it out of the Bible. It's like everything that has to deal heavily into the angel stuff, they made sure it did not get in the Bible.

Bob 9:47

Brian 9:47
That's, that's intriguing to me. And iON said it, he's he said it in Revelations. When we got to it, he says, you know, it was just -- you know, he got cheeky sometimes. He said it was just too much sugar for a dime. Or what it was, you know, they brought this dogma into it, and they said, no, this is gonna give, you know, people way too much power. And we don't, we don't want people coming into their power.

Bob 10:14
Yep, that's the old story. You're still interested in those issues. You know, it's like a "both and." I'm not going to think too much about the angels, just sort of exploit them, use them, command them, but by the same time maybe would be interesting to hear all that iON could go into. It triggers synaptic new conduit in your brain. So, you can be indifferent in hearing anymore and not worrying about yourself, or you can be excited when you get the opportunity to do it. So, I'll remain in the "both and," I'm not gonna worry about those questions. I'm not gonna care if I get an answer, but if the opportunity comes, I'll listen.

Brian 10:57
Okay, you remember that, Bob. You remember if the conversation's goin' on is angel business and it's been goin' on for two hours, you gotta maintain listening, Bob. [chuckles]

Bob 11:08
Yeah. Sure. No problem.

Brian 11:11
Okay. So, we got that on the record.

Bob 11:13
Yeah, I put up with you for two hours last week, I can put up with iON.

Brian 11:18
Okay. All right.

Bob 11:22
So, let's have someone else come in here. There's someone at Moore Park. If I take the sound, I take the arrow off, and 805 area code, and there's no red light showing up. So, they're not making noise right now, so I'll leave it off. But I had to keep it on before. Does anybody else want to say anything? Is Katie still here? I think she's gone. Katie left. So, Ginney, Gregg, you know, create some content here. We only have been going for five hours.

Brian 12:03
I'll comment about, you know, 'cause see, I was -- man, Bob, I gotta tell you. I was so frustrated when I was listening to I think it was Melting Titanium, whatever it was, where iON was gettin' into Genesis. He started goin' into the Genesis, and he was laying out, you know, it was parallel worlds. And then it just, it just didn't get very long into it and, I mean, and I'll even quote your words. Your words were, you know, "This is irritating," or this is painful, "and I don't like it and I don't wanna do it." And it's and, and you just said it now, you're not interested in, you know, the angel stuff or the Bible stuff. And because I felt like...

Bob 12:46
I'm saying that I'm not, I can't, I don't go, man, I got a big question about that, that feeling. Your questions are not my questions. I was just saying that I don't have those questions. I might have other questions, but no, don't categorize me as not interested. But probably, now, that's back in 2010 before Revelations, I have no clue what can come out of the Bible. And that's like, you know, April, May, 2010. And he started going into his Bible talk and I didn't want to. I wasn't interested in that because I thought it would just be normal, stupid, you know, Bible talk. So, I remember stopping that and getting into what I thought I was interested in. I wouldn't do that now.

Brian 13:26
You got the dust, Bob, that come out of the Bible. You got the RNA drops. You know, you got all this other stuff. It's all comin' out of the Bible. It's like...

Bob 13:36
And the only reason we know that from my view is that Ed Long refused to interview idiots anymore. Remember, we were doing that special sequence in May, June, July with Ed?

Brian 13:49
The intelligence talk.

Bob 13:50
Yeah. And after 12 people he said this is idiotic. Let's do the Book of Revelation. Now, iON had been tryin' to get me to do the Book of Revelation. You know, it had come up, but I wasn't interested. But because we wanted to be on his forum, we knew he'd record it and get attention. I said, yeah, do the Book of Revelation, expecting nothing. And the shocking thing is that look where it led.

Brian 14:17
Right. Okay, so here's the point. iON -- these are your words you just spoke. iON tried to get you into or do Revelation, and I'm about 100% positive it was iON that wanted and pushed you to do -- start, at least start -- Genesis series. Right?

Bob 14:42
The Genesis was after. The Genesis was after.

Brian 14:45
Well, my point is is that iON is attempting to get you interested or at least engage the Bible and books in the Bible. So, my question to you is, Bob, if you got iON, and if iON is fucking half the deal that you say he is, you know, the NonPhysical or the greatest, you know, mediumship -- well, however you want to say it -- if this is the real deal and he's tryin' to get you to engage some'um, I mean, to me I'd be like, okay, I want to look, I wanna see where this is gonna go.

Bob 15:24
Okay. Well, here's what happened. If we're talkin' March, I was not really impressed with iON until April 6th, 2010, when he explained to us how to make cold fusion. Up to that point, it was a constant frustration of mind games with this thing that shifted around. I was impressed with the way he could talk for hours, but I certainly had no clue and was not impressed with any fucking thing that it brought up. I wanted him to deal with more important topics like "Finnegans Wake" and what is relevant, not some stupid, fuckin' Bible.

Brian 15:55
The whole scene thing, okay, Bob. iON comes back right now. Right?

Bob 16:01

Brian 16:01
iON comes back, and he comes back and he's engaging...

Bob 16:06
He is back, Brian. Welcome, iON. Right on time for Brian.

iON 16:06
Hey, you bunch of scallywags. Now what? [Bob laughs]

Brian 16:20
Okay, Bob, so, if iON wanted to finish the Genesis, would you do it?

Bob 16:26
Oh, yeah, I would do it now. In March, 2010, I'm listening to the archives. Even Carolyn was pissed off at iON. We're not gettin anywheres, and iON finally fucking gave us the cold fusion. He had to 'cause he was on the edge of being fired! [laughs] Right, iON?

iON 16:44
We've been thrown out of a lot nicer places than this.

Bob 16:47
[chuckles] Come on, people, don't be dummies. Ask your questions for fuck sake.

iON 16:56
No, no, no, no, no. Hold on, hold on just a moment. We were summoned. I think it was a little question regarding some, some, some precipice?

Bob 17:10
Yeah, what was it? You talkin' about what Brian and I were just talkin' about?

iON 17:13
Yes. Yes.

Bob 17:15
Well, Brian wants to talk about Genesis [different pronunciation] or Genesis.

Brian 17:21
Or let's go back to the third Jesus deal where...

Bob 17:24
Ohh! The question about -- yes. So, I say he's all human, and yet he's Nephilim, iON, the third Jesus. Clarify for Brian.

iON 17:40
Okay. You should ask rather than we just scamble over it -

Bob 17:45
Okay, Brian, go ahead and ask.

iON 17:46
- because it gonna go further than you're gonna want to go.

Brian 17:47
Okay. When I engaged you on Cash Flow and we got into the third Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and what was laid out was the Virgin Mary was -- she conceived from an angel. Now, and I was specific, and I said, you mean she had sex with an angel? Now, I said sex, or I guess we have to define what sex is, but anyway, supposedly the Virgin Mary had sex with an angel.

iON 18:06
She got some angel nookie, that's what she got.

Brian 18:25
Okay, so, and then it came out that the third Jesus was half angel or had angel blood in him, so he was classified as a Nephilim. Is that correct?

iON 18:36
Correct. That's correct.

Brian 18:39
Now, it was after that you were engaging with Tina's sister, and you were talking about the third Jesus and you specifically said he was 100% human. And you talked about before and after the resurrection, but it was all 100% human. And my question is, is that true? And if that is true, then how did, what was the process of Jesus going from Nephilim to 100% human?

iON 19:05
Well, that's a piece of cake. It's this "fall," and yet another example of the "fall" of coming back to your place as God. You are God, you are perfect. You are human. Okay? Perfect. You chose to "fall." You separated yourself from your place of power. Jesus and the reparationists are supposed to come back with a marriage supper of the Lamb. Bless those lampstands. Bless those lampstands. You'll just love them. You'll figure it out soon enough. Then what happens is that reparation becomes the way back. An example, the cross. The cross of how to make the chromosome line back up as it were. So now you have three examples of this very process of coming, separating yourself, coming back to your place of God. And then that even works the angel out of you. Now, one would say -

Brian 20:03

iON 20:04
- ah-ah-ah! Hold on! The Little Man, the Little Man, the Little Man would say an angel is greater than I. Okay? God sees angel as less. So, this is that very process of even in an aberrated state over not clean miscegenated position, you can still come back to your place as God.

Brian 20:27
Okay, that actually makes sense because, and my question was gonna be 'cause we talked about a person being half-human, half-angel was an abomination before God, and it's what the flood was about. But I remember in the Bible, they talked about God come down and he said, he said, look, you straighten your fuckin' self out, and I'm gonna give you some time, quote, "time" to straighten your shit out, and if you don't do it, then, you know, then I'm gonna smote all you sons of bitches. Right?

iON 20:58

Brian 20:58
So, that's what... Okay, so if, if an individual was part angel, part human, and let's say they took the RNA drops, then what you're saying is, it would straighten out their DNA to where they would, you know, become perfect.

iON 21:17
They would have the opportunity to come back to God. But now you have to be careful. You remember Revelation 23 do you not?

Brian 21:25

iON 21:26
The Dark Soul. Don't, don't play the fool. There's much afoot. Everybody's talkin' about Goshen. Everybody's talkin' about Goshen, but nobody wants to talk about Exodus 20. Nobody wants to come back to the reason that you asked for the law in the first place. How very ridiculous. But that's a sidebar. What you're watching for is this expurgation, expurgation, or liturgical positioning, jockeying as it were, for the race back to God. Those that are engaging it have no fear. Those that are figuring it out or trying to figure it out, they watch as angels weep. As angels come closer into this place of humans coming back to their place of power, you are a bit vulnerable sometimes as it were, in their ongoing beseeching, sotted cluster to find the Dark Soul.

Brian 22:30
"They," you mean Michael and his legion?

iON 22:38
They, there's a little... There's a host, there's hosts of angels that are in this job.

Brian 22:51
Right. To find the Dark Soul.

iON 22:55
Yes. And they would, they would use a ridiculous Little Man anyway they chose to get closer to the Dark Soul.

Brian 23:04
Oh. I want to be clear. You're saying the angels are actually utilizing Little Men, fucking them up -

iON 23:17
Hell, yeah.

Brian 23:17
- to get to the Dark Soul.

iON 23:20
Yes. People paying money checks to get fucked, too. Go figure that out.

Bob 23:28
Hey, iON, it's like the angels are an incomplete expression, and so they have a neurosis like any incomplete Little Man. And their neurosis is to get contact with the Dark Soul. That's what you're saying?

iON 23:40
Well, that's what Revelation 23 explains pretty precipitously, doesn't it?

Bob 23:40
Of course it does. Duh. Duh. [chuckles]

iON 23:49
Well, but now you're startin' to put it together, you see. The whole dogma, if you could take the dog out of the Bible...

Bob 24:02
Out of the automatic.

iON 24:03
Well, autonomic maybe.

Bob 24:07
Autonomic, right.

iON 24:08
It would make it absolutely, ubiquitously... It would open up everything as it does. When we lay it out, you go, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Then you come back to oh, yeah. And then you find out that Goshen had a hedge, and the hedge is the protection, not Goshen.

Bob 24:29
Right. Now, iON, my insight from this so far, NonPhysical was created separately for "fallen" man. And the angels were created to be the medium to the NonPhysical. When you Ascend, you bring the NonPhysical back into yourself, merge it, get rid -- don't even need it, and that would include the angel would come back into yourself. So, we all have angel in us 'cause that's an extension we created to make the Guf work.

iON 24:56
It's a stretch. It's a stretch, but see, except for the soul. Except for the soul, the stenographer. See, the stenographer allows you the in and the out. We could very easily say yes, you're all angel. Yes, you're all God. Yes, you're all human. But your mind won't allow that. You always have to be coming from some thing. You engage, you created time because otherwise you could not be. Without time you are not, you see

Bob 25:25

iON 25:27
So, you had to create a false premise in order to survive. Otherwise, you're outside of your bounds. And if it's outside of your bounds, you're such a marvelous creator even in your ridiculous state of less thanness -- and you spend all day every day arguing for your ridiculous limitations when you could just embrace that which is your place of power and move forward with power and light and move on, but that's, that's -- we're preaching to the choir, apparently, at this point.

Bob 25:55
Yeah. And you're saying the soul, the soul is an important part of that setup.

iON 26:00
Well, that's what allows you to live with yourself. Otherwise, you'd "off" yourself over and over and over and over and over again 'cause you would never live up to your expectations of perfection because your mind won't recall.

Bob 26:12

Brian 26:12
But the soul, now we talk about the soul being, you know...

iON 26:18
Lauren Bacall, she was hot.

Brian 26:22

iON 26:24
Lauren Bacall, she was hot.

Brian 26:25
I don't know what she was.

Bob 26:29
You got a [indistinct sentence/iON laughs], Brian? Laura called you.

Susana 26:34
Lauren Bacall, great actress.

Bob 26:36
Oh, okay. Is she dropping in, iON? Is she over here? Is she struttin' down the hallway? Is she right here, man, she can be in the video?

iON 26:45
[laughs] Right next to the minds doing hand signals for the blind.

Bob 26:52
[chuckles] Very good, iON, excellent. You know the script. Very good.

Brian 26:56
How does this relate to Wendy's study group? When you [indistinct] study group to learn about how to talk to the angels, right?

iON 27:07

Brian 27:09
So, this seems to relate. Like what, what would happen if we learned to talk to the angels and they're tryin' to get to the Dark Soul?

iON 27:17
Well, do it. Stop studying it. That's what's wrong with it.

Bob 27:23
Stop studying, yeah. Class has been canceled. Oh my god, there's a whole bunch of people that -- Ginney's there but I had her on mute. They've been fuckin' screaming. Must be screaming at me. [Bob, iON laugh]

Susana 27:35
Hey, iON, I have a question.

iON 27:37

Bob 27:38
Go ahead.

Susana 27:39
It has to do with the RNA drops. I remember hearing a recording of you saying that one drop is all you need, and that -

iON 27:48

Susana 27:48
- everything came from that one drop. Can you explore that a little more? Does it mean that with one you get activate -- it starts the activation and then all your cells start perfecting and creating the 144,000 strands of DNA?

iON 28:09
Double helix strands of the DNA.

Susana 28:11
Double helix strands, right.

iON 28:12
Okay, one drop will begin that process. One drop would expose you. One drop would allow your body to reprogram or have new RNA in your genome. Okay? And that would be the smear, when they do the smear of DNA that breaks down those particular acids that are specific and independent to you. Okay? Well, the introduction of RNA drops at whichever generation you began because they're changing. See, even the drops are different, as you should well know by now. They are evolving like you, you see. So, one drop makes that introduction: it's systemic. One drop is systemic. It affects your entire meatsack, okay, but it doesn't stop there. You would then, of course, crave more of those as you continue this ongoing process of removing or replacing the less than parts of you with the perfecting parts of you. That's like when you get started, you notice and you have some little something in your body and all of a sudden, it falls off or goes away. A lot of people have, even with ReNew, they find just amazing outcomes. And this isn't a tele commercial or whatever that is, but they find it because their body doesn't require those things so they're easy to fall off. It helps and aids in that process. Okay? So, just as it doesn't do it, it allows your body to void it. It eases your body's way to void the less than parts of you. Okay?

Susana 30:00
And that's why you crave it. And that's why you've crave it 'cause your body wants to void those less than parts.

iON 30:05
It's like this was good. Mmm. This was good. Mmm. This was good. Mmm. I feel visceral in my body. Oh, there's a bit of activity. Ooh, let's see what that feels like. Oh, lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. And the next thing they know, they have to find things to make up to screw up to fix. You marvelous creator, you.

Susana 30:29
Got it. So, it begins the process. To keep it going 100%, keep taking 'em.

iON 30:38
Well, of course, follow your bliss, obviously.

Susana 30:42
Follow the bliss. Right.

iON 30:43
If you do it, if you do it with any propensity, you're gonna enjoy it. Then you'll want more. And then you'll notice the shift and change as the generations increase. As the generations increase, you'll notice it's more -- some would say stronger, we say different because you're also now different. It's evolving.

Sara 31:06
iON, I have a question about yeast for Passover.

iON 31:11
Yes. They don't like it.

Sara 31:16
Well, because you're supposed to, or it is what would the right word be?

iON 31:21

Sara 31:21
Asked or choose to please not have yeast in the home or house for, during Passover? I'm thinking of my body.

iON 31:30
Dr. Dean says, -

Sara 31:31
Right. I'll die.

iON 31:33
- Dr. Dean says, says it a little different way. She balances that flora and fauna business.

Sara 31:41
That's exactly what I want to inquire about. I'm hoping...

iON 31:46
So, she would say bless it. She would say bless it, magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

Sara 31:52
Yes! Okay, I'll take it.

iON 31:56

Sara 31:57
And what about boron? Is there a short way to [indistinct/noise]

iON 32:09
Okay, okay, hold on. Hold on. Describe your application and we can adjust it. Because we're not gonna say boron is good, and we're not gonna say boron is bad. Boron is fine.

Carolyn 32:18
And boron is in ReLyte [now called ReMyte], Sara.

Sara 32:22
Oh! I didn't know that.

Carolyn 32:24
It's in ReLyte. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sara 32:26
Oh, okay. Okay, that's why you said no, don't worry about the [indistinct] stuff.

Carolyn 32:31

iON 32:32


Ronan 40:46
So, iON, on this advice about studying, don't study...

Bob 40:50
What's your name, buddy? Buddy, what's your name?

Ronan 40:52
This is Ronan.

Bob 40:54
Okay, go ahead.

iON 40:54
Hey, Ronan.

Ronan 40:56
Hey. So, I got that on the angels. And I guess my -- the other thing I think about is, the first time you came in, you talked to Bart, and Bart was pandering. And I guess Bart, he forwarded this idea of rearview mirror, and I'm really interested to know your idea on this study of all the Bob materials. I mean, is it rearview mirror or are those critical to Ascension? [Bob chuckles] Do we need to study all those to get Ascension, or is it rearview mirror?

iON 41:34
My stars, no. We say get rid of your rearview mirror and get that -- rip it out of your car. That lets you look forward to see where you were. Well, if you don't know where you're going, you certainly won't recognize where you were. If you don't know where you're going, you certainly will not recognize where you were. So, to qualify this to say this is all -- this Bob stuff -- is rearview mirror, you ridiculous, little human. You have no idea of what those words are and what they mean. You cannot say any of... That would be like Marshall McLuhan, he was -- wasn't he a movie star? Yeah. Oh, yeah, he was in "Annie Hall." [Bob chuckles] Yeah, that was his claim to fame. That the William Irwin Thompson quadrant was made and that's old-school, that really doesn't apply anymore. Until you know that, you don't have any way to know that. So, to say that it's rearview mirror it's taking you to a place you've never been before. So, we would say in that case, if that's the question, you should turn your car around and back up, and you'll have a better chance of recognizing where you were.

Brian 42:47
Hey, Ronan, you made the, you made the comment that you got the angel saying. What do you mean by that? What were you talking about? [pause] Are you there, Ronan?

Bob 43:02
He's still there.

Ronan 43:03
Well, he was -- he basically said don't study it, just do it.

Brian 43:08
Okay, what's the difference? What's the difference between let's say studying something and being, let's say, an initiate or going through some sort of initiation or whatever, you know, like what, quote, supposedly Jesus did, went through these initiate schools or somethin'? [pause] That's directed to you, iON.

Bob 43:31
Okay, you didn't say that. Do it right. What kind of thing was Jesus initiated in when he went to the pyramids? Third, Jesus, was he given mana? Give us a little content there, iON.

iON 43:47
You have to secretly or openly, privately, safely hide things in the future, from your past. You have to create and leak all of Babylon, back to the Druids, forward to the perfect one coming. We are not bound by your time, so it's very logical for us to flow. It looks kind of kind of jumping back and forth, up and under, and everything a rabbit does to a stump when we try to lay it into your ridiculous timeline position. So therefore, the point of bringing the Egypt side is so that you can reach the far side, the Samaritan Hebrewloid version of Babylon. So, it had to be...

Bob 44:42
That's the beginning. That's the beginning.

iON 44:44
That's the beginning, yes, of nothingness.

Bob 44:47

iON 44:49
Because to say that there's a beginning means that there has to have been an end. Oh, Carolyn's gonna have to explain past pluperfect tense again if we keep goin'.

Bob 45:01
But we're not.

iON 45:04
We're not. That's old-school.

Bob 45:06
Yeah, but what did...

Madeleine 45:08

Bob 45:07
No, no, wait Madeleine. What techniques were taught to Jesus, if any, if any, in the Egyptian phase of his education?

iON 45:18
Oh, how the symbolism, how the cartography allows you to respond sometimes more easily than your vulgar words.

Bob 45:30
In parallel worlding, in "rift riding."

iON 45:33
In "rift riding," symbols and or strata. When I say strata, that means where it fits. Strata as in where it fits. Remember we went through the whole, big range of the layers of the atmosphere: the troposphere, stratosphere and all those different...

Bob 45:49

iON 45:49
We made just a huge thing of that, and everybody scratched their head or their ass 'cause somethin' was itchin' and they weren't sure what. But it was for a reason to set strata so as you were flying, you'd know how high you potentially were or are or was. Were or are or was. And now would you need a rearview mirror to gauge that? We hope not. We hope not, but it's possible. But "to rearview mirror" doesn't work if you've never been down the road.

Bob 46:20

iON 46:20
Reback full circle

Bob 46:22
Engage Bob's stuff once. Engage Bob's stuff once so you can claim you were down the road.

iON 46:27
Yeah, and then, and then to say, "Do I have to? Must I?" And the answer is absolutely no because it'd be a waste of your time anyway because you probably won't anyhow, but you can't do it from a rearview mirror standpoint of a road you've never been down.

Bob 46:42
[chuckles] Okay, Madeleine.

Ronan 46:45
Oh, I see.

iON 46:46
Yeah, we'll fix you a little Kroker suppository, you'll enjoy that too.

Bob 46:51
[chuckles] Kroker suppository. Good one.

iON 46:53
Kroker suppository.

Bob 46:53
Okay, Madeleine, go ahead.

Ronan 46:57
Anime has taken over.

Bob 47:00
Anime? What was that?

iON 47:03
Anime must have taken over.

Bob 47:05
Anime, yes.

Caller 47:07
Question for iON.

Bob 47:08
That's Japanese, you know, cartoons, anime.

Brian 47:11
Madeleine, you better jump in before you get ran over.

Bob 47:13
Yeah, I'm turning the car around.

Madeleine 47:17
iON, what is -- sorry for the degree of separation question.

iON 47:22
Yeah, it's good.

Madeleine 47:23
What does the "you and you" refer to when you talk about the distance between you and you? What is “you”?

iON 47:32
Oh, the difference. The distance is between the perfect you, the Ascended you, the God you, and the separated man, the Little Man that says: I'm so much God I can separate from my Godship, not remember, and find myself back to God. So, the distance between the perfect you and the distance between woe is me, it's not my job to drive the train or make the whistle sound. It's not my job to steer the train or tell where it is bound. It's not my job to stoke the coal or even ring the bell, but let this goddamn thing hit the tracks, jump the tracks, and see which one of us catches hell. That's the distance between you and you.

Madeleine 48:08

Bob 48:11
Okay, iON, I was telling them earlier the difference between you and you is between you and your other self; there's two of you in this world. What do you say about that?

iON 48:22
That's hendiadys. That is exactly what we said, hendiadys. You had a separation between you and you. But it's one by means of two, one by means of two. So, that's the you, the perfect you, the perfect you is a less than, and a perfect you as we said that you are so perfect, so perfect, that you have the ability to separate yourself from your place of power, create another you. And the distance between you and you is just that.

Brian 48:52
Okay, iON, could you...

Bob 48:53
That's why -- hey, Brian, that's...

iON 48:54
The reason we keep repeating it...

Bob 48:57
Hey, I want to just make this point. So that's why when I meet my double, Carolyn will go with him because he's more perfect?

iON 49:03
Of course.

Bob 49:04

iON 49:05
He's not whining and crying and moaning so much.

Bob 49:08
[chuckles] We'll see. We'll see. [iON, Bob laugh]

Brian 49:21
But what's the perfect -- the difference between you and you, the perfect you and the Little you? But what would the perfect you look like, smell like, feel like? Is it just someone with 144,000 double helix strands, or is it more than that?

iON 49:42
No, it's more than that. It's when you come into your place of power.

Brian 49:45
Okay, so it's...

Madeleine 49:46
Brian, it's exactly the same because it's the perfect you that allowed you to be Little.

Brian 49:55
Okay, but what is that perfect you, Madeleine? What's that perfect, what is that perfect you? What abilities does that perfect you have?

Caller 50:05

iON 50:07
You're asking her... No! That's not the case. We've gone over that completely: raising from the dead, affecting manner, affecting matter, affecting gravity, gravitational pulls, novas, supernovas and moving entire galaxies within and out themselves. Come on.

Brian 50:25
Okay. Okay, so let's stop right there. So now the distance between you and you is -- okay, so we got the, quote, Little you, you know, runnin' around here on Earth in your little worky job, and you're gettin' back to the you that fucking moves entire galaxies in the heavens. Is that what you're saying?

iON 50:46

Brian 50:48

Susana 50:49
And there are two meatsack bodies?

iON 50:53
There can, but there's actually more than that, but at least two.

Brian 50:56
It would be closer to the body of let's say Adam before he ate of the fruit of Tree of Knowledge?

iON 51:09
Or Seth.

Bob 51:09
Or Seth. Yeah, let's not focus so much on Adam. Seth. Seth has got…

iON 51:09
Yeah, we like Seth. Seth is way more together.

Bob 51:22
[chuckles] That's new.

Brian 51:23
Seth was way more together?

iON 51:25
Hell, yeah. [indistinct] to all that bullshit. He never got all {indistinct] with all that mess. He said fuck y'all, I got this. Let's go. No questions, no comment.

Susana 51:37
Well, let's talk about that. Then I heard a little snippet from last week, and I think Brian, you were talking about Lilith. iON, what's to do with Lilith?

iON 51:39
Lilith was Adam's first wife. Everybody knows that.

Susana 51:56
Is Lilith human?

Bob 51:59
No. Lilith was an angel.

iON 52:02
Yeah, that's right.

Brian 52:03
Okay, so Lilith, was Lilith formed from the dust like Adam was?

iON 52:11

Brian 52:13
She was not. She was not formed from the dust.

iON 52:16
That's correct.

Brian 52:18
So, Lilith was angelic, she wasn't physical, like, you know, in the sense that physical being formed from the dust?

iON 52:28
That's correct. A Sephilim. We did this already in Revelation, Brian, for Pete's sake.

Brian 52:38
Well, no, so we did? Now, hold on just a minute. Where in Revelations precisely did we do Lilith and lay her out as an angelic Sephilim? I missed it.

iON 52:52
When we engaged the vial judgments. The vial judgments and the two whores. And the lampstands. We're goin' back to the lampstands. We're goin' back to the lampstands. We've never left the lampstands. You've never gone one step past those damn lampstands. [Bob chuckles] And the oil thereof refers to the perfect variegation, or the marriage supper of the Lamb, and the blood and Jesus, that reparation for the stand-in for you coming back to your place of power. We had the big conversation about the difference between Cain, Abel and Seth and how Seth didn't have to go through all that. And you were all tickled and amazed, you were rolling down the road stone cold asleep in your truck.

Brian 53:45
Obviously, I was 'cause I just, I didn't get that part out of Revelation. So, in Chapter 12 when we get to the woman, does that have anything to do with Lilith?

iON 53:54
You can... Yes, you can... Yes. You can drive a cake[?]. They're available for you. [laughs]

Bob 53:59
[laughs] Yeah, send me some money, guys.

iON 54:05
What great fun. So, then what happens is you find yourself. That's another -- and see, and then the better question would be well, if that's where it ends and stops and we're done, why we gotta go through all this other crap? And we go: exactly!

Germaine 54:27

iON 54:28

Bob 54:29
Oh, Reverend Ginney is in the house. Uh oh.

Germaine 54:32
No, Uncle Bob, it's Germaine.

Bob 54:36
Oh, Germaine! That's even better! That's even better!

Germaine 54:42
iON, my friend.

iON 54:44
Yes, darlin.

Germaine 54:47
You know that I keep in touch with you though, right?

iON 54:50
Yes, we know that we're tryin' to get you desperately to take your Bodega back.

Germaine 54:55
Oh, my God, yes. I'm leaving in March. Do you have anything to tell me? I'm going to Costa Rica. I wanted to get it all back.

iON 55:01
We already did. We already did. You didn't do that yet, so you don't get any more till you do that part.

Germaine 55:10
I met somebody that likes you a lot, too.

iON 55:13
Good. Everyone does sooner or later.

Bob 55:13
[chuckles] Germaine, I'm glad you came in. I wanted to say when you hear tonight's show I dedicate the first song to you, and I want you to see if you recognize it when you hear it, okay? That's later.

Germaine 55:22
Okay. The first hour?

Bob 55:34
First hour, first few minutes, yeah.

Germaine 55:36
Okay. But iON, I was just thinking of when I ...

iON 55:40
Tom Ford does Tiesto, you'll love it.

Germaine 55:44
Tom Ford does what?

iON 55:46
Tiesto. You'll love it.

Bob 55:53
[chuckles] Tiesto. He likes the other name.

iON 55:54
We like this name much better. It rhymes with fiasco.

Bob 55:55
[chuckles] That's pretty good, iON. That's good. That's good.

Germaine 56:06
You said Tom Ford does fiasco?

Bob 56:09
You know, you know Tiesto, the guy that does the big raves in Amsterdam?

Germaine 56:12
Oh, yeah.

Bob 56:13
So, Tom Ford, he's some other joker. Tom Ford does Tiesto IS what I'm talking about. It's pretty close when he says when you hear it, you'll get it. Yeah, but go ahead, Germaine. What's your question?

Germaine 56:26
So, you know how we're eternal?

iON 56:28
We know, we're just tryin' to convince you.

Germaine 56:34
I know it already, but I just wanna know, like, with the meatsack body, like, does that go along for the ride or can I switch other bodies? I guess I want to be hotter in another -- in my eternity can I pick the bodies that I want that are hotter?

iON 56:49
Well, that's okay. That's okay, but see, you kinda do that already anyway. You paint it up, pin it up, run it up, zip it up, unzip it up, poke it up, puff it up, run it up, run it down, run it out, run it over, go aboard, about, above, across, after, against, along, amid, among. You do all that to you already already, so it most certainly is appropriate that that is the case. But now, you'll resign yourself to fit in where you're in. You'll find this, the glow that is you, and when you find that and land into it, you'll go ahhh. And then you'll find that won't be quite the contrast, and it just becomes what you call the "sweet spot" where you know you've got it.

Germaine 57:34
Got it.

Madeleine 57:34
See, iON, I thought that was the distance between you and you was the "glow." Well, that's what you were looking for and that was like when you settle...

iON 57:44
Well, that's fine. That's wonderful, but sometimes whatcha gonna do when you don't feel like a nut?

Bob 57:48
[Bob, Madeleine chuckle] Well, that's rare for Madeleine.

iON 57:55
Well then, okay, fair enough. That's sort of the point. That's the point. It's got to work every single time without fail or exception. Uh oh, here comes the glib part. Bob, you can edit this part out.

Bob 58:09
I will.

iON 58:09
If it doesn't work every single time without fail or exception, it may not work for you. So, just 'cause there's other things available doesn't mean that it's not -- the reason we don't go through it is because it may not work for everybody. And sometimes we're very specific. We say this only works for you. You see? But typically...

Germaine 58:34
iON, I get it.

iON 58:36

Bob 58:37
[chuckles] About time, Germaine, it's about fuckin' time.

Germaine 58:41
Right. It's like something in my head just clicked now, and now it's like oh, I got it.

Bob 58:47
Right. Is your friend there? Does your friend have a question?

Germaine 58:50
Yeah, he's here.

Bob 58:51
Have him ask a question. He's gettin' access to iON real fast.

Jack 58:55
Hey, hey, hey, how are you? How are you guys?

Germaine 58:57
He was being shy.

Jack 58:59
I have a question.

Bob 59:01
Go ahead, Jack.

iON 59:01

Jack 59:03
You probably don't know me, but I came into my own recently because I was a professional basketball player, and I was engaged for two years, and all my happiness was to my fiancée and basketball. When I got hurt, I lost basketball, and I lost my fiancée. So, I had time to kinda like figure out my true self and figure out what was, you know, understood that basketball...

iON 59:28
Did you find it was a lie? Did you find that it was a lie?

Jack 59:31
Yeah. Yeah, I found it was a big lie. I found out that...

iON 59:34
Your true self was a big lie. That's good.

Jack 59:37
Yeah, I found out it was a lie that a lot of my friends and people that played, they get trapped in how talented they are, but I understood that the people that I've met, the things that I've accomplished playing basketball kind of put me to where I am now where I have access to all these people. With what the stuff I'm doing on the business side, it's so much easier to do, and it's like I'm finally [end of hour]

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