Thursday, February 6, 2020

Harold Channer & Bob Dobbs

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8 February 2020
16 May 2015
Bob talks about Harold Channer

Robert (Bob) Dobbs (born 2 February 1922, in Paris) is a paramedia ecologist, author, poet, politician, lecturer, and the inspiration for the J. R. “Bob” Dobbs character of the Church of the SubGenius. His father was a member of the Priory of Sion and his family worked as servants for the powerful aristocratic families of Europe for generations.

Through his father's connections to these families, Dobbs became active in key international intelligence agencies after World War II. In the early 1960’s, initially assigned to monitor and sabotage the work of Marshall McLuhan, Dobbs ended up becoming a promoter and archivist of McLuhan’s project.

Dobbs co-hosted with Myke Dyer a whistle-blowing radio show on CKLN in Toronto from 1987 to 1991 where he exposed his former colleagues in the intelligence community, members of a secret governing body he referred to as “The Secret Council of Ten.” In 1992, early McLuhan students, Nelson Thall and Dave Newfeld of Time Again Productions, released Bob’s Media Ecology and Bob’s Media Ecology Squared—two albums of sound bites from Dobbs' radio show. Dobbs’ insights are most accurately portrayed in his 1992 book, Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs.

In the Winter 2000 edition (Issue #22) of Paranoia Magazine, Robert Guffey draws several parallels between the themes in The Matrix and the life of Bob Dobbs, suggesting that the movie is based on his life and insights. Three years later, after the complete Matrix trilogy is released and seems to confirm Dobbs’ projections, Guffey did a follow-up interview with Dobbs which is posted at the website for Paranoia Magazine.

Dobbs now does lectures and TV and radio appearances on paramedia ecology, the significance of the work of Marshall McLuhan and Finnegans Wake, and humanity’s triumph over the Android Meme, which is an “automated self-replicating unit of cultural transmission; machines communicating with machines.”

Highlights from Dobbs’ 2005 Los Angeles lecture tour are featured in Eli Elliott’s documentary Def Con Bob. In 2005, archived episodes from Dobbs’ radio shows began to be rebroadcast on CKLN’s International Connection. Dobbs has been carrying on a dialogue with his students through his discussion forum at since 2005.

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