Thursday, February 9, 2023

Playlist of Videos by Michael Brown

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Regarding The Falling Apart video:

“Bob's commentary here, to quote Bob, is 'the new poetry'. The Falling Apart is the most precise summation of our current new environmental complexities available to humanity. As we enter a paradigm of ReSet and the arrival of a new environment still alien to human awareness, Bob's eloquent delivery is the only ReAligning that doesn't ReFlexively ReView-mirror the mind. Similar to the benefits of a psychedelic experience, The Falling Apart activates a trip for the mind that magnetically shifts perspective in a manner that is enlightening, encouraging and also sometimes terrifying. Unlike a psychedelic experience, we can ReCapture every aspect of the trip his words activate by ReListening without any come-downs. Bob's electric delivery offers an experiential demonstration of the frequency he is inviting us to consider amidst the increasing chaos; that which Ascends all bias in its comprehensive inclusiveness. The Falling Apart provides New Ground for awareness and simultaneously the knowing that everything he says here will at some point fall apart too. The Falling Apart is the four-way traffic circle that offers a fifth direction in the midst of humanity's current traffic jam. It is incommensurable!”
Michael Brown

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