Thursday, August 6, 2020

Trump on Biden | “Hurt the Bible, Hurt God, He’s Against God, He’s Against Guns, He’s Against Energy”

iON Comments on the 12-hour McLuhan Marathon, 20 July 2020


China | Crackdown on Buddhism

Pompeo Calls for ‘Clean Fortress’ to Protect US data from China

Chinese state media labeled the U.S. a “rogue country” and dubbed the potential sale of social media firm TikTok to Microsoft as “theft,” adding that Beijing could retaliate if a deal is sealed. The Trump administration first threatened to ban TikTok. On Sunday before Microsoft announced its intention to acquire TikTok, Pompeo said in a Fox News interview that Trump will take action “in the coming days” on the app.

China | Internal Economic Circulation

Facebook & Twitter Remove Trump Video for COVID Misinformation

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 4 August 2020

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robin theme music for the 21st Century ("The Medicis") 3:32 eschaton jack rich homie quan 3:33 robin definition of love 3:38 eschaton her housework the new school year 3:41 bert reads the words from the Medicis theme song bucky fuller predicted “coldplay” cells have 14 Rings “techliture” (new nomenclature) 12/12ths of the Tech Body techliture explained explosion in lebanon replays 2002 explosion by giants (Canaanite) in Syria bert’s vision (ion saw it) 3:45 susana “cotton is king” bob has annihilated the end-of-year holidays her brother is crazy 4:19 alissa the ezra pound her pictures bertrand russell the cantos lord byron rules of the dick 4:35 scott z-axis not yet zechariah 12:3 4:48 brent the death of all Little Men all levels of the “wind” nurse Jen carolyn’s products 4:51 nik his mother died 4:56

The Con | Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis