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Americans Caravan to Canada for Lifesaving Medicine

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Captain Beefheart’s ‘Trout Mask Replica’ Still Sounds Like Tomorrow

Photo: Ed Caraeff/Getty Images

Rolling Stone
by David Fricke

Released 50 years ago, on June 16th, 1969, Trout Mask Replica — the third studio album by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band — still sounds like a tomorrow that has not arrived, a music created at a crossroads of sound and language so far distant it continues to defy definitive summation and universal translation.

Guitars jut out at improbably severe angles in ice-pick treble, like broken bones slicing through skin. The drumming comes in a rush of agendas, U-turn spasms of loose-limbed time and tempo under melodies which, in turn, feel like they are yet only partially born, still evolving in sense and structure. The singing is another primal logic altogether, an extreme in octaves and sustain that goes from hellhound bass to wracked falsetto, the pictorial cut-up frenzy of the lyrics run through archaic Delta-blues vernacular. Continue reading at Rolling Stone

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 13 June 2019

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Kora OA movements Jewish death angel ascension has already happened but be careful her grandmother's lace imbued objects in general Bloomsday 2:26 ginney ion tells everybody to call ginney at work right now 2:50 michael “mummer dem” explained by ion validation of the keys and ayers being activated ion’s noises show they’re making more bread of life right now why this life? his strange experience with the female mentioned a few shows ago his lack of neuropathy his de-evolving the present-day “dark” hollywood offerings ion rants against humanity his feet started to tingle again 3:00 alex his video games ion interrupts with a board meeting why texans have a superiority complex why move to Mexico ion mocks and warns about californians the texas governor his injured leg 3:24 rebecca texas secession ion explains a little more about the id eckhart tolle rna drops treats the id (listen to "papa justify”) how to control the angels she has become a little more aware her astral projection experience many years ago (she saw a version of bob and carolyn’s symbols on their wall) she can do impossible things her feeling-place her employee is connected to her grandfather 3:45 nik ion’s bread beater makes a frequency ion is trying to keep bob alive the “100” tv show his Chip Body realizations ion rants on the benefits of the tech body the vagueness of “taking back your power” he gets the thompson quadrant his black frost problem his vision of the symbols in 4 directions will the tribes fight? 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iON | Bob Dobbs’ Private Sessions 2019


13 June 2019
Solomon's Temple

13 June 2019

6 June 2019
President Don Trump vs. Michael Wolff, A Book Review

Trump Says Supporters Might Demand that He Serve More than Two Terms

“It's getting closer to iON's prediction.”
Bob Dobbs

iON | Shortening of the Moon Phase

Transcribed by Bert.


[9 May 2015 Part 1]

(25:02 mark)
Caller: The shortening of the moon phase cycle, iON – is this an aspect of Bob law?

iON: Yes! Yes, it is, because the moon is getting closer. So, each phase is getting quicker or sooner or less aberrated than before. See, we’re careful how we say that. As the moon gets closer, as your atmosphere gets clearer, as the carbon increases, as you start adding the hydrogens, and laying them end-to-end in a perfect, pluperfect, bonded, uniform construct for all the carbons stacked, in-to-out like the Grecian key, then what happens is it makes it go... what you say… faster – revolutions or cycles. So, the moon phases get shorter… well... or more condensed as the moon gets closer. That’s what that’s about!

Caller: But if the moon is getting closer, is that an aspect of gravity, or is it just an old story - the gravity of the earth pulling the moon?

iON: Neither! Neither… as your world ascends, it calls for a closer moon.

Caller: "It calls for a closer moon". Define "calls for a closer moon", what’s governing that? I want to know what’s governing that.

iON: That would be Bob!

iON | Perfect Carbon

Transcribed by Bert.


[9 May 2015 Part 1]

(42:00 mark)
Caller: Has perfect carbon existed before, iON? Or is this a new creation based on our environment changing, etc.?

iON: It has always existed. You just didn’t know it.

· iON on “PAYDAY” May 9, 2015 Part 1 (46:59 mark)]:

Caller: Describe the role that perfect carbon would play in our bodies.

iON: It will get to where it won’t bleed.

iON | Pericardium

Transcribed by Bert.


[16 May 2015 Part 1]

(1:24:25 mark)
Dr. Dean: The pericardium sets the heart apart. So, I can almost see where someone would say the heart is like a central depot, not a transducer, but like a grand central station. The heart just sits there receiving messages from the brain, from the blood, from the external.

Bob: Where is the pericardium in that process?

Dr. Dean: Yeah, and what is the function of the heart?

iON: It's the root that is attached to the Serous membrane.

Dr. Dean: So, the pericardium is attached to the root. Hmm!

Bob: Of the Serous membrane. Do you know that word?

Dr. Dean: Well, the pericardium is just a membrane. It's just a bag. So, you are just telling me that the bag is attached to the heart.

iON: No, it's not attached to the heart. It's attached to the Serous membrane - lined with the Serous membrane. The sack is what’s connected to the body. The heart's not attached to the body at all.

Dr. Dean: Right!

Bob: The heart floats?

iON: In the pericardial fluid.

Dr. Dean: As a floating object, does that make it more electromagnetic and able to have a frequency that creates these effects that we see?

iON: It's the difference between… well... but no, not the effects that we see, but you have the Serous pericardium and the Fibrous pericardium. That membrane between those two is where the electroconductivity resides.

iON | The One

Transcribed by Bert.


[16 May 2015 Part 1]

(20:48 mark)
Caller: I wonder if there is a “One”. Or should I say, is there the “One”? Is there a “One”?

iON: The number 1, that was from one angle. We are many angles. The number 1 is one angle. The number 2 is two angles. The number 3 is three angles. That’s how numbers numerically were represented by the number of angles. Angles are those degrees of the separation of those degrees that mark the mark of mark. When you begin the place of where you are that comes from a place, that becomes somewhere in somewhere, that degree of fetching angle is the degree of the number that it is, that is the number of number. Numerically speaking, that’s how numbers are achieved from the distance within a dodecahedron like us. The space of every single angle in a dodecahedron running from a 144,000 times a 144,000. Each degree of those marks, that’s how many there are of us. And it would be numbered numerically by the number of angles. So yes, that’s how one is!

[16 May 2015 Part 1]

(29:30 mark)
Caller 1: So, is the “One” a portal?

iON: One is an angle.

Caller 1: Ah!

Caller 2: An angle is always a portal. An angle is an angle to what?

iON: It’s not an angle to “what"! It is an angle. It is a degreed position that is juxtaposed against a larger parameter, known as an angle.

Bob: So iON, an angle is not a portal?

iON: No!

Bob: How many angles are in a portal?

Caller 1: There are no angles left after you’ve entered the portal.

Bob: Who said that, iON or caller 1?

Caller 2: Caller 1!

Bob: iON, do angles get applied to the portal phenomenon?

iON: They can apply. But in plane geometry, an angle is a figure formed by two rays called the sides of an angle, sharing a common endpoint called a vertex of the angle. Now, that has to do with portals, implicitly.

iON | Snake Symbology

Transcribed by Bert.


[2 May 2015 Part 2]

(08:57 mark)
Caller: There’s got to be a reason that snakes are used in so much symbology for healing. Do you think it’s just the fear of snakes, iON? You don’t think, but can you tell us more about the symbology of snakes?

iON: It’s a way you take a reptile and wrap it into the body. And it goes back to the Eve and Adam issue of conversating with Lucifer in serpent form. And then you bring back that the snake has a mind of its own - that slivery serpent Voldemort position that validates the serpent as something that crawls on its belly from a curse.