Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Obviously, nothing works anymore.

All institutions, memories, recreations, bodily functions have shown themselves to be completely inadequate in responding to the global events of the past two years.

Not many people are feeling fulfilled, happy, satisfied, or effective. Despondency and malaise are the results, of course.

But there is one guy who seems to be untouched by this situation. Can you guess who that is? A few lucky people know. They have met him. They know who we are talking about.

Bob Dobbs!

Bob has a few things going for him, naturally.

We have a few questions for him.

So Bob decided to make this monumental timing the occasion to participate in our ongoing interrogation… with the assistance of MANY.

Remember, Bob doesn’t think it’s all about him.

He’s interested in what you think is important.

Hopefully, you think SOME things are important.

We welcome being told about them.

So join us on that day… and perhaps the next day… and the next… as long as it takes to bug the PINKS.

And pretend you have something to express!

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Ivory Hecker, Emerald Robinson & Allison Royal, 25 January 2022

Max Igan, 25 January 2022

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McLuhan Monday Night Seminar, Marshall McLuhan & Barrington Nevitt, 22 January 1973

Recovered from 1/4" reel-to-reel recording, Marshall McLuhan and Barrington Nevitt discuss themes from their recent book Take Today: The Executive as Dropout.

Topics mentioned include: the Viet Nam war and future conflict, figure and ground, 'women's lib,' discarnate condition via electric media, the Global Village, effects precede causes, telephone, electricity and magic, Euclid and visual space, the alphabet, the videophone, Orwell and 1984, Marxism, W. K. Wimsatt, mimesis, hot and cool media, the instant replay.

by Bob Dobbs, 25 January 2022


This is the night I first heard that the “global village is in the room”.

That is one of the most important insights from MM.

Once I got that, I had caught up with McLuhan.

I no longer had the “terrestrial” view of the “village”.

A couple of years later I saw his use of “global membrane” in the article on Burroughs and I knew that was the more appropriate phrase for MM’s “room” pattern.

Twenty years later I heard the “room” point on Nelson Thall’s recording from a 1974 MM class that Nelson was attending.

I’ve never heard it described ever again, so MM wasn’t saying it in public at all.

So, the night I heard it on Jan.22/73 was the luckiest McLuhan experience for me.

I’ve been walking around with that knowledge for almost 50 years and nobody ever talked about it.

Aside from Barry Nevitt, nobody would actually speak about what McLuhan said.

They would usually just quote somebody who was critical of MM.

Frank Zingrone would show up sporadically.

He later apologized for that, in print.

Bob Logan hadn’t shown up, yet.

Neither had Carl Scarfe.

And Derrick De Kerckhove wasn’t attending the Monday Night seminars but he might have been translating FROM CLICHE TO ARCHETYPE into French by that point.

But I don’t know who recorded the session.

I never saw a machine and I thought it was understood that no recordings were allowed.

People would have been too self-conscious.

By the mid-70s Eric was attending a school in Dallas.

Now, what’s awesome is I remembered the voices and even recall some of the faces of the talkers, as I listened to the 55 minutes.

Because they usually were students and would attend for a few months and then disappear.

But I would notice them since I attended almost every Monday Night session.

Occasionally I’d bump into them around Toronto.

In all those eight years I never said a word… except once in 1977.

Thinking of saying something was too distracting.

I wanted to HEAR everything McLuhan said.

I’d talk to people after the session was over when people mingled.

Thanks to the virtual tactile environment we live in, I re-cognize most of my life, it has become increasingly apparent to me.

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