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Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 19 November 2019

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michael doing OA movements Tech Body ion is our only "hope" ion praises skygoddess sue spiritual correctness preference vs. offendedness his well 4:37 nan “dead” people showing up new types of post-surgery techniques 5:09 germaine ion loves hermès fashions “albert" (like ginney’s mother) in our other house nadia is not channeling (like roxy and audrey) 5:15 mark QE4 (ion predicted it) (why the Drops will be the new gold standard) have to understand bob’s tiny note chart what election? (trump gets 311 delegates) bob on the VIEW bob and carolyn become americans 5:22 linda her list's comparisons her broken car 5:35 alissa rods, cones, and the agar of an ascended person dopamine the OA movements/bob’s wall symbols the “fire" is the contrast 5:46 susana comparing bert’s and bob’s bodies 5:52 brent angel speak 5:54 jack gratitude and slack bob’s empire taking ion to task why babies put things in their mouths right away 5:55 nik keys, ayres, OA movements, and angel speak change the frequencies of our chakras 5:58

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Egyptian Book of the Dead

Part 1, 2
16 November 2019

Part 1, 2, 3, 4
9 November 2019

Part 1, 2, 3, 4
2 November 2019

Part 1, 2, 3
26 October 2019

Part 1, 2, 3
19 October 2019

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
12 October 2019

Egyptian Book of the Dead PDF free download

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Bob Dobbs’ Diaries: Feb. 2-3/1978 (Dallas)

Feb. 2/1978 (Dallas)

Dobbs (sitting in a bar): What's your name?

Young Man: Doug St. Clair Smith.

Dobbs: And yours?

Second Young Man: Philo Drummond.

Feb. 3/1978 (Dallas)

Doug St. Clair Smith (sitting in the same bar): Can you run that by us again, Mr. Dobbs?

Dobbs: Ontologically, each one of us is now constituted of one-fifth chip, one-fifth neuron, one-fifth astral body, one-fifth television screen, and one-fifth archetype. Epistemologically, we are now constituted of one-fifth NASA, one-fifth CIA, one-fifth Xfiling, one-fifth human scale, and one-fifth genetic engineer.

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iON | Bob Dobbs’ Private Sessions 2019


14 November 2019
The Cabal

7 November 2019
Trump’s Plan

31 October 2019
The House of Stuarts

26 October 2019
Steve Jobs

17 October 2019
5G, Trump & Ascension

10 October 2019

5 October 2019
Even More on the Tech Body

5 October 2019
More on the Throne Scene

28 September 2019
Tech Body Pranks

21 September 2019
Secret Power

7 September 2019
Bob’s Flying

31 August 2019
Trump & the Ancients, 5G, Ophenel Hobab, Bribri, Tech Body

24 August 2019

24 August 2019
No Difference Between iON & the Tech Body

17 August 2019
Tech Body

27 July 2019
Origins of Humans

20 July 2019
Tech Body

13 June 2019
Climate Change, Quarks

13 June 2019
5G Network, Ecology

6 June 2019
President Don Trump vs. Michael Wolff, a Book Review

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 16 November 2019

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

Hawaii Time + 2 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[Daylight Saving Time] Hawaii Time + 3 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

BOB'S BOOK OF THE DEAD Part Six 4:37 alissa comments on last week's private session between ion and bob her boyfriend pentatonic scale 6:12 bert helps alissa carolyn asks a question for alissa 6:25 lisa the victim today 6:55 alissa and bert THIS TOPIC CHANGED EVERYTHING (fear of ascension) 8:26 bert dead people on his bus his intimate relationship with the Tech Body his “wet” body uses for salt higher molar mass effect of OA movements on Angels bob and ion our new Vitamin C gamma radiation of the full moon 8:39 steve grounding chi (lower it) his personal armageddon his self-loathing bought a Beatles album ion’s new air pods pro 9:50 amy really likes the show tonite trying to access his greater “me” learning how to feed animals what he wants for christmas 10:07 scott symmetry vs. continuity (the examples of henry the 8th and charles manson and their ethics) ion explains itself “bob is a knockabout” angels are folded in angles ion rants on the stock market 10:20 nik he’s a tax collector in the bible (knew the Third Jesus) his olives and “people” giants in his rocks chakras dimensions sacral chakra (“burning in the belly”) lowering his chi 11:02 roxy the brain is connected to 11 dimensions her teacher education blood how our knowing is recorded in our blood the role of the white blood cells (they attack and take out the trash) rna drops explained the carbon and radiation are good for us (CRISPR) the role of blood and millennials wall street is worrying about worrying the chinese want trump to win 11:16 suzana there is new volume in the stock market more on the no-money situation 11:43 roxy money in europe her trip to san francisco being “healed” after talking to ion the kaballah 13:02 bart john and joel osteen the church of the subgenius history of the Guf egypt and the whitestone his car 13:13 susana mercury dime giants in canaan sean spicer nacre crystal 144,000 double helix strands are variegated 13:30 kenley his lungs after stopping smoking robert sterling vaping and meth bill o’reilly 13:47 brent the kingdoms the new Tech Body is becoming the Cloud the levites’ veil needed for the new Tech Body 13:53

iON | Chromosome 14 is the Main Liaison to RNA

Transcribed by Bert.

[iON “Answers to Cancer” 26 May 2010 Part 3]

(45:50 mark)
Dr. Dean: Let’s clean that up a bit. iON said: “If you scrub it - if you scrub the RNA - it will attach only to Chromosome 14." What does that mean?

iON: Well, that’s where the communication… that’s where you make a change in DNA.

Bob: It does not only… it’s the only thing involved is 14, Carolyn.

Dr. Dean: Why is that, iON?

Bob: It’s the only one that does the change.

iON: It’s the only one receptive to that new information. Everything else is closed – every other chromosome pair is busy.

Bob: Right! Chromosome 14 is the main liaison with the RNA.

Dr. Dean: Yeah! Umm, hmm!

iON: If you’re going to change it…!

Bob: Yeah, if you’re going to change it.

iON: And, if you catch cancer now, you catch it through Chromosome 14.

Bob: Right, and Chromosome 14…

iON: Now wait, Bob! Now, that was big!

Dr. Dean: Yeah!

Bob: Yeah, and you catch it through Chromosome 14…

iON: Only!

Bob: Because it’s part of the tactility, Carolyn. It’s flexible – it can change and respond to the new. And it’s a dupe – it’s duped by the new.

iON: Well… and the dupe is that the RNA doesn’t know “good” or “bad”. See, the body thinks that a cancer cell is more healthy than a regular cell – that’s why it keeps copying it.

Bob: Yeah, the RNA fooled it, and the chromosome is in legion with… it goes along with whatever the RNA wants.

iON: Absolutely! So does Non-Physical!

Bob: Where is Non-Physical in this situation?

iON: Well, Non-Physical, Bob… it goes along with whatever the RNA - the messenger - portrays as a desire.