Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Donald Trump & Sean Hannity, 20 April 2021

Understanding the Tech Body

One of our faculty at Mirror University (sometimes called Fuck You University) has produced an attempt to understand the Tech Body.

After many hours discussing the Present with me since last Fall, he has produced these eleven short articles (see the other ten at the bottom of his first article). They are really discussing the old Android Meme environment but, at least, he's giving it the old college try.
Bob Dobbs

Laura Ingraham, Systemic Racism—The Big Lie, 20 April 2021

Children Urged to Pose on Stage at Los Angeles Drag Club, 19 April 2021

Speaker Pelosi Thanks George Floyd for “Sacrificing His Life for Justice,” 20 April 2021

Richard Citizen Journalist, 20 April 2021

Police began staging in DC last night in case of protests in the city following the annoucment of the verdict in the George Floyd case. Below, Richard Citizen Journalist calls out Fake News for reporting riots in DC several days earlier when DC was actually peaceful then, no riots.

BLM Crowd Chants “Quit Your Job” at New York City Police, 20 April 2021

Crowd Gathers at Police Headquarters in Columbus Ohio After Reports of a Teenage Girl Shot Dead by Police, 20 April 2021

Deaths in Chicago after Authorities Released List of Names & Addresses of People with PPP Loans, 16 April 2021

Opp—A slang used in Chicago,Cali,Kansas City meaning oppisition, other people, other side, the enemy.

Lt. Col. Allen West, Jen Psaki Is ‘Absolutely Lying,’ & Bush Paints Immigrants