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The New Coach House

The New Coach House

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26 April 2017

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
26 April 2017

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22 March 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bob's Cash Flow Notes | 24 November 2010


Opening music:
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher by Jackie Wilson

Bob's earthquake; James' private reading; Bristol Palin

"TSAholes" and Obamacare

James gets felt-up at TSA

iON hears Bob hoick up

China and Russia vs the dollar

controlling the Chip Body (Net Neutrality)

iON's great idea on how to cancel one's mortgage debt

What Is ‘Fake News’

Today one starts off with this situation:

“A culture of quantum fluctuations where you can only know that you have never seen what you thought you were looking at because you have never really heard what you were listening to.”
Arthur Kroker, SPASM: Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh, 1993, p.53

“Tribal epistemology” is a subset of my “mythic stage”:

“… from 1977 to 1990, the hologram world is the visible figure amidst clashing universal bureaucracies complemented by Mythic Government lockdown compliments of the satellite surround. "Myth" is a whole culture (or mixed corporate-media) in action as I explained at the beginning of this memo. However, the satellite is an extension and etherealization of a whole culture. Therefore, from 1990 to 2020 we will witness Orphic (Orpheus tuned the whole world) battles of mythic stages (tribal and techno solipsism) to run "cover" for the lockdown of BOBRULE in response to the discontinuous hidden grounds of tiny, diluted "holeopathic" retrievals, "holeopathic" meaning a combination of homeopathy and hologram.”
Bob Dobbs, MEMO TO PRINCE CHARLES, June 4, 1987

What is ‘Fake News’?
by Mark Carrigan

What we are seeing with the growth of ‘fake news’ is perhaps the weaponisation of epistemology. In other words, ‘fake news’ as a construct is becoming a discursive component of our repertoire of contention. Far from entering a post-truth era, we are seeing truth becoming a mobilising device in a new way, encouraging ‘us’ to defend ourselves from ‘them’ predicated on the absolute falsity of their worldview. It’s the playing out in an epistemic register of what Chantal Mouffe, drawing on Carl Schmitt, describes as a friend/enemy distinction. Rather than the political other being an adversary to be struggled against, nonetheless regarded as legitimate, they are cast as an enemy to be destroyed. Rush Limbaugh offered a pure expression of the epistemological logic of the friend/enemy distinction in this 2009 rant:

What this fraud, what the uncovering of this hoax, exposes,” he said, “is the corruption that exists between government and academia and science and the media. Science has been corrupted. We know the media has been corrupted for a long time. Academia has been corrupted. None of what they do is real. It’s all lies!

We live in two universes. One universe is a lie. One universe is an entire lie. Everything run, dominated, and controlled by the left here and around the world is a lie. The other universe is where we are, and that’s where reality reigns supreme and we deal with it. And seldom do these two universes ever overlap.
Continue reading at The Sociological Imagination

A Useful Introduction to the Academic Sources Marshall McLuhan “Put On”

McLuhan on Maui

McLuhan in Space: A Cultural Geography by Richard Cavell
(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002)

A review by Donald F. Theall

Marshall McLuhan's work has not been the subject of many genuinely scholarly books, nor has he, with few exceptions, been regarded as an artist or as a significant figure in the pantheon of Canadian culture.

Consequently, Richard Cavell's recently published McLuhan in Space: A Cultural Geography is a significant addition to the literature about McLuhan. In this profusely documented study of McLuhan as a "space theorist," Cavell seeks for an all-encompassing formula to explicate the phenomenon of a quintessentially Canadian McLuhan, who had a substantial impact throughout the world in the 1960s and then again in the 1990s. Cavell locates the vision that creates such an impact in McLuhan's discovery of the idea of "acoustic space" (a "percept," according to McLuhan). "Acoustic space" has become one of those phrases like "global village," "the medium is the message" and the "Gutenberg Galaxy," which are synonymous with his name. The peculiar attractiveness of this percept is that it is simultaneously abstract and yet material, describing "unenclosed space" and hence permitting discussions about measure, movement through "space-time" and speed.

"Acoustic space" as a McLuhan percept originally emerged from the description of "auditory space" in the behavioural psychology of E.A. Bott of the University of Toronto, which was brought to McLuhan's attention by a colleague in the Ford Foundation Culture and Communication seminars, psychologist Karl Williams. Bott's idea, that auditory space "has no centre or no margins since we hear from all directions simultaneously," immediately attracted McLuhan, who had already been immersed in then-contemporary writers concerned with space, including art and architecture historian Sigfried Giedion, visual artist and designer Laszlo Mohly-Nagy and classicist Francis Cornford, author of "The Invention of Space." With Ted Carpenter, co-founder of the seminars and of the early multidisciplinary journal Explorations, McLuhan gradually expanded the idea of auditory space, christening it "acoustic space" to dramatize its abstract nature. Carpenter contributed Aboriginal, especially Inuit, conceptions of an acoustic space; McLuhan worked out its relation to the contemporary arts and poetry affected by four-dimensional geometry and the new physics. Continue reading at McLuhan on Maui

Friday, April 28, 2017

The New Standard

Where the Ascending go for news, culture & ideas

Go to The New Standard to hear discussions featuring Chad, Kevin & MJ.

More audios at The New Standard

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bob's Cash Flow Notes | 1 December 2010


Opening music:
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher by Jackie Wilson

Bob incredible Melting Titanium last night, went beyond the "God particle"
- Carolyn buzz-headed, very bizarre what's happening

ongoing wonder of "mortar" and net shorthand
Bob: ... they're to play with. Then you activate your words parallel to it... they're somehow merging. But iON will say mortar will "fall away"... but you gotta question... what does the word "fall away" means...
iON: Well, it'll be considered as a BFD (big fucking deal). BFD is not a language, is it Bob?

killing "mortar"
Bob: People are not speaking as much if they're typing and Tweeting, so they're forgetting the power of the words. But they're engaging in mortar, and iON said it's good. It's useful that because people are been silent with mortar, that's killing mortar... weakening.
iON: You're "stressing" mortar. You take a... screwdriver and start picking at mortar and it will fall away. Stones won't.

visually typing mortar, "going silent"
- the power of the words to engage and tangled-up in mortar is not happening as much
- Bob cites p81 "Understanding Media" by Marshall McLuhan (paperback)
- iON "mortar and pestle"

will "speech recognition app" activate the mortar confusion again?

"keyboard" will disappear (iON agrees)

WikiLeaks, who's releasing information to Julian Assange?

Amy Winehouse Recording with Tony Bennett

Models Natalie Westling & Molly Bair Travel to Sedona

Alexa Takes a Load Off of Non-Physical

Back in the Cash Flow days, iON joked about people asking Non-Physical inane questions like when to have a bowel movement.

Now Amazon’s Alexa (the Echo’s voice assistant) is helping to answer a lot of everyday concerns.

And if you enjoy being watched and don’t mind having those images and videos stored in the cloud, Echo Look can be your own hands-free camera and style assistant.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bob's Cash Flow Notes | 8 December 2010


Opening music:
LoveGame By Lady Gaga

exegesis on "LoveGame"

"Twatflackers" = Tweeters + Facebookers

the word's meaning shifts, e.g., "gay"
happy > sexual > stupid

Duffy (singer)

Bob Dylan's "Everybody Must Get Stoned"
- iON puns on actual "stoning" in Leviticus20:27
"A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them."

iON never reveals who/what Bob really is, but they finally revealed a bit about Bob in Melting Titanium

BP Melting Titanium (Who is Bob?) clip1
- Bible references