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17 April 2024

Payday, What Youth, New Coach House & Cash Flow Archives Return & Have a New Home

“The missing PayDay and What Youth audio that was lost when Achieve's servers went offline is now available on a new server.”

Thanks to Chad the archives are available again in the Radio iON link in the menu bar 👆 at the top of this page. New Coach House is here.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Office Hours

Congratulations to you, on your graduation from Mirror University and entrance into the greater world! The faculty and administration would also like to belatedly thank you for having enrolled, and compliment you on your refinement and sense of discrimination in choosing MirrorU … the only available choice.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Have You Seen

“I guess no one can get away from Bob. Even water bottles have a sticker that reads: Have you seen B.O.B.? Of course, I had to buy it.”

[As part of a loss prevention method, some stores have stickers on some items to remind you and the cashiers to check the “bottom of basket.” And you get a “thanks” for keeping a plastic bag out of use.]

Payday, Partial Transcript, 22 February 2014, 2200 Hour


Transcribed by Nan

Brian 0:00
He was in the -- he knew what the pyramids were for and what they were about, and he was there. You know, let's say in the Great Pyramid chambers.

Bob 0:09

Brian 0:10
And why was Jesus in the pyramids? And iON's response was, well, it was for initiation. Well, my immediate question is what is the process of being initiated? What does that mean? I mean, explain, being initiated. And I think it's what you just said, it's knowing and a process of doing something, just what you said.

Bob 0:37
Spiritual technique, spiritual lessons, spiritual exercises. Yeah. And iON -- now this is really different today. All the portals have opened, the whole universe has changed, and none of these issues that were so problematic 2000 years ago aren't there as strong.

Brian 0:56
Yeah, stop right there. Bob, let's talk about this initiation. Maybe part of the initiation is, okay, you say that you make that statement, right? Guess what. Since April 15th, or whatever year it was, all the portals are open. Hey, so, what the fuck does that mean? What's a portal look like? And if I do see a portal, how do I utilize it? What happens? You know, I'm saying that's part of the initiation process is, is, knowing exactly how to identify a portal, how to see them, how to utilize them, how to travel through back and forth through them. Maybe it's an initiation...

Bob 1:30
Brian, here's the modern -- what Don Theall would say -- you know, the great student of McLuhan -- is that the modern media, the Android Meme, is a collective initiation. When they start showing sinkholes on the news, millions of humans see that, and then they gotta process that, figure out what it means. Now, they might get a lot of confusion, but the media dynamic Android Meme is a colossal ongoing initiation.

Brian 1:53
That's right. And iON even said those, those giant sinkholes that you've seen, he says they're portals. Okay? [recording glitch] An initiated one would know exactly how to utilize it.

Bob 2:08
Right. And maybe there's new ways to do it with our five bodies. And so we're all groping around with no real authoritative teacher, and this will lead to newer discoveries because if you go get a Tibetan Buddhist and become a monk and get into their techniques and they teach you how to do it, you're reliant on those techniques and how to do it. You know, that becomes a limitation. And maybe when Jesus was initiated, he was given some substances, RNA drops, or something to stimulate him. [Brian chuckles] No, he was given, he was given shewbread; that came up at one point.

Brian 2:46
Well, here's the, here's another thing, Bob, because I've heard stories about Jesus in His -- you can call it an initiation, but schooling, you know.

Monday, March 25, 2024

What the Angels Did, Transcription, 7 December 2019

“iON Rants & Treasures

Transcribed by Nan

Linda R 0:01
How about the Holy Spirit as a teacher. Does the Holy Spirit teach?

iON 0:05
Hell, no. They don't teach you nothin'. They're gonna lead you down the road of perdition. Yeah, they're not after your best interest, they're tryin' to keep the separation. They're the referee between you and the damn angels, keep y'all from scrappin' any more than you already do.

Linda R 0:05
Oh, interesting.

iON 0:16
In the Upper Room, the angels were furious!

Bob 0:29
What was he describing, Linda?

Linda R 0:32
The Holy Spirit.

iON 0:33
Orgasms, Bob. Orgasms.

Bob 0:37
Between... It's not doing us well. The Holy Spirit is not serving us well. Is that what he said?

Linda R 0:45
Yeah, leading us to perdition.

Bob 0:49

Linda R 0:50
That's interesting.

iON 0:50
The Upper Room, when the Holy Spirit fell on the Upper Room, when the Holy Spirit fell on the Upper Room and they got their power, they were imbued with power and fire came on their heads, the angels were as pissed as they've ever been in their entire life because the humans had their power back. They could speak in unknown tongues. And they could move heaven and love people who was fuckin' 'em or hurtin' 'em or killin' 'em, and love, love, love 'em and forgive 'em and all this kind of bullshit, [Bob chuckles] and make 'em apostles and epistles and apassles[?] and particulars and incubus and succubus and all of 'em, they make all of 'em. And then the angels were furious 'cause they had this place of power so they went right after them, right then, and started persecutin' the apostles. What they did. Run 'em down, put 'em in jail, chop their heads off, put their eyes out, done everything they could do to 'em. Poor Job got the same mess, got favored by God and got fucked to death, but he got a new family, and he got a better wife. He got rid of that bitch. He got him a good wife, and new children, and better animals, and better friends that actually liked him at the end. So, it worked out real good for him as that went, but the place of the power was the problem. See, they settle it. They keep it balanced. So, the angels have to stay in their place 'cause you don't want the angels runnin' this thing 'cause remember in the Bible -- you read the Bible, or Bob has; he read it right after "Finnegans Wake." Oh, wait, not yet. [Bob, Linda laugh] He probably might look at it. He might maybe one day look at it, but a few high points that he's pointed out being the boss and all [Bob laughs] is that every nasty thing that's been done on the Earth it says real clear: And an angel of the Lord -- not Bob -- and an angel of the Lord came down and blablablabla. Whenever that was, you see. So, some fucked up, they got all that goin' on. They caused an earthquake, they knocked Mary up, got her pregnant with all three Jesuses; they tore down the wall; they messed up Jericho. They did all kinds of terrible things. They fucked up Noah. Fucked up Noah drunk. He got drunk and fell out and passed it over and Ham, Shem and Japheth got all sideways about that. Then he took -- killed, almost killed Isaac tryin' to get a lamb and a thing to be a sacrifice. It's amazing the nastiness that came up into this whole process that these angels do. You think we tough, you need to fuck with them. They'll tear you up. Yeah. [Bob laughs] It's no, no bueno.

Bob 3:29
Don't fuck with them, Linda be careful. [Linda chuckles]

iON 3:34
Yeah, that's right. Just sayin'. Because it's a condition. It's a condition.

Linda R 3:41
The Holy Spirit's a condition.

iON 3:46
So far. So far.

Bob 3:50
See, this is para-media ecology, Linda. You've got iON analyzing the environment of angels, the environment of Holy Spirit. That's para-media ecology right there. One of my finest students.

iON 4:07
In an anthropomorphic sort of way.

Bob 4:09
He's analyzing spirit as an environment. Yeah, an anthropomorphic AP sort of way.

iON 4:17
Kind of way.

Bob 4:18
Versus the Android Meme [AM]. That's, that's the battle today is the AP versus the AM.

iON 4:25
See, the Android Meme doesn't have a church. The AP had a church you didn't go to. Now there's no church. [Bob chuckles]

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Sheila Kern | The Glory of God - Returns to the Temple

Office Hours

In honor of Carolyn’s birthday today (March 20, 2024) and the 15th Anniversary of iONdom (started on March 18, 2009), I am going to do an exegesis of this painting by Sheila Kern with the help of a recording iON did in 2020 (recently transcribed by Bert).
Bob Dobbs

20 Marach 2024


iON comments on The Glory of God painting.
18 July 2020

Sheila Kern
Click image below to enlarge.

Plants & Animals Will Be "Dust in the Wind" in the New Environment, Transcription, 14 January 2020

“iON Rants & Treasures

Transcribed by Nan

Scott 0:01
What happens in this new environment to things like plants and animals?

iON 0:10
They're, they're dust in the wind.

Scott 0:16
So, they just go away. So, there'll be different plants and animals in the world?

iON 0:23
New heaven, new Earth. Yes.

Scott 0:27

iON 0:28
And that's actually happening. See, that's already happening now. Now they're finding 350-pound groupers. The Earth is already starting to morph its new creation. But everybody talks about lookin' for their fossils. The fossils, they're lookin' around for the fossil. You got new things comin' that ain't never been before, you see. And that's already starting. They're startin' to find things that have never been because the environment is shifting and changing. Well, of course everybody shifts. Just like you, see, you've morphed into a -- you're not the same person you are either. We actually like this particular Scott, he's pretty cool. Ah, didn't care much for the latter ones, but this one's great. So, the point now becomes you are also morphing. [chuckles] You're morphing into a -- to your own new relegated position. Well, so are the feast and famine of the world. The flora and fauna, it's gonna meet -- if you have rain all the time like on the Hilo side, it rains all the time and everything's overgrown and, and just almost like jungle like. Then on Bob's side, it doesn't rain too much, it's a little more dry, a bit more arid, but whatever those plants are, they'll find the wet places and they go to them. You see? And so you're gonna meet, you'll meet that environ. You'll meet that environ. So, that's how that works. And then so as your Earth changes, then you'll have new flora and fauna so the beasts will change. You've got molds now that have never lived on this Earth. You got viruses on this Earth now that has never been, and they would kill the previous -- you remember the series, "The 100," how they were perfect beings, but any little gnat's ass would have fucked them off? 'Cause they were so perfect, they had no room, anything would have would decimate them. They had no resistance to anything 'cause they were perfect. So, it was a great life if you can live perfect, see? And not so fun. And that's the, that's the blessing and the curse, but you gotta have some resistance in order to survive. And that's what everyone's being built up to in the Ascension process. That's why the cancer is going through the roof 'cause see, the, the -- what do you call it? Radiation keeps increasing and the humans can't take it. The cells, they push against it, and it becomes malignant rather than benign. If you can live in a world where your entire body became a cancer cell, you'd live forever 'cause they can't kill a cancer cell. They can cut it out, but it just comes back. They can press it off, but it's just squirts out somewhere else. They can get it into remission, but it just comes back. See? So, that's the thing. So, if you could live with that, ooh, yeah, that's what you found out, that would be the answer to cancer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

15th Anniversary

Yesterday, March 18, was the 15th anniversary of March 18, 2009, when I accidentally evoked/invoked (don’t know which) “iON”, a Non-Physical source of unbelievable information.

I have subsequently recorded over 33,000 hours, both public and private, with iON.

We now are in the middle of applying the information—both technological and medicinal—which will unleash the greatest wonders upon the world.

The first public announcement that indicates the scale of what we have done is told by this article from Oct.24, 2023.

The description of the technology is not accurate in the least—we are keeping it proprietary for the time being. But a half million homes are being serviced by the Augusta, Georgia, reactor.

Most of the world’s richest people are fully aware of our achievement and are scrambling to get aboard on the “ground floor”.

We do not accept their offers to assist us financially.
Bob Dobbs