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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 1, 12 January 2023


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:41
So, the roosters, how are they involved? Are they a sign of anything? How did you make the rooster quiet?

iON 1:52
Well, we did not have to do that. The aliens are navigating this portion of the program 'cause they're desperately... Now, you've been fussing about this for a little bit of a moment, but they're becoming desperate 'cause now they've run out of gas. Now they're, they're, they're in a, they're in trouble. They're in trouble now. That's what's causing...

Bob 2:14
In the way. How are they in trouble?

iON 2:17
The Euphrates is almost dry.

Bob 2:20

iON 2:21
Well, you say yeah, but when those four angels are released, they not gonna have a say. It's gonna get nasty.

Bob 2:28
Well, is the Tech Body weak compared to those Euphrates angels?

iON 2:37
Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay. Marshall McLuhan would not let you get away with being sloppy. That's not the correct word. Choose another word rather than weak. 'Cause it's not about powerful or strong or not strong or a weakling. That's not the way to say it. They're driving different forces. You see? It's like a difference between a rainstorm causin' a flood at your house, and a bulldozer pushing your house down. They're two different things. They're two different forces of power that would push against a reality that you may or may not be subdued by. So, you can't use weak.

Bob 3:16
The two realities have their own autonomy and -

iON 3:19
Revelation 6.

Bob 3:19
- they don't affect... Listen. They have their own autonomy, so they don't affect each other.

iON 3:24
Agreed. Agreed.

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Bob's Private Session, Partial Transcript, 19 September 2019

- How to ascend
- Name of the White Stone
- Gut is the key to ascension, that's why people have problems with their guts now.
- Gods act more aristocratic.

How to ascend

BOB | 02:27
How are they going to ascend? How do you ascend?

iON | 02:28
Oh. That's easy. You've done the best parts of it. You engage. You find out the information. You're not lost. You're not insipid. You engage. You have questions regarding your condition and then the bigger condition. Then you engage the products, which means the products that allow you to have a body experience, okay, from a conditioning standpoint. You don't have to have the products to ascend. But it's like the Emmaus Road and the Damascus Road. The one's a white knuckle flight. You really don't want the Damascus Road. You could go blind. That's pretty easy. That's what happened to Paul.

Okay. So then the next phase that you do is you bring living water and bread of life. But your bread of life is not on the way yet, but it will be. There's a mailing snafu, but it's coming. So just be patient. Don't scream at JW. He's trying to do what he can do to get it to you, but it's not quite on the way yet. So hold tight. So bread of water and bread of living water, as you used to call it. And now you're starting with the water, and you should start seeing a huge change in your skin, your pigmentation, and all these things that you drive. Now, Carolyn naturally does this just with the applying of where she is and what she's going to allow in a control standpoint. But it's going to even wipe that down to make that even less, meaning it'll be simple. It'll just flow. Your body will just naturally...

BOB | 03:59

What does Carolyn do naturally?

iON | 04:01
Oh, she makes an isolated position and she doesn't allow bad thoughts or wrong words or inappropriate anything. She doesn't allow it in her environ. She doesn't want sugar in her house because it could get in something that she would consume. And rather than make a mistake, she just doesn't have no sugar in it at all.

Name of the White Stone

BOB | 04:25
Right. Now, Carolyn named the White Stone. We decided both names, Insulinose and Cellionose, were her name for White Stone, or is one more the name than the other?

iON | 04:38
One is for everybody, and one is for the better, the higher.

BOB | 04:43
Oh, and so the one for the higher is Cellionose?

iON | 04:47

BOB | 04:47
We didn't know that, Carolyn. So Insulinose is discussed with Bert on the show. We use the word Insulinose, and that's... the name, the new thing that Carolyn named, but the more elite name is Cellionose. Did you know that, Carolyn? I don't think we knew that.

Gut is the key to ascension, that's why people have problems with their guts.

BOB | 05:08
All right, since you're having a pause here, why is J.W. so hungry? You told me yesterday.

iON | 05:14
He's voracious. His body is responding. And he's not eating that much, but he's just hungry. He's never been really hungry. I mean, he eats, you know, but it's like, okay, it's time for dinner. Okay, eat. But he can go and not, he's like you, Bob. He can go and not eat at all. That's great. But the food has been very delicious to him. And so... He's engaging, but his body's shifting. It's catching up.

BOB | 05:35
From the water. From the living–

iON | 05:36
From it all. Yes, from it all. Because he has the propensity. He kind of gets to it. And it's actually, his body is responding. But what's happening is it's hitting all the little fine points. It's like not the big muscles. It's the little tiny tendons.

BOB | 05:55
And that gets translated into hunger.

iON | 05:58
Yes. Yeah, because his body's processing, so he's like, hey, let's go, hey, let's go, hey, let's go.

Here's what's going on, Carolyn. These new words are words you had all along, darling. It goes back to burning in the belly. You've heard that to your blue in the damn face. Now burning in the belly is starting to mean something. That gut is the key to ascension. Uh-oh, did we say something? Say something. The gut is what it's about because that's where all the trouble is.

It's in the gut.

The burning in the belly is what's going to have to make this live. Now, you can't get the least of the kingdom with the dying of the damn GERDs and all this bullshit and think they're going to ascend. They have to come to some level or place where you've got a marker you can get to.

Gods act more aristocratic

Yes, you can take Lazarus out of the grave and prop him back up, but that's not the point. Get a good strapping one and ascend those. Send some Berts. It's going to be great. Because they have to have the tactile, visceral ability and capacity to stay in their meat sack body. And the ones that are able to manage that are much more qualified to be in the higher levels of the aristocracy.

Now, we haven't been talking like this. We haven't been talking like this on purpose. But now it's the point. This is the way gods do. It's the point.

God's act different than little men, and they act more aristocratic, potentially.

CAROLYN | 07:29
Yes. I brought up, Bob, that I had more words, but I wanted to sift through them to ask them properly. I mean, some of these words are from years ago. And then I jumped into, "well, you're getting to the place where the words now mean something," and then you jump to burning in the belly. We talked about those words years ago, but now... The gut is the means to ascension. That's why all the people have problems with their guts now. But you have to see–

iON | 08:01
It's going to get worse. It's going to get worse beyond words. So you better be a belly doctor. And you're going to be real good. But you are anyway when it comes along. They can't stop coming up with these new things. It won't be interesting to you. And it is. But it's good because you're smart with it so you know. You see. I mean, it's kind of like, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I know, and I can help you. That's good, but we're just giving you a heads up. Don't be taken aback when you find that everything comes back to the gut.

CAROLYN | 08:32
iON | 08:33
Why does no one talk about gallbladders? Why does no one talk about gallbladders anymore? They don't really take them out.

CAROLYN | 08:38
No one talks about any of the basics anymore. It's all just jumped right into total body meltdown. There's no nothing.

iON | 08:47
You're dead, and we got the autopsy to prove it. That's right. You're alive, but you're going to be dead in 35 minutes.

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Alissa's Chart vs Sapphire Rapids (Silicon Computing)

By referencing the August 1st & 12th, 2023 Pay Day shows, one obtains an excellent context for the following chart comparison. The diagram on the right is a recent Intel computer processing chip (iON called it the Alien's End Game). The chart on the left showcases the diagonal layout of "tiles" iON guided me towards in 2022-2023. I first sent a PDF version to Ed for the iON & Bob blog in November of 2023 titled "Dimensional Chess in 2-D, version 1.0." The symbol at the bottom is the ratio required for the dodecahedron to be classified as rhombic. Here is an animated visualization of the Rhombic Dodecahedron and how the cube dimension nests within.

On the chart below, in each of the colored squares, we see a "pyramid of Media Ecological perceptions" emerge with the five Tiny Note Chart “tiles” acting as four points and the middle tile jutting out as the tip of a pyramid. This version of the Bob Dobbs' Tiny Note Chart shows a fractal [control function] that leads to the Hexadic— as one engages Bob, iON, Dr. Carolyn Dean's Completement Formulas, and more.

The second collage image shows some fun connections between living carbon, the meatsack body, iON's cloud, and chart functions.

Types of Aliens

Office Hours

17 July 2024

The Skeleton Key to Zappa’s Project/Object

BOB on Zappa

Bob Dobbs, the Sherlock Holmes of the Android Meme, has meticulously pieced together clues from Frank Zappa’s work and interviews that reveal the crux of his conceptual continuity. Dobbs’ latest essay, “Zappa Exegesis”, hands you the key to understanding the “hidden ground” behind Zappa’s mammoth work. Once you read and understand this essay, Zappa’s work will take on a whole new dimension of enjoyment. You’ll realize that Zappa was WAY more than a musician or even a composer – he was a “Satellite Conductor” who was pointing to something that was almost impossible to notice, let alone articulate.

Download this 73-page PDF to get a preview of how Zappa will be studied by future generations!

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Office Hours

Office Hours

Congratulations to you, on your graduation from Mirror University and entrance into the greater world! The faculty and administration would also like to belatedly thank you for having enrolled, and compliment you on your refinement and sense of discrimination in choosing MirrorU … the only available choice.

A show where YOU can talk to BOB about ANYTHING!

17 July 2024

10 July 2024

3 July 2024

26 June 2024

19 June 2024

12 June 2024

5 June 2024

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Marshall McLuhan & the Immortal D-Cell

In 1969 Carolyn and I found Joe Dun Sloan in Highland Park of Los Angeles:

He had the D-Cell which cleaned and energized water. 

We started using it and it slowed down our aging.

We consumed its altered water for 35 years.

Then, iON came along in 2009 and showed us how to improve on the D-Cell to create the iCell.

Using that has made our health “remarkable” (Alex in previous exchange).

Strange and wonderful story but true.

A week before Marshall McLuhan's stroke on September 26, 1979, McLuhan expressed an interest in our D-Cell - he had heard about it from our friends, Marg and Jim Stewart.

Carolyn visited him that Sunday and explained it. 

We left him a sample cube.

On September 27, 1979 (Saturday morning after MM’s stroke), Jim found the D-Cell we had left McLuhan on a table in McLuhan’s vestibule.

McLuhan had failed to begin applying it to his tap water.

It might have helped him with his coming illness.

Here is a statement Joe made about the D-Cell in 1972 or so:

(typed in the 1970s)

The immortal D-Cell is a new and revolutionary form of microscopic organism hitherto unknown to orthodox biological science.  It was first created in a special formula of organically-grown foodstuffs by the late John Brown, a pharmacist of Middleboro, Mass.  Simply stated, the Brown cell is plant cell life transmuted into animal cells by the Brown Process.  The static plant cells are atomically reduced to their basic elements, then reformed into motile animal cells.

The cells contain multiple nuclei composed of genes and chromosomes which regulate the "hereditary" growth of plant and animal life forms.  These nuclei are composed, or contain, light-sensitive pigments which store energy in the form of light, and radiate at high frequencies and low wavelengths identical to the Life Force.  Orthodox scientific instruments cannot detect or measure these radiations but radionic instruments reveal that the pigments radiate fantastic amounts of that energy known as "white light" - that part of light which does not become visible as color when projected through a prism.  It is often called "solar energy", "cosmic energy", or "universal energy", the life force, etc.  All life forms are said to be sustained by this force or energy which is electric and magnetic in nature.  Insufficiency of this force causes unhealthy conditions in life forms; complete absence results in death.

Years of research and experiment by Brown confirmed that the light-sensitive pigments were extremely effective in correcting the deficiency of the life force in plants and animals.

In 1950 two agents from the Food and Drug Administration questioned Brown for hours at his laboratory.  Brown freely explained his cells and how the pigments worked, even gave them a jar of the cell culture for analysis at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Station at Beltsville, MD.  Brown offered to accompany them to supervise and explain the analysis, was refused despite his warning that the USDA knew nothing about the cells or how to analyse them and that the cells could not survive without the special care he alone could render.  Later it was claimed that the Brown Cell was "nothing but Paramecium in dirty water", and the catalysts nothing "but worthless chunks of cement."  Only the USDA could originate such a claim, yet I have documentary evidence from the USDA proving that they did not originate such claims.

In 1961 the USDA published a special report - ARS Special Report 22-64, Plant Light Growth Discoveries - in which it is claimed their scientists discovered the light-sensitive pigments, which they named "phytochrome" (plant color).  The USDA has made extensive tests and plant experiments ever since to confirm the effect of the pigments upon plant life.  See the Jan. 24, 1969 issue of LIFE magazine in which the USDA declares their discovery of "a hitherto unknown substance (Phytochrome) which controls and regulates the growth of Plant Life." That is, it is the DNA of plant life. As plant and animal cells are the same, it follows that it is also the DNA of animal life.

Information in the LIFE article and in the USDA special report is identical to statements and information found in Brown's lab notebooks, dated Feb. 1953, fully 8 years before the USDA report was published!  In fact, one word allegedly "coined" by the USDA is contained (and better explained) in Brown's notebooks. So who actually "coined" this unusual word to "explain the new principle of growth" DISCOVERED by the USDA scientists?

Fortunately the USDA did discover that they could not synthesize the pigments as they are proteins, so they experiment with color radiations instead.  We create and use the natural pigments which are manufactured in the cell cultures of organic tissues, a process unknown to the USDA.

The radiative effect (the same rate as radium) is obtained by combining the live cells with a special cement mix to form a solid matrix, or "holder", for the pigments.  The cells, being mostly fluid, evaporate in the drying process and leave the microscopic granules of light-sensitive pigments embedded in the cement. The Pigment radiations have a strong affinity for oxygen, and when placed in water, impregnate the water via harmonics with their life force.  The force is transferred to plant and animal forms through use of the catalyzed water.  We have hundreds of incredible reports of benefits obtained by users of the cell water.

The C. W. Laboratories of Washington, D. C. tested the cell catalysts and reported they removed chlorine and fluorine from city water supplies of Washington (fluoridated) and New York, also fluoridated.  Tests made at Cal Tech in Pasadena showed the cell catalysts neutralized highly-chlorinated water and cultures of sewage bacteria (B.Coli) even after the cells were excessively sterilized in the Cal Tech autoclave. A university in Quebec, Canada reported cell water as 100% pure.  No claims are made for the cells and they are sent only upon request.  We do not advertise or otherwise promote the cells.  Users are requested to submit reports of their experiments with the cell catalysts.

Bob Dobbs

Painting by Sheila Kern—Notes by iON

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What Youth?, Partial Transcript, 5 May 2021, 1900 Hour

What Youth?

Transcribed by Nan

Bob 47:28
Okay, go ahead, Madeleine.

Madeleine 47:32
iON, I'm wondering what the distinction is -- because you seem to make a distinction -- between the angels and the "original angel." I'm wondering what's the original angel.

iON 47:44
Yeah, there's a difference. There's a difference. Okay, the archangels for what it comes from. Angels have genealogies too. No one's asked this, ever, ever, ever, ever, and we did promise a really big "shew," so we might as well bring it out here so y'all don't go crazy. So poor, poor Bart doesn't have a nervous breakdown. We gotta give him a little some'um sharp and slow and easy so he can keep -- so he can digest it. There are degrees and levels of angels, and that was the conversation with the Aethyrs. That's why there's more than several Keys and many Aethyrs. And it's why they took the Maccabees out of the Bible because they had to unloose the old hag angels, or we say, the older, more mature ones who were doin' stuff. Like a regular, little everyday angel, he can help with the red light or doing the laundry. But if you need, like, the Berlin Wall to come down, that takes a little bigger angel. Kinda like people that are Ascending, they're not quite God yet; they can make lightning, which we showed y'all on the Goobersnatch how to control lightning. And that is exactly how you do it, but, you know, that's a parlor trick unless you want to strike somebody dead. Now, that's fun. You can do that. You can do that. And you got the whole inside part of the Conjure of Sacrifice, too, of how it applies, where you trick 'em into making the spell that doesn't end. Ooh now, that's a big ol' good one right there too. You get practicin’ on that. Then what happens is you start comin' into your power just like the angels come into their power. Okay? Let's take Rene. Rene would have been an original angel because he knew the lay of the land. He knew what was up, what was down, how to get it, how to get right and get with it. He knew. There was no conversation or question, he was right on. Some [inaudible] brand new and a little Hazel comin' in there. Hazel don't know nothin', she's just tryin' to figure it all out. An upstairs maid, as it were, which is a little bit different. So, that's the difference that we make, and that's why we make that difference. You got that?

Madeleine 49:48
No. I mean, I still don't... I'm not sure what the original angel is. [silence/pause] Uh-oh.

iON 50:03
Well, that's 'cause we didn't say. That's 'cause we didn't say. [Bob chuckles]

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Brent’s Chart in Medicine

Hi everyone!

I've begun to overlay the medical industry on Bob's Tiny Note Chart. Below is Bob's chart applied to the most prevalent medical memes. In my experience, most people exist in these medical spaces in varying ratios. The chart is not meant to belittle or invalidate each experience, but rather point out that the android meme/tech body has hijacked the entire scene.

Thoughts, comments, and critique are appreciated!