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They Knew They Could Not Win

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A Thousand PIeces

A Thousand Pieces exposes the darkest secrets of the FBI and CIA, and asks the question; Isn’t it time to reform some of the most corrupt government agencies in American history?

Ed Dowd, 19 March 2023

Collusion of the Century—DOJ, CCP & Big Media’s Conspiracy to Take Down Miles Guo

The Gateway Pundit

Half an hour before the Justice Department first published on its website an unsealed indictment and the arrest of Miles Guo, Bloomberg had already published an 1,200-word article detailing SDNY’s allegations against Mr. Guo. It’s apparent that Bloomberg knew about this then-still-sealed indictment before DOJ released it to the public.

Micheal Bloomberg praised Wang Qishan, Vice President of China and the first CCP official publicly exposed by Mr. Guo in 2017, as the most powerful man in the world. With a background like this, it’s unsurprising that the outlet was tipped off in advance about the CCP’s latest attempt to take down Guo – with the help of traitors inside the DOJ.

Miles Guo himself, the “enemy No.1” of the CCP, had also expected for months his own arrest.

When the CCP-infiltrated DOJ manipulated Mr. Guo’s bankruptcy proceeding and installed Luc Despins as the DOJ-appointed Trustee, Despins used this opportunity to attempt to extort $250 million from Mr. Guo, threatening to send Miles to jail using his connections at the “DOJ, SEC, IRS, and the Court System”. A partner at Paul Hastings LLP, Despins is an exposed CCP proxy whose law firm is blessed with billions of dollars annually representing CCP State Owned Enterprises.

This is the collusion, happening right in front of our eyes: a conspiracy by traitors inside our federal government working with Wall Street billionaires and the CCP to take out their most feared man: Miles Guo, who gave up his family’s security and billions of dollars in assets in China only to dedicate his entire life to the eradication of the CCP.

They hate Miles Guo for the same reason they hate President Trump, General Michael Flynn, the J6 political prisoners, and other patriots; they hate us because we want to be free.

When Judge Katharine H. Parker sat on the bench to preside over the scheduled arraignment of Mr. Guo, she had apparent concerns about the U.S. prosecutors withholding critical information from Mr. Guo and the Court, specifically information regarding the U.S. Government’s collaboration with the Chinese Government. Answering Judge Parker, the New York prosecutors, under pressure, disclosed that the prosecutors’ team had worked “a lot with China” throughout the investigation of Mr. Guo.

A silent shock wave took the Courtroom by storm as everyone became bewildered by the ironically cynical response. Continue reading at The Gateway Pundit

Miles Guo Arrested After NFSC Supporters Visit Congress Calling for Investigation into DOJ’s Infiltration by CCP

Miles Guo also goes by Guo Wen Gui, Miles Kwok and Ho Wan Kwok.

The Gateway Pundit

When Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested and indicted after squandering billions of his investor’s money, the harmed investors cheered his arrest while the U.S. government quickly released him on $250 million bail. But when Miles Guo was arrested this Wednesday, New Federal State of China (NFSC) supporters—whom prosecutors falsely claim are victims of Mr. Guo—stood firmly behind him, pointing to the CCP’s successful weaponization of the DOJ and demanding his immediate release. The only danger that the more than $1 billion dollar investment proceeds, belonging to NFSC supporters, face is from the SDNY prosecutors trying to confiscate all those billions by brute force. Miles Guo gave up tens of billions of his own wealth to dedicate himself to take down the CCP, as has millions of NFSC supporters, the only victims of their fight for freedom is the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party.

Despite the non-violent nature of the allegations against Mr. Guo, SDNY Prosecutor Damian Williams, who also led the prosecution against Bankman-Fried, filed an insidious motion preventing Mr. Guo from getting bail, arguing the so-called “flight-risk,” and asked for Mr. Guo to be detained until trial.

Williams, a Biden appointee who previously worked at the law firm Paul Weiss before joining SDNY as a prosecutor, has strong incentives to be hostile against Mr. Guo. Like other compromised lawyers/judges involved in Miles’ cases, such as Despins and Ostrager, the CCP link starts with their law firms. As the first U.S. law firm to enter China in 1981, Paul Weiss has hundreds of lawyers in China with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong, raking in billions representing CCP State Owned Enterprises.

In 2017, former Secretary of Homeland Security during Obama’s administration, Jeh Johnson, then a partner at Paul Weiss, met with Mr. Guo in a bid to represent Mr. Guo’s political asylum application. Unbeknownst to Mr. Guo, Johnson secretly recorded the meeting only to later leak it to the CCP. Since 2017, Mr. Guo has been sued in over 70 litigations by CCP proxies, mostly financed by three CCP billionaires. This deep infiltration of the U.S. Justice system is dubbed “Unrestricted Lawfare,” and NFSC supporter has long called for Congress to investigate the weaponization of the justice system against Mr. Guo. Continue reading at The Gateway Pundit

Below: Vice News hit piece on Guo Wen Gui.

Former FBI agent Exposes the truth of the UFO invasion

2700+ Year Old Prophecy

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