Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Akito’s Cash Flow Notes | 19 October 2011


Opening music:
Everything's Coming Up Roses by Ethel Merman (James' pick)

The Confessions Tour by Madonna (Bob'spick)

Bob the last dark soul to keep the Angels complacent, make them think they still have a job to do
iON brings up Ezekiel1:22 & terrible crystal

James tests out the "new applause" button
(the listeners made complaints about the childishness of the old applause sound)

iON mentions the 99 Percenters
Bob: We declared ourselves totally with the One Percenters... We ain't with the Hoi Polloi anymore.

BP Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously by Frank Zappa

Bob the Eurozone debt crisis, 2 days left to the Euro Group Finance Ministers Meeting
Greece is a scapegoat for the fall of the EU

iON "endless confusion"

iON on Vacation in Paris | Stalked by Bob

What ‘Youth’?

26 September 2016

Part 1, 2
28-29 September, 1 October 2016

President Graves | Episodes 1 & 2

Trump Tapes Can’t Kill a Candidate Who Plays by Shock Jock Rules

The Hollywood Reporter
by Michael Wolff

The old-fashionedness of the way NBC News reflexively viewed the now-infamous Access Hollywood recordings might be hard to explain to a new generation of anti-Trump reporters.

The true hold of the Donald Trump campaign, especially on the media, has not been about how he might win but in what kind of conflagration or hapless meltdown of ritual and propriety he would lose. Contrary to any political common sense, he has not been chastened by each of his many crises but, to the absolute amazement of the media — in every respect morally and institutionally against him — has doubled down.

It has sometimes seemed as if he were actually planning all this, that the media was cannily set up to be the predictable and dopey foil to his unapologetic and inexplicable comebacks. Over the course of almost 18 months, the media’s horror and transfixed attention and Trump's defiance and belligerence have become locked in place.

And the train, moving toward its certain crash, has barreled on.

Last week, after the airing of the Access Hollywood outtakes, much of the media (along with Trump’s other foils: the Republican establishment and the liberal elite) was once again convinced that the wreck was happening — in awesome slow motion. Forget the fact that Trump had won the nomination both handily and fair and square, he would have to go, booted by the exact Republican establishment that he had heretofore vanquished. Continue reading at the Hollywood Reporter

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Berlin Station, Episodes 1 & 2

The Berlin CIA office is battling its own Edward Snowden, called Thomas Shaw.

Shot on location in Berlin, which provides an endless variety of intriguing backdrops, “Berlin Station” also dips into the city’s all-night pansexual bacchanalia.