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iON | Words No Longer Create

Thanks, Bart!


25 February 2017, Hour 10 (48:00)

Bob: I make the point that people have got to learn how to talk right …

iON: You said it correctly. They’ve got to talk right, rather than the grammatically, 'speak well.’

Bob: Do they have to text correctly now?

iON: They don’t.

Bob: Right. So they can be sloppy in texting, and they may not talk as much. But they’ve got to talk.

iON: Right.

Bob: They can’t let that slide.

iON: Right.

Bob: It’s the most important human function; talking about talking right. That is not being creative, is it, with your words? That’s a different matter?

iON: Words don’t create.

Bob: Words don’t create? Everybody thinks they do.

iON: It's over. That’s over now.

Bob: Well, that’s a big revolution.

iON | Transdimensional

Thanks, Bart!


18 February 2017, Hour 8 (18:00)

iON: You're transdimensional. You’re always splitting and dividing, and splitting and dividing.

Bob: That's transdimensional. “Dimensions" are a different word than “realms". So, are there different dimensions within one world?

iON: Of course. Of course. That’s the secret in your carbon cloud... When you start walking on the clouds. That’s the secret to that. That question is the secret to that answer... How brilliant of you, Bob. You’ve been doing your homework. We’re so proud of you.

Bob: So, you’re saying the cloud you’re building is in a different dimension, not in a different world or realm?

iON: That’s why there’s space between the space. The lines and the spaces. That’s what Bart keeps talking about over and over and over again. The resonant interval. He’s got it. He just doesn’t know what he’s - like you, he doesn’t know what he's got.

Bob: Yeah, but these different dimensions are in this world.

iON: Empirically, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can't have slippage. So, we have to be very careful how we answer it. But your answer is yes, affirmative.

Bob: The slippage goes into realms and worlds.

iON: It does, but it can shift between the two. And that’s the reason we're being careful how we answer. So, later, when you come back and say, “You said…” Yes, we did, but we're giving the caveat that you can break the mold, Bob. That’s why we're being careful what we turn you loose with.
Your archives keep growing, even so. If you notice, your archives grow even if you don’t do anything… if you noticed.

Bob: No, I haven’t noticed that. Where would we look for that? Where is our archive?

iON: In your gallery. In the gallery.

Bob: You don’t mean on "iON and Bob” [our website - Ed.]?

iON: No. We mean in the gallery.

Bob: What’s that? What’s the gallery?

iON: Storage place where your stuff is. But you probably won't want to go there, yet, because it’s got stuff that you haven’t done, yet; which is … probably fuck you up.

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The New Coach House

The New Coach House

“On July 29 [2017] I began to release the amazing new documents from my McLuhan File that have never been heard or seen before. Don't miss them if you’re interested in new territory scoped out in the McLuhan Quadrant …”
Bob Dobbs


Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
16 February

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9 February

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2 February

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26 January

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19 January


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22 December

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iON | FOREX Formula


ReWrite 20
9 March 2011 Part 1, 2, 3

ReWrite 22
23 March 2011

The New Coach House

3 February 2011, Session 295
3 March 2011, Session 319a, Session 319b
15 March 2011, Session 325
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28 July 2011, Session 439a, Session 439b
4 August 2011, Session 446a, Session 446b
11 August 2011, Session 452
17 November 2011, Session 513
26 March 2011, Session 332

iON Engagements with Scott Norris

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24 May 2014
(17:54) Part 1 - Scott Norris/Cloud of Knowing:

Caller: Is iON equated with the “Cloud of Knowing”?

iON: No, it’s the information.

Caller: The “Cloud of Knowing” is information?

iON: Yes.

Caller: Okay last week you said, the “Cloud of Knowing” is not a network.

iON: It’s not a network.

Caller: How is the information associated?

iON: Radically!

Caller: Oh well that helps!

iON: You’re asking “Rabbit hole” questions with degrees of separation, and you want us to answer the question. We’re going to answer your question. Here's how it works, we created the cloud because you as God have not engaged it. You have not engaged it so we made a safe space to put all this information so it could be. So as you radically come into your place as being God. You have an information source. Akasha if that’s what you want to call it! It’s kind of radically ridiculous to us too. If that’s what you want to call it, but everything is there. It is a mode, a meme as it were. So you as your ascension proceeds can be achieved. You basically don’t have to know anything, and you don’t have to think about anything because it’s a non-thinking sequitur. If all knowing is put somewhere, you can be busy being God knowing that all things are known.

Bob Dobbs | My Life with Lyndon LaRouche from My Diaries

Android Meme’s Xenochrony Diaries

May 22-31/66 (Rome and New York)

Not So Well-known European Businessman: We've got to get a hook into this student unrest that's increasing in the United States. Since their leanings are to the left, it has to be through the socialist parties. Look for someone with a grievance in there.

Bob flew into New York and soon after perusing the radical journals for a while, he got in touch with a writer calling himself Lynn Marcus.

Dobbs: Is Lynn Marcus your real name?

Marcus: It's Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr.

Dobbs: What's your complaint?

LaRouche: Well, I'm a Platonist. I've made some discoveries that show that the real stream of Platonism is a story suppressed and untold. There is a technological basis for the conflict between Aristotelianism and the real Platonism.

Dobbs: I think it was Coleridge who said men were either Aristotelians or Platonists.

LaRouche: Yes, and the Romantics were certainly no help to my antecedents in that century--my allies being thinkers like Humboldt and Reimann.

Dobbs: So what is your strategy?

LaRouche: I'm going to offer a night class over at Columbia and create a cadre of students who can steer this revolution away from its present controllers who have a decidedly Aristotelian, Utopian bent.

Dobbs: I'm a revolutionary myself and I have funds available for you if you can show me some results and get your plans into action.

The rest of the conversation was drowned out by “Like a Rolling Stone” as Bob and LaRouche left the restaurant on West 4th Street.

NYTs 1979 Article | US Labor Party—Cult Surrounded by Controversy

The New York Times
7 October 1979

Last month in New Hampshire a mildlooking economic theorist named Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. began his 1980 campaign for President of the United States, escorted by expressionless security men from the U.S. Labor Party, the cult‐like organization he has created over the last decade.

Mr. LaRouche first gained attention during the 1968 Columbia University strike when he attracted students a generation younger than he and formed the National Caucus of Labor Committees. In the decade that followed, he has turned that organization and its political arm, the U.S. Labor Party, away from Marxism to the extreme right and — despite the presence of many Jewish members to anti‐Semitism. The organization no loneer advocates a workers’ state, and its members now dominate a multimillion dollar-a-year business. According to charges by former party members in a pending lawsuit, the business channels money to Mr. LaRouche's U.S. Labor Party. Continue reading at The New York Times

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Lyndon LaRouche | 1922-2019

Photo: Steve Liss/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images

“LaRouche will be right back … no problem. He arrived at the status of the world’s greatest media ecologist in 2019 (I announced this to the McLuhan Quadrant on 10 February 2019). Think China.”
Bob Dobbs


Lyndon LaRouche, the prolific publisher who saw rampant conspiracy in politics, spent five years in prison for tax fraud and accumulated 1.3 million votes during eight bids for the U.S. presidency, has died. He was 96.

LaRouche died Tuesday, his political-action group LaRouche PAC wrote on its website, without describing a cause of death. He had lived since 1983 in Loudon County, Virginia.

In his public campaigns and treatises on history and economics, LaRouche called for a return to fixed exchange rates, expansion of nuclear power, quarantine of AIDS patients, a global restoration of railroad transport and the colonization of Mars. While announcing his seventh presidential campaign, in 1999, he warned that the world economy was built on a speculative bubble and was approaching collapse—a prediction that his supporters later pointed to as evidence of his credibility. Continue reading at Bloomberg

LaRouche | Towards a New Bretton Woods | 6 Week Course