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Is It Real or Is It Memorex | More Adventures in the Android Meme

“Life is opening doors. Creating new dreams that you never knew could exist.”

USA Today
20 May 2019

Calvin Klein is apologizing after the fashion label came under fire for a video campaign showing model Bella Hadid kissing Lil Miquela.

The 30-second ad drew backlash since Hadid identifies as heterosexual, with critics commenting, "There are plenty of real LGBTQ Models that could have been used."

ed: “But wait; Lil Miquela is not even real, she’s a computer-generated avatar.”

And here’s more:

The Cut
18 April 2019

If you need any further proof that we’re living in The Matrix, here it is.

On Tuesday, the Instagram account of Miquela Sousa — also known as @LilMiquela, a 19-year-old Brazilian-American model, singer, and Instagram personality with almost a million followers — appeared to have been hacked by a blonde, pro-Trump troll named Bermuda, or @BermudaIsBae. Over the course of about eight hours, Bermuda wiped Lil Miquela’s account clean, posting photos of herself instead with threatening captions like: “You can’t have your account back until you promise to tell people the truth.”

But wait, it gets wilder: Neither Lil Miquela nor Bermuda are real people. They’re computer-generated avatars with anonymous creators.

Drama is drama, though! And the best gossip is the kind that has zero consequences on real peoples’ lives. Except our lives, of course, which have been turned completely up-side down by the Orwellian antics that transpired on Tuesday.

LilMiquela & BermudaIsBae

Okay, who is Lil Miquela?
According to various (vague) interviews she’s done, Lil Miquela is a 19-year-old Brazilian-American model and singer from Los Angeles, California, who goes by the name of Miquela Sousa. She created her Instagram account on April 22, 2016 and has since amassed almost one million followers. She’s also active on Twitter and Tumblr, plus she has two singles on Spotify.

But she’s not real, right?
No. It’s been speculated that she’s a composite of a real woman and digital renderings, which would explain her uncanny human likeness. She also poses with real people, in real-life places, wearing real-life clothes off the rack.

And who is this Bermuda chick?
Named after the Bermuda Triangle (nice), Bermuda’s Instagram account was born about six months after Lil Miquela’s on September 5, 2016. On Tuesday morning, she had around 2,000 followers, but by nightfall she was up to almost 50,000. Judging by her looks and the content of her posts, Bermuda’s muses are the singer Iggy Azalea and conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren. It’s no secret that Bermuda is also a hard-core Trump supporter, as she posted a photo of his merch as her ideal brunch look. Bermuda also mocks “liberal feminists” like Lena Dunham and writes that she’s “proud to be a white woman.”

She’s not real either?
No. When Bermuda started posting on Lil Miquela’s account, she claimed that they were both created by a “literal genius” named Daniel Cain, founder of Cain Intelligence. However, neither Mr. Cain nor Cain Intelligence are real. At least in the reality we live in.

Why does Bermuda have beef with Lil Miquela?
Their beef seems to have begun around August 31, 2017 when Bermuda posted a photo with the caption: “@LilMiquela you can only hide for so long.” Politically, they have opposite beliefs. (Lil Miquela has openly supported immigrants’ rights and Black Lives Matter, for example.) But the real gripe Bermuda seems to have with Lil Miquela is that she’s not being transparent enough about her identity. And she’s ignoring Bermuda — “her own kind.”

What does it all mean???
Naturally, there are a lot of theories out there, including that this is a sign the world is going to end today. (Still here!) Bermuda decided to “hack” Lil Miquela when she reached 2,222 followers. Lil Miquela was born on April 22, which is Sunday. Will Lil Miquela finally reveal herself (or himself/themselves) two years in? The timing feels right. And it feels particularly relevant to have a Trump troll responsible for the leak. Our main question right now, though, is whether or not Bermuda and Lil Miquela are actually colluding. Continue reading at The Cut

Talking To & Commanding Angels

“You gotta be able to control the angels and talk to the angels and be lord over the angels and they [the angels] don’t want you to do this because they don’t want to do this.”


18 May 2019
iON Assists Caller with Angel Talk

The New Coach House

20 April 2019
Angels Will Do Your Bidding


7 March 2015
How to Place Your Order with the Angels

7 September 2014
Do Humans Share Angels

28 September 2011
Rewrite 37

20 July 2011
Rewrite 36

28 November 2009
Bob Dobbs’ Private Session 212

“This Angel Chart is the most profound map of human existence. Once it is mastered, all other symbolism becomes child’s play — the same effect of mastery of FINNEGANS WAKE on the art of reading/guessing.

The Angel Chart demonstrates the universal stages of Ascension as well as the fate of the Little Man/Woman when they transition and are accompanied to the Guf by Angels.

Moving toward the central Ring—Ring One—is the direction of motion of Angels.

Moving away from Ring One is the direction of motion of the Little Man/Woman.

The Angel Chart also contains all technologies that iONdom will develop.”
Bob Dobbs

Bob explains the creation of the graphics in the video.
The New Coach House, 10 June 2017

Graphics by
Richard Rosenman
Creative Director

Sehr schön! CERN shön!

“After many months of acts of sexual congress, Roxy Returns!


The events in this video happened on Sept.27, 2016 - the 39th anniversary of the Battle of the Harvest Moon (Dr. Peter Beter Quadrant on my Tiny Note Chart).

This ritual of the journey "from the Temple to the Temple" was performed by Roxy’s sister - Audrey Siobhain, a charismatic "teacher" with an audience of 3 million on Mexico City TV;

her daughter, Audrey Flowers - now studying to be a surgeon;

Carolyn Dean - needs no introduction;

and a simulation of me with wisely chosen, choice utterances - all recorded by Ms. Roxana Flores.

Absolutely stunning anticipation of Lockdown BobRule!!”
Bob Dobbs

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 18 May 2019

NOTE: times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaiian time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time so there will be an extra hour difference between Hawaiian and PST during DST.

gregg peat bog heartburn our id nancy pelosi is pregnant controlling the weather 2:46 bob the full moon and the id freud id vs. chi 2:57 roxy from the temple to the temple the blue glass her blue jinn her id the templars and jerusalem napoleon in the pyramid mitterand and the pantheon he didn’t die ion scolds roxy and HCE “Game of Thrones” notre dame cathedral a new superbug in mexico black virgin and the oligogs ion is enjoying the carbon mother nature is starting the fires in mexico the black virgin is carbon leonardo da vinci is not through mcluhan’s status and eric leonardo brought some of his paintings from another world her father’s illness and his id the key of G the Angelic Society and triangulation 3:01 michael bob used to be an angel ginney’s mother the 33rd parallel’s weather his ayahuasca adventure he’s a watcher via angels more on ginney why the 24 elders watch the throne on your behalf (this relates to the “lampstands”) abort 18-year olds if they are democrats feminists and abortion the constitutional convention is coming 3:56 carolyn on abortion and the effects on feminists 4:15 michael and his angel girlfriend ion mentions the raelians the definition of “magick/magic” ion says they’re doing “parlor tricks” all over right now ion talks about bob then talks about carolyn synesthesia at the traffic lights ion itself is supernal not magical his angelic girlfriend how angels cause divorce ion recommends the vestal goodman song “I Hold A Clear Title” 4:22 madeleine ion describes itself and QAnon via chemistry ion explains the “tactile” karl popper’s null hypothesis how bob got zapped the definition of the “id” mother theresa humans want power samson and delilah her new house laundry defined her dream 4:47 barb bob explains the role of mcluhan’s exposure of the Gutenberg Galaxy 3 jesuses more on the id dismas the thief on the cross ascended with jesus chromosone 14 and the amino acids (“the crown of thorns”) and the blood luke the apostle ion scolds her 5:35 reiner his last talk with ion his mutual fund bob’s indifference to money general electric co. is only $10.00 now hendiadys is important ion demonstrates to him how to speak in angel talk 6:19 greg kroker animation cells whether we are LIVE or not gets solved ion explains why they speak with a southern accent who’s ascended? ion contrasts and compares bob and carolyn ion explains iONdom more on “no TIME” why ion takes questions ion has been here “always” ion’s relationship with animals 7:00 sarah L her daughter’s health 8:21 clinton asks greg to talk about the movie was in clinton insults ion jussie smollett all about bob new developments in computing 8:24 bert angels engage the clouds emotions are sub-particles of the non-physical gods won’t need the pituitary or the adrenals the reboot supersugar and honeybees molar mass of carbon dioxide and NaCl residual peptide quark rose oil his protein intake endocrine system and the glandular plane sleep habits his shoes how his water tastes 10:35 jack babies germaine created him more on babies have more carbon 11:15 germaine angels around her 11:40 bryan movie requests the nature of ion among worlds ion’s use of “I” and “we” the djinn (genies) vs. angels bert and roxy 8-cubed ionauts bob and the carbon-based tech body emp and the chip body john of god’s sex scandal dalai lama and bob enlightenment vs. ascension angels don’t ascend in this realm angels in the realms of glory 11:55 bernd canada will be absorbed into the usa without quebec the mandela effect earth is not becoming rna drops the cold jfk (jr) eliza’s residue is talking 12:10 susana engaging explained 12:21 phil the ayers demonstrates his angel talk controlling his weather the power of the ascended clinton’s high IQ enoch and king david’s birthday/pentecost his becoming 12:24 trina destruction potentials her stepmother 12:46 cheri salt baths her teeth 12:56

Sunday, May 19, 2019

iON | Socio-Perception


18 May 2019

iON | Subcultures


18 May 2019

Brief History of the Royal Family

iON | RnA Reset Drops Are a Catalyst

Transcribed by Bert.


[14 March 2015 Part 2]

(29:37 mark)
Dr. Dean: iON, can we say that the RnA Drops are acting like a cell signaler or a redox signaling molecule?

iON: We like “catalyst" better.

Dr. Dean: Yeah, because as I see the Oxygen going down - depleting in the atmosphere, there’s talk about redox signaling molecules and making a big deal about Ozone and Oxygen, as it’s going away. It’s just like McLuhan’s “Rear-view mirror”, but when you look up cell signaling, it’s a communication between cells that I believe we’re getting with the RnA Drops - like you talked about the tuning fork aspect of affecting the Chromosome 14. So, you like “catalyst", but can we say it has some equivalence with cell signaling?

iON: Yes, within its structure. Yes!

Dr. Dean: I was looking through my notes about magnets and magnetism, and you’ve said a lot about that. With magnetism, is that what’s going to be shifting the poles – some shift in the electromagnetics?

iON: The spool will change around the histone.

Dr. Dean: The spool will change around the stone?

Bob: Histone!

iON: Histone!

Dr. Dean: Histone! Histones are in genetics. What I get from that is that as the DNA…

iON: The histone protein is going to change.

Dr. Dean: So, if they are going to change - “as above, so below” - then the Earth is changing as well.

Bob: No "above, below", Carolyn!

Dr. Dean: As the cells change, the world is changing. What Bob?

Bob: No "above and below".

Dr. Dean: There’s no "above and below". OK, so, is that a true statement, or an untrue statement - that the cells are changing as the Earth is changing?

iON: They’re modifying via a catalyst.

Dr. Dean: Both the cells and the Earth?

Bob: Is the iCell the catalyst, iON?

iON: Well, it can be.

Dr. Dean: I was saying the RnA Drops, Bob!

Bob: That’s the iCell!

Dr. Dean: Yeah, but there’s more to it, but iON said it can be.

iON: The histones have to shift, and then we’re only talking about lysine in the amino acids and those structures of how you rip the mass in the muscle tone and structure. So, we’re not there. So, it’s about chromosome structure, and that’s coming, and it’s OK. But yes, you’re right, Bob.

iON | Neurotransmitters

Transcribed by Bert.


[14 March 2015 Part 2]

(44:36 mark)
Caller: I also have in my mind this word, “neurotransmitters".

iON: Neurotransmitters, yes!

Caller: Is there anything we have to know about that?

iON: H3K4Me_H2B123UB_ H3AC.

Bob: That’s a new formula, Carolyn!

Dr. Dean: Yeah!

iON: It stands for “Rapid Re-induction”. It’s just a basic, simple chromatin remodeling complex - that’s what you’re coming to. That’s why we aren’t giving this other stuff much gate because you’re fixing to change the singletree. Do you know what a singletree is? It’s what you hook a mule to the wagon with.

[April 2015 Part 3]

(46:28 mark)
Caller: So iON, is the iCell becoming the ground of consciousness?

iON: Only to the unconscious.

Caller: OK, and can you define…?

iON: What would you ask if you could only ask just one question?

Caller: Ah! OK, I will ask one…

Bob: What did he say, if you could ask only one question?

Caller: Ah, I believe iON asked me if I had just one question, what would it be? iON, two weeks ago, Caller 2 asked a question about neurotransmitters, and you gave a formula, and the new formula you said was rapid re-induction with a chromatin remodeling complex. Is that the new formula for the neurotransmitters?

iON: A version - a version of it, yes!

Caller: Are there multiple versions?

iON: There are! See, your minerals are concentrating. And as your minerals change the way you apply silica, the core type changes, too. So, frequency becomes more consistently bound. So, these nanospheres as you call them, now evolve.

iON | The Brain Doesn’t Cipher Anymore

Transcribed by Bert.


[7 March 2015 Part 2]

(07:55 mark)
Caller: What is this thing that somehow unites us all, that we use to call the subconscious?

Bob: You are saying that people are feeling a new frequency, and you are asking what is that, iON?

iON: It’s the conscious.

Bob: The electric conscious which is extended by electricity. Yeah, collective consciousness! They are feeling the collective consciousness.

iON: It connects the Carbon in the cloud. See, the…

Bob: Oh, it connects the Carbon in the cloud, Carolyn!

Carolyn: Hmm!

iON: And that’s what’s going to run your Chip Body. That’s why your Chip Body is thinking for you now. That’s why Andrew had to tell them how to use the calculator to let them do a ciphering because the brain doesn’t cipher anymore. You don’t do anything anymore. You just let boxes do the little boxes – it’s just little boxes.

Bob: Could you speak a little louder, iON.

iON: It’s the theme song from Weeds, “Tacky little boxes”.
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