Friday, March 27, 2020

Fauci Warns Coronavirus Could Become Seasonal Affliction

The Saga of Mexico’s Surgical Masks

LA Times

Mexico’s doctors say they’re already running out of masks.

As the novel coronavirus spreads in Mexico, doctors and nurses at public hospitals have begun protesting a shortage of personnel and basic supplies such as masks and gloves.

Medical staff held strikes and walkouts across the country this week, warning that a lack of resources increases the risk for them and their families as well as for patients.

"We can't work without equipment," implored a nurse in Tabasco state in a widely viewed video on Twitter. "We also have families — children and parents." Continue reading

Texan Tom Banning gets ready to deliver surgical masks to doctors' offices around Austin, Texas.
Photo: Kristy Banning

LA Times

A midnight run across the Mexican border gets masks for Texas doctors.

Tom Banning was fielding increasingly anxious pleas from doctors across Texas when he got a call from a golfing buddy with an unusual offer.

Banning’s friend, who had connections in the oil and gas business, had 350 cases of surgical masks from a factory in Mexico. He’d managed to get the shipment over the border, navigating drug cartels and border agents demanding payoffs. Did Banning know anyone who could use them?

Banning, who heads the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, didn’t have to think twice.

“We had physicians tying bandannas around their faces,” he said. “It was like they were fortifying the big urban hospitals and leaving the front-line soldiers to fight without defenses.”

Over 72 hours this week, Banning helped get the masks — some 525,000 in all — to nearly every corner of Texas, personally driving some to doctors in Austin and Houston, routing others to physician groups and rural hospitals from the Rio Grande Valley to the Texas panhandle. Continue reading

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Stimulus Bill

Pandemic Effects in South & Central America

Thursday, March 26, 2020

“This Is the Police, Go Home & Stay Indoors”

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 24 March 2020

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germaine user is the content lockdown bobrule tonality jack's shoes the vial judgments how to ascend (3 steps) "hand signals for the blind" working with the orbs Cuomo’s daily complaint NYC and Calif. are not going to be over bob shut down all the schools carolyn shut down big pharma 3:34 jack how to ascend bob’s memory 4:09 gregg how to ascend the vagus nerve and the mind’s connections creating who’s dying in NYC sickle cell anemia the schedule of virus escalation (“the details”) 4:16 beverly where does the virus grow/start? the benefits of ascension polio doctoring 4:36 madeleine how to recognize your power the queen’s easter message 4:48 brent the Tech Body now has boundaries coldplay 4:50 jeff his weather report 4:54 ben his dreams 4:57

Bob Dobbs | Tiny Note Chart

Transcribed by Brent.

Tiny Note (Chart Exploration)- March 3, 2008
Bob discusses cliches, archetypes, and the boundary-less android meme

Scott: So, in this chart any cliche probe can move from cliche to archetype status and back to cliche status?

Bob: Yeah, that’s what is going on here…Remember, in the Rumplestiltskin corner at the bottom, the ratio is the formula chart to the tiny note chart. Normally, you’d think the formula chart is the ground chart where everything came out of because I did take the tiny note chart out of the Bob Dobbs formula chart, right? I purposely make the formula chart the figure to indicate that the formula chart refers to the development before the android meme coming from humans, extensions of humans. The tiny note chart is the phase after that when the android meme is extending itself. The android meme is the ground and it is pretending human beings are the figures…

Scott: You mean each individual as opposed to some genius like an Einstein that did it for everybody, everybody is doing it for themselves

Bob: Yes, that’s a half truth what you’re saying, and the Einsteins that are still there or the Bill Gates…they are a figures for the evolution that is going on. Not just you, you and the genius.