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17 August 2019

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Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 17 August 2019

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

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skygoddess sue eating lots of meat the fate of canada zillow real estate rats and listeria jeff epstein trumpian economics body movers today's medicine her diet 2:53 scott agar and our bodies willamette valley and earthquakes chapter 23 and enochian writings deglazing book of enoch’s author john dee 3-fold symmetry and a 5-point star via the dodecahedron ion appreciates scott’s knowledge the new “pi" our present technology wasn’t made by humans the sublime (“overwhelming”) and the supernal his mentor was arthur loeb (bucky fuller) 4:20 deb west power and authority concerning angels what a coronation feels like her appreciation of the mundane her new man how jw enjoyed bob in atlanta high school reunion jeff epstein’s murder 4:51 darius getting out of his own way triangulation and the FOREX formula his OA movements his cursive writing capacity speaking to the angels 5:22 vennise her court problem 5:33 alissa ionic bonding and metals duality today past pluperfect duality vs. polarity crystalline vs. lattice structure the hara, the autonomic system, and the icell open haras j.d. salinger’s “the catcher in the rye” as an audio book will be altered considerably by the Tech Body pericardial fluid’s viscosity “pi" will shift again bone marrow and the synovial fluid she wants to play with less half-step modulation and our position in the continuum “only the black keys” (pentadic/pentatonic scales and zappa’s preferences - the Tiny Note resonates) the noble gasses american bias trump as entertainer canadians’ opinion about trump bob’s summary sentence 5:45 loyette her questions speaking to the angels lost her sense of smell osmic consciousness (no “c”) the wisemen visiting jesus prestor john tartarian empire star forts (“access is conditioned response”) ion welcomes salem with our introductory cliche 6:57 roxy her anomalies in mexico city during her father’s transition her djinn her emails weren’t getting out accepting her power repentance how ion comforts people hillary-alexandria ocasio-cortez relationship deutsche bank screws up bob’s face after drinking Living Water bert’s taking of his power roxy took all of her family’s power her father was crying 7:41 eira her moving to the 33rd parallel the castles in europe 10:04 bert the fourteen degrees of freedom and the vortex Rev.19:3 the cloud is both general and individual obfuscation formula in the pineal gland tendons, muscles, and nerves vortexual box bert’s gizgasm the cloud boron negative pH magnesium converge his sugar problem his exercises 10:19 scott vertices and the rhombic dodecahedron magnetic north the caldera 11:13 bob crop circles Tech Body is ascending and concerned about information control the role of the last Trump 11:33 germaine the new green deal the original human form angels made our fingerprints the form of the ascended bob’s skin her Lucifer book 11:48 jack the seals (the 3rd and the 5th) are opening how to navigate between the lines/treble clef (“FACE”) and spaces (“every good boy does fine/EGBDF") the positron condition queen-to-queen level three (the business model shari redstone wishes to achieve) the Tech Body form and function “fame, wealth, success, and autonomy” (the opposite poles/enhance the polarity) a2 + b2 + c2 (triangulation formula can tell what the future value will be) how bob’s in charge 12:04 germaine working with jack 12:49 jack ion will become Physical 12:58

Bob Dobbs’ Diaries: June 18/1967 (New York)

Connie got Bob's attention and pointed to the doorway of the bar they were all sitting in--Stanley's in the East Village. Bob jumped up from his seat and moved briskly toward the entrance with his hand out.

Dobbs: Mr. Jiddu, I'm so happy you found our rendezvous!

The elegant, but serious face waited for Bob to direct him. Bob signaled to the bartender to turn the jukebox down as he escorted Krishnamurti to the long table of guests. Introductions were politely made and then Bob asked Krishnamurti to address the room.

Krishnamurti: I don't know why you are here, but this is not a lecture, nor a sermon, and the speaker is not a guru. You can disregard anything or everything the speaker says and you can leave any time you want to. The speaker is not trying to help you. Actually he refuses to help you. Imagine, however, you and the speaker are walking together by a river in the forest and are having a conversation as between friends. But it's a serious conversation, on serious concerns such as: what is death, how can human beings love, why do we suffer so much, or can humanity really change? But as we listen to each other, the speaker would prefer that you not agree or disagree with him, but just listen and be aware of the thoughts that our discussion gives rise to. You don't have to express them. Just observe them with all your attention. You will notice that thought is only capable of experiencing the known. It is not able to think about the unknown. This is more than a contradiction, it is a fact. It is a fact because all thought is based on memory, and memory can only be based on the known. The known is what has been experienced. Therefore, the known is the past, which brings in the concept of time, and if you go into the experience of time, you will observe that time is the known, that the unknown is not time, that it is something else, if it is anything. But the unknown evokes emotions of excitement, anxiety, or fear which are based on past experience or memories, the known. The known is the content of consciousness-- memory or time. Did you ever observe that when you are most involved in an action, you are not aware of yourself, you have no self-consciousness? The observer is the observed. But why does one lose this experience when one suddenly becomes aware of oneself doing the action? At that point have you entered time? Are you following what I'm saying? Don't nod in agreement or shake your head in disagreement! Go into it. The speaker is not presenting an argument to be believed in. The speaker may be talking nonsense. You have to investigate this for yourself. But do it now as you are listening. Don't say to yourself, “I will listen now and go away and think about it tomorrow.” Go into it now with the speaker, but not as something to argue with. Observe your thinking as we talk. Shall the speaker continue? Yes? Okay. Human beings have lived in conflict for thousands of years. This is a fact that has not changed. There have been attempts and claims to change human behaviour through many kinds of institutions, but none have stopped this conflict. Why is this the case? We say we want the “good,” and we don't want the “bad.” But the “good” is thought of in comparison with the “bad.” We use thought to make the distinction. That is, we use the known. If we actually stopped conflict, that would be a new condition in our experience. It is presently for us an unknown situation, but we use thought, which is based on the known, to attempt to create the unknown. The speaker is not talking about the daily use of thought for the practical concerns of life--for the maintenance of our survival, for inventing new technology. That is necessary. The speaker is asking if there is an experience that does not involve thought. When one sees an object that one desires, that desire creates an image, an image in the mind. That image then creates a thought, a thought that reacted to the desire.

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3301 | The Cicada Puzzle

Tuna Blue Bar & Grill, Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada, 3 August 2019

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17 August 2019

What’s Happening in Canada?

17 August 2019

Conservatives Call for Constitutional Intervention Last Seen 230 Years Ago

The Guardian

It’s been more than 230 years since America’s last constitutional convention, but there is growing confidence in some conservative circles that the next one is right around the corner – and could spell disaster for entitlement programs like medicare and social security, as well court decisions like Roe v Wade.

“I think we’re three or four years away,” said the former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn on Friday, speaking at the annual convention for American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) – a powerful rightwing organization that links corporate lobbyists with state lawmakers from across the country.

Coburn, a veteran Republican lawmaker, now works as a senior adviser for the advocacy group Convention of States, which seeks to use a little known clause in article V of the US constitution to call a constitutional convention for new amendments to dramatically restrict the power of the federal government.

Coburn, who retired from the Senate in 2010, said that the American republic is “failing”, and that such a convention is the “only answer” to the problems the country faces today. Continue reading at The Guardian

Bob Dobbs | After Dance at the Shore Club, Hubbards, Nova Scotia, 3 August 2019

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What ‘Youth’?

17 August 2019
Proton acceleration, adrenals & tar babies

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Intention & ascension

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How do I ascend

8 June 2019

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