Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dr Carolyn Dean | The Future of Medicine

The future of medicine is unfortunately in the hands of Big Pharma; it’s got nothing to do with patients anymore or even doctors for that matter.

I think most doctors, when they go into medicine, want to keep their patients healthy. But what they end up doing, after years of studying drugs, is become drug pushers. They learn little to nothing about preventing or curing disease. And as I’ve constantly complained, there is nothing in medical school about the nutrients we require in order to stay healthy and not succumb to nutrient-deficiency-diseases that land us in the middle of a polypharmacy nightmare.

What is medicine doing about this crisis? Nothing. It continues to turn a blind eye to the over prescribing of drugs and ignores the need for well-absorbed nutrient supplements in favor of more technology.

It’s gotten to the point in medicine that you will rarely be examined by a doctor. A friend recently had a follow up mammogram for breast tissue calcification, which I thought was from an old injury and too much calcium in the diet including calcium supplements. I asked what the physical examination found. And, no surprise, there had been no physical exam, none scheduled or even mentioned.

I’ve told the story before of another friend who went to a doctor about a skin lesion. The doctor never moved from her desk but said a technician would take a picture of the lesion and send it to the dermatologist, who would determine the course of action. You might ask how a 2-D picture would give a better diagnosis than a trained doctor palpating the lesion and offering that description to the dermatologist. But technology wins the day and will continue to supersede the 7-11 years of medical training that doctors are forced to endure as they carry their half-million-dollar debt into their first medical practice.

I can get a bit hysterical about 7-minute appointments; HMOs determining how patients are treated; the high doctor suicide and drop out rate because they have no job satisfaction; and all-in-all, I have to conclude that the medicine we would like to see is dead.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Clinton Ignatov Contextualizes His Diligent Research Into the Android Meme for Bob Dobbs & You

The New Coach House

Part 1, 2
13 November 2018

Clinton Ignatov | McLuhan & Microcomputers

Bob Dobbs | The JFK Files

Photo: AP

“In 1963 and 1964 I participated in the cover-up of the true facts of the [John Kennedy] assassination and I am proud that I did. If the truth had surfaced shortly after the murder, civil war would have broken out in the United States. Not a larger war with the Soviet Union since they weren’t guilty. No, a civil war. We on the Secret Council of Ten supported the cover-up by the conspirators in spite of the heinous character of the act. The seamless web of the global economy at the time could not afford such a rupture in the national fulcrum of that theatrical structure wherein the Word Makes the Market.”
Bob Dobbs interviewed by Joan d’Arc
Paranoia Magazine, Issue 44, Spring 2007

iON reveals why JFK would desire to leave the earthly realm.

iON talks to Bob about the assassination.

Bob breaks his silence regarding his role in the Kennedy assassination coverup, who was behind the assassination and why the president was killed.

During the Bobfest beginning 22 November 2013, Bob played clips from his Evergreen sessions relating to the assassination.

Part 1, 2
Payday, November 2013

Bob discloses the role that JFK and Jackie’s parents played in the assassination.

Conspiracy in Camelot: A Complete History of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination by Jerry Kroth—This book seems to be the best overview of the 600 books that have tackled the assassination of President John Kennedy. If you feel out of the loop in keeping up with the research that thousands of people have done on the JFK murder (perhaps the Global Theater's first paramodern event), this is the book for you. ~Bob Dobbs

Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination by Mae Brussell

Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal by William Torbitt

Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK by James Hepburn and William Turner

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by William Turner and John Christian

Dr. William Joseph Bryan, Jr. (a great grandson of William Jennings Bryan) may have hypnotized/programed Sirhan Sirhan. Mention in The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy by Philip H. Melanson. LA Times, New Life in Sirhan Defense.

Synopsis, Ricky Don White, 3 pages.

Ricky White’s Chronology of his story, 2 pages.

Frank Ragano (Corbin’s father)

American Tabloid by James Ellroy

Why’d Oswald Do It? by Ron Rosenbaum, Slate

JFK Assassination | Videos

Why the British Kill American Presidents | The Case of John F Kennedy

Executive Intelligence Review
by Anton Chaitkin

Two newly discovered pieces of evidence point to- wards a direct role of the British Crown in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963.

The first piece of evidence, is a membership list in the super-secret 1001 Club, listing the late Canadian-born British Special Operations Executive (SOE) official Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield as a charter member of the group founded by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (see EIR, Oct. 28, 1994). Bloomfield was also an early leader of the Canadian branch of Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF), prior to his involvement in the JFK assassination plot.
The second piece of evidence, a pair of obscure photographs from a New Orleans Parish weekly newspaper from 1963, show David Ferrie and Clay Shaw together at a party. Ferrie and Shaw were two critical figures in the Kennedy assassination plot, according to the late New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison (as reported in his 1988 book on the Kennedy assassination, On the Trail of the Assassins).
Taken together, the new pieces of evidence for the first time establish an unbroken chain of proof tying the known associates of self-described “patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald to the highest echelons of the British Crown and its Secret Intelligence Services.
Through agencies like the WWF and the 1001 Club, the assassination apparatus that murdered John Kennedy remains intact today. And this apparatus has already been implicated in at least one threat to the life of President Clinton, a May 11, 1994 public statement by a gun-toting ex-Arkansas state official Larry Nichols. While the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. was announcing this past week that Francisco Martin Duran, the man who opened fire on the White House on Oct. 29, would be tried for attempted murder of the President, Larry Nichols was still walking the streets, the apparent beneficiary of protection by “friends in high places” who are opponents of President Clinton’s decidedly anti-British policies.