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Payday, Partial Transcript, 21 November 2020 1800


Transcribed by Nan

Ginney 27:53
Thank you. Bob says you want to Ascend.

iON 27:57
Heh-heh-heh. We don't care about Ascending, but we're not gonna waste one drop of that precious seed. That seed of power that the humans garner without condition -- maybe that's the word -- without proffered status, without any mental acuity; and then they waste it and they throw it away. Ginney, Ginney, they call some place paradise and then they kiss it goodbye.

Ginney 28:41
And so you're not gonna waste that seed. And you're going to capitalize on it and use it and then you are -- is that, are you calling that that's not really Ascension in the Tech Body world?

iON 28:58
No, we're just taking advantage. This is the ending of the war in heaven. Everybody -- you know this very well. How does the war in heaven end? Well, no. The way they tell, the way they portray it is that Jesus is supposed to come back for his widowed bride. [laughs] He's supposed to be comin' back for the bride of Christ. Okay, but what happens to those that don't make it? It's pretty ugly. It's pretty not so positive, as Maddie would say. Not very good. Well, that's what happens. Somebody benefits from all that inertia. Let's call it inertia. Because that's what you're finding out now. That's what you're watching happen. And it's so funny because even JW just can't stand it 'cause it's so up and down and over and under and it's just exactly as iON said it was gonna be so far right to the mark, right down to the mark. Now the focus goes away from elections and you're all startin' gettin' ready to die. They keep pimpin, pimpin', pimpin', pumpin', pumpin', pumpin', and then they start finding out people who got the virus can get it again! Oooh, they can get it again, and oh, no, no, no, it's just disdain, the Soylent Green of all that we have to engage. So, pretty interesting.

Ginney 30:20
Okay, how the war in heaven ends is that the Christ returns for his bride and snatches her out, and then the whole thing just goes into a shit show bigger than the shit show we're watching.

iON 30:30
Those, those who Ascend. Yes.

Ginney 30:34
Yes. And the Ascension, though not the rapture.

iON 30:43
Correct. We jokingly call that the rupture. It's more like a rupture than the rapture.

Ginney 30:48
Yes. That's the rupture of the church, and I understand that.

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Office Hours

Office Hours

Congratulations to you, on your graduation from Mirror University and entrance into the greater world! The faculty and administration would also like to belatedly thank you for having enrolled, and compliment you on your refinement and sense of discrimination in choosing MirrorU … the only available choice.

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20 September 2023

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9 August 2023

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Medical Miracle

What Youth?

If my friend, Simon, waited a few more months and held off having his knees replaced, they would have been "fixed" by one of our Medical Miracles:

This is another area wherein we will astound the world.

We now have created 3 new Amino Acids that can be applied to any medical problem.

No kidding.

The following took place at Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia:
Bob Dobbs

12 September 2023

Monday, September 18, 2023

Payday, 14 May 2023, 0300 Hour


Transcribed by Nan

iON 22:14
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that happens. Bless their hearts. Bless their hearts. Okay, what's the question, Eira? That's beautiful.

Eira 22:22
She asks: In the flat earth, what happens to the other continents outside our inner circle which is surrounded by the ice walls when the earth goes to Andromeda?

iON 22:38
There are seven layers, seven circles, seven ice -- say ice walls. But there, as you well know, with Carolyn, maybe Carolyn will go through the details with all the different levels of the minerals that are involved. We did a little bit tonight. But that's fused into the ice; into the ice wall. And ice is meant to be a stodgy, cold thing that you can't penetrate. But you have a Jasper ice wall and you ain't going over it; you're not going through it. That's, that's the thing. So, what happens when you have a -- do you know what a frisbee is, Eira?

Eira 23:24

iON 23:25
Okay. So, take the flat earth with four corners when the time is set, and Bob's aiming. [Phil laughs] -

Eira 23:25

iON 23:37
- on the Sphinx in the direction. And then the Giza pyramid setup is every line of detail of how far it is, where it's gotta go, the number of stones to get you there, the whole nine yards, all that kind of stuff, and enough mercury to offset any other incorrigible issue or position that's gotta be addressed or dealt with. And then you in essence spin the frisbee through the opening of Bob's neck at the Sun.

Eira 24:11
Yeah, and what happens to the other continents?

iON 24:19
They go too.

Eira 24:20
They go too.

iON 24:21
They go too. Sure, the whole thing. It's kinda like, it's kinda like the, the China -- China said that they have got a new setup that they're gonna take a spaceship to the Sun. And they said, "You can't do that! There's no way a spaceship can leave this earth and go all the way to the Sun. Number one, you'd never even get close to it till you'd burn up. And number two, it'd be so hot, there's no way you can stand it. And if you got to the sun, whatcha gonna do?" I mean, it's like 200 million degrees Kelvin or something ridiculous. I mean, it would be -- it's worse than melting Titanium, but we did a little of it. And the Chinese said, "Ah, you don't understand. We're going to take off and we're going to the sun at night." [iON, Eira, Phil laugh] The primordial, the primordial position of this response is that there is a distance between surreality and reality of what people are seeing and then what is reality. 'Cause you can be even strident in that position. That's okay to take the Earth through that if you have a good Iron Curtain over the terra firma, you see.

Eira 25:40

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Bob Dobbs & Alex Kuskis, Why Can’t We Be Friends

Below posted by Bob Dobbs on his Facebook page:

Alex Kuskis typed the following to me in a private message on Nov.30/20 at 12:38pm:

Alex Kuskis
You are beginning to seriously piss me off. Do NOT post your Trump offal on my page or I will have to Unfriend you. And in the MM Group, do not post your Trump admiration BS or anything else about that Scheisskopf. Somebody complained to me about your so-called "book" asking how anybody could imply a connection between MM and Trump by mentioning them in the same piece, especially with expressed admiration for the latter. Beats me, I said. I've had other complaints about you and I have to say that you do not do credit to the Group. Quite the contrary. I was going to delete your Trump-McLuhan piece, but decided to leave it, for now, because I suspect few will read it and the sane people who do won't like it. You promised to post the McLuhan letters you have, which you have lapsed from doing for some time. You don't have to post 4 per week, 1 or 2 will suffice. Especially if you are more judicious in selecting letters that have some importance. Some of your letters have been of little interest and mostly irrelevant. Heed my comments.

Bob Dobbs
I've been waiting for you to express your biased delusions.

You're a fucking idiot.

So go fuck yourself.

All future letters by McLuhan in my possession (13,000 of them) will be published in secret.

Alex Kuskis
The pot calling the kettle back.

Bob Dobbs
You dumbass—you spelt "black" wrong.

Alex Kuskis
Big deal. I'm glad that you're showing your true face. You are as corrupt, ignorant, narcissistic, and brainless as your hero Rump (intentionally modified spelling to underline his biggest physical characteristic). Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Bob Dobbs
I see you do not understand McLuhan after all your years of inadequate study.

So, I'm off to the beach and you're not.

I'm in Paradise and you're not.

Better pay attention to iON.

I just posted some of our exchanges today.

Scott Talkington responded immediately. I don't think you can see it so I thought you should be kept up-to-date:

Scott Talkington When he complained about me on the grounds that I was a Russian sympathizer based on my having identified "Invalidsky" as my birth place I know this was not only a guy with bad judgment, but probably a liar as well. He isn't even genuinely Latvian, but is borrowing their authenticity to promote his ideological nonsense. In a way I understand why Ted Koczynski was so incensed by academia and technology, although it's a shame that he was so badly miseducated by Harvard, and never understand what technology is.

Charles Bukowski's Column in the LA Free Press from 1972—1976

This link will take you straight to the issues that feature Bukowski's column. The link displays the issues in chronological order.

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A Fix

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If you experience broken audio links, try Firefox.

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript, 2 April 2021


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:32:11
All right. TARDIS equals the dot. Is there any more about that we could ask about the dot?

iON 1:32:22
Did you say TARDIS? Did you say TARDIS?

Bob 1:32:29
Yeah, from "Dr. Who."

iON 1:32:30
"Dr. Who."

Bob 1:32:22
T-A-R-D-I-S. TARDIS equals the dot. I think I got iON to say that.

iON 1:32:32
You did. You did.

Bob 1:32:33
So I was wondering, what is TARDIS? TARDIS is a telephone booth.

iON 1:32:39
Well, but what does it stand for?

Bob 1:32:44
A portal? Some kind of fake...

iON 1:32:47
No. No, no, no.

Bob 1:32:49
Oh, yes. Temporary time. I remember that, those words. Yes. TARDIS stands for something. That's right.

iON 1:32:56
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

Bob 1:33:00
Is that connected to the dot phenomenon?

iON 1:33:04
It is. It's what validates the dot 'cause the dot is what gives your expletives validity.

Bob 1:33:14
Anybody's expletives or my expletives? Well, why...

iON 1:33:17
Everybody's. Everybody's. Everybody's, everybody's rendition of reality. Without the dot, nobody knows -- without the dot, nothing ever applies or matters.

Bob 1:33:30
Oh, was that cursing? Without cursing, swearing,...

iON 1:33:34
Well, it's not even, not necessarily cursing, it's just every response, every repose, every condition. You can't have a URL without a dot.

Bob 1:33:49
So, every condition has a dot.

iON 1:33:52

Bob 1:33:53
And that's connecting the dots. And TARDIS is...

iON 1:33:56
And that's what, and that's what the TARDIS represents.

Bob 1:34:01
It spells out the meaning of the dot.

iON 1:34:05
Well, if you're a purist, it lays out and lets you know how to get from A to B. And so if you understand the TARDIS, then you'll find out what A square is to B.

Bob 1:34:20
Right. And that logic doesn't exist.

iON 1:34:23
There, there we just told you somethin' if you were listenin'.

Bob 1:34:27
Well, that's all within the fake, false premise of time. They create, -

iON 1:34:32

Bob 1:34:32
- we’ve talked about the false premise of time.

iON 1:34:34
But still, but still the moniker, the moniker doesn't change. There's a lot of false things that still are.

Bob 1:34:44
So time "is"?

iON 1:34:46
No, time is not; it's the representation of time.

Bob 1:34:50
And what is the representation? A clock?

iON 1:34:54
The space holder. No, clocks are wrong, Bob; they're not even -- none of them are the same, and they don't keep time correctly. So, it's not clocks, it's timing. It's how you set your day. It's how you set -- it's how you show up on time when you don't show up on time. It's how you know you were late, it's how you missed time, 'cause you have these markers that you gauge of how close or far you are to schedule.

Bob 1:35:23
That's all in the TARDIS phenomenon, which is similar to the dot.

iON 1:35:28
Correct. It's that representation because what it -- look what it does. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, the TARDIS can go through all those. He's not judged by -- he can go back before it was. That's the point.

Bob 1:35:41
[chuckles] And therefore its content -- TARDIS is the medium beyond knowing, and the content is the fake, false premise of time. The false premise of time.

iON 1:35:55
The surreality, the surreality that things are on a set pitch, or yaw. See, the 14 degrees of freedom apply. And that's how you conditionally can gauge where the 14 degrees of freedom apply if you know what the fuck you're doin'.

Bob 1:35:57

iON 1:35:59
That was pretty good. That was pretty good, Bob.

Bob 1:36:19

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Sunday, September 10, 2023

What Youth?, 2 March 2021, 1800 Hours

What Youth?

Transcribed by Nan

iON 14:17
Okay, baby, what you what you got going on? He's got greased up now, honey. Let's go.

Nan 14:23
Well, not very interesting except Genesis 1:29.

iON 14:31

Nan 14:32
Well, this is after the -- well, this is the beginning, I guess; the beginning of the end. And it says that the "tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Which it sounds like that's like vegetarian rather than the...

iON 14:57
No. It's converted. It's amino acids, baby. That's the amino acids. Carolyn knows all about it. That's where you got the tar babies to start with.

Nan 15:04
Right. Okay.

iON 15:06
You just, you just perked her little -- you just perked, she just perked up 'cause you hit a marker. That's why you're first, baby cakes. [first caller tonight] Develop it. Tell us more.

Bob 15:18
What do you think of that, Carolyn? Amino acid, Genesis 1:29. Carolyn's lookin' it up.

iON 15:22
Tar babies.

Nan 15:24
Yeah, it's -- "I have given...

iON 15:26
Read it. Read it again.

Nan 15:29
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." And then, of course, the next one is for the beasts of the earth, "I have given every green herb for meat;" so

iON 16:00
See? See how it obfuscates it into that new place so that they feed to each other? Go ahead.

Nan 16:11
Well, that was about it, about that, except...

iON 16:14
Keep goin'! Keep goin'.