Sunday, May 9, 2021

Law Enforcement Surround U.S. Treasury For Audit, Preparing For De jure Government, 19 April 2021

Timothy Holmseth

Washington DC has been surrounded by razor wire and has become a ghost town. However, there is very important activity underway.

According to our Pentagon source…

“The last few days the Treasury building has been surrounded by police—lights on, busses, the whole works. They are auditing the Treasury right now. What is going to happen is in preparation for the new currency. And everything is being taken over by our De jure government,” Pentagon 2 said.

In law and government, de jure describes practices that are legally recognized, regardless of whether the practice exists in reality. In contrast, de facto describes situations that exist in reality, even if not legally recognized.

Mike Lindell, Election Fraud, 3 May 2021

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Saturday, May 8, 2021


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Kelly Marie, Washington DC Update, the White House, 8 May 2021

Kelly Marie

Sat. May 8, 2021
The Capital

Well, things are so peaceful there today. What an amazing difference just from yesterday. After I shot the video, I did wind up seeing a handful of NG in the area, but they were just hanging around. Some were takings pics, lol. It made heart feel so good, to see that, actually. Totally different energy there.

I just went around the entire perimeter of the Capital and normally all the buildings here are protected by Secret Service or National Guard—not one building. All the guard shacks on the outside of that fence are unprotected. There is an entrance to the left side of the Capital and on the right. The one on the right only has two NG, no Secret Service. Usually there is at least several. There's hardly any traffic. On the right hand side, at that main gate, there's two NG and one police officer on a motorcycle. I saw one other NG walking the property. That's it.

The WH

Well guys, it looks as though Nancy Drew is just about finished. 😔💖 Bittersweet. The lack of security at all areas of the WH, not to mention the surrounding area, assured me, that its time to exhale. I honestly could not believe how comfortable, it felt there today. I got all sappy, and started to tear up when I started the video, lol. The thought of standing at the actual WH, with the bare minimum of protection, was beautiful. Think about that for a second. Its absolutely amazing, that even being possible. I do plan to go in tomorrow, and kinda check things out. Ill be looking for any signs of NG being put in place, or anything that may indicate the EBS is about to take place. I'm sure it will be happening any day now.


Judy Lynn
Could all the security be gone because he’s not there? Is it normal to not have SS in the roof when the “president” isn’t present? I don’t want you to stop filming! The show is just starting!

Kelly Marie
Judy Lynn, the WH should always have snipers, Marines, and tons of SS. Its the most guarded building in the world. They would remain there, until the president returned.

Barbara Cleveland Sinbine
Kelly Marie I didn’t realize that. I thought the snipers,etc were only there when the president was there. And Biden seems to spend his weekends in Delaware. I thought it looked deserted every weekend. Thank you so much for all your time and being brave enough to do it.

Kelly Marie
Barbara Cleveland Sinbine, they protecf the property from invasion 24/7. Also, have you ever seen a Marine at the door? Marines stand guard 24/7.

Kristen Sturrock Grant
Cathy Guffey, yes and he is due back tomorrow.

Kelly Marie
Kristen Sturrock Grant, who? Biden is not the president and will not be back there tomorrow. I go every weekend and things are always happening it makes no differece.

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15 April 2021

Andrea Perron, “House of Darkness House of Light”

Thanks, Roxana.

Sometimes, destiny can take us in a direction that we could never have expected. Such is the case with the Perron family in 1970 when they felt it was their destiny to buy their dream home - a colonial farm on 200 acres. From the moment they moved in, strange things began to happen.

Andrea Perron recounts the frightening real-life events that became the basis of the Hollywood movie, The Conjuring. At age twelve, Andrea Perron’s family moved into a house which began an incredible odyssey; a supernatural excursion through dimensions of time and space. She and her family came to understand that there is something beyond mortal existence.