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How to See All the ‘40 Years in the Wilderness’ Photos

Here is another way to find Bob’s “40 Years in the Wilderness” posts.

Select the ”Posts Archive” link in the menu bar at the top of the iON&Bob website [takes a moment to load]. Look in the right column “LABELS” and scroll down till you see a “40 Years in the Wilderness” label and click it. A page will open with a list of all the posts [36 so far].

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 18 February 2020

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

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alissa vagus nerve prophase cell division lipids and the limbic system 4:47 carolyn her Chicago NBA weekend 5:08 alissa adrenals and a different hitch switchgear open heart surgery bread of living water and bob 5:12 madeleine reading about the coronavirus globalism president xi han dynasty 5:28 susana more on the coronavirus (“something new”) magnesium and the Tech Body 5:35 scott hydrogen replacing oxygen in our breathing burning off the ozone layer moving to montana and idaho 5:50 jean keys and the ayers 5:57 barb 100,000 she can travel in april 5:59

Thursday, February 20, 2020

William Irwin Thompson | The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

William Irwin Thompson | The Metapolitics of the Noosphere


I. Donald Trump and His Nativistic Movement

Generally populist demagogues present themselves as voices of the people and they appeal to their sense of resentment and jealousy of the rich. One thinks of Huey Long.

Donald Trump represents a new sort of cultural emergence. He is a billionaire based in New York City, but presents himself as the common man of the Heartland enamored with simplistic solutions. Mexicans, Muslims, and menstruating women become his favored scapegoats and objects of derision. He represents the new American cultural fascination with Winners that has been created by television. Politics is just another alpha male Super Bowl and TV is a medium that profits from attack ads, sound bites, and polarization in shouting matches rather than solitary reading and reflection. Trump is what Joe Six Pack would like to be, and his hideous Las Vegas High Rollers Suite sort of taste—expressed in the photos of his penthouse apartment on the Web—is just the style Joe Six Pack would chose if he won the Powerball Lottery. In his marriage of corporate elites and mass vulgarity, Trump’s brand of Republicanism recalls the union of the I. G. Farben and Siemens corporations with the new masses of the National Socialists in Germany in the 1930’s. We had White resentment then for the Treaty of Versailles, and we have White resentment now for the new multicultural America in which these angry white working class men and women now feel like aliens in their own country. When Trump says “Make America great again,” his supporters know it is a code for “Make America White again.” Hillary has lost her historical traction; the coming election is an example of McLuhan’s “cultural retrieval” of the thirties with Bernie’s reprise of FDR’s New Deal socialism and Trump’s reprise of Mussolini’s populist fascism. “The medium is the message.” And we need to remember that in the nineteen-thirties, radio transformed politicians like FDR and Churchill into cultural saviors, and television transformed the presidential election of 1960, so now social media and the Internet are transforming this election of 2016. Continue reading at Metapsychosis

The Medium Warps the Message Straight to Our Extinction

Counter Punch
by Christopher Ketcham

I’ve been working lately on an article about Extinction Rebellion, the direct action movement that emerged out of England in 2019 and has since gone worldwide to spread the message that radical civil disobedience is the only way to alter our deranged course toward climate catastrophe.

XR, as the movement is known, espouses a noble cause, and its co-founder, Roger Hallam, is a radical who announces with clarion voice that system change can only happen if enough people organize together to force it to happen.

Now, reader, traipse blithely across the internet looking for articles about Mr. Hallam, and you will find, for example, this sympathetic and informative piece published at
on Jan 14 of this year. It’s an interview with Hallam.

Try – I dare you – to read the interview.

For as you scroll through the text, you will find that your mind wanders in the debilitating way that Nicholas Carr described in his 2011 book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. Continue reading at Counter Punch

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What ‘Youth’? The Electron iONization of Slack

What ‘Youth’?

[iON—Part 1, 2—iON]
18 February 2020

Can You Buy Immortality

Bob Dobbs’ Diaries: July 31/1974 (Toronto)

McLuhan: Bob, I'm in a very claustrophobic situation here at the coach house.

Dobbs: Why is that?

McLuhan: I'm surrounded by intelligence agencies.

Dobbs: Right in the coach house here?

McLuhan: Yes. De Kerckhove is in Africa right now selling advertising for the CIA. Nevitt has long worked for British intelligence. And I've finally decided you're an agent for somebody, but I don't know who.

Dobbs: Well, if I ever was, I'm not now. I'm trying to help you, and in so doing you help me. So don't worry.

Joe Dun Sloan [1908-1993], Creator of the D-Cell, Huntington Park, Los Angeles CA, 1988

Walter Bowart, Author of the Seminal “Operation Mind Control” [1978], Port Townsend WA, 1982

Dave and Bob at a J. Kirsnhamurti lecture, Ojai CA, 1980.