Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 11, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 2:18:36
Okay, so the point is... What is that idea? Oh, yeah. After I come out after the alien contact, press conference, and everything, the dust is settled, I'm thinking of a quote that Nelson used to make from Herbert W. Armstrong that there'll be 1000 years of peace after the Second Coming.

iON 2:18:57
Nelson Thall. Nelson Thall.

Bob 2:18:59
Yeah. Yeah, that there would be 1000...

iON 2:19:02
That's right. That's right.

Bob 2:19:04
Let me say it so people understand the idea.

iON 2:19:15
We're sorry.

Bob 2:19:07
Herbert preached that there will be 1000 years of peace after the Second Coming. So, a nice planet. Is that what we're setting up with the Cold Play and the better health products, that we lay the groundwork for peace for a while?

iON 2:19:21
Yeah, in essence. In essence. In essence, but you don't know what 1000 years are. You've done 1000 years in a minute. So, yeah, it is like that, it's just, it's just you have no, ah, we don't know the right word. You have no precipitous, -

Bob 2:19:40
Well, how about this...

iON 2:19:40
- you have no precipitous to know what 1000 years is.

Bob 2:19:45
Okay, because it doesn't exist. There's no time.

iON 2:19:48

Bob 2:19:48
So, it's a fiction, and you don't know who's in charge of the fiction.

Monday, February 19, 2024

iON on Payday 2014-2017

Until the Achieve Radio archive is active again, you can listen to iON on Payday from 2014-2017:

Mike Benz, 17 February 2024

Mr. Benz makes a brave attempt to anthropomorphize the Tech Body.

Be sure to read the comments.

He does come up with a useful phrase—"digital MK-ULTRA"—for the trajectory I outlined the other day from Marshall McLuhan-Ted Carpenter (1952) to Walter Bowart (Dec.3, 1979) and then on up to Dobbstown (March 18, 2009).
Bob Dobbs

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 10, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 2:00:54
Right. Okay. That was an excellent news update. So, here's some sidebars about that. I saw today that Sidney Powell's saying, look, they're gonna rig the election. Now, she's aware of what you said, and she can't say that, so she's doing one step back: watch how they rig the election. What is her agenda? Or is she not knowing what you said?

iON 2:00:54
She's becoming -- no, no, no, no, no. She's trying to say be aware. Like, she's saying, don't let your guard down.

Bob 2:00:54

iON 2:01:08
She said just 'cause we're gonna win everything doesn't mean you've won. Just 'cause we're gonna win everything doesn't mean you're gonna win. You've got to come to a position where you realize what's going on. And what's going on is is you have an unequal system. She didn't say it's gonna be rigged. She said you have a not-equal playing field. It's not an open election where you just cast your vote and that's how it's decided, you see.

Bob 2:01:55
Right. And she's correct on that.

iON 2:01:58
Yeah, what she's saying, be aware. And then when you're aware, then you're gonna notice and you're gonna see and you're gonna say wait. And then it's gonna -- that's the whole point of this "maybe," "maybe not" having an election. Because now what's gonna happen is if the Republicans gonna win everything hands down, the Democrats are gonna say, "There's no goddamn way that many Republicans won everything. [Bob chuckles] That's ridiculous, I'm calling Antifa, I'm calling niggers, Niggers for Jesus. I'm calling Niggers for Jesus, and I'm gonna put them in the streets and I'm gonna burn your black businesses down! That's what I'm gonna do. We're not gonna have this. You don't think you run -- you don't run this, you don't run nothin'! You don't run nothin'. [Bob laughs] We'll show you how this goes." And everybody's gonna be scared to death, cowering in their houses while they call the National Guard. The National Guard.

Bob 2:02:46
Okay, so then the Republican -- the Trump people, the people behind Trump who know that Trump will win, they're gonna encourage people not to have the elections 'cause the Democrats will do what you just said. They'll bypass that so...

Friday, February 16, 2024

Office Hours

Office Hours

Congratulations to you, on your graduation from Mirror University and entrance into the greater world! The faculty and administration would also like to belatedly thank you for having enrolled, and compliment you on your refinement and sense of discrimination in choosing MirrorU … the only available choice.

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 9, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:39:43
Now, back to the serious stuff, the Cheney's. So, Liz knew she was gonna lose so they are preparing their statement, but it still bothered them. Right? 'Cause they know the economy is going down.

iON 1:39:56
Oh, yeah.

Bob 1:39:57
So, do they yell among themselves? Are they arguing with themselves or what's the mood?

iON 1:40:01
They can't believe it. She bit, she bit the wrong dog. She bit the wrong dog. What happened is that she went with the Republic -- with the Democrats, and it was insane. Why would you, even if it were true, why would you do that? She didn't have to do that. Even if it was the case, she could lay down. And then Murkowski is no better off. Everybody so far -- there's 10 out of 200 that have lost that Trump has backed.

Bob 1:40:34

iON 1:40:34
10 out of 200. So, and we're waitin' on Murkowski to go down because the girl is going to the next step to lay her out. We'll see.

Bob 1:40:01
Yeah, she's head of the women faction.

iON 1:40:45
Ah huh.

Bob 1:40:45
I think she started the Women's Caucus 20, 30 years ago, right? So, she's the queen within that world. That reminds me is -- was there something nefarious about Gloria Steinem being in the CIA and the head of "MS." magazine?

iON 1:41:05

Bob 1:41:06
Did she do something that... She sabotaged the feminist movement. Why? Because she was an alien? 'Cause she was a male?

iON 1:41:14

Bob 1:41:14
Why? Why would she do that? She was a male.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 8, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:25:45
Okay, so now we try to move into the serious stuff. When Liz Cheney got beat, when Liz Cheney got beat the other night, did she know she was gonna get beat?

iON 1:25:56
She didn't get beat, she got "massacred." Trump told her [indistinct] if you go against me, I'm gonna make it my business to make sure that you go out. She'd been in, she'd been in, she's been representing Wyoming for 20 years, Bob.

Bob 1:26:14

iON 1:26:14
Normally, you have to kill them, you have to kill them when they've been in that long. I mean, they're, they're entrenched. They run somethin'. And so, and then she was the token Republican to then to impeach him, and then voted to impeach him and get rid of him, and then kill him, and then try to kill him, then they're scheduling a crucifixion for next Tuesday. I don't know if he's gonna show up or not, but they're scheduling the crucifixion of Trump next Tuesday. [Bob chuckles] And she's gonna see if, she is gonna be Pontius Pilate in that conversation 'cause then they beat her -- and I don't mean whoop her, I mean, whoop her three to one whoop her. And then she gets up and says, "Okay, I can see. I don't wanna be your, I don't wanna be your lone representative anymore for the great State of Wyoming. For fuck sake, I don't wanna do that anymore." She wasn't representing them anyway. And so, "But I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to make sure before Christ, God, and country that Donald J Trump is never President again." Now, how's she gonna do that? She can't win Wyoming with 300,000 voters in the entire goddamn state. You can't win Wyoming, how the hell you gonna win a presidency? But she's - now she's decided with vim and vigor that she's gonna do whatever she has to do to beat Trump.

Bob 1:27:24
No, she already said that that she's gonna make sure Trump's not going to be President.

iON 1:27:28
Gonna track him now.

Bob 1:27:28
Are you describing... What? Project?

Monday, February 12, 2024

It’s All Connected

On June 4, 1980, when I had my first private session with the Evergreens, channeled by Michael Blake Read, over the telephone, I asked if Mae Brussell would ever have public confirmation of her unique perspective on PROJECT PAPERCLIP and the Nazi Infiltration of the CIA thanks to the deal made between Allen Dulles and Reinhard Gehlen.

I was told that Mae would get “happy, satisfying confirmation” in 2 years.

So I waited. Then one Sunday, in late May, 1982, I was watching “60 MINUTES” and this interview with John Loftus came on.

Within minutes, I knew that the prediction by the Evergreens had come true.

I finished watching the episode and immediately called Mae Brussell. She couldn’t believe it!

So I told her I would get in touch with Loftus the next day when he would probably be at work, wherever that would be. I was successful, told John about Mae’s research which John was not aware of, and John said he would like to talk to Mae.

I responded, “No problem.”

The next day I got the two of them on the phone and they immediately became friends and co-researchers… and American Journalism began the breakthrough that would lead to Mae Brussell finally being taken seriously… which led to Larry Flynt (of HUSTLER Magazine notoriety), meeting Mae, a year later, and creating REBEL Magazine for her.

The magazine only got 8 issues distributed before it was sabotaged… but Mae Brussell began her confident, triumphant crusade to expose Nazi Waffen-SS Commander, Fritz Kraemer ("the man who invented Henry Kissinger” as stated by Marshall McLuhan’s buddy, Peter Drucker, in his autobiography, “ADVENTURES OF A BYSTANDER” [1979]), with my help and some files I got from Lyndon LaRouche John Loftus became friends with Mae Brussell and I eventually met John with my lawyer, Deb Aaron, in Toronto a few years later.

If you read his Wiki entry you will see Loftus did not have a comfortable life after that encounter with Mike Wallace of 60 MINUTES fame. Neither did Mae Brussell, who would die 6 years later, on Oct.3, 1988.

Frank Zappa met Larry Flynt in September, 1983, and witnessed all these events around REBEL Magazine that Fall… and eventually met Mae in 1985, thanks to me, and got the information from her that would give Frank the confidence to “nail" the Senators at the Rock-Porno Hearings on Sept.19, 1985.

NOTE: To illustrate how “it’s all connected”, Frank Zappa’s young mistress, Nigey Lennon (see her autobiography, “BEING FRANK” [1995]), became an editor for those 8 issues of REBEL Magazine in Los Angeles.

Frank subsequently made a recording of those Hearings which got a lot of airplay (“Porn Wars” on the “FRANK ZAPPA MEETS THE MOTHERS OF PREVENTION” CD by Zappa about the Rock Lyric Hearings in Washington).

A few months later, I walked into CKLN-FM in Toronto only to encounter John Jones, the station manager, excitedly informing me he had just heard on the radio an amazing audio collage "about censorship or something in Washington” by Zappa.

I said, “Oh?”

Little did he know whose presence and GROUND he was in!!!
Bob Dobbs

Saturday, February 10, 2024

I’m Amazed

I just listened to my two (1990 and 1992) CBC interviews (haven't heard them in over 20 years, probably) and I'm amazed at how the second one ends with me talking about how I had the inside track on the Aliens and the Crop Circles compared to anybody else on the Planet thanks to Michael Blake Read channeling the Evergreens for me.

That's a supreme example of my living on the Luck Plane all the time because the Aliens issue is what turned out to be one of the main purposes of my present life - considering what iON has set up for me in New Zealand with my coming press conference (not everybody here will know what I'm referring to if they haven't been listening to our weekly internet radio shows the past couple of years).

Rev. Ivan Stang and the SubGenius anti-Bob fanatics are all going to faint when that happens.

But those here who know, like Alissa, will be astounded at how the EFFECTS of those CKLN days were so uncannily prefiguring/preceding the present-day CAUSES.

The rest of you will soon find out if you pay attention to these coming posts.

You should probably get on our products so you can survive your coming FAINT.

Bob Dobbs