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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 12 May 2010


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

Bob praises "Information Farm" (no longer active) and Ed Long for promoting iON

Bob Gulf Oil Spill
- at Dupes of Non-physical on May 3, 2010, iON mentioned the oil spill
- "the oil is pumping full out" (there's actually an "abundance" of oil)
- there's no conspiracy, no "NKorean torpedo"

iON does not experience "love" because non-physical has "no contrast"
- no forcefield and no Kingdom separation

Bob non-physical as a "feeling place"
iON: ... your Power is achievable... That's how it is.

iON back to "Gulf Oil Spill"
- there are NO whales in the Gulf of Mexico
- the insiders knew this spill would happen and shorted BP stock
iON: ... there's gonna be an oil spill, you mind as well get a money check don't you think? (JGL)

iON makes fun of Socialism

James reads emails & questions
Joe, the May 6, 2010 stock market drop
- people always think and believe some individuals have caused it and blame them
- they don't know they created their own reality
- "separation of Power" - the Big Brother and the "Space Jews" are out to get them

Reaction To Bob’s Opening Music on Payday

“The perfect portrayal of how the thousands of listeners (who love my weekly opening collage of the best music the last 100 years has to offer) REACT to that first 90 minutes of my 14-hour PAYDAY (every Saturday at 8pm EST on Achieve Radio).”
Bob Dobbs

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 19 May 2010


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

Bob JW's computer operates without a battery nor wifi nor ethernet connection
- every time iON posts Youtubes at Dupes of Non-physical, they blast through JW's computer
- his computer processing at "105MHz"
- there is NO LIMITATION in the Chip Body (iON)

Bob "non-physical" as a "God whistle" (pun on dog whistle)
- every conversation is "two conversations"
- even if iON fails to communicated through the language, the God whistle is activating (other conversation)
iON: ... whatever you wanna call it... you ALREADY HAVE your non-physical. And your non-physical is blowing the whistle for you!... when others have engagement with non-physical, they find the heightened sense of Power...

BR emails & questions
Ed, "What is the difference between "thought" and "idea"?
- a thought is "energy"
- an idea is something that you thought more than a couple times, processing that "energy," it's when a "light bulb" comes on

Carolyn: What are the synoptic stimuli that causes a thought to be perceived in the brain?
iON: That comes from preference. To choose... That' why you are here was to mixed it up to have "contrasts" to consider the possibility... hopefully master the possibilities. And that essence comes from... the beginning of why you came forth and to be on this planet Earth... It's a whole process... and once you figure it out, then you seize thinking and you KNOW. Once you know, then you go on to another topic, another contrast. Pick a contrast... It's the essence of creation.

Carolyn continues on "thought"

Bob more on "thought"
- thought has no beginning nor end (iON agrees)

Kalifia calls-in, a private reading with iON is listening to our own non-physical (iON agrees)
- thought is "no boundaries"

Monday, June 19, 2017

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 26 May 2010


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

iON the D-Cell won't be a solution for the Gulf Oil Spill
- 55 thousand barrels spilling per day
- they were drilling and the pipe broke, now it's pumping out

iON the Gulf Oil Spill is "contrast"
- "everybody's all concerned about petroleum and now they have whole Gulf full of it"
- if BP has the technology to drill deep, then they should be able the "cap" the pipe too

Carolyn: So what is preventing them from capping it?
iON explains "contrast"

James reads emails & questions
Allen, is the Gulf Oil Spill cover-up to keep world from learning that the Atlantis is rising again?
iON: No... but they are noticing the increase in the pH of the oceans and that's the larger story at hand... it's becoming more salty (more alkaline)... the degree of salt within the water is increasing. Now everybody will tell you in Global Warming that the salt should be coming less, preparing for your Global Cooling...

iON "enjoy Red Tide"

BP not being able to "cap" the pipe, iON's solution

Ruben, the explosions in the Gulf of Mexico was mentioned in "Knowing" (2009)

Bob Dobbs | “How I Tetrad-Manage”

What ‘Youth’?

22 March 2016

“This is how I personally tetrad-manage… or how the labyrinth of my ‘mind’ processes my ammunition.”
Bob Dobbs

Memo to Prince Charles, 4 June 1987

Drone Used to Discover Rare Endangered Plants on Kauai

The Garden Island

Conservationists at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai have discovered new populations of a number of species listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

The rarest plant in this latest batch of discoveries is the native, laukahi. It was previously estimated that fewer than 25 individuals remain in the wild, making it one of the rarest plants in the world.

The discoveries were made in a cliff habitat using drone technology in NTBG’s Limahuli Garden, a 1,000-acre nature preserve located in Haena and considered one of the most biodiverse eco-regions of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Photo: National Tropical Botanical Garden

“These are some of the first rare-plant discoveries made using drone technology in the Pacific region,” said Ben Nyberg, geographic information systems specialist and lead drone pilot at NTBG.

Nyberg said the plant was spotted 20 minutes into the flight. “We were sitting down at the bottom, flew up and saw something we were interested in,” he said, “(and then) flew right back up and confirmed it.”

Merlin Edmonds, a conservationist at NTBG who assisted in the discovery while training to be a drone pilot, said in a news release that the process would “usually take days of searching under life-threatening conditions.”

When exploring difficult-to-reach areas, field botanists normally have to be dropped off by helicopters and sometimes rappel down steep cliff faces, dangling more than 1,000 feet above ground while searching for rare plants.

“There are so many inaccessible areas, so it made a lot of sense to add (drone technology) to our toolbox,” Nyberg said.

Due to its isolation and high percentage of endemic native flora, Hawaii is the extinction and endangered species capital of the United States, which makes plant population discoveries such as these a thrilling event, he said.

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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 2 June 2010


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

Carolyn iON will be addressed as "iONa"

Bob the Chinese super computer is ready

Bob Buzz Coastin's story on "Little Cambodia" in Beijing

JW's computer anomaly - running at 105MHz

iONa the Chinese super computer is running at upwards of 100 - 120GB upload, 35GB download...
- GB? Bob says it's running at 122MHz

Bob John Markoff's article on the Chinese super computer "The Dawning Nebulae"
- International Supercomputer Conference in "Hamburg"
- is Deutsche Bank involved? (iONa vaguely agrees)

iONa this computer is used for "ciphering"
- the Chinese had this since the '90s

Carolyn: McLuhan talked about the information age, everybody is under surveillance. That's why they're allowing the women to take over the control of politics and the men going into surveillance.
- McLuhan "womb to tomb surveillance"

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hawaii Considers Creating a Universal Basic Income

Thanks, Elly.

by Dylan Matthews

Hawaii is now one step closer to adopting a full universal basic income for all its residents.

Basic income — a plan under which the government would regularly send everyone in a given country/state/city/etc. money just for being alive — has been gaining a significant amount of interest in recent years and now the Hawaii state legislature has unanimous passed a concurrent resolution which sets up a “basic economy security working group” tasked with considering the idea.

State Rep. Chris Lee, a Democrat from the Honolulu suburb Kailua who spearheaded the measure, says he first heard about basic income as a concept on Reddit.

His interest in the idea, he said, is motivated by a concern that automation will make good jobs rarer, particularly in a service industry-dependent state like Hawaii. Manufacturing has never been a major part of the economy and while agriculture used to be dominant, the state’s last sugar mill closed last year and the pineapple industry has declined dramatically.

“Because we don’t have a heavy manufacturing base or a heavy tech sector, it really is that there are regular services available in other cities that make up a much larger share of the overall economy,” Lee says.

And those service jobs, he argues, are at risk of being automated away: “We’ve seen automation of the retail space, with self-checkout systems proliferating, as well as automation in fast food and similar sectors, and the biggest thing, which obviously is yet to come but surely around the corner, is on the transportation side with respect to autonomous driving.”

Lee’s resolution, HCR 89, was supported by major unions and the Chamber of Commerce, and sets up a working group to study the idea of implementing a basic income. Continue reading at Vox

Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 3 June 2010


Opening music:

Bob tonight, iON will be addressed as "iONa"
- the Japanese PM Hatoyama resigned because of what we said on the Cash Flow show

Eben saw a "departed residue of a soul" (an old guy) outside the window when she was a little girl
iONa: There's lots of things out there that you can see that you didn't know you could see.

Eben the huge bird she saw

iONa sees 6 Ebens, someone actually has seen "other Eben"
- all 6 in LA, but they pop in and out (there are "many" LAs)

Bob around 250,000 vampires in LA? (iONa Yes)
- vampires are immortal and don't have souls

iONa explains the role of soul as a "stenographer"

on "every conversation is two conversations"
Bob: What is the other conversation to the fact that every death is a suicide?
iONa: There is no other one, that's just the process... the only choice is that you choose to stay or you choose to go. That would be two conversations... But you certainly don't have to go...

more on vampires
- they cut themselves from the non-physical and stay in the physical (iONa)

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 9 June 2010

((( Carolyn and Bob's 40th Anniversary! )))


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

Carolyn "Vog" in Maui

Bob has no contrast (iON)

iON celebrates Carolyn and Bob's 40th Anniversary
- considered to be "the last married couple"

Bob: ... and I'm still a virgin. (JGL)
iON: Wonderful! So we can have revirgination all the time!

- many that engage us get confused by this, but "we are not the judge"
iON: ... It's not our business to get involved and to straighten out the human creators. Instead, offer them the opportunity and capacity to come into their place of Power!...

Carolyn: ... I would recommend the marriage to Bob to anyone... an amazing journey!

"relationship" and "marriage"
Carolyn: ... What iON told us from the beginning kinda suited us a lot... "you don't make another person responsible for your happiness"...
iON: You get so busy pleasing and delighting yourself, you don't notice anyone else in the equation. And when you find yourself in that propensity, you're so happy you don't find a reason to separate or split the sheet or bust up or get unmarried or... divorced...