Monday, December 16, 2019

Bob Dobbs’ Diaries: Aug. 5/1959 (Dartmouth)

Bob walked into Banook Canoe Club with Hugh Boyd.

Mrs. Jamieson beckoned to Hugh and asked quietly, “Who's he?”

Hugh: He's Bob Dobbs. I met him downtown the other day at Brothers' Lunch. He was saying some incredible things and I got talking to him. I've been with him night and day since.

Mrs. Jamieson: Well, anyway, you better get some sleep. I think I have a job for you.

Dobbs sauntered over to the war canoe as the paddlers pushed off from the wharf. What a strange sport--we never had this back in Paris. Look at the muscles. And these are young women. Meanwhile, Jerry Lee Lewis interrupted Dobbs' reverie with his new song “Great Balls of Fire” shouting from around the corner of this summer club. Turning the corner there was a little beach packed with people quivering in that mood of anticipation that marks an American holiday.

Somebody yelled out, “MacGlashen, you're in the next race! Get over here!” And the young man inside Jerry Lee Lewis turned off the radio and brushed past Bob.

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iON | Magnesium and Lipids

Transcribed by Bert.

[Negative pH, Para & Ortho Hydrogen, Oxygen & Argon, February 28, 2015 (04:26)]

Dr. Dean: So, telomeres and magnesium and RnA Drops – apparently magnesium affects telomeres.

iON: Yes!

Dr. Dean: Magnesium preserves and repairs DNA.

iON: Well, and that’s allowing you to ease into the slippage between “Ascending” and “Perfection”. Sometimes you have those hiccups, it’s like pushing the travail of childbirth – it’s painful, but you like it once you’re done.

Dr. Dean: So, by working - you know - on the telomeres but much more than that – magnesium is helping our Ascension.

iON: It’s marking the remembering marks of your DNA shifts. And, we use glib words to play that just so you’ll... more, because once you develop it, then you’ll go: “Oh! OK, this applies to that” – then it will spur it later, but you can’t get it quite yet.

Dr. Dean: I know magnesium receptor sites are on protein molecules - lots of them. Is it through the magnesium receptor sites this happens?

iON: Yes, in the lipids - maybe in the lipids.

Dr. Dean: Yeah, this lipid stuff. I know we keep trying to figure it.

iON: It’s the car the interstate flies on.

Dr. Dean: It lubricates the action.

iON | Magnesium is Layered

Transcribed by Bert.

[December 3, 2016 Part 5 (1:03:05 mark)]:

iON: The Magnesium is layered.

Bob: What does that do for anybody?

iON: Well, it’s why some people have to put it in water - and sip – sip - sip all through the day - because it’s too much for them, otherwise.

Bob: That would sound like it wasn’t layered. It’s just one big impact, and some people can’t take the impact. So, they put water in it.

iON: It’s layered! It’s layered because it unfolds quickly. So, the water allows it - the layers to be more subtle.

Bob: And, if you don’t take the water, the layers don’t apply?

iON: They do apply - the layers are all at once. And the point is, if you’re not careful, you would take it and pee it out right quick. It will overwhelm you. But if you’re getting it, then you do it - and you don’t go pee it out - then you’re good – still, the layers are working to your best advantage.

iON | Magnesium

Transcribed by Bert.

[May 31, 2014 Part 1 (37:25 mark)]

Caller: I’ve noticed a really bad ammonia smell in my perspiration when I am doing hot yoga sometimes. And, I wonder if I am eating incorrectly, or I can modify it.

iON: No, you are doing yogi, and you found your little Boo Boo.

Caller: So, my diet is fine - it doesn’t have anything to do with not enough protein or anything like that?

iON: You always need more protein - more magnesium - and more protein. OK, let’s be clear! We officially are not the magnesium police - we are not monitoring your magnesium - we do not care about your magnesium. We don’t have anything to say about your magnesium, but if you’re wondering how much magnesium you’re supposed to be taking, we’d better say that you better talk to doctor MD, Dr. Carolyn Dean-dot-com-dot-Dean!

[June 21, 2014 Part 2 (08:40 mark)]

iON: You’re saying: “Completement”, and we’re going to get to that. But right now, we’re really focusing on the magnesium side, because that’s the first place that your body accepts Ascension. Magnesium is the first level that your body accepts that it can feel good again. Magnesium is the first place where your body does not want to go vomit or wretch. There is no such thing as an allergy to the element, magnesium.

iON | Roots of the Tree of Life Bloom in Andromeda

Transcribed by Bert.

[December 7, 2019 22:00 hour (32:53 mark)]

Alissa: So, how does the Tree of Life apply? Because that’s where the angels and the…

iON: You’d never find… there are a couple of levels. First of all, you would never find the constellations that you’re supposed to be navigating in between. It’s kind of like - you can’t find the road with the stop sign to see where you turn left or right - or how you get to town from the roads. You’ve got to have some kind of knowing to get you there the first time - and then, you can kind of learn your way and go by rote after that. But if you don’t get that part, you’re just driving around in a circle - making three lefts which turns into a right - you see? So, after that part, that’s this point. And also, the root system is how you compare or bring up the connection between what the Angels connect to… because, remember, the Angels were cast down here in the Earth – in the Earth. Remember, a third of the Angels? You were, also, sent here, too - you were run out of the Garden, your damn self. So, you’re not much different than the damn Angels that are being punished - only you chose to come here to complete the War in Heaven. Well, Hell! The Angels are the ones that are fighting over it. You came here as a Little Man to be so powerful: that you could separate yourself from your power, and to be able to come back to your place of God. So, you go from the bloom of that Tree to the root - dead taproot of that Tree. Once you do that - then that’s where the roots of the Tree of Life bloom in Andromeda.

iON | The Angel Diagram is One Bloom

Transcribed by Bert.

[December 7, 2019 20:00 hour (41:29 mark)]

iON: The Tree of Life – those flowers – there are 22 on the Tree of Life. The Lotus - the star diagram – the Angel Diagram is one bloom when the Lotus opens - and that’s the key that you put in the center and turn. Turn it to the left or to the right?

Bert: The right! I mean the Left – you turn it to the left!

iON: Very good! Very good! Which is antiphonal, and it sets the tone to the Eastern gate.

Bert: It sets a tone?

iON: It’s a frequency.