Saturday, March 23, 2019

iON | WIFI & the Cloud

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 October 2014, Part 1]:

(1:13:37 mark)
Caller 1: When you were talking about the portals and wormholes, I’ve never heard this before, you mentioned WIFI and data.

iON: Yes, the cloud.

Caller 1: So, which goes with which? Are Portals with WIFI?

iON: No! No! No! No, it’s not a singular thing. Those are applications within the cloud, 1 & 0, Fortran, COBOL back in your day - COBOL, Fortran. Those are split in devices into a code. The code comes into the way carbon applies to storage information. Storage information applies to WIFI, from everything from a WIFI system. Everything must be WIFI because that’s how you reach the cloud. Even your cellular technology now is all going to be made to be WIFI and that way you can listen to your conversation in your "Man Cave" as it were. So, WIFI is more permeable, and so, therefore, data comes on a data transcript through WIFI. WIFI applies to how the cloud erupts and will move. The cloud of glory is moving, move with the cloud.

Bob: Caller 2, you’re a computer nerd geek and everything. What do you think of what he said? Does that approximate what you understand about the cloud and WIFI and that?

Caller 2: Yeah, I actually do, that’s correct. It is moving towards WIFI in the industry as well. So, he’s right.

iON: You’re welcome. It’s not right, we caused it! There was a white knuckle flight, and everybody wanted to go with broadband, broadband was it. Now, even the Ethers aren’t holding. The Ethers aren’t holding. All that money you all spent on CAT 5, you can just throw it in the garbage. Ha! Ha! Ha! We don’t like CAT 5! It won’t hold. Fiber optic isn’t very fibrous.

iON | Vampires & Watchers

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 October 2014, Part 3]:

(1:02:42 mark)
Caller 1: What’s the difference between the vampires and the watchers? Are they also watchers as well or immortal?

iON: Watchers aren’t vampires. Watchers, they are immortal, but they are not vampires. They are watchers.

Caller 1: Are we also watchers?

iON: They are watchers. No, you are not.

Caller 1: OK! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Caller 2: Are they eternal?

Bob: Are the watchers immortal or eternal?

iON: They are immortal.

Bob: Like the vampires, they’re trapped.

iON: Right!

iON | The Cloud

Transcribed by Bert.


[11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(1:20:43 mark)
Caller 1: The cloud replaces our soul?

iON: It already has. It’s keeping better track of you than your soul ever did. It knows what you desire. With your soul, you had to do it before it could log it. This tells you what you desire is to be. There is an app for that.

Caller 2: The cloud short circuits the soul then?

iON: Will! Well, you’re fixing to not need a soul. You just need retrieval. You need a golden retriever.

Caller 1: Did I just hear you say that the cloud defines our desire, and you said before that our desire is our knowing of what we have to do?

iON: Resonant node.

iON | The Soul

Transcribed by Bert.


[11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(15:13 mark)
Caller 1: Is the soul disengaging or changing with this elimination to breath?

iON: It’s going the way of prana.

Bob: Prana, you know, P-R-A-N-A.

Caller: Going the way of prana!

Bob: That’s a good one.

Caller 2: Prana is breath.

Caller 1: Yes, but it’s not the type of breath that's what we think. It’s not connected to the air. It’s kind of mysterious, but that’s interesting. So, that means that we’re at the point now where we’re actually able to control our environment by more exhaling than inhaling? Well, actually we don’t inhale, so...

iON: Do.

Caller: Do?

Bob: He said, “Do”.

iON: Do.

Caller: OK, because that explains – I’ve been experimenting with exhaling in my environment, and it changes everything.

iON: Of course! Your landscape is no longer a mystery. Get the short-handled shovels and bury the five bodies.

iON | Radiant Flux Entity

Transcribed by Bert.


[11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(00:03 mark)
Caller: iON, you said a couple of weeks ago that we are a capacitor in flux.

iON: Flux, yes.

Caller: Do you mean in “flux" as in "a state of flux", continuous change?

iON: No.

Caller: Do you mean as a substance used for helping to melt or join metal?

iON: What’s behind curtain number 3?

Caller: The arrival of a large amount of something.

iON: Yes, number 3.

Caller: Does this have something to do with the living carbon in the iCell?

iON: Yes.

Caller: Which you say is the God particle that we are trying to transform into a transfer, and then once we transform, then we transfer. So, can you talk a little more about that and what’s involved in the transformation that’s the living carbon that’s in our bodies - that’s what is turning our blood into the blood of the lamb?

iON: The radiant energy in a beam of electromagnetic thermal or acoustic radiation passing through a unit normal section per unit time.

Caller: Did you just describe a capacitor?

iON: No, radiant flux entity.

[18 October 2014, Part 3]:

(26:23 mark)
Caller: I had a question about the definition you gave about the “Radiant Flux Entity”.

iON: Yes.

Caller: You said that… well, you gave the definition and it says it’s measured per unit time or passing through a unit normal section per unit time. How does that jive with no time?

iON: It’s the timing. It’s how often it repeats, not as a timed element that would expire. It’s a way to calculate that it is divisible by itself that number of times. Like 2 times 2 is 4, but that has nothing to do with time.

iON | The Guf

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 October 2014, Part 3]:

(1:00:45 mark)
Caller: I want to talk a little about the Guf and people who transition.

iON: OK.

Caller 1: So, if someone was to transition, and the Guf has emptied, where do they go?

iON: Nowhere, the middle place. It’s like where the babies who aren’t baptized go when they can’t go to heaven for the Catholics.

Caller 2: Is it a dimension, iON?

iON: No, it is not. It’s non-dimensional.

iON | Genesis 4, Verse 10 Referencing the RnA Drops

Transcribed by Bert.


[26 April 2014, Part 1]

(1:18:00 mark)

Caller: That statement, “The blood crying out from the ground”, what’s that represent?

iON: RnA Drops going back into the body.

Caller: Oh, OK, so that phrase, “The blood crying out from the ground” is the RnA Drops going back to the body. That’s what you are saying?

iON: Yeah, it’s reversed. The blood going into the ground, you’re now putting the ground back into the blood. Abel’s blood went to the ground, and the ground cried out. Now, what you’re doing is, with RnA Drops, you’re presently putting the ground back into your blood, it’s reversed.

Caller: The RnA Drops - is that the ground or the blood?

iON: It would be the representation of the ground.

Caller: So, the RnA Drops are a representation of the ground that we’re putting back in our blood.

iON: Some people say the RnA Drops call out to them just like the ground called.

Bob: The Drops come out from the dirt.

iON: We say earth, we don’t say dirt.

Bob: Well, in one of the Genesis recordings, you talk about the role of dirt.

iON: Uh!

Bob: No... dust, not dirt, dust! The Dust! The RnA Drops are the dust!

iON: Yeah!

iON | FOREX Formula

Transcribed by Bert.


11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(44:46 mark)
Bob: Why don’t you give a quick, you know - two- or three-minute summary of the Forex formula that these people never had access to and we’ll see who gets it and who not. We just had a clearer statement of the steps of making the Forex formula.


Bob: Ha! Ha! iON doesn’t want to do it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

iON: Triangulation is real simple. If you’re trying to find the epicenter of an earthquake or find you or how your technology, your cell Phone finds you, it triangulates. And what that means is that it pings the towers and measures the distance between those 3 points and then lands you where you are. Now that’s because you are so goddamn smart, you don’t even know where you are that you have to have a machine look where you are and find out where it is and then tell you. But I guess if you're going to believe that, then you’re stupid enough to need it to tell you that in the first place. So, now if you don’t know, then triangulate, and the whole point of triangulation is past, present, and future. It’s because you created time so you can play with it. And then values within the time, you can also play with. So, you take a square triangle, a right-sided triangle, OK, and put it on the graph where x and y are clear on your two planes of my graph. And then the hypotenuse across that right triangle is a space/a fall, and you graph it. You have three points, you mark the three points and then “C” is to “A” as “B” is to “C” and what “C” is to “B” is “C” is to “A” and that’s what “C” is to “B”, that’s what you’re going to find out is what the “C” is to “B”. If you know the three points and three values to it, you can pull out a future moment. You set what that is, and you can tell what the value or the price of the point will be at a future experience.

iON | Ascended Blood Has No Rh Factor

Transcribed by Bert.


12 July 2014, Part 2

Dr. Dean: OK, so lamb’s blood gives us an indication of what our blood would look like.

iON: Yes.

Dr. Dean: In that, it has no Rh factor?

iON: Ascended blood has no Rh factor, yes.

Dr. Dean: And is the color a certain way?

iON: It is different than regular whole plasma.