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Bob Dobbs’ Diaries: Aug. 28/1979 (Los Angeles)

Dobbs: Frank, you hit the nail on the head with that theme of banning music in Joe's Garage?

Zappa: Yeah, look at what the Ayatollah is doing in Iran!

Dobbs: Oh yes, but I want to warn you. There's going to be a rise in Fundamentalist political activity here in America mainly through the Republican Party over the next few years. Your scenario will look more like the news than science fiction.

Zappa: If you're right, then those are some of my worst fears come true.

Dobbs: It's unfortunate, but it's going to knock the wind out of a lot of the mood of electric autonomy that motivated much of the frenzy of the Seventies.

Frank turned back to his editing console, but he also turned on his television to catch the news.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
12 October 2019

Egyptian Book of the Dead PDF free download

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 12 October 2019

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new listener her health 3:16 BOB'S BOOK OF THE DEAD Part One 3:45 suzana the power company in california 6:28 roxy the origins of the pyramid builders “your dad is cool” the american cities named after egyptian places due to ley lines freemasons got it from the knights templar the role of the plumb and square the dodecahedron pyramid in the louvre hides something sun ra galileo stayed alive most are from the benjamin tribe autonomic response they moved the pyramid jw lay in the pyramid because of the concentration of Gamma radiation ion asks how did THEY know what we did today ion gives her deep advice moving out of berlin the bread of living water trouble coming to berlin the swamp in washington DC bob predicted china and the NBA at war larouche’s fear of the queen bored of the djinn ion takes roxy to the key of E ion plays the piano in a different version of the pentatonic scale egypt was not a desert when the pyramids were built (see the boat next to the pyramid) coneheads after seti atlantis is known the mountain is connected to atlantis the nazis her sister ion tells her to use her power 7:50 bert bob did well with the egyptian book of the dead and the Tech Body as super-strange artifact hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen banking doesn’t tranche anymore the Tech Body is indifferent to how many people are killed the Guf is empty now nobody knows about the Tech Body the android meme when ion changed matt drudge you have to watch fox news (nothing is based on anything now, especially trump (all checks and balances are obfuscated {“blurry face”}) Tech Body is blasting everybody (ion predicts trump is on fox news with judge jeanine and turns on the tv to prove it) ion rants on where we’ve come to today gamma radiation “the rocks will cry out” "dr. carolyn dean is careful” the vial judgments and the churches and the thunders = 3/8ths 9:00 jean book of the dead and the chakras hong kong is very important (“it will stand”) zappa and kanye looking for the perfect note ion’s two-tiered audience agenda fuckbunny’s numbers aren’t rigged refracted fractal playlists (“everybody’s rich but nobody has any money”) what trump’s doing with the bonds louis ruykeyser 10:12 bert radiation from the moon is felt in the thalamus garden of eden and atlantis are directly across from each other Tech Body is in the Emerald Tablets 10:53 Eira ascension in the gut and gut-brain (autonomic) rose hips the new amino acids her feet eating the soil half gem cintamani winter preparations each person has their own elders (from the genome) drawing energy to yourself how jw can “clear” 11:05 brent his blindness dimensions 12:55 amy her wild month 13:16 nik trump and gmo 13:36 rozzy her cheek growth 13:40 roy brexit update 13:42 phil missing little girl 13:45 eira 20 chakras grounding 13:52 roy what siri knows 13:54 brent the heart is a cycler 13:56 phil his effect on his job 13:57 eira kazakhstani imash kudaibergen 13:58

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iON | Version of Living Water on Mars

Transcribed by Bert.

[30 January 2016 Part 2]

(09:32 mark)
Bert: Since you left in September, I’ve been watching the NASA reports, and there have been some really strange reports. Does Mars have water on it? Is there water on Mars?

iON: Not the way you call water, it’s a version of Living Water, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t freeze, and yet it’s frozen. See, once you get rid of the oxygen, it changes all that.

Bert: Ha! Ha! Ha!

iON: Well, no! Don’t giggle! They’ve proven that, then you’re sitting there looking at that “Face” and they’ve found the streams that are just under that surface. It is water, but it’s a different kind of water. Just because you all have a slack-jawed, numbnut, aggravated, aberrated version of what you call the wetness of water, doesn’t mean that’s water. So, we’re going to get you back to good water, and then you won’t recognize it, but we still have to be very gradual and slow as the Little Men soon are dying away. So, we don’t want to rush it. We honor the resting spirited soul of our Dr. Dean. We’re going to give every “Little One” a little chance. We don’t really care, but we’re going to give every Little One a little chance. And they get that opportunity to embrace LIFE. LIVE FOR LIFE! Live, embrace, embrace the moment! Go for the moment! For a second, but if not then, either decide: get on with it! Get happy or get out! That’s the easiest way that we know how to say it.

iON | Short & Sweet

Transcribed by Bert.

[30 January 2016 Part 2]

(11:22 mark)
iON: If you'll keep your words short and sweet, you'll be very comfortable to eat them sometimes. But you get to running off at the mouth all over the place and get to hurting folks and doing all this kind of crazy stuff, then the next thing you know, you've got to start eating some of that stuff. And then, it's a little bitter when you're coming back around to it, you see. So, keep your words short and sweet, and then, you'll be happy to consume everyone you have to eat. If you do it that way, then you do your regretting in advance. I guess it's a nice way to say it.

iON | Perfect Cell

Transcribed by Bert.

[30 January 2016 Part 3]

(21:13 mark)
Susana: The protons in the Angel Diagram... that represent protons in the cell… is that because hydrogen…

iON: Na-uh! Na-uh! Nuh-uh! No, the “Perfect Cell”, there must be a difference.

Susana: The Perfect Cell! Correct!

iON: Yes, because the other ones of those, you sluff off in your bed. That’s why you have to change your bed every Octad - every eight years because so much of you is full of the bed that it doubles in weight. Hey Bob, did you know there’s more of you in your bed than there is of you? How about them smackers?

Bob: I didn’t know that, iON! More in bed than there is of me!

iON: No! No! More of you in your bed than there is of you.

Bob: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Susana: I thought that was just a marketing ploy to get people to buy mattresses more often.

iON: No! No! You can weigh your mattress, a new mattress, and then weigh a mattress that you’ve had for eight years, and it’s about double. It really is, is you!

Susana: And, it really is true what they say?

iON: That’s what dust motes and all the crap in your house is… it comes off of you.

iON | No More Half-Life

Transcribed by Bert.

[30 January 2016 Part 3]

(19:20 mark)
Susana: The oxidation - is it we’re not going to use oxygen anymore because it’s going to change to O2…

iON: Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop, right there! The only reason you’re using oxygen now is because you have to have it to maintain your “Littleness”. Do you understand it’s so much easier to succeed than it is to fail? You make it so hard, and then the only successful people are the ones that didn’t go to college - the stupid ones who don’t have sense enough.

Susana: OK! So, it’s because of hydrogen - because hydrogen is going to be so much more, and it’s going to create the negative pH atmosphere which is going to stabilize all of the isotopes. And we’re going to not oxidize anymore because of that, because we won’t need oxygen.

iON: That’s very wonderful, and that will explain a lot of your chemistry, and the false premises that you’ve embraced, like “Half-Life”. See, you will diminish, or there will be no more Half-Life. It won’t be Half-Life, if they’re all stable. Then you can ground everything, or nothing, or everything, and then you won’t have all these other laws of physics and “blab-adid-adid-adida-adida” - and why you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you can’t miss here, and you’re not supposed to do that, and “don’t drink the water in Flint, Michigan, whatever you do”, and all that other “blah blah blah" stuff!

iON | Kum ba Yah

Transcribed by Bert.

[30 January 2016 Part 2]

(45:52 mark)
Caller: I was wondering - it came up in conversation with someone I was talking to about Cold Fusion. Is that going along pretty well?

iON: Yes! Fabulously!

Caller: Are we still at the point where it's just that we have to kind of accept it first, before we can actually like implement it?

iON: Oh, No! No! No! No! We're just waiting patiently for you to completely destroy your grid, and you're well on your way.

Caller: When I listen to you talk about some of this stuff, it's like we have to – we just can’t set everything aside, hold hands, and kind of walk into the future. We have to go through some sort of…

iON: Are you nuts? You can't even walk down the street where you live right now without somebody busting a “cap in your ass”. And you want to say: We're going to sit by the campfire and sing, "Kum ba yah". These people are serious! The Little Men are furious that people are Ascending. They don't like it! And meanwhile, if they're not "doped up", "drugged up", "raped up", "lift up", "licked up", "tic-tac", "stick that", "lip that”... they're killing each other hard! Going hard! Go strong or don't go at all!

iON | Intuitive Knowing

Transcribed by Bert.

[15 September 2019 04:00 AM Hour]

(11:22 mark)
Eira: Last week, you talked to Bert about the Cloud, and the Carbon, and all of that. And I was wondering if you are talking about the new Cloud being in the body?

iON: No, it won’t be!

Eira: Yeah!

iON: It won’t be! You’ll have inside of you a computer that will work with it, but it won’t be the Cloud.

Eira: OK!

iON: Inside of you is how you will access it.

Eira: Yeah! Will it be in the pericardium – inside the body but not on the body?

iON: OK! No, we already said it’s not in you! Your body will respond! The information is not going to be inside you. It’s not going to be inside, you gave that up! You’re going to come back into your power, but that information won’t be you because right now, that information is the power. You don’t want that! You don’t need to know every aspect - you need footmen to get it. You need to be a Queen on the throne. You don’t need to have a Queen on the throne with your body being the computer that they come plugging into - trying to sieve the information out of what’s coming - that’s not what you’re trying to do.

Eira: I see!

iON: You’re trying to have that access. Now, you’ll have it, and your body will know. You’ll have an “Intuitive Knowing” just as God does because that’s the whole standard. Well, God knows! Well, that's what God does! He does! He does know! See, so that’s the point.

Eira: Good!

iON: It’s very clear.

Eira: So, all of this talk of “Insulinose” being a part of the new heart-shaped Carbon… but it is something outside of the body.

iON: It is!

Eira: That’s good to know!

iON: NO! No! No! No! Wo! Wo! Wo! That has nothing to do with the information!

Eira: No!

iON: That is! Insulinose and those Carbons, that’s a separate Carbon! There’ll be Carbon in the body, but it won’t be the 5G. It won’t be the Cloud - that’s a separate conversation.

Eira: No!

iON: You’ve got to change the meat sack body. You’ve got to have enough. Carolyn’s got to find enough free electrons to attach the Carbon, so it will hold... because right now, you don’t have C122. You’ve got to have C122 H197…

Eira: It’s got to be filled, yeah!

iON: Right! And so, the reason you don’t have C122 – the only reason you don’t, is because you don’t have enough free electrons that will bind or be charged to hold that together. But she’s very studious, and she’s working very well. So, all is good!