Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Legal Group Files Lawsuit Challenging Over 200,000 Ballots in Georgia

Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results

Marshall McLuhan Facebook Group Responds to “Donald Trump Is a McLuhanesque Figure & Like McLuhan He Understands Mass Media”

Steve Bannon, “Donald Trump Is a McLuhanesque Figure & Like McLuhan He Understands Mass Media”

Bob Dobbs writes:

Steve Bannon is catching up to me.

I wrote this in the Spring of 2017:


No previous President of the USA has ever used the Office of the White House to provide a training in perception. In Western Art there are two schools or approaches to the creative act as spelled out by Marshall McLuhan:

[[ For that school of thought for which the external world is an opaque prison, art can never be regarded as a source of knowledge but only as a moral discipline and a study of endurance. The artist is not a reader of radiant signatures on "materia signata" but the signer of a forged check on our hopes and sympathies. This school has supported the idea of the function of art as catharsis which, as G.R. Levy shows in THE GATE OF HORN, was a preparation for the lesser Greek mysteries. But if the world is not opaque and if the mind is not of the earth earthy, then this moral view of art should yield to the cognitive view. However that may be, the cathartic, ethical view of art has led to a doctrinaire hostility to the use of discontinuity in art (the theme of Arnold's preface to POEMS, 1853) and indifference to all popular art. And in the past century with every technological device advancing the discontinuous character of communication, the stand taken by the cathartic and ethical school has enveloped the entire world of popular culture in a haze of esoteric nescience, disguised, however, as a profound moral concern with the wider hope and the higher things. Joyce had a phrase for this anti-cognitive attitude, "the cultic twalette.” ]] - THE INTERIOR LANDSCAPE, pp.12-13, 1969.

Sidney Powell Warns States They Could Be Complicit in Fraud for Certifying Election

“I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to re-think it VERY SERIOUSLY, because what they’re certifying is their own fraud, and their own complicity in fraud. I might even mount a class action suit later to sue them themselves for their own participation in it. It’s ridiculous. The legislatures in the states need to take control right now & reject the certifications, of especially the swing states, that were so heavily influenced by these 100’s of thousands of vote changes.”