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Whazzup? The Electron iONization of Slack

What ‘Youth’?

[iON—Part 1, 2—iON]
29 September 2020

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 26 September 2020

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ginney separation of powers resonant known tuning fork sheila's painting method "kids can text faster than they can speak" ion describes what our products do naaman waters of israel (“lockholes”) and ophenel parts of the cell matched with the tribes Hosea and Gomer “the body is an 'oscillating field generator’” body of divinity (quotations about iondom’s intervention) 3:44 gregg amino acids and low pH (like studs in a house) whales in Australia are showing the Andromeda journey drudge is dead 5:19 nik dying elephants in africa dropping starlings into trafalgar square (“FlashForward" TV show) eartha kitt bells are going to be off ion anticipates fun with the coming trump-biden debate china will fail against the Tech Body the mountain and hong kong dolphins are going home hong kong shanghai bank (standard charter) china stole “eggs” from the dragon the role of panama in money-laundering his new product spirits on his roof iron lung (Tech Body) = compassion goat lives matter "death by modern medicine" was prophetic edema 5:29 jean the earth’s core slowing down polarity dropping negative pH iron lung again measuring your ascension pineal blastoma (the soul sits on the pineal gland) atoms and bonding (polar and non-polar molecules) the charge of extra carbons changes (“electronegativity” changes when the poles flip) "preknown vestiges of thompson quadrant regrets” 6:10 germaine pw to Scott’s place (her injection fraction) her life is similar to bert (her sore feet) her Tech Body image (decided by the Tech Body) angels are not getting their wings anymore dolphins are returning to betelgeuce emerald tablets are "from the future” made by post-EMP corundum kenley 6:51 bert amy barrett pineal blastoma carbon as a field point particle “lines and spaces” (no time and space) the real body herbert w armstrong carolyn’s sequence (at 8:08) TikTok carbon and the corpus callosum valley of the dry bones no more calcium (ezekiel) rhino virus mika brzezinski 7:37 akito radioactive his suicide roxy’s video knocked him out his nazi story his fear of surprise his seven better selves trump lafayette place in NYC rockefellers and rothschilds were both Templars marie antoinette is in cleveland imagination connects pineal gland with the hypothalamus his career amy barrett 9:02 suzanna reincarnation great wall dalai lama the queen mum africa’s future Tech Body is still becoming defining electricity calcium 11:48 bart ion’s cloud (perpetuity) media today durham report mail post fiasco ruth ginsburg sidney powell qanon amy barrett 12:56 opie maybank her family earthquakes “The King Eternal Monarch” 13:33 scott laboulaye dizziness while ascending “conditioned response”/ascension defined the Z-axis and convergence his “light” experience 13:47

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 22 September 2020

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

Hawaii Time + 2 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[Daylight Saving Time] Hawaii Time + 3 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

eric his recently-passed mother his son his brother 3:07 bert scott adams and the Tech Body "quantitative lethargy" supreme court they tried to kill Pence today ascension book of revelation ezekiel’s “wheels within wheels” three amino acids bob dobbs doesn’t ascend krypton half-lives will become stable super sugar accumulates 3:14

Include Me Out: The Reversal Of The Overheated Image

Mind your media, men, or you’ll find yourselves catching a cold environment—and suffering from overexposure.

“The bark is still there, but the molars are gone.”
The Avis ad reads: “We try harder.”
The Electric Circus ad reads: “We try softer.”

by Marshall McLuhan
Playboy, December 1968

The big reversal of our time is the flip from a service environment of “hardware” to a service environment of “software.” By 1820, well before the telegraph became commercial, England had achieved hardware service environments on a considerable scale.

Not just the press and cheap books (“The true university of these days is a collection of books”—Carlyle) but a national postal service based on hard-surface post roads. The application of steam power to printing and manufacture, to boat and train, was well under way. All of these environmental services were tied into metropolitan concentrations and marketing based on uniform pricing and currency. (The LSD of those days meant an outer trip—pounds, shillings and pence: hard money.

The acceleration of hardware technologies assured centralization of power and management, just as the much greater electronic speed-up today ensures the reverse pattern in business and politics, in culture and education, in war and peace. Mechanical, industrial or hardware service environments—print, post, rail or plane, for example—are “hot” because they are tightly tied together as bureaucratic organizations. On the other hand, software environments of information are pervasive, unobtrusive and as decentralized as telephone or radio. Hardware is specialized, requiring much fragmentation of skills. Software is generalized, requiring an interrelated awareness of whole environments. The new word is “ecology.” The organization chart is gone. Today, the higher a man climbs in an organization, the less he has to do with its operation. By the time he reaches the top, he’s a dropout, like L. B.J. Had Robert Kennedy survived the assassin’s bullets and been a Presidential candidate in November, he would automatically have become President. As a cripple, he would have been much “cooler.” F. D. R., as a cripple, was not a mere leader. He was an emperor. Seated in his wheelchair, he acquired the imperial status of Buddha or Raymond Burr’s Ironside. A man standing on his two feet can be a leader. That’s a hot image. But he must shout, trying to find an audience. An emperor, seated in state, doesn’t need to find an audience. He gives audience. He wears his audience, the whole nation, as his mask of power.

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The Vatican's Secret Deal with China | Is The Catholic Church Being Paid to Stay Quiet

iON | Bob Dobbs’ Private Sessions 2020

24 September 2020
Vial Judgments

17 September 2020
Fear of the Tech Body

10 September 2020
The Scariest, the Funniest, Probably the Greatest Story Ever Told

3 September 2020
How Bob Changes Everything

27 August 2020
The New Yarmulke Continent

Part 1, 2
20 August 2020
iON and Rachel

13 August 2020
Galileo and Bechamp

6 August 2020
No Finish Line

Spies in Academic Clothing | The Untold History of MKULTRA & the Counterculture & How the Intelligence Community Misleads the 99%

MKULTRA reunion video, 16 February 1979, Humphry Osmond, Timothy Leary, Sydney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Myron Stolaroff, Oscar Janiger

“If one could be able to have a sort of controlled cataclysm from time to time, we’d be better off because every society gets set in its ways, and a society with a vast technology is always likely to get to the point when it’s simpler and easier and comfier to let the technology take over. And one of the things it seems to me that these substances and the attitudes they generate very well is that one becomes less willing to do that because it’s not necessary. You don’t have to look upon your technology as your idol. ”
Humphry Osmond, MKULTRA reunion video

Above: Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin discuss the 1979 MKULTRA reunion party and the agents in attendance: Myron Stolaroff, Sidney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Oscar Janiger, Humphry Osmond, Willis Harmon, Nick Bercel, and others.

Logos Media
by Jan Irvin
13 May 2015

Here Bob Dean/Neveritt, a.k.a. “Bob Dobbs,” who’s possibly Canadian intelligence (though he denies it), and promotes Julian Huxley’s trans-humanism and eugenics/dysgenics, and is the archivist for Marshall McLuhan, as well as having recorded long interviews with both Peggy and Walter Bowart, states:

Go back to 1967 with the levitating of the Pentagon, led by people like Abbie Hofmann and that. Well a little-known part of the story is that Bowart is the publisher of the East Village Other. He got the idea of dropping planeloads of flowers over the Pentagon and protesters when that was happening. Which would be October ‘67. So, if I recall he went… He put an ad in the paper for flowers, or for something. So he put feelers out there. So he started getting weird phone calls. So he suspected that the FBI or somebody was monitoring him. So when he went out to get the flowers and the plane at some airport, on the appointed day, he noticed there was no one around, it was totally empty at the hangar or wherever it was, and he just felt that there were people watching him. Now I can't remember the next details. I know that the flowers ended up in the Pentagon, and you have the famous picture of the girl, the hippie girl putting a flower in some Pentagon soldier’s rifle. […] Well Walter used to say those were his flowers. So somehow he got the flowers there, and I can't remember right now… he thought he was surveilled and something happened, and he got around it, and he got the plane off and they dropped the flowers. I may be wrong on the exact precision of that, but to me it was interesting to find out that the whole flower icon was stimulated by Walter's idea, and the suspicious activities around him once he put the idea out in his paper, and what happened that tried to frustrate them.
Bob Dean/Neveritt, aka Bob Dobbs

And though on his show, “Bob Dobbs” seems to want his listeners to believe that conspiracies don’t really happen, the CIA had every motive to mislead LSD and MKULTRA exposure, to make people think it was only about a Manchurian Candidate, that it was just a few thousand people – and to limit the scope of the investigation. Continue reading at Logos Media

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Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 12 October 2019


1700 1800 1900 2000 2100

Transcribed by Nan


Bob 0:01
I want to play something for an intro. It was scheduled to play this last week. I forgot, other things happened. So then I played it during tailgate; so, only a few people heard it. But there's stuff about the pharaohs in Egypt in here and other ideas that probably will be relevant. So, this is 23 minutes. I'm titling this "Even More On The Tech Body." {recording begins} Yeah. Now this ascension, people on our products you're talking about are ascending faster.

iON 0:33

Bob 0:33
Yeah. The - even the dead people on Carolyn's Monday show, just starting with a little drop, they will ascend faster.

iON 0:41
They're - they have hope, see, but their problem isn't the medicine. Their problem is on the inside. And that's why we said all along this should change. It shouldn't be Carolyn's picture. It should be the product. But that's what's happening. The little people are embracing Carolyn, which is what they've always done. That's what they did in Canada, that's what they did in City Island. It's what they do. They attach to her, you see, and that - they hold on to that so they can feel better. And we say, great! But there's not enough of her to do that! See, that's our argument. We're selfish, we want her all to ourselves. Fuck 'em.

Bob 1:18

iON 1:18
We say, fuck 'em all! We deserve her, she's ours! You're not going to have her anymore! She's ours! You know, it becomes a race to the bottom. But the point though, becomes you have to have a way to allow them to ascend. Because if they gotta have her to ascend, she may disappoint them. She never wants to do that.

Trump & Xi Trade Barbs over Covid-19 as World Leaders Voice Fears at UN’s 75th General Assembly