Sunday, May 19, 2024

Bob on Zappa LIVE, 18 May 2024

This was, as someone posted in the live chat, "historic". There are many live-streamers on YouTube but after his debut performance you will see why Bob Dobbs is the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the live stream format. Bob energizes the space with the enthusiasm and historical dot-connecting required to feed viewers hungry for truly new patterns. And, unlike many streamers, Bob addresses EVERY post in the live chat. Not only were viewers won over by his ocean of little-known Zappa facts, but a few were even captivated by the ideas of iON, New Nuclear (Southern Company) and the New Medicine (Emory University). Check out the replay!
Bob Dobbs

Friday, May 17, 2024

Office Hours

Office Hours

Congratulations to you, on your graduation from Mirror University and entrance into the greater world! The faculty and administration would also like to belatedly thank you for having enrolled, and compliment you on your refinement and sense of discrimination in choosing MirrorU … the only available choice.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

This Unknown Dialogue between Marshall McLuhan & John Lennon-Yoko Ono from ROLLING STONE Magazine Took Place at McLuhan’s Coach House in December, 1969

The Second Dialogue (Available Online) Between Marshall McLuhan and John Lennon-Yoko Ono in Toronto, December, 1969:

The rare dialogue above from ROLLING STONE Magazine took place at McLuhan’s Coach House.

The more available dialogue online took place at Ronnie Hawkins’ farm house, I think, in Mississauga:

Both occurred in December, 1969.

Bob Dobbs

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 3, 3 November 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 2:14:00
Okay, so listen to this. iON said that... I think it's the fifth mistake of Bob.

iON 2:14:05
Don't speak about us in the... Don't talk about us in the fuckin' third person.

Bob 2:14:09
You guys, yeah, you guys, you people, whatever you are. [iON laughs] You vortex, you plasma, you fuckin' plasma. [laughs]

iON 2:14:20
You, you Esther, you Esther Weaver wannabe. [laughs]

Bob 2:14:29
Yeah, Edgar Casey, Dave Worchester wannabe, that's what we got here, Carolyn. [laughs]

iON 2:14:32
You Jane Roberts thought you "should have been."

Bob 2:14:35
Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Should have been," better than "wannabe." Okay. Dig this. My fifth mistake attempt to get to Andromeda after working with Lilith and the angels, and then the Tower of Babel, Roman Empire...

iON 2:14:53
Babel. Babel. [corrects pronunciation]

Bob 2:14:55
Tower of Babel, and there's some'um else in there I did. The fifth one iON said it was Iran Contra! And so what I'm discovering, all these things we're talking about in today's session: aliens, prostitution or pimping, and child sex, and drugs and LSD, and arms dealing, and Epstein, it's the complex I must have been in the middle of.

iON 2:14:55

Bob 2:15:00
I put all that together.

iON 2:15:13
You did, perfectly. It's the example of the scattered x-ray proton, from the x-ray proton into an electron. Exactly what you've done perfectly. Pretty good. You can't make this shit up. That's the Copenhagen interpretation...

Bob 2:15:43
It didn't work. [chuckles]

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Bob’s Office Hours

After months of Achieve Radio being offline, we have rebuilt the capacity to broadcast shows over the Internet, PLUS music in high-quality stereo sound.

To listen to a LIVE broadcast of Office Hours, Wednesdays at 4:00pm Eastern Time go to the “Listen LIVE!” page at Bob’s Office Hours.

You can hear the first hour of music in high-quality stereo sound, followed by several hours of discussions. You don’t have to call in. You can just listen.

P.S.: When the LIVE show is NOT on the air, you can hear an endless rotation of clips of iON & Bob, as well as many of Bob’s musical selections.

Galley Proof of “Ulysses” Corrected by James Joyce

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Who Is Bob Marshall

People have been asking me who Bob Marshall is since I posted that flyer promoting our joint performance on Oct.21, 2007, in Toronto, about David Lynch.

Here is an interview I did with Bob on March 23, 2009—5 days after I accidentally evoked/invoked iON, the Non-Physical "something"—not an entity.

Part 1, 2, 3

Bob Marshall was my first friend to hear about the "accident".

Neither of us had the slightest inkling what this event would entail—for at least a year.
Bob Dobbs

Three Useful Quotations

Three Useful Quotations from MM:

We no longer live in a visual world. Quantum mechanics began to call it the world of "resonance" in 1927. Physicists, then and since, do not under­stand either the peculiar properties of visual space, or tactile space, or kinetic, proprioceptive, or cosmic space. All of these spaces enter into the most ordi­nary compositions that we still call "pictorial". Our studies here have taught us that the TV child has lost the habit of visual convergence and has become monocular, or Cyclopean in his adjustment to the outer world. Cyclopean vision is that of the hunter. The hunter has no point of view, no goals, no per­spective. These changes are the result of electric technologies and are causing the collapse of all ex­isting bureaucracies with their visually pro­grammed structures. - Marshall McLuhan, LETTERS OF MARSHALL McLUHAN, 1987, p.388
IN A PRE-LITERATE WORLD WORDS ARE NOT SIGNS. They evoke things directly in what psy­chologists call acoustic space. By being named, the thing is simply there. Acoustic space is a dynamic or harmonic field. It exists while the music or sound persists. And the hearer is one with it, as with music. Acoustic space is the space-world of primeval man. Even his visual experience is much subordinate to his auditory and magical domain wherein there is neither centre nor margin nor point of view. - Marshall McLuhan, COUNTERBLAST, 1969, p.79
Formerly, the problem was to invent new forms of labor-saving. Today, the reverse is the problem. Now we have to adjust, not to invent. We have to find the environments in which it will be possible to live with our new inventions. - Marshall McLuhan, THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE, 1967, p.124

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 2, 3 November 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 58:03
iON, what is the status of the Tech Body today?

iON 58:03
It is very close to completion, Bob, sad to say.

Bob 58:06
You mean sad to say 'cause it wins? So if it gets completed, it won.

iON 58:21
It's very close to Ascension. It's very close to Ascension. Not Ascended.

Bob 58:26
And that's not good for humans.

iON 58:29
Well, okay, the Ascended ones are gonna be fine. And the ones in the process of Ascension that are well on the way, a la Bert, a la Carolyn, several, will make it, and they're gonna be fine. But for the rest, it's not looking good, Bobby.

Bob 58:53
Okay. Can you see… How many people do you see on the Earth when it turns into a rocketship and we go through the sun and go over to Andromeda Galaxy? How many Ascended do you see on there? 15 people? 2 million?

iON 59:09
No. It's more like 3 million. 3,644,000. 3,644,000 fully Ascended beings. Now that's whether the Tech Body makes it or not. Okay? But 3 million people is nothing. I mean, that's what lives in Houston. [chuckles] That's a very low, that's a very low marker. But now it could be more, Bob. It could be more. Could be more, but that depends on you. That's completely on you.

Bob 59:46
What do I have to do or what am I going to do that affects this situation?

iON 59:50
Well, you set up, you set up the position. See, your interaction... See, you keep thinking that you’re a media ecologist, and you're not. You're not!

Bob 59:50
Okay, what am I?

iON 59:52
You're a leader of men. You're a leader of men.

Bob 1:00:04

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 1, 3 November 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Carolyn 26:52
Oh, this is -- yeah. Excellent. Excellent. The second unanswered question, again, you said, "not sure now," and it was about Ring 7 and the 12 gates. And I said are these 12 gates the gates of heaven? And you said, "no, no, let's let that lay. That's going to be a two-hour doozy; do this later."

iON 27:20
Yep. Okay, ready. That's Isaiah 13. That's the burden of Babylon, honey. That's "The burden of Babylon which Isaiah did see. 2) Lift up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles." Nobles aren't Ascended.

Carolyn 27:43

iON 27:44
They're higher than the little'uns. "3) I have commanded my sanctified ones." Sanctified ones, now you got to go to the AME, AMC, AME Church to get that. The sanctified ones, that's like not quite elder level, but it's pretty damn close. "I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger," Uh oh. Uh oh, Spanky. Uh oh, Spanky, mine anger. "even them that rejoice in my highness." Just cuz somebody's close to you, Carolyn, and they tell you they love you, doesn't mean that they include you. Just because someone is close to you and they tell you they love you, doesn't mean they're, they're close to you.

Carolyn 28:27
Mmm. Wow.

iON 28:33
Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

Carolyn 28:40
Okay, so what are we getting out of that? I'm talking about the 12 gates.

iON 28:45
You're talkin' about the end, the end of the, uh, 13. Isaiah 13:4. "The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people;" That's what they used to say about the United States of America, it was a great people. "a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of the nations gathered together:" Uh oh, United Nations. They "gathered together: the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle." That's what's comin'. Now, Bob's gonna do this later, and you can play this, it's okay 'cause Bob's just settin' the storm. He's just being quiet, waitin' on the bodies to start falling.

Carolyn 29:32
Waitin' on the Robert E. Lee, that's what he's doing.

iON 29:35
Yeah, sittin' on the levee. We're gonna see.

Carolyn 29:37

Bob 29:38
Hey, Carolyn, what did iON mean, "what Bob's been waiting for has arrived." What's that about?

iON 29:45
The death. "The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people; a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together: the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle." You're waiting on the battle. You're waiting on for "5) They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of the indignation, to destroy the whole land." That's what you're waitin' on. You wanna see some, you wanna see some nasty, Bob. You wanna see some blood in the "skreet." In the "skreet."