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How Trump Took Over America’s Courts

Bob Dobb’s Diaries: Nov. 28/1944 (Paris)

Dobbs: It appears you knew about me before I met you in September.

Connie: My parents helped organize the Vichy government. Therefore, I was nurtured in the circles that monitored Parisians. And even though your father's network was untouchable, we still watched you. The significance of you and me working on this mission together indicates something different is going to happen. I think they're preparing for a new world order that will be set up after this war is over, which is going to be soon. And where they're sending us today probably has some role in it.

Dobbs: My family has been an observer of these Machiavellian maneuvers for over two hundred years.

Connie: My family goes back further than that, and they weren't just observers.

Bob relaxed as much as he could as the jeep headed out of Paris. I haven't been south of Paris in over a year. And I haven't met such an interesting young woman in a longer time. This is going to be fun.

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The Keys & the Aethyrs


20 July 2019
The 5th Key

13 July 2019
The Keys 1-4

6 July 2019
The 6th Key

29 June 2019
English translation or angel talk?

22 June 2019
Intention behind the Keys

The First Key
Ol sonf vorsg, goho Iad balt, lansh calz vonpho: sobra z-ol ror i ta Nazpad Graa ta Malprg Ds hol-q Qaa nothoa zimz Od commah ta nobloh zien: Soba thil gnonp prge aldi Od vrbs oboleh grsam Casarm ohorela caba pir Od zonrensg cab erm Iadnah Pilah farzm zurza adna Ds gono Iadpil Ds hom Od toh Soba Ipam lu Ipamis Ds loholo vep zomd Poamal Od bogpa aai ta piap piamo-i od vaoan ZACARe c-a od ZAMRAM Odo cicle Qaa Zorge, Lap zirdo Noco MAD Hoath Iaida.

Phonetic Translation
Ol sonuf vaoresaji, gohu IAD Balata, elanusaha caelazod: sobrazod-ol Roray i ta nazodapesad, Giraa ta maelpereji, das hoel-qo qaa notahoa zodimezod, od comemahe ta nobeloha zodien; soba tahil ginonupe pereje aladi, das vaurebes obolehe giresam. Causarem ohorela caba Pire: das zodonurenusagi cab: erem Iadanahe. Pilahe farezodem zodenurezoda adana gono Iadapiel das home-tohe: soba ipame lu ipamis: das sobolo vepe zodomeda poamal, od bogira aai ta piape Piamoel od Vaoan! Zodacare, eca, od zodameranu! odo cicale Qaa; zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, Hoathahe I A I D A!

Modern English Translation
I reign over you, says the God of Justice, in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath: in whose hands the Sun is as a sword and the Moon as a through thrusting fire: which measures your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trussed you together as the palms of my hands: whose seats I garnished with the fire of gathering, and beautified your garments with admiration. To whom I made a law to govern the holy ones and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge. Moreover you lifted up your voices and swore obedience and faith to him that lives and triumphs, whose beginning is not, nor end can not be, which shines as a flame in the midst of your palace, and reigns amongst you as the balance of righteousness and truth. Move, therefore, and show yourselves: open the Mysteries of your Creation: Be friendly unto me: for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.

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iON | The Tech Body

What ‘Youth’?

20 July 2019

13 July 2019
The Tech Body & Power

1 June 2019
The Tech Body & Media Ecology

28 May 2019
The Tech Body & the Tiny Note

iON | Moon Landing


20 July 2019

iON | Hypothalamus in the Middle Kingdom

Transcribed by Bert.


[The Heart & The Hypothalamus series—30 May 2015]

(00:26 mark)
Dr. Dean: iON, what Kingdom is the hypothalamus in?

iON: Well, it’s in all of the Kingdoms. It’s in all of the Kingdoms. It’s when you arrive; you have to do it from an endocrinology point of view.

Dr. Dean: Well, when you arrive, that means we should be in the Middle Kingdom when we arrive - correct?

iON: We would not disagree.

Dr. Dean: So then, does our working with our hypothalamus effectively mean we’ve arrived, and therefore the hypothalamus is in the Middle Kingdom?

iON: Well, if the Middle Kingdom is homeostasis, OK! But see, if you are nervous in the service, then that may not apply. It may show up in the Middle Kingdom when you are in the Lower Kingdom, and then you are screwed.

Dr. Dean: But you said it was everywhere.

iON: It’s the link between those systems.

Dr. Dean: OK!

iON: And we’d like to say “Kingdoms", but we’re actually trying to tell you something.

Bob: OK, Carolyn, I’ll add for definitions. So, when you say it’s in between, it’s the link in between. Is that the tactile interval, or you wouldn’t define tactility that way?

iON: Glandular secretions of the stomach and the intestines.

Dr. Dean: He’s trying to get at systems, Bob. He’s trying to get at the hypothalamus. It’s in the Endocrinology world, and it’s affecting the glands, and stomach, and intestines.

iON: Pituitary when you get to the Outer Kingdom.

Dr. Dean: I guess again, I am kind of trapped in this thinking that we’re merging the three Kingdoms. So, when do we separate ourselves into the three Kingdoms, and when do we just be in our Middle Kingdom?

iON: When you learn the difference between “GHRH” and the “GHIH.”

Dr. Dean: Gonadotropin hormone-releasing hormone, or something like that?

iON: Do! Do! Do! See, that’s why she’s the sharpest machete in the shed.

Dr. Dean: So, what you are saying - there is, that it’s still about Endocrinology. And are you…

iON: Prolactin! Prolactin! Prolactin!

Dr. Dean: Prolactin, right! That’s another hormone.

iON: We are not tripping on the dopamine stuff. It’s not about that. It’s about the balance between those levels in the Kingdoms. There are eleven different fields in which you can gauge the accentuation of your hypothalamus. How very clever of you to get us back to that! Pretty wonderful!

iON | Pericardial Fluid Is the Same Frequency as the Hypothalamus

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 July 2015 Part 2]

(01:55 mark)
iON: The frequency of the pericardial fluid in every human heart is the same frequency as their own hypothalamus. And if they're ever out of balance, that's where all of these decays start or ensue.

Caller: So, how do you tune our hypothalamus to the right frequency?

iON: We do that when you quit thinking about it. It's not a thinking man's game. You go back to the glib cliché-archetypes that we've been saying since itch. Listen to Bob! Read Bob's bullshit, and if you can live through that long enough, you'll live forever.

iON | Ophenel Hobab

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 July 2015 Part 1]

(19:06 mark)
iON: Hobab was the father-in-law of Moses.

iON | Endocrine System Reboot

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 July 2015 Part 3]

(24:20 mark)
Caller: The people that are engaging the Completement formulas - the endocrine system is being changed then or could I say changed, or modified, or upgraded, to what it should be - the endocrine system?

iON: The endocrine is going to be rebooted.

Dr. Dean: Yeah, because our endocrine system is under attack from so many areas. The least of which, or the most of which, is people saying, “It’s under attack”. So, everybody is scared of their adrenals, scared that their thyroid is low, scared of the sex hormones. So, we’re rebooting the whole shooting match.

Bob: And iON said that you’re improving body mass or something.

iON: That’s achieved from the lymphatic system within the lipids. And then you start using the sex organs and then they don’t wither away because you are using them