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iON | Glossary of Terms



DNA strands

Number of chromosomes in each cell once you are ascended

the double helix strands of ascended DNA the number of Me's

The tribes of DNA that make up the ascended manifestation of physical.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: 144,000 DNA double helix polypeptide strands are referenced in Chapter 7(“144,000 Jews”) verses 1 – 8 and Chapter 14 (“144,000 strands”) verses 1 thru 5 of the Book of Revelations. The 144,000 frequencies attach to chromosome 14. The movie, “Fifth Element” show what 144,000 double helix strands look like. Once we get the 144,000 double strands, then we will be timeless. We are already timeless, but the 144,000 will allow us to experience it. We have a 144,000 double helix strands, but the mind is not registering it.

Not sure what ion says about it thoughts is that this the number of people who were going to be raptured to the UFO escape vessels if the negative timeline played out but all negative timelines are avoided due to Bob and ion.

DNA ascension vibrational proximity.

The number of double helix stands required to make a perfect cell. Little man creates a new cell (DNA snips) after one double helix strand is grown. Ascending/Ascended man creates a new cell when 144,000 double helix strands are grown. Once you have eight (8) cells with 144,000 double helix strands, then it becomes systemic – you can’t stop it then. You can grow 144,000 double helix strands in less than a minute, or per iON, “By the time you blow your nose.”

The number of homologous chromosomes (pairs) in the cell of an ascended human creator.



Aluminium sulfate

New environment

a segment of the perfect molecule

Complete balance - no need to add extra ions to make the formula neutral.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The following words were documented from iON’s private sessions or public engagements: Al2SO4 is the formula for the thunders/sticky air which is the environment that the ascended cell will thrive in. After lightning strikes, the Al2SO4 particulates would be released.

No idea.

Part of the new environment on our planet, which iON later updated to the new environment of “YOU” (one example being that we will, “have a lot more nitrogen in your veins”). The full chemical formula is available on Sheila Kern’s “After the Thunders” painting as, “AL2(SO4)3 nH2O NaSO4 .KMg4 (He6 Ne2 (Xe5)) Rn3 (Kr6 Ge1 (Th3 Zr1 Ti5)) SiDO2.” iON, “You know when you go out after a thunderstorm... That’s called ozone. That’s the blessings. That’s the thunders. Now that will prescribe the new environment on your planet..." iON has also said, “The cloud would be your carbon based AL2SO4... and the rest of the thing."

The formula for our new atmosphere, contributing to negative pH, increased carbon and decreased oxygen.

Angel Diagram

The Gateway to Ascension


the perfect cell

A riddle from the Angel's perspective to befuddle and confuse little men in the guise of clues that instructs on what ascension is.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The angel diagram is a diagram of a perfected cell of an ascending human being. The angel diagram is a rhombic dodecahedron of how the angels see the human mouth. It’s a diagram of electricity with sine and cosine frequencies in it.

This may be the most compelling bit of 'evidence' that ion is 'real.' As a student of the occult the diagram is resonates as 'true' and the intelligence that it came from has access to a vast amount of information.

Cosmic bio-bloody-graphical cellular techno-blueprint.

The Angel Diagram is a representation of the perfect cell. The diagram should be viewed as a three-dimensional, animated sphere, and can also be seen as the blooming of a lotus flower. iON has also said the diagram is the angels’ view of man (where Bob’s Tiny Note chart represents man’s view of the angels). iON has also said that the three temples – (Solomon's Temple, Zerubbabel's Temple and Herod's Temple?) - are in the diagram, as are the four winds, 14 degrees of freedom, and all things associated with the Ascension process. All of the chapters of the Book of Revelation are also in the angel diagram. The scope of information in the angel diagram, like Bob’s charts, seems endless, and endlessly open to interpretation.

A visual space representation of ascension that also has relevance to the perfect cell. It is not clear is the angel diagram is obsolete.


Helpers/Servants of humans


crafty little critters that require managing with a calm state of mind

Man's servant - but woe to those who raise them up as superior spiritual beings with powers higher than theirs...

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The angels are servants of God, they are assets. The angels helped John of Patmos write the book of Revelation. The Revelation book is about man’s interaction with angels. Angels feel they do not see because they do not have eyes. They have no regrets or sentiments. They are savage weapons. If man/woman do not know their power over the angels, the angels have the upper hand. Angels are in the interval, they are the only medium of exchange that can affect someone else. Angels are the interface with the world of collectivity and mortar with the private world. They are a bridge/media.

As Bob says they are a bit jealous that we can communicate at electronic speeds. They are here to help humans with the accession. We can use 'marsh mellow' talk to activate their service.

Extensions of assistance & resistance.

Angels have always been. They are God’s footservants; butlers. We don’t ask the angels, we tell the angels. Angels usher little man to and from the Guf. Little man has charge over the angels. When little man fell, the angels became the master and little man the servant. There are three sections or groups of angels, with an Archangel in charge of each third, or group (Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer). Lucifer had control of the earth. Angels don’t want little man to Ascend, because then the angels will have to go back to just being servants, iON, “If you’re God, their bid is up.” Angels are between physical and non-physical. iON has said that demons are angels, and that humans have misidentified some angels as aliens.
The ascended human creator's foot soldiers. The resonant interval (2) of the 3-2-1 process that ascended human creators use to create.


Little mans attempt at Power

Not as desired as power

the false premise of perceived power propped up by literacy

False power

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: It’s key to know the difference between power and authority. Authority has to tell somebody how powerful they are. Authority is someone trying to tell you something. The only time one needs authority is when they want to be right. Power is not given. You take power, not by authority. In Revelation Chapter 6 verse 4: “power was given to him”, relates to authority figure giving power.

Iondom has the ultimate authority.

Because of others.

Would you rather he happy or right? Insisting on one’s rightness is authority. God has all of the power and doesn’t require authority - but with all power also comes complete and total authority. iON has said that the Lord is God’s authority on the earth. The Sovereign's Orb of the British Crown Jewels, for example, is a representation of God’s authority on the earth. One might consider “getting drunk on one’s own liquor,” and then wrestling with, or getting tangled up in the social response to that behavior as wrestling with authority. Or if one laments or is fearful that someone is threatening to take one’s power, that is getting tangled up in authority. iON advised that to fight or push against, for example, a coporation or other being, puts them on your level and that becomes a struggle over authority, when you should just be a powerful creator and everything else will take care of itself. For the Ascended, there is no difference between power and authority. And if someone can take it, it wasn’t yours to start with. iON has also referenced Romans 10:2 as showing the difference between power and authority. Romans 10:2 (KJV), '2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.' Power is based on knowing, a “hard damn knowing,” where you don’t have to convince anyone, let alone yourself. You KNOW. Knowing is power, and does not require vindication or validation from anyone, least of all you. Authority is based on knowledge, and that is fleeting.

Little man's false premise of power. Authority is power over others, while true power is is YOUR personal place of power. Eckhart Tolle says it well, "Power over other its weakness disguised as strength, true power is within." The catch, however, is that once you come into your place of power you will inherently have authority.


Chromosome 14

The keyhole to the promised land.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Ascension is about activating chromosome 14. The 144,000 double helix strands, they’ll do it themselves. Chromosome 14 is the only chromosome that has a cross with arms and rings which can allow more double helices to be developed within a cell. Chromosome 14 is a symbol of transmutation. Chromosome 14 responds to emotional RNA. Chromosome 14 picks up the map and communicates back to the RNA and sets the new legend of what the chromosomal archetype is going to look like. Chromosome 14 responds to the Emotional. The new RNA message attaches to chromosome 14. If you scrub the RNA, it will only attach to Chromosome 14. Chromosome 14 is the main liaison to RNA for change. RNA does not know good or bad, and Chromosome 14 and NP go along with RNA the messenger.

no clue.

The Little man/Ascension gyroscope.

Chromosome 14 is the key to little man Ascending, and per iON, “Has to do with every aspect of your body… from an Ascended standpoint.” iON, "It’s what gets you on the path. And we don’t even like to use that like that, because even that’s insufficient when it comes to what you’re trying to engage.” Chromosome 14 is the only chromosome with 14 rings, or bands, and this relates to the 14 rings of the Angel Diagram. The iCell uses lysine (both of which are in the RnA Reset Drops) to enter a cell and, with the lipids, affects the rings and arms of chromosome 14; this process also changes the specific gravity of the blood. Without activating chromosome 14 to allow for perfect cell creation, chromosome 14 remains “not dominant”, and only one double helix cells are grown. Chromosome 14 is like a tuning fork and, when affected by the iCell, then allows for perfect cell replication. The winds in the Book of Revelation illustrate how frequencies blow through the body affecting chromosomes, with chromosome 14 as the trigger. Also, aethers, pronounced, and spelled, “heirs,” in this context, also refers to the chromosomal changes as “generations,” which iON says you can chart through the books of Samuel, and Kings and Chronicles. Chromosome 14 is in the iONic field. Those who did not fall with little man, per iON, “put a patch” on their own chromosome 14 that allowed them to remain Ascended humans. When the physical cuts off from non-physical, chromosome 14 is activated and creates an addiction. Bob, “Chromosome 14 brings in pleasure. And it can be non-physical bliss pleasure or fucked up, disconnected addictive pleasure.”

The chemical body's representation of the biblical cross. Chromosome 14 is the most significant chromosome in the genome because it is the only chromosome that makes a cross due to its structural arms and rings. Through new information being provided by the Rna Drops (RNA), chromosome 14 can allow the genome to become 144,000 pairs double helix strands. Through the tuning of chromosome 14 is the answer to cancer.



Anti ageing cell

Cement cube that changes water

Joe Dunn Slone's attempt at creating the perfect cell, Bob & Carolyn's first introduction to the creation of a perfect cell

Prototype of the i-cell.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The D-Cell was a second generation of the original B-Cell, the immortal cell developed by the late John Brown Registered Pharmacist on December 24, 1950. Hilary M. Dorey was the developer of the second generation of the D-Cell, and Joe Dun Sloan was the developer of the third generation of the D-Cell. It was purified water that seemed to slow down the aging process. It was a microscopic, multicellular, living organism cultured that in the right concentration would cleanse and purify water. It would catalyze gasoline for more effective performance of automobiles; it would catalyze fuel oil in diesel engines and in oil heaters and furnaces; in agriculture, it would increase growth and productivity from 200 to 300%, and in plants and animals it would stimulate, reactivate and normalize cellular metabolism. Joe Dun Sloan gave Dr. Dean the formula. The D-Cell was also mentioned in the Revelation series chapter 22 verses 1 and 17 discussion.

The device that is used to make water more healthy.

An eternal rumor of I Cell inspiration as iONdom's Old Testament.

The D-Cell is the precursor to the iCell. It is “a living water purifier made from soaking grains.” It was grain surrounded by a stone you placed in water that changed the water, and which beneficially affected those who imbibed it. Bob and Carolyn learned about the D-Cell from Joe Dun Sloan in 1969, and over the years, tried to replicate and improve upon the original product. The D-Cell eventually became the iCell with iON.

The predecessor of the i-cell, a water purifier created by Joe Dun Sloan


12 sided sphere

ION refers to theirselves as a dodecahedron

iON: the ground for all of the elements of matter, known and unknown 20170107 Bert: Is there a chemical formula for you, for the dodecahedron? iON: yes would that be the entire ground for the current periodic table plus the unknown elements that exist in the periodic table? You’re the ground for all elements? iON: and those you don’t know

Non-Physical – separated from the whole ascended being.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: iON is represented in each angle of a dodecahedron. It’s a geometric shape that contains all angles. Fractals are related to the angles of a dodecahedron. The angel diagram is rhombic dodecahedron that pulsates.

no clue

+ 17 foot = iON

The dodecahedron is one of iON’s primary visual means of describing a wealth of topics from what they are, what the structure of the universe is, parallel worlds, triangulation and a whole host of other physical and non-physical dynamics. When iON first emerged, it (or “they”) used many terms to describe itself, one of which was as, “a dodecahedron of zillions of entities, which we have easier access to than before, because of the thinning of the veil.” iON later updated this to, “every angle of a dodecahedron of each angle of an angle” and more. iON said they chose that description, “because we like how folks marvel at a perfect, six-cornered symmetry that comes in a dodecahedron. “ iON sees via “tactile angles of the dodecahedron.” When iON was asked how many of them (iON) exist in this world, they responded, “Every angle in a double dodecahedron, and each angle from those twelve sides when you split the pyramid in half each one of those degrees of shift and change would be a representation of 100,000 of us.” A rhombic dodecahedron is a convex polyhedron with 12 congruent rhombic faces and 14 vertices (the 14 relates to the 14 in the Angel Diagram and chromosome 14). A rhombic dodecahedron is a shape that can be made by inverting and joining several pyramids with square bases, and iON has emphasized this aspect. The rhombic dodecahedron can be used to tessellate three-dimensional space. A tessellation of a flat surface is the tilting of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. In mathematics, tessellations can be generalized to higher dimensions and a variety of geometries. When asked if pyramids will be bridges to other parallel worlds, iON responded, “That’s a nice way to describe it.” Bob, "It will be a new grand central station?" iON, "Half of a dodecahedron at its base." Bob, "Half? Where’s the other half?" iON, "In another pyramid." iON has related triangulation to the pyramids and “line points in a dodecahedron,” which Bob called, “The mathematization of the non-physical for the fallen man... Triangulation is the mathemetization of non-physical actions.”

A visual space representation of iON (the environment of the guf)



One of iON's favorite music genres - to be listened by ALL

Power of the human voice

a spectacular tonal display of frequency

The space between the lines (frequency).

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Fa-So-La is the magic tune, it’s atonal. Fa So La adjusts the frequency of the body’s cells. One doesn't listen to Fa-So-La; Fa-So-La listens to you. “Fa” is 392.00 hertz, “La” is 246.94 hertz, and “So” is 261.63 Hertz.

no clue

A multi-voice-generated vibrational proximity surround-sound anointment/attunement.

Also known as “Sacred Harp” music. Sacred Harp singing is a tradition of sacred choral music that originated in New England and was later perpetuated and carried on in the American South of the United States. The name is derived from The Sacred Harp, a ubiquitous and historically important tunebook printed in shape notes. Sacred Harp music is performed a cappella (voice only, without instruments) and originated as Protestant Christian music (although, iON has been elusive about the specific origin of this tradition). iON says the fa-so-la is not music. iON has provided frequencies for the fa-so-la as, “FA is 392.00HZ, SO is 261.63HZ, and LA 246.94HZ” and said, “You can also multiply or divide any frequency by two.” When asked, “Is singing the fa-so-la to perfect your body, physically?” iON responds, “It will perfect your frequency, perfectly. It changes your body frequency. Ascended bodies have a specific frequency.” iON, "That frequency does affect how cells reproduce. So, therefore, yes, the frequency, tone, or energy of fa-so-la will change human cells." iON, "And fa-so-la lines up those frequencies... If they get in a circle and sing to you, they can change your Hodgkins to non-lymphoma."

Vestal Goodman-like music


Freek-n-See! The number of occurrences in a recurring event.

Shapes matter

the measurement of the peaks and valleys of sound waves


The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The period of pitch of a relegated frequency or wavelength that is plottable in a span. Everything is frequency. The angel diagram has sine and cosine frequencies in it. Three frequencies are important for ascension: 1) 3.2887 MHz for the Ascher loop 2) 4.8347 MHz for theta waves 3) 6.944 MHz for the ascended cell frequency. If the cell gets within the perfect frequency of 6.944 MHz, the cell will be elevated to 144,000 double helix strands. Frequencies can be considered as double helix strands.

Ion and Bob help one raise their frequency. With the accession the frequency is raising.

Vibration based on an angle.

iON, “Everything physical is a hertz or megahertz frequency. And, so, are you a vibration.” The frequencies of the world are shifting toward Ascension and, “If you can stand the new frequencies, you win. If you can’t, then you die.” Frequency also represents cycle, or the timing of a repeating aspect; or, in iON’s words, “Freakency is how frequently you get your freak on.” iON, “It is a period event, but it is not time.” Frequency is also timing (not time); of how frequently the “tick tock” of the clock is. Periodicity is how often something happens. It is circular. Time is linear and doesn’t work. Frequency occurs in waves, with wavelength and amplitude indicating higher and lower frequencies. These can be graphed using Sin and Cosine equations to determine amplitude and period of a frequency wave. Frequency is non-visual. The RnA Reset Drops and Living Water, “Change your frequency so you can hear the new music." iON, "When you start getting into different frequencies... Well, once you start coming into your creation power, you notice that your megahertz frequency that's emitted from you is different.” iON has also said that, “tonality molds frequency, and peripheral stimulation molds tonality.” Frequency is one of the eight primary states or factors of being, which include “hendiadys (which may include duality), resonant interval, capacity, frequency, tone, magnetism, polarity and vibrational proximity (which has been replaced by the interval).” The Ascending/Ascended aren’t concerned with these eight factors. iON has given the Ascended frequency as “6.138247.” iON, "Energy is a space holder for frequency load.” iON, "Everything has frequency, but living things can cause frequency." iON, "The frequency in a wavelength… It just simply describes the number of oscillations of a cycle per second. When you have a wavelength, it describes the distance between one wave and the next. The wavelength and the frequency are inseparable; intertwined. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. And that's how you do everything. So, you said, ‘may we jump to such and such,’ and that's the process by which you do it. The EMF [Electromagnetic Frequency]." Frequency also refers to the “lines and spaces” (which can be considered as the “gap,” the “interval” and also regarding music). On the Angel Diagram, the outer rings, 8-14, represent frequencies. iON has said that shifts in our megahertz frequency will allow us to “walk between the lines and spaces.” iON says you can get to the frequency of a tree and communicate with the tree, or walk through it and portal. iON says they can answer our questions before we ask them, because they are able to, “step between those spaces to know your asking.” The cloud, using carbon, bonding to our cells, will allow us to do this also. Specifically, iON, “Carbon, carbonite, and carbon-laced layers” will “open megahertz frequencies that allow you to slip through the spaces.”
The sin and/or cosine wave that represent the world you're in.



6 atoms of hydrogen, the 6 bodies

the muddy wake of audile-tactile awareness

by six

post-Android Meme; post-words; Rap Music!


The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Hexadic is the shift to the transformation of nonphysical merging with our bodies creating the sixth body. Bob’s Tiny note chart is about the Hexad.

not sure

Bob discussing Bob's Chart post iON's arrival.

From Bob’s Tiny Note Chart, “Waiting for organic bodies, the spinning clothing crystals have danced the hexad(vertisement).” Hexadic refers to the tumultuous phase post-2008 – iONdom, which moves through the Heptadic to the Octad. It is post-Five Bodies, post-Android Meme period of transformation of iONic hegemony, defined as the “domination of prepondering influence of the phatic turmoil period.” The tumultuous hexadic is post-birth of iON, where we engage the products of iONdom. iON has referred to the Septad (the intermediary phase before the Octad) as bringing us to the “troposphere.” The Septad then moves to the Octad, or paradise; the Book of Genesis. And past the Octad is the ngone, or Ninth Gate (iON moved us from the 8 to the 9; in math, ‘n’ can represent any number; infinite variables; no rules). iON told Bob that we moved past the Octad in 2016. iON has said the ngone already is, and we’re just recognizing it.

Bob claims, "I always said that Carolyn would be the haxadic level beyond the Android Meme", the AP level of Bob's tiny note chart (WAITING FOR ORGANIC BODIES!)



The energy/frequency that I swim in. The un-environment

What came after Templedom, Christiandom, then IONdom

the Gateway to ascension; the Keyhole

Awareness of (but not fully experienced) environment of one’s power.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: iONdom is a new kind of science that puts aside the bullshit. iONdom is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality.

First there was Templardom, then Christiandom and now iondom. Iondom is the kingdom of god on earth, biblical prophecy realized.

Little mans' Apocalypse & Christendom's Successor.

This is a term coined very soon after iON emerged to represent iON, in particular, the affects/effects of iON and those affected/effected by iON in total. The scope and effects of the phenomenon referred to as iON is partly demonstrated in iON’s statement, “'First there was Templardom, then there was Christendom, now there will be iONdom.'

The merger between physical and non-physical in which non-physical has come forth to create, this is the first time an environment has come forth to explain its effects to those that "have ears to hear."


Labyrinth of the Mind

That noisy place in the mind

Never-ending story

the Inner Kingdom

Little Man’s quest for control and power.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The labyrinth of the mind is a conduit that has many capacities to wax and wanes through any single thought. It’s a very complex parking garage. The labyrinth of your mind is separated into four quadrants. The four quadrants have different diodes that they connect to and hitch to and unhitch to and connect to and un-connect to. Those different splits within the labyrinth of the mind are divided from the 1st, and 2nd dorsal. The angel diagram represents the labyrinth.

the negative function of thinking/thoughts

The Printing Press dreaming.

This is one-third of the trinity that makes a human: the physical, non-physical, and labyrinth of the mind. iON claims that we want to have these three parts all working together, “If you can merge the physical and non-physical without offending the labyrinth of your mind” that is Ascension. In other words, “never mind”; “relax and allow”; “no attention or action required”; “not offending the rules and regulations (e.g., concepts/beliefs, etc.)” you have embraced. These three aspects (physical, non-physical, labyrinth of the mind) are not separate, but iON makes a distinction, a concept, so people can get it and then move past it to know they are merged. Very early on, iON said that there is one path in and one path out of the labyrinth of the mind. Carolyn, "Is that labyrinth of the mind in the physical, or the non-physical - where is that?" iON, "It's a separate part. We're trying to bring it to a place where the physical and your non-physical doesn't offend the labyrinth of your mind." iON gives a sifting flower analogy, “One is the flour, and one is being. What's being sieved is what's going through the mind. The physical is actually sifting, and getting the benefit of the sifted particulate - in your physicalness. But it's a three-part thing. It's like the same thing when we said that the heart is separate. Even contained in the pericardium that holds it separate from your physical, but it is part of your physical.”

The mind is meant to monitor the autonomic system but the labyrinth of the mind appears to be a characteristic of fallen man. It is a labyrinth!...a puzzle of uncertainty! It has been suggested that the merging of the physical and non-physical allows human creators to see over the walls of the labyrinth and move from thinking to KNOWING.

Little Man

Someone who still thinks that they know something

Small you

the un-ascended state of a human being

The part of a living being separated from his power.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: A “Little man” is a human that does not know they are God and has only one set of double helix strands. Thinking is what got us in to the “Little man” predicament.

people who aren't ascending/ascended

Worshiping the mortal coils of time, space and death.

Unascended man; in particular, one who chooses not to Ascend. iON has said that, “little man has to find little reasons to be little.” This distinction, or difference is illustrated grammatically in the Bible and in The Emerald Tablets using capitalization (e.g., God vs god, He vs he and Man vs man). Jesus is quoted in the bible as saying, “Ye are gods.” And iON also considers humans as gods. The bible makes a distinction between “God” and “god” in many chapters. Psalm 82:1, 'God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the "gods"'. And in Psalm 82:5-7 it says, 'The "gods" know nothing, they understand nothing. They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. 6 I said, "You are 'gods'; you are all sons of the Most High." 7 But you will die like mere mortals; you will fall like every other ruler.”' Little man was a phrase iON used early on, but later dropped, saying there were no more little men. Bob has noted that iON’s public statements should be considered as being to all audiences, meaning, user is content; the listener decides if they are Ascending/Ascended or not. That being said, there is a chemical/biological (and frequency) difference, however, between unascended and the Ascending/Ascended, which can be scientifically shown or validated. To the Ascended/Ascending, it might be said, no distinctions are made, required, or even noticed.

An ascended human creator that has chosen to separate themselves from their place of power.


Middle Kingdom

The Kingdom where all that IS resonates

Where the inner and outer kingdom end up

the physical body

The "Here and Now".

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The middle kingdom is a person’s now and is where emotions are felt. It is the whole organism of the person. Tactility is only experienced in the Middle Kingdom. It is where duality originates and where rules are set. The Middle Kingdom can be considered cellular because it’s always adjusting. The feet and hands are always in the middle kingdom; they are tactile and are the organs of the middle kingdom. The middle kingdom organizes the body and mind into consciousness in the now.

between upper and lower worlds.

Herbert Marshall McLuhan humming a hymn: 'Hmm.'

This is your larger “now”. In the beginning, iON made the following statement, “You have dimensions of layers in this world... Your dimensions here in this world are divided into three kingdoms. The Middle Kingdom is now. That’s where you would notice another dimension. The Inner Kingdom is in your heart. That's something you would hold in your heart; an emotion you won’t let out. Or an emotion that is wrought and tugs on your heart strings and you don’t know why. And The Outer Kingdom, which is in the periphery; which you may or may not engage... It doesn’t have to be in your Inner or Middle Kingdom, because the sky can fall but it doesn’t have to fall on you. And yet, it can still be within your dimensional understanding as 'is.'” iON later dropped these divisions, saying the kingdoms have merged. In 2016, iON used the term “Middle Kingdom” to refer to the upside down place referenced in the TV show “Stranger Things.” The upside down was a dimension that iON says, “Does not provide for Ascension,” and which was creating many anomalies in our experiences. iON suggested that some were briefly stuck in this Middle Kingdom, and/or had almost slipped into this dimension, but we happily got past it. The concept or model of the three kingdoms (and other models) is a means to get us to the point of not having to have any model of what we are. iON later seemed to suggest that the cloud would complete the Middle Kingdom dialectic, or conversation.

The middle kingdom is NOW, which is a constituent of the the three kingdoms (inner, outer, and middle). The ascended human creator only has the middle kingdom as all three kingdoms merge.




Hobab. Either father-in-law or brother-in-law of Moses wife, Zephora

the guy behind the scenes making it all happen

Bob - the original Dark Soul

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Bob is Ophenelle Hobab. He was an associate of Moses. He helped Moses setup the pyramids as a storage facility for what iON is fixing to do next.

no clue

Bob trying to find out what Bob's up to?

Alternatively spelled Ophanel Hobab. iON says Bob is Ophanel Hobab, who is only mentioned by name twice in the bible (Numbers 10:29 and Judges 4:11). It is unclear who Ophanel is, but Judges 4:11 suggests he is the father-in-law of Moses. iON says Ophanel was around about 4,000 years ago, but dates are meaningless. Ophanel is also an associate of St. Germain and others, and was referenced by Nostradamus as being in the Loire Valley in France 500 years ago. iON says Ophanel gave Moses the clay tablets with the commandments written on them. Also, Ophanel set up the pyramids as a storage facility for Dobbstown artifacts and what iON says, “We’re fixing to do next.”

Bob Dobbs/Dean/Neveritt/Marshall as depicted in the bible. The human creator responsible for "the fall" from ascended human creator to little man. This person convinced everyone it would be fun...


Parallel Worlds

Worlds like ours that we move in and out of constantly

Multiple worlds that you can travel to

the 144,000 Me's

Triangulated points within one’s sphere.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Parallel worlds are referenced in the book of Revelation as the “Bottomless pit” and “Wilderness”. Parallel worlds are conduits to the earth. Atoms that have the electrons are bouncing around the nucleus; the electrons can be in two places at the same time which proves the existence of parallel worlds.
with the lifting of the veil more people/events are slipping into parallel worlds.

'Mirror-mirror, Here, at The Wall...'

Other worlds, which are too vast to count, were all made by human creators. iON says human creators slip in and out of parallel worlds every day. Many parallel worlds resemble our own with only some details changed.

Duplicates of this world with anomalies and differentials, engaged through portals. Parallel world's have different frequencies


Of the blood, contains authority as well as power

the ascended state of BEING

Complete happiness.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Power is the conductivity from the bond of physical and nonphysical. Those who are in the ascension process take their power over the angels. The power will hit everyone between the eyes.

what we have and must claim as gods

Even when alone.

As God, we have all power. Early on, iON said that we separated ourselves from our power and put it in the Ark of the Covenant, and that we created a veil to separate us from the Ark; from our power. That veil has been rent in two, and the power is being released from the Ark and back into the human creator, “whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not.” iON said that the process of coming back into one’s power is the merging of you and YOU; also Ascension. iON has said that we now have a part of ourselves that knows what it’s like to not be in our power, and that is apparently good to know.
Being and knowing that you are in fact the center of your own universe and using this bias to create the fastest path to your joy in your middle kingdom.


Shewbread (showbread)

Everlasting food that supports the structure and function of the cells in the body

Bread of life

I don't know - Dr. Dean's The Ultimate future product

Sustenance containing the God particle.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Shewbread is the mana from heaven. It is also called the “bread of life”. Mana is a life-sustaining ascension food that contains iCells.

rna drops

The first time we eat it is the last time we ate it.

In the bible, shewbread literally translates to “bread of the face,” which seems to indicate the bread through which God is seen. iON has also called it, “The Bread of Life”, and says that it is forthcoming, as is the Living Water. iON seems to relate shewbread and manna, or use them interchangeably, but scripture seems to make a distinction. In scripture, the shewbread are twelve cakes, or loaves that sit on “The Table of Shewbread,” also referred to as the “Table of Presence“ in the holy place of the tabernacle. iON has said the white stone mentioned in the bible, which refers to the iBlock, is not manna, but “it comes with it.” iON said that we had to have the RnA Drops before we were able to consume the Bread of Life and Living Water, because they would have been too much for us to take. In a discussion about the cloud, someone asks iON if the capacitor is the Bread of Life and iON responds, “It would be used to access it, but it is not, indeed, the Bread of Life.” iON moved from the cloud to electricity that is EMP proof. iON said that that electricity will come through a process, beginning with the RnA Drops, then going into manna/shewbread, and then into Living Water, iON, “Then what happens is that sets a whole new paradigm. And then another thing is wrought from that culmination. That wrought thing will allow you to have electricity that’s EMP proof. So, when the EMP comes, you will be the only one that has electricity.” iON has seemed to intimate that shewbread may activate carbon in one’s body, and carbon relates to the cloud.

A term that has great controversy in iONdom. It is a substance that is mentioned in the bible and may be referring to our very own RnA drops. The RnA drops have been referred to as the "bread of living water" which is a play on words using the biblical terms "shewbread" and "living water."


Tachyonic (TachiONic :)

An elementary particle that moves faster than the speed of light

TachiONic!!! YIPPEE!!!

Interplay of the senses

charged interaction in the gap; the interplay between cells; tactiONic tactilONic - the 'l' is inside iON - represents the interplay, in between, in iON

A demonstration of no time.
The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: Tachyons are not charged or neutral, but they always go faster than the speed of light. The tachyons are going to undo all the rules regarding the five bodies because tachyons go faster than the recordable speed of light. Tachyons are an energy flow that has no bounds; they are the experience of timelessness. The Escher in ring 7 of the angel diagram could be referenced as tachyonic. iON has always been creating tachyonically.

no idea


Wikipedia: “A tachyon or tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always moves faster than light. Most physicists believe that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics.” Bob has used the tachyon as a reference for an aspect that is outside of and not subject to the false premises of time and space, “Everything has already happened on the tachyonic level.” iON has referred to the term tachyon as, “The play… the interplay, at a sub-nano structure, that has an effect on the larger cellular, I guess you would say, 'reality,’ because that’s what it’s all subject to. So, you can have a different or a new experience that could be validated." iON has said that tachyons, via a tachyon pulse, will undo all of the rules regarding the bodies, because tachyons go faster than our recordable speed of light. iON, “It’s not the tachyon, it’s the tachyon pulse.” iON, “Once you dispel time, then you no longer have to age.”

A hypothetical particle that violates the laws of classical physics by moving faster than light and possessing imaginary mass. It has been discussed than iONdom has brought in the tachiONIC, the notion of the human creator that is in the resonant interval between many parallel worlds. Also, describing the discarnate state of the electronic environment where you in fact can be in two places at once.

The Four Winds

Winds from the North, East South, West

What the angels release. Chemical gases

undefined forces held back and then released by the angels

The activation of the 144,000 strands of double helix DNA.

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: The DNA works like the four winds. The four winds are the noble gases: neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe) which are the basic constituents of the ascended cell. They are the baseline of the DNA which activates the DNA. The baseline is what the double helix springs from. The winds are in ring 1 of the angel diagram, (VA, NA, EL, LE). The angels in ring 2 are holding back the winds in ring 1. The new winds have 16 electrons before there were only 8 electrons. The 4 winds are on each tip of chromosome 14.

the angels in the diagram are holding back the four winds, which would cause the negative timeline if they were not held back.

Destruction of little man world by Bob.

In the Book of Revelation, the angels hold back the four winds. Releasing the four winds would destroy little man’s world. iON has said that the winds have never been released before, so we don't know what will happen. iON has said that DNA works like the four winds blowing. iON has likened the winds to frequencies that move via the chromosomes through the body. The four winds have also referred to the four noble gases: neon, crypton, argon and xenon.

Edekiel, Adamiel, Emeliel, Ogahel and Orabiel are the four angels plus the angel of the east that are holding back to these winds that represent the destruction of little man's world.

Trebler / Applier

Increasing frequency

the DOing part of frequency

The knowing that is applied when triangulating frequencies.

the chip body (thanks Bart)

The following words were documented from private sessions or public engagements with iON: A trebler is a disturbance. All noble gases are treblers. RNA drops are a magnetic trebler. The chip body is a trebler.
no idea.

'It's all about the bass.'

These two terms shift and blend a bit in iON’s usage. iON, "The trebler only works if you apply it. You have to apply it. Otherwise, it is just a trebler." iON, "A trebler is one that's confounded by their new place of knowing that they knew… and they have to find their toolbox to get an applier.” Some exchanges of note. iON is asked if old sessions are relevant now. iON, "More relevant now than then… We keep mentioning there is no time. So, therefore the timed elements don’t become timeless until you remove the capacitor; the trebler, as it were." Bob asks iON if there is a parental influence on a caller. iON, "It does. Of course you know it does. But it’s not about that. It’s the trebler. You never know how much base there is until you deal with the trebler. She’s not gauging the frequency of her base. She’s still concerning herself with the trebler." Bob, "And the trebler is the modulator?" iON, "Maybe. It’s all about the base, Bob. No treble. She’s hung up in the treble. Got to bring the booty back." iON also referred to argon with regard to the body, saying argon is the trebler, “Argon becomes as large or great as oxygen, and oxygen becomes the level of argon.”

It's all about the base no treble! The base is the physical meat sack body and if that's sorted out then the trebler (non-physical) can make a seamless connection. The Trebler is the figure in the figure ground relationship between the physical (ground) and non-physical (figure) in the ascension process.

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