Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Taking on the New Art History Critics—Adam Lauder, Greg Betts & Adam Welch

Attention Mr. Adam Lauder:

I just ordered your OUT OF SCHOOL tome and I'll be looking for one quotation by McLuhan that nobody discusses:

Greg Betts is aware of it but he didn't apply it so he found only NOTHING:

If you don't have it, then your book (based on what Amazon says it's about) will be tossed aside.

The problem with the new batch of young "art" critics is they continue selling University courses that don't get us out of/away from celebrating the Sisyphus act of propping up Book City (the university) as it exploits art-industry history and its active denizens ("artists") on behalf of the Universities' filibuster.

29 May 2024, Office Hours

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