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What Youth?, Partial Transcript, 7 April 2020

What Youth?

Transcribed by Nan

Bob 25:37
Carolyn told me she's reading a book on the Corona virus. What is that diet, Carolyn? The Corona virus diet?

Carolyn 25:53
Carnivore diet.

Bob 25:54
Carnivore! Very close. [iON laughs] She's reading a book on the carnivore diet, the Corona virus diet.

iON 26:01
You can have meat and ice cream and wine and whiskey [Bob laughs] and anything you wanna eat. It's the best diet ever! We like it! We like it.

Bob 26:09
I haven't, I haven't seen Carolyn so shocked. Let me say this, iON. [iON laughs] I haven't seen Carolyn as shocked in years. She's reading this book that says plants are out to get you. Plants are the demons, so eat nothin' that's plant-like. And I go, they actually believe that shit? And Carolyn said that's right. Carolyn looked very despondent -- for just a few minutes. [iON laughs] Right, Carolyn? Did I get it right? Is that the basic ideology?

Carolyn 26:35
[in background] Yes.

Bob 26:35
So, I think Sue went nuts. When Sue wasn't with us for two years, she went fuckin' nuts! And she started reading these ridiculous books! So, we hope that she gets balanced.

iON 26:47
Does that mean, so does that mean you can or cannot eat the tamale out of a lobster?

Bob 26:53
[chuckles] You deal with that, Carolyn, I don't know what those words mean. It sounds funny though.

iON 26:58
It's what is in the intestinal tract of the lobster what the lobster ate, which probably isn't meat. But if you eat the lobster, can or you can or cannot eat the tamale out of a lobster? That's what they ate.

Bob 27:13
You know what he's talking about, Carolyn?

Carolyn 27:16
Yeah, it's the red waxy stuff in the lobster that I don't eat.

Bob 27:21
What about it?

iON 27:22
Yeah, that's the vegetables.

Carolyn 27:22
If you're a carnivore -- Yeah. If you're a carnivore, you shouldn't eat that because it's from vegetation.

Bob 27:24
Okay. And so you can't eat it if you're a carnivore.

iON 27:28
But it's in, but it's in the lobster. But it's in the lobster. Eatin' the lobster is meat, so that's the question. That's the only thing that bothers me about it is that do you or do you not eat the tamale out -- the intestines of the lobster?

Bob 27:52
Yeah. So, it shows you...

iON 27:56
It's delicious en croute.

Bob 27:58
You know, Carolyn, this shows you this is why I should be an annual lecturer to the medical profession. This is an example of the old environment becoming art form. And anybody can make anything out of it. So you take old nature and you divide it up between meat and the plants, and declare plants -

iON 28:15
On my god.

Bob 28:16
- an agnostic demon, and meat will save you.

iON 28:19
Carolyn! Carolyn.

Bob 28:20
See, that becomes playful because you don't live in that Chemical Body stomach anymore. You live a visual stomach. That's what people really live on.

iON 28:28
Your husband, your husband has become Mike Douglas! It's the Mike Douglas show! [laughs]

Bob 28:33
[chuckles] Yeah, okay. That's right.

Nikolas 28:36
The greatest artist in the world, Bob. You're the greatest.

Bob 28:39
But you get that, Carolyn? It's art form with the old Chemical Body. And so, people go for these theories. They're like art movements in the old days.

iON 28:47
A movement? There's some movements all right.

Bob 28:49
Yeah. What kind of bowel movement do you get on that, Carolyn, on the all-meat diet?

iON 28:54
Can you quit working, Bob?

Bob 28:56
Yeah, can you quit working on that diet?

iON 28:59
No. Are you ready for that part?

Carolyn 29:02
I don't think... For me, I doubt if there'd be enough fiber to get your bowels working happily.

Bob 29:08

Carolyn 29:10
But yeah, iON...

iON 29:11
I guess you apply a lot of cheese. Pack a lot of cheese in with it, that'll help. Magnesium helps. Magnesium, if you take enough of magnesium, it'll help. It'll help. But it's good.

Carolyn 29:20
So, the way they're making plants the enemy, what they're saying is plants in order to procreate and survive, they produce poisons to stop animals from eating them. So when humans eat the plants in large quantities, they get poisoned. [Bob laughs] But I mean, what I would say is that people don't eat or shouldn't need a bushel of kale and give themselves kale poisoning, but they should be able to eat anything they want. And as a God, you should.

iON 30:04
Is it fried kale or regular kale?

Carolyn 30:08
Oh, yeah, I know, it doesn't matter. But anyway...

iON 30:11
Fried kale is pretty good if you put enough salt and grease on it.

Carolyn 30:15
You keep talking about more protein, more protein, more protein. So, I bet you're a secret carnivore. Right, iON?

iON 30:24
Oh, we love it. Yeah, you gotta have meat. You gotta have meat. You gotta have protein to balance it. You have to have protein because people eatin' enough of everything else. But see, we don't ever, we don't ever talk about that. We talk about protein as opposed to carbs 'cause everything is about the carbs actually, because none of it has any nutritional value per se, per se, anymore.

Bob 30:48
None of it.

iON 30:48
Because without the Completement Formulas, without the Completement Formulas, you're screwed. You're screwed, so kill yourself, it's okay. It'll be over soon. Doesn't matter. Look at how people are eatin' like a bird and they're morbidly obese. It's all lost carbs. It's all processed to death. So, even when they're eatin' a vegetable, it's deep fried in butter. We got nothin' against butter, but if that's all you eat, it's troublesome after a little while, that's all you're eatin'.

Bob 31:13
And the meat is not processed? Is the meat not as bad as the processed food?

iON 31:19
Who cares? Who cares if it is or not? Eat Spam! What's the difference? Spam is pig. It's like pig is pig. What's the difference? None of it has -- did you kill your own hog? Eat meat out of a can.

Bob 31:32
Hey! So, meat doesn't have any value just like nothing else we call food has any value, nutritious value anymore.

iON 31:40

Bob 31:42

iON 31:42
Lately. That’s a shifting thing. That's a shifting thing. The more Al2(SO4) you get, the more anything you eat is gonna become poisonous. The more Al2(SO4) formula there is, the less food is going to help you. That's why you're finding yourself not eating as much as you normally do.

Bob 32:02

iON 32:02
You only eat half the counter now instead of the whole counter, Bob. It's great.

Bob 32:06
Yes. Yeah, yeah. And I was tempted to go back to puffs, but I didn't because...

iON 32:12
And Snicker Bars. Don't forget Snicker. Don't forget the Snicker Bars, they're the best.

Bob 32:17
They're too sweet for me now.

iON 32:18
A case at a time. Yeah, bless his heart.

Bob 32:21
I got the balanced Living Water.

iON 32:23
You got Living Water and Bread of Life now. You're doin' okay, so you're gonna make it. And it didn't kill you. It didn't kill you.

Bob 32:27
Yeah, I'm not even here. I'm just hanging around for my dinner. Carolyn, I'm not even here. Just hanging around for my dinner.

iON 32:27
And it didn't kill you. So, it's great.

Bob 32:38
[chuckles] So there was another idea about that, Carolyn. So you get the fantasizing of the Chemical Body, and anybody can -- and people need a turn over when there's nothin' there so there's fad diets. All right? Playing with the dead Chemical Body.

Carolyn 32:51
Right. Right!

iON 32:55
Sue said it right. Sue said it right. She don't care. She said she eats her vegetables in the belly of a pig.

Bob 33:03
She just typed that?

iON 33:05
Yeah. She eats what eats vegetarian. She loves ribeyes. Who figgin' cares. Good, Sue.

Bob 33:12
She doesn't eat vegetarian.

iON 33:14
No, she eats what the vegetarians eat.

Bob 33:18
And what's that?

iON 33:20
Pigs or sheep eat vegetation, and she eats what the vegetation eats.

Bob 33:28

iON 33:28
The animals eat the vegetation, so she gets her turnip greens inside of a cow. That's what she's sayin'.

Bob 33:29
I see. Yeah.

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