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The Battle of the Tetrad-Managers in the “Virtual” Solar Government

Allen (“It's a CIA world”) Dulles and Richard Bissell vs. Marshall (“Why Canadians Must Be Dull”) McLuhan and Claude Bissell.

Dulles becomes head of the CIA in 1952 = McLuhan gets his tenure in 1952.

Richard Bissell becomes head of the CIA’s Deputy Director of Plans in 1958 = Claude Bissell becomes President of the University of Toronto in 1958.

Dulles and R. Bissell conspire with the Mafia and Nazis from 1958-62 when Bissell then leaves the CIA in 1962 = McLuhan and C. Bissell conspire with the local media from 1958-62 when McLuhan then drops specialist literary criticism and moves into a comprehensive “media ecology” role in 1962.

Jean DeMenil - eventual father-in law of Ted Carpenter is a suspect in the Dallas-LBJ milieu around the JFK assassination.

Dulles becomes ill in 1967 and dies in 1969 = McLuhan becomes ill in 1967 but recovers in 1969.

“Rhyee”, the original separateness, returns to the "Plane of Essence” while Ralph Duby, channeler of "Cosmic Awareness" (1962-67), dies of multiple heart attacks in Hawaii on Jan.22, 1967.

Testing the waters for expansion into the traditional landscape of the CIA, McLuhan, Carpenter, Harley Parker, and George Thompson run a salon and present classes at Fordham University for a year - September, 1967, to September, 1968.

This decentralization venture is a failure, and the “team” returns to Toronto to occupy a new building - what would become the well-known “Coach House” on the campus of the University of St. Michael’s College, the Roman Catholic (Basilian) part of the University of Toronto.

McLuhan invites Bob Dobbs to assist McLuhan at the Coach House under the cover of the role of “unpaid archivist” in late 1968 since Harley Parker was becoming ineffective due to illness.

Bob (with his "Secret Council of Ten" employer) encourages C. Bissell to take McLuhan to the Bilderberg conference in May, 1969.

Bob suggests McLuhan hire his brother, Maurice, to replace Harley Parker.

Claude Bissell retires from his role as President of the University of Toronto in 1971.

Barrington Nevitt (“British” intelligence) is brought “in” to replace Bissell’s role with McLuhan.

Maurice McLuhan is replaced by George Thompson in 1972.

Bob attends every Monday Night seminar from 1972 until late 1979, basically “monitoring” (on behalf of McLuhan whose health is up and down) the many interlopers dropping into the Coach House.

McLuhan and Bob conspire to make Bob the Chairman of the Secret Council of Ten (“Echelon" {front for the Solar Government} modeled on the secret “Star Chamber” in the medieval empire of Venice).

McLuhan, the victor, goes full steam-ahead as the Director of the CIA for the Solar Government until the Battle of the Harvest Moon on Sept.27, 1977, when the Rockefellers are toppled and replaced in the Pentagon by exiled Bolsheviks expelled from the Soviet Union.

The Bolsheviks in the Pentagon put the USA on a "first-strike" posture while weakening McLuhan and Bob’s “conspiracy”. Bob is forced to leave Dallas and move to Toronto in late 1977.

McLuhan has a stroke on September 26, 1979.

The Monday night seminars end on December 3, 1979, with Walter Bowart (sponsored by Bob) being the last “guest” speaker (Bowart is the author of “Operation Mind Control” (1978), the eventually legendary first book on the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program that was originally suppressed for 20 years.

The Coach House closes in June, 1980, and McLuhan dies on December 31, 1980, ending the “Toronto” influence as the new “Illuminati” (according to Don Theall, president of Trent University from 1980 to 1987) during the 1970s.

Bob teams up with Dr. Peter Beter, Walter Bowart, Sherman Skolnick, Frank Zappa, David Worcester, FINNEGANS WAKE, Lyndon LaRouche, and Mae Brussell to counter the huge “detour” implemented by the Pentagon under the “virtual" Presidency of Ronald Reagan as we move into the new environment of the Universal Government, sidelining the Solar Government.

NOTES: RICHARD BISSELL (sometimes one has to click on "Richard M. Bissell" twice to get to his Wiki entry) and ALLEN DULLES vs. CLAUDE BISSELL and MARSHALL McLUHAN

“Must we continue TO MOW DOWN THE KENNEDYS in order to illustrate that the hot politics of the old machines won't work on the cool and involving TV medium?” - Marshall McLuhan, Forward to THE INTERIOR LANDSCAPE, 1969, p.xiv
Bob Dobbs

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