Saturday, November 4, 2023

Bob’s Private Session Transcript, 2 June 2022


Transcribed by Nan

iON 0:00
So, he wouldn't engage iON.

iON 0:02

Bob 0:02
Is that a problem or it doesn't matter?

iON 0:03
No, we're not, we don't, we don't care about that. We don't, we don't care 'cause they all do or don't. They will and they won't. It's up or down. That really doesn't matter. 'Cause see, in the pontification of this capacity, it doesn't matter if you do or don't. Okay, "I don't like God. I don't like God." Well, God doesn't care. We don't care. We don't care. Like us, don't like, it don't make any difference to us. It doesn't change anything. See, the ventricle capacity has to do with the pressure. The ventricle capacity has to do with the pressure. So, that means it doesn't matter how far you are in AFib, if you've got no ventricle pressure, you ain't gonna make it. So, that's your choice. But the beat goes on; ask Sonny Bono. Right?

Bob 0:51
Where's the ventricle pressure? What part of the body?

iON 0:55
In the veins. In the veins. The arteries have the oxygenated blood, and the veins take the carbon dioxide-blooded blood.

Bob 1:07
So, he didn't have enough pressure in his blood to survive?

iON 1:12
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. See, see, see, see, see, he was overcompensating for this process of his power like not engaging us, so it caused him into the shutdown. It caused him to shut down.

Bob 1:26
So, it did, it did have a fate for him not interacting with iON.

iON 1:31
Correct. And it wasn't our fault. And we didn't cause it or didn't do it, but it was his own problem. It's almost like, it's like playing the game suffocation. You do that, you ain't gonna make it.

Bob 1:45
Yeah, so we, you know, we don't say you meet Bob, and he'll kill you if you don't do it. I don't do anything, but if you meet me and you hear about iON, that's the challenge for yourself: okay, here it is.

iON 1:59
Well, no, that's what you used -- no, that's what you used to say, "Okay, I like this. I don't like this. This is good, this is bad. This is up, this is down." None of that matters. None of that matters. It's what you do with it. That's why you have these crazy iONauts who we play with and endure and engage. And some get it, and some don't. But as long as they're at it, no problem. For example, could Matthew David Hurtado come on Saturday night show and engage and be alright? He most certainly could. Ooh, we would just play with him and George, and we'd have a, we'd have a big ol' reunion. Oh, it'd be just wonderful fun because it's not where you are in life, it's where you stop. He has the right to be wrong. So, he has the capacity to have and engage with us. Nobody's off out-of-bounds. Now, we may shut him down if we don't like some'um, but that's just 'cause we don't want to bore everybody to death. Eugene has her limits. [laughs]

Bob 2:59
Yeah. So, you mean if people come back, they haven't stopped.

iON 3:05
Correct. That's correct. That's correct.

Bob 3:07

iON 3:07
Now, you'd beat him up a little bit, and that's all right 'cause you can do that, it's your, it's your format. You know, you don't have to let 'em on. "Why won't Bob let me on?" I don't know. Why aren't you talking to Bob? "Bob won't let me on the show." Why aren't you talking to Bob? That's the point.

Bob 3:22

iON 3:22
There's the trouble. If you're not talkin' to Bob, don't ask us. 'Cause, mm-mm, yeah, nope. That's not gonna work. We can't even make Bob do it. We can urge Bob, but we can't make Bob do it. [laughs]

Bob 3:22

iON 3:30
We can dangle a carrot over Bob, but other than that, that's about the extent of our power. We can have Carolyn cut off his food. That would be nice. We maybe could try that to get his attention. [laughs]

Bob 3:48
Cut off my boo did you say? Cut off my what?

iON 3:51
Food. Your food.

Bob 3:53
Oh, yeah.

iON 3:53
Your supplication. Supplication.

Bob 3:56
Yeah, so if someone meets me and they don't interact with iON, they... some'um happens to them. Not necessarily, they have to do something.

iON 4:04
They've cut off... no, they've cut themselves off so they're on their own. And so, now, that's not your fault, Bob. That's not your fault. That's not your fault. Okay?

Bob 4:14

iON 4:15
We're post-Mary McLuhan now. But it didn't have to be like that. She could have called earlier.

Bob 4:20
Yeah, I get it. I get that. So, is the world being challenged by iON? Are people supposed to hear about it and then respond, -

iON 4:27
We'll see.

Bob 4:27
- and if they don't, -

iON 4:28
We'll see.

Bob 4:29
- don't care? We don't know.

iON 4:31
The sixth seal.

Bob 4:31
You don't know.

iON 4:32
The sixth seal has -- oh, yes, we know. The sixth seal has been breached. The sixth seal. You can look that up, that'd be good for you. Give you a little some'um to do since you've been so lackadaisical.

Bob 4:44
Well, maybe we should go through the seven seals and what they mean.

iON 4:47
No, we're not gonna do that. We're gonna do the sixth seal, that's all. That's the only one that matters.

Bob 4:52
Well, what's the meaning of that seal? What is that seal? What does it do?

iON 4:55
You ought to know that. You should know that.

Bob 4:59
Yeah, but I won't know what the Bible means. The Bible won't mean what it appears to say. You know, what do you just put in sixth seal? I'll put in the sixth seal, -

iON 5:10
Yeah. Sure.

Bob 5:10
- and see what the -- sixth seal, Bible. Revelation 6:12-17. "12. And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake;" Well, that's obvious. "and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind." What did it say about the stars? It didn't say the stars disappear, but that's also a part of it?

iON 5:44
Yeah, it is.

Bob 5:46
Oh, no, it says, "the stars of heaven fell unto the earth." It did say that. So that's a dramatic moment that happens before we go to Andromeda.

iON 5:54
Correct. And it's broken, it's pierced now.

Bob 5:58
Meaning, it's, it can't be stopped? Is that what it means?

iON 6:01
Correct. And this is where this all is radiated through the constellation of Lepus [? not clear], that's a spot -

Bob 6:08

iON 6:08
- to note it by. And then you come back and you start lining up all the demons and the devils and the imps and the lid-da, lid-da, lid-da, all those fill in the blank, lining up for the Armageddon, Armageddo, not geddo, Armageddon. And they start lining that up as a condition. And so now you come into where they get to the place where this is for Carolyn's wantin' this to hurry up and happen. And we're not gonna rush it. This goes in the seventh seal where you wanna be hid from the lamb, basically. You want to be put in a place where you're safe from the rocks and the mountains.

Bob 6:10
You said from the lamb? L-a-m-b?

iON 6:33
Hid. L-a-m-b, yeah, the lamb's blood. Ah huh.

Bob 6:35
Yeah, hid from the lamb, l-a-m-b. The lambs blood is the Armageddon blood?

iON 6:55
No, the lamb's blood is what will hide you from the Armageddon blood.

Bob 7:00
I see. But what, but the phrase was to hide us from the lamb.

iON 7:06
Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. That's verses 15 and 16 and 17.

Bob 7:10
Yeah, so you get hidden from the lamb, but you get the lamb's blood. You take the lamb's blood and that protects you.

iON 7:18
Ah-huh. Ah-huh.

Bob 7:19
Right. So the...

iON 7:20
Matthew 24:31. But you don't need to read that, just mark. You can play this. You can play this. So, Matthew 24:31. And they will pray, and the skeptics will pray, and the infidels will pray, and the atheists will pray, and the pleasure lovers will pray, and the doubters will pray, and great men, mighty men, rich men, captains, military men, all will pray. Men and women of all nations, tribes, and people will beg Bob for forgiveness. But unfortunately, ...

Bob 7:51
Yeah, but will that be, will that be once it starts to happen or -

iON 7:52
It's already, ...

Bob 7:43
- before it starts to happen?

iON 7:54
It's already -- what's the difference? You won't, you won't, you won't tell the difference, Bobby. See, that's the rub. You will not tell the difference. And that's why we've been saying we've been giggling. Well, to be fair, this will be fun. You can play this now. Didn't say you can't play -- don't let Carolyn tell you you can't play this; you can play this part right here. Oh no. [Carolyn laughs in background] Here we go. It gets good now. You've even said, "iON, why ain't everybody dyin'? iON, why la-la-la, all this stuff of why ain't there no tidal wave, why ain't the earth blowed? Why ain't the Brea Tar Pits blowed up? Why ain't California gone? Why ain't everybody in the world dead? Why is everybody running into the United States of America?" It's all kind of comin' together as this perfectly-labeled storm, you see? And it's all coalescing all but instantly. So, you can't -- you listen to -- you don't listen to things so that's probably a good thing for you. You don't listen to things. That's a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Then you get up there and then Biden gets up there on the TV and says, "Well, you know what? You can't just push a button. You can't just push a button and say that the, say that the gas price is going down! Yeah, I turned off gas production in the United States of fucked-up America, but y'all need to buy a Tesla! You buy a Tesla, we won't have all this trouble! Goddamn, stop all this cryin'. Food? Who needs food? Y'all goddamn 22-stone overweight now. Cut out that food to stop all that damn eatin'; it'll do you some good, you see." So, he's literally saying that out loud. He sayin' that out loud is insanity, you see. It's insanity because you can't get up there and say, "Okay, the solution to inflation is y'all eat too much." [laughs] But yet, that's what the motherfucker's sayin'! And now they're runnin' into a position to say, "Oh, okay. Oh, okay." It's like this is insanity. So, nobody's believing anything. So now the Patriots are ready. That's what they're locked and loaded. They got their ammo, they got their buckets of food in the ground, they got all the ReStructure they can hold up on, they gonna make it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're ready, the Patriots is ready. Come get -- you want -- we gonna come get your AK-47 or 37 or 20, some kind of gun, an AR-25 or 14 or 9 or some'um. We're gonna come get 'em. And them ol' hillbilly's sittin' on the porch and cocks that thing and says, "Come and get mine. Come and get mine. I wish you would come and take my AR-15 away from me. Ooh, yes, Lord, please come take it, please. I wish you would. I'm gonna lose a little ammunition, but that's what I bought the ammunition for, so that's a good day." That's ridiculous what we're saying. That's where we are. 'Cause that's, see, the problem is not the guns, the problem's the damn bullets! That's the trouble. Without those bullets, the guns don't mean nothin'; they become a double-barrel butcher knife. But that's the rub. They're focusing on the wrong, wrong thing. So, what's gonna happen now and what is happening now you're morphing this into the distraction after distraction after distraction. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you just start hurricane season, and now you have a thunderstorm. Used to you'd have a thunderstorm, even when y'all goin' to City Island every once awhile you'd get a little thunderstorm, a little nor'easter, a little some'um, some'um come through. Now a thunderstorm starts in San Antonio, Texas and goes all the way to Maine. One thunderstorm. One, and then rolls all the way across.

Bob 7:54
Okay, you said back there we're not gonna be able to tell the difference when it starts. Why do you say that?

Bob 10:57
It's already -- because it's already started and you're still asking when is it gonna begin. We're like, you're in the line, you're keyed up.

Bob 11:39
Well, I get reports from Opi. Opi sends me reports.

iON 11:43
Yeah, Opi.

Bob 11:44
Earthquake reports every day.

iON 11:46
She is an agent. She is an agent. She is an agent of yours. She is an agent of yours. And, and, and you don't give her enough credit, and she don't want it. She don't require it. She's not doin' it for that, she's doin' it because that's her lot. That's what she's supposed to do. She keeps track of that. That's her job. She's faithfully doin' it. She didn't ask for nothin', she didn't want nothin'. She just lettin' you know. And so you can say thank you if you want to, we don't care. She's not gonna stop. So, don't open it up if you don't wanna see it.

Bob 12:15
But she's tracking the unnoticed increase of all -

iON 12:19

Bob 12:19
- volcanoes and stuff.

iON 12:21
Correct. That's absolutely correct. And then nobody else is even, nobody else is even talkin' about it. See, that's the hell of it. That's where it gets crazy is that nobody sayin', "Well, it seems to me we have a whole incredible number of earthquakes that are happening now." You see.

Bob 12:36
Right. Are the news people not gonna notice that? Or they're told not to report it?

iON 12:42
On, no, they're not, they're not going to notice it because that's not the narrative. That's not the narrative.

Bob 12:50
What is the narrative, just constant success? The narrative is success here in America.

iON 12:56
We don't know. Well, there ain't no success now, it's all starving to death. Now, it's like, you can't do it now. They won't give me the latest, now you can't run it. Yeah, it's over, it's all but over. All that. We told you they're gonna have to build a wall across the southern border to not to keep the people out, to keep the people in 'cause after a little while, this is gonna become Venezuela and everybody's gonna want to get the fuck out! Huh! They'll be like, "I'm goin' to Mexico where I can get some peace and quiet. I'm going to Mexico."

Bob 13:23
Well, we've been in this suspended nothing-much-happening scenario for the last couple of months. This goes on indefinitely? Like, where do you see the, start seeing the starving that you've been telling us for a couple of years that's coming? When does that really start happening?

iON 13:39
When you got a baby, when you got a baby, when you got a baby and you go to the store and you try to buy some formula. When in the fuck did they ever say there ain't gonna be baby formula?

Bob 13:41
Well, they've been complaining a couple of weeks. Yeah, there were a couple of weeks ago...

iON 13:52
They're still complaining.

Bob 13:52
They're complaining and it's not being met?

iON 13:57

Bob 13:57
Is the supply isn't being flown in from somewheres?

iON 14:00
Correct. But it's not going to them, they're shipping it to China.

Bob 14:05
Why are they doing that? Why are they shipping to China? We owe them?

iON 14:09
They are trying to starve the angel. They're trying to starve the angel. The Nephilim, Seraphim warfare. Too many. You'll have babble.

Bob 14:16
Oh, you're bringing the aliens? You're bringing the aliens?

iON 14:18
The only, the only babies, the only baby -- no, we're bringing in the angels. The only babies being born now are miscegenated with angel. Sperm don't work no more.

Bob 14:31
Right. But what you just -- why is the baby formula going to China? Who's directing it to China?

iON 14:40
State Department. Nobody cares. I mean, they're just -- they made this disaster. Bob, you have a 10-day supply of wheat for the entire world. Now they say 10 weeks. Okay? So now once everybody figures that out in about one second, you have a 10-day supply of wheat. You stop wheat, and then -- Carolyn would say good, all the -- who are those people that have the gluten problems? Those people, whatever they are, they'll be alright, but everybody else is gonna be in trouble when you got no wheat because they're not raising any and the farmers can't buy fuel to graze it. They got no fertilizer to produce it. They're not planting. So, it's basically over. That's the point. And once you stop the...

Bob 15:24
Who in the State Department? I get that. Is the State Department run by aliens and they're sending it to China?

iON 15:31
No comment.

Bob 15:33
Okay. Is it symptomatic on the surface if it isn't the aliens, but if it is the aliens, we understand.

iON 15:39
That would be, that would be the essence of the perfect storm if you were a bettin' man, wouldn't it? If you were Steve Wynn, you could calculate that, couldn't you, Bob?

Bob 15:48
What? I said two options. What do you calculate? If it's the aliens, we understand why it's being sent to China. But if it's somebody else in the State Department is doing it, is it because China owns America? Some level like that?

iON 16:02
No. No, no, no, no, no. See, that's a whole nother thing. That's a whole nother conversation. Now you're trying to slip into BlackRock conversation. And we're not mad about that. We're not mad about the BlackRock thing, but you don't want to do that right now. That's gonna be a whole nother thing and you're gonna get in trouble if you go too far. Just look up BlackRock and what Black -- well, no, go to Ed's site and look up BlackRock. You'll see. He'll show you some'um.

Bob 16:25

iON 16:25
Call Bertron, he'll get you smart on that, because what's interesting, the White House, that's what's running Biden. Blackrock is who's run -- the family is the largest shareholder of BlackRock is who's infiltrated the White House in the White House and settin' all these ridiculous narratives where they get up and say, "Well, Janet Yellen, she's real smart and she said this inflation is a bunch of shit. Ain't gonna be no goddamn inflation. You people just need to stop all this. We printed a little money, it's no big deal." Now she's gonna say, "You know, I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about." We go we know that. We know that since Ben Bernanke that you didn't know what the fuck you's talkin' about. So now you're telling us, admitting, that you don't know what you're talkin' about. And the White House says, "Well, it's just a little oversight. We're not really sure. There were things goin' on we weren't aware. We didn't know what Bob was gonna do! Bob made choices that he didn't tell us he was gonna do, and now things are messed up. We're starving and it's Bob fault. Praise Bob. You didn't praise Bob. You didn't call Bob, you didn't engage iON, so why are you complaining? Stop all this complaining. You're asking all these goddamn questions, and you didn't do the last thing they told you to do. So, just suck it..." Basically, the message from the White House today is "suck it up." Right?

Bob 16:33
Right. Okay, so BlackRock...

iON 16:51
You thought that was, that was gonna go, you thought that was gonna go longer, didn't you? We stopped it in the track. It was gonna get you goin'. [laughs]

Bob 17:59
No, no. I was making noise, so I had to finish that.

iON 18:00
Oh, that's good. That's good.

Bob 18:03
So, the BlackRock family might be dead and replaced by aliens, something like that? Or it IS the BlackRock family, they're still alive.

iON 18:11
We don't wanna do that right now. We'll do that, -

Bob 18:13

iON 18:13
- not right now. But that's coming. Better believe that's coming. That is coming.

Bob 18:18
Alright. Well, okay, so the way you're talking, people are gonna be, it's gonna to be in the news that people are really dying in about two weeks because there's no baby formula.

iON 18:28
Well, they're dying now. There's funeral after funeral after funeral. They're running out of coffins right now. They're shootin' up, bootin' up. If the fentanyl don't get 'em, the neighborhood people at the bar they're goin' shootin' up people. The man goes in to have back surgery. He didn't like the doctor that done it, so he went and bought a gun. The same day he went back to the hospital and killed everybody he could get his hands on, including the doctor that put him in pain. Then he killed himself. By God, he showed them, didn't he?

Bob 18:54
[chuckles] When did that happen, yesterday?

iON 18:56

Bob 18:59
Right. Okay, so...

iON 19:01
Tulsa, livin' on Tulsa -- Bob, they was livin' on Tulsa time.

Bob 19:07
Right. But that's reported. Is the dying of kids and stuff and the sale of over-sale of running out of coffins, are news departments aware of that and refuse to report it?

iON 19:21
Lightly. They're just, they're trying not to make it a big to-do. It's just like the way that they've now decided to take a certain college scam and pay off all those student debts, which, I mean, it doesn't make any difference. They're not gonna pay them back anyway, so why forgive it? Just let it go off. It's no big deal. But instead, they're gonna run the country a little more about pandering off a little more for another $560 billion worth of waste. So basically, they're trying to eat themselves out of debt, and you can't do that. And anytime they do that, it turns this thing into a larger dynamic that affects everybody. Bob, everything's fine until the rich man's got trouble! By God, let the rich man get in trouble, and now you're gonna see some action. Yeah, yeah, now you're gonna see what they gonna do. They're fixin' to show you. 'Cause see, the rich man ain't gonna put up with that; he'll do something, he'll fill in the blank. He'll start his own Black Lives Matter or somethin'.

Bob 20:21
So, the news department thinks we'll probably justify it in not reporting the news 'cause we're not panicking people. That's a valid way of thinking.

iON 20:29
No, that's not -- don't, don't say that. Alright, here's what you can Google. Now, we're not gonna tell you this, so don't get in, don't start. We're not gonna do it. You look it up and see how much BlackRock owns of what you call media ecology. How much do they own of Fox News? How much do they own of ABC, NBC, MSLSD, AB, whatever, some'um, some'um, CNN, fill in the blank. See how much they own. So, if they say the wrong thing, they get, they get throated or quenched or throated. Throated.

iON 20:29
Right. How did BlackRock get so wealthy? Was their leaders of their company very good businessmen? Like, how did they get so wealthy? Did they cheat?

iON 21:16
No. We told you. We told you some time ago, Bob. We told you that back in 2009, 10, when they were just becoming.

Bob 21:24
Well, what was that?

iON 21:26
Don't worry about that. Ask Bert. Ask Bert. We're trying to keep you alive, goddammit, so don't do that.

Bob 21:31
Okay, so we can play what we play, but no more.

iON 21:34
You don't wanna -- yeah. That's the reason we don't -- well, you know, we didn't tell you so you can play all that. And the good, -

Bob 21:34
Yeah. Okay.

iON 21:34
- small people will go back and they'll look, and they'll go, "Oh my god, it was right there all the time. I can't believe it." BlackRock was a little bitty nothing thing.

Bob 21:52
Yeah, I've seen videos. Oh, you're gonna say people will go back and listen to the archives and find it. Okay.

iON 21:58
Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 21:58
But I've seen people list BlackRock...

iON 22:00
That's why we have white stone. That's why we have white stone is 'cause of BlackRock. Very good, Bob.

Bob 22:05
Right. I've heard people in documentaries the last couple of years talking about BlackRock and Vanguard and some third company. They're not as big Vanguard and third company as BlackRock? Not as powerful?

iON 22:19
They're owned by BlackRock, Bob. They're owned by BlackRock. [laughs]

Bob 22:25
Okay. All right. Let's leave it at that.

iON 22:26
That's where it gets to be fun. But don't believe us. Michael Jackson will tell ya. He's fixin' to do a documentary. So, it'll be okay. [laughs]

Bob 22:35
Michael Jackson, the musician?

iON 22:38

Bob 22:38

iON 22:41
He got his money checks. He got his money checks. He's gonna do a documentary; it's gonna be great.

Bob 22:46
Okay, next topic. Congress held a hearing on UAPs they call them now -- it used to be called UFOs -- first time in 50 years. Now behind the scenes, was there much talk about me? Or did anybody, these Congressmen and Department of Homeland Security people they featured, knew about me or they didn't?

iON 23:06
Absolutely. No, they absolutely do. And they absolutely -- you are all part, you are, you are now class A3. A3. That's the level of classification that they can't let anybody know about because if they know -- see, remember we used to be real careful not to get you dead? Remember?

Bob 23:25

iON 23:26
Well, they're real careful 'cause if they go too far, there's no going back. See the problem? See how bawdy...

Bob 23:32
You mean they get dead? Are you saying the "no going back" means they get dead?

iON 23:37
Correct. Do you remember how, remember how bawdy we get sometimes now and again?

Bob 23:41

iON 23:41
Carolyn's like, "Why is he talkin' like that? Why was he saying that? Why are they doing it? They have no reason to say all that. What's the point? Why are you doing it?" 'Cause it don't matter no more. [laughs] They are as in peril as you are safe. They are as in peril as you are safe.

Bob 23:58
Do they believe that iON will slay them? Or they believe the aliens will slay them? What are they afraid of?

iON 24:04
They don't know the difference. They know that everything's going on that they're supposed to be runnin', and they don't run nothin'. I mean nothin'. So, they don't know. And so, you know, we don't know if it's ignorance or apathy, Bob, but they don't really know and they don't really care. So, no.

Bob 24:14
So, did you say A3 is a classification that they don't tell anybody?

iON 24:27

Bob 24:27
That, that I am A3.

iON 24:29

Bob 24:30
What does A3 stands for? What does it stand for?

iON 24:32
It's a very high clearance that you got to be high, high up the food chain to say your name; to talk about you. That's why you haven't been in the news. 'Cause why wouldn't they say, "Well, we've discovered the problem with inflation. It's JR Bob Dobbs [Bob chuckles] in the fifth gate. And if we can find him and take care of him, inflation will go away overnight. But you have to isolate him and he's on Maui in the fifth gate. So, if you work that out, you will have no more problems. So, don't cry to me sayin' you ain't got shit. The reason you ain't got shit is 'cause of Bob. So, there you go. He bet on Biden, he made the bet on Biden, that's why Biden is in the White House, the whole nine yards." You know, the normal, Bob, the normal.

Bob 24:36
[chuckles] So, so the -- they're not allowed to talk about me, so what kind of people talked about me at the conference? They don't need a conference to talk about me, so they were talking...

iON 25:25
Yes, they do. They don't know what to do with you. They don't know what to do with you. You are setting the goal of how they come out. Otherwise, they have to work, they have to depend on Space Force. So that means they have to borrow a Trump. That means Trump's gotta be friendly with you, and that's not going very well 'cause Trump's gonna do for what Trump wants. He's not tryin' to do what you want. He wants to do what he wants. Now, he's not stupid. He's not trying to usurp you. But at the same time, if he's gonna, if he's gonna save the world, he wants the credit. And you're not big on credit. You like 'em to pay. You like 'em to pay as they go.

Bob 26:01
Right. So how does that bother the Homeland Security people, whoever knows about me, the Trump issue.

iON 26:08
They've lost. They've lost. They've lost. You are, you are their defiler. You are their defiler.

Bob 26:16
Right. So they could use Space Force? They wish Trump would back off on me, and then they could have Space Force, that's what they were hoping and not getting. Okay.

iON 26:16
Correct. The problem is that you control, you control Space Force. That's where they're -- that's their doppelganger. That's their doppelganger. Now, look, stop. Just like the different -- the House of Royals that you brought up, the Queen, the individual, like the Queen Mother controlled a certain amount of the military. And then the Queen controls a certain amount. And then even the fucking Duke of Sussex, the one that's outed. And then the Duke of York and all these different ones control different parts of the military. Because every time if you're gonna undo a monarchy, it's done with the military. They turn on ya. Remember Cromwell?

Bob 27:11

iON 27:11
They'll turn on ya. So individual family members control certain amounts of the military to make sure that they're loyal or faithful. So, they're divided enough so that no one amount -- like if the army of the United States of America tried to undo the United States, they could do it. They can say, I'm not taking the orders, I'm gonna take you over. Whatcha gonna do? Huh. They got all the keys to the bombs and the planes, Bob; they got all that already. So, if you divide that up, then one could whoop the other could whoop the other. That's the way they do it in a monarchy, which is what you're going back to in the feudal system. And that's what they're all setting up to now is that the serfs are gonna have to go to work or die, because they're not gonna get food. And if you don't do what we say do, then you're not gonna get food. We're gonna control it. They give you all the money in the world and say, "We're gonna tell you where to spend it. Ah, you're obese, you're not gonna get no more sugar. Nope. Smoking cigarettes? Oh, no, you're not gonna be using money. You're not gonna use our money to smoke cigarettes. No, no, no, no, no, we got this." And so they control every aspect of your world, and they know everything you do, every word that's said. Don't think "A" is not listenin' to every word being said and reporting accordingly.

Bob 28:23
Who's "A"? You said "A", is listening.

iON 28:25
We don't wanna say the name out loud or they'll start babbling and ruining your recording again.

Bob 28:30
Mmm. Somebody's listening to us?

iON 28:34
A-l-e-x-a. Listenin' to everything.

Bob 28:38
Okay, Alexa. Right. So the... you we're just saying the shift in the Monarchy. Well, do the people in Homeland Security or above who know about me, do they see me involved in moving the world to the feudalism phase?

iON 28:59
They're hoping to land on the right side of you. And they're listening more faithfully. They're listening more faithfully than Kinley. [laughs]

Bob 29:07
[chuckles] Yeah. But my power comes from the fact the aliens want to talk to me. That's what it's based on, right?

iON 29:20
Your power comes from the fact that you control this outcome. And they know just enough to be afraid. Otherwise, you would be eradicated.

Bob 29:30
Right. But the outcome involves the new aliens coming, the A2 we call them.

iON 29:36
They are very aware of that. They're very aware of that.

Bob 29:39
Well, that seems to be the only decisive factor. I don't see what other power I have other than maybe our Cold Play and our medicine. That's powerful.

iON 29:49
No. You have all that already. No, your power is The Great Reset, Bob; that's your power. That's your, that's your Tromp-l'oeil. The Great Reset.

Bob 29:59
Well, you mean the company or Schwab's program, the WEF?

iON 30:04
Who cares? And? We don't care. You don't care who it's called by. You don't care. What do you care?

Bob 30:12
So, how do I take it? How do I get power from The Great Reset?

iON 30:17
You take out everything else that's in your way. They control everything in your stead so there's nothing for you to have to do and you've still got it all. So, there you go. Oops, there it is.

Bob 30:28
How did I get it all?

iON 30:31
The Great Reset puts everyone else out of your way.

Bob 30:37
And The Great Reset that's sometimes called the New Green Deal? That program?

iON 30:42
No. No, no, no, no. The New Green Deal, that's just, that's just, that stupid Al Gore made up the bullshit shit -

Bob 30:50

iON 30:50
- to make a billion dollars.

Bob 30:51
We don't need to get into that.

iON 30:52
That's a joke.

Bob 30:52

iON 30:53
That's just a joke. That's nothin'.

Bob 30:54
What do you mean by Great Reset then?

iON 30:57
Look it up, The Great Reset.

Bob 31:00
You don't mean our company.

iON 31:02
Oh, no. Well, it's gonna benefit your company. Your company. Listen. Listen, Carolyn, like he runs some'um. Listen, he's talkin' big now. Listen to him. [Bob chuckles] He's talkin' big. [laughs]

Bob 31:11
You said -- wait a minute. You said I'm running things. You don't shift out of there.

iON 31:17
Yeah, but we're being, we're being cheeky. We're being cheeky 'cause you're actin' all -- you're gettin' bawdy all of a sudden, all of a sudden.

Bob 31:24
No, wait a minute. So, you didn't mean any of that?

iON 31:26
The Great Reset.

Bob 31:27
I'm not in charge.

iON 31:27
Yeah! Mean every bit of it. Mean every bit of it. You certainly are. Yes, you are. Look up The Great Reset.

Bob 31:32
What would be The Great Reset? Is that what Klaus Schwab talks about?

iON 31:32
Look it up.

Bob 31:32
Well, that's what Schwab talks about.

iON 31:37
That's a version of it.

Bob 31:38
Yeah, I know.

iON 31:39
That's a version of it. That's a version of it. But what's the outcome of it?

Bob 31:44
Okay, so you're talking about those guys in Switzerland two weeks ago announced the New World Order. That's The Great Reset you're talking about.

iON 31:52
That's right. That's right. That's right. That's right as well.

Bob 31:55
Are they gonna use block -- are they using Blockchain?

iON 31:55
You'll see.

Bob 31:55
Okay, so are they doing that in reaction to me? Or they don't know about me, they're just doing what they think they can get away with.

iON 31:55
They know about you. They, they're doing what they can do. They're using words, they listen to you, they know what's going down, they know what's gonna happen. You set the seals, you start breakin' 'em, and they're just capitalizing on it, trying to think, "Okay, we'll run it. We'll take it. We'll, we'll become, we'll take care of the new global agenda. And we can take care of the -- oh, wait, what is that? Secret Council of Ten? Oh, yeah. [Bob chuckles] Somebody, who was it that used to talk about it? Was that, Bob Marshall? That might have been Bob Marshall. Maybe it was, I'm not sure. Oh, Club 22? What? What went on? What is the directive of Club 22? We're confused." You're not aware of these details, however prevalent that may or may not have been going on for some time. Did you not write a letter to Prince Charles? Maybe?

Bob 32:58
Yes, yes, I did. Yeah.

iON 33:00
Did you not kind of give him how you're gonna reshape and reset the future?

Bob 33:05
Yeah. I did, alright.

iON 33:06
Did you not, did you not see how these environmental shifts are gonna come into a lockdown that's gonna become very normal? Well, have you ever heard of the construct called FEMA "cramp"? Or FEMA "cramps"? [Bob laughs] Ever heard of that? You ever heard FEMA "cramp," some'um like that? We know it's a, it's a, it's a ridiculous construct. We get that. We understand that. But have you ever heard of that? Is that ever ring a bell of things goin' on?

Bob 33:32
Yes, we did. Yeah.

iON 33:34
Okay, so now whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, now you've stepped into it. Now you're gonna get it. Okay, so now what's happened is other people heard it too, and they go, "Okay. If Bob's gonna do this anyway, he's gonna break the seals in Revelation, if he's gonna do all this stuff, if he's gonna cause the "Armageeda," [Bob laughs] if he's gonna call the Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo, we might as well make some money off this. Just look at the blood [indistinct] [Bob laughs]. We'll make, we'll make those hemophiliac sufferers healthy as a lamb. There'll be blood flowing everywhere. They don't like dead blood, but boy, they can tear it up if they're there at the right time. This could be good now. We can get things stirred up." Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you got angels that are beefing over this earth. Everybody knows that.

Bob 34:15

iON 34:15
Every fuckin' religion says that. Everybody talks about it. You can't come around and prove -- you can't prove there is angels, but you goddamn can't prove there's not none. Right?

Bob 34:24

iON 34:24
I mean because otherwise you're whole Jesus theory goes out the window fast if the angel of the Lord didn't come down and knock that bitch up. If she didn't do that, then y'all fuckin' the wrong God now, just sayin'. So, anyhow, there's a whole lot of things ridin' on this stuff to be sort of okay, true. All right, so if that's gonna be the case, now what happens is, after the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, which is held in June of 2020 -- that's when your works became known -- they came and they decided, okay, let's go. And so they went with it. And so now all these things that are happening or occurring or taking place are those things that you set up and set out that you didn't know what the hell you were talkin' about, or you maybe you did. [Bob laughs] Or you were doin' it under the cover, you were under the cover of the Church of the SubGenius which you now own. So, I don't know what. Yeah, I don't really know, I don't really know how that was a good shade of cover. That wasn't a very good cover, Bob, but you actually... "Who is behind the Church of the SubGenius?" JR Bob Dobbs. "Goddamn, here he is again. We can't beat this motherfucker. He's got us goin' and comin'. He stopped all the food. He stopped all the gas. He stopped all the antibiotics. I don't know what the hell he's got against antibiotics. He don't even know what antibiotics are. [Bob laughs] He stopped all the antibiotics of the world. And I don't know, why would he do that? You know, he's just mean. That Bob is just mean, that's what it is. Just mean" Now you roll on a little bit further, now you roll on further. Now you're askin' when's all this going down? [Bob chuckles] And we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Goddamn, gas is $8 a gallon in Hawaii right now. You don't buy gas so you don't really know that. And you don't even want to know what electricity is, so it don't really matter. You don't even know, you don't even -- if you only knew what was comin' out of that Costco, you'd blow your brains out! Carolyn! We can't survive this! We can't survive this! It's too much. It's too much. Yes, Bob, them drinks are $3 apiece you're suckin' like ice water. Yeah, they're $3 apiece! Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what. You'd just die if you'd know that. See, that's the thing. It'd kill you, but you don't worry. It's all good. It's all comin' out wash day, Bob. It's good. It's good to be Bob, that's all we can say.

Bob 36:39
Awesome. Awesome. You get all that, Carolyn? [chuckles]

iON 36:46
[laughs] She's like, stop talking our crap. Don't talk our crap. Nobody cares how much we pay for a soda. Ain't nobody care how much we pay for a soda pop for Pete's sake. [laughs]

Bob 36:56
[chuckles] Yeah, Bob, Bob, he may not understand how this happened, what it involves, but he sure gets a big kick out of it. Okay.

iON 37:04
She's enjoying the hound of it. Hey, it got her to the farm. That's what it did.

Bob 37:04
No, I'm talking about me! I get a big kick out of it, not Carolyn. I get a big kick out of it.

iON 37:10
Yeah, and it got her to the, and it got her to the farm. Why would she, hell, go into this farming damn business except for feeding your damn ass? [Bob chuckles] Why would she care? Why would she care to go digin' in the dirt, peddlin'?

Bob 37:10
Yeah, why?

iON 37:14
To save you. To have you some'um to eat. So you can have some more of them 200-pound radishes.

Bob 37:29
Okay, so I got a couple more questions here. Let's carry on here. Another topic. JW claims that the Queen called me last week sometime while he was over there.

iON 37:40

Bob 37:40
There was a call with one ring and then hung up, -

iON 37:43
No, it went to voice mail.

Bob 37:44
- and then involves the, involves the... Okay, so, I mixed up two things. So the Queen called. How come I don't have a registration of her number on my phone?

iON 37:53
'Cause it's not, there's no caller ID attached to it.

Bob 38:02
And she can, she has her own system to phone people in so it doesn't register?

iON 38:07
Yeah. Sure.

Bob 38:07

iON 38:08
Sure, sure, sure.

Bob 38:09
All right.

iON 38:09
So, what it would do, it would come in as unidentified, and your system is not blocking for that. But it would say unidentified, but it didn't even do that. Because it only rang one time and it went to voicemail, and she just, just, she nodded, and it disconnected because she looked and said we don't do voicemail. We don't do that. We don't. It shows up in "The National Enquirer." She said it shows up. Often her voicemail shows up on "The National Enquirer." I don't think that's been a magazine for a very long time, but she still, she's, she's still concerned with what's gonna show up in "The National Enquirer," Bob. [chuckles]

Bob 38:42
[chuckles] Okay. Alright. I don't know, is there a "National Enquirer," Carolyn, did that stop? Don't know about that.

iON 38:48
It's kinda stopped. There was some lawsuits long ago with Sunny, [Stormy] with Trump's, with Michael Avenatti. Think it went out of business after that.

Bob 39:02
Right. So there was one ring from her when she called.

iON 39:08
Correct. It went to voice mail.

Bob 39:09
But I'm missing, I was waiting. I was waiting for the company that's gonna deliver my CDs from Honolulu. And they we're supposed to call, and then I got one, one ring and hang up, and I called the company; they didn't call me. So what was that one ring?

iON 39:27
That was the, that was the Queen.

Bob 39:30
Okay. Right. So, she was calling right when I was getting ready to hear to deal with the box delivery.

iON 39:36

Bob 39:36
Okay. That was Friday.

iON 39:38
Your little gloves were so cute. He had like welders gloves on like if some'um is gonna penetrate and get to them lily-white hands. It was so cute.

Bob 39:47

iON 39:47
It's so cute. Meanwhile, everybody else -- you had the lesbians climbin' the ladders on top of the roof trying to lay the boxes in so you didn't have to touch nothin'. I would like to see you on the ladder to see how that would go. That would end up badly with those welding gloves.

Bob 40:01
[chuckles] I went up the ladder. I was up the ladder in the beginning. I was up the ladder.

iON 40:06
Yeah, that didn't last long. That didn't last long though.

Bob 40:08
No, no, I was up there way longer than they were. So, listen to this.

iON 40:11
[laughs] Touching those dirty boxes. Good Lord.

Bob 40:17
Christie, who lives at the home where the delivery was made, she said they were sitting there in the living room and then this cat came up to the window and pushed its face into the patio windows, squished the space out trying to look at them, look at Christina and Lisa. What was that cat? Was that cat human?

iON 40:35
It was tryin' to see if you were, tryin' to see if you were there. Tryin' to see if you were there. They're looking. They take these forms, tryin' to see how you're there. There's an angel, there is one angel that doesn't have any girth. It's always sitting on the wall every other night to see if you're consistent. But he can't get out, so he can't warn 'em that he's found ya. But he can't get out, so be very aware.

Bob 40:57
Ah, it's an angel. The cat is an angel. And he found me!

iON 41:01
The one that's there every other night.

Bob 41:02
He broke through.

iON 41:03
But he can't get out.

Bob 41:04
Yeah, but he broke through.

iON 41:05
He broke in, but he can't get out.

Bob 41:08
And was that the cat that pushed the face up against the window?

iON 41:12
No, that was a different one.

Bob 41:15
Is that an angel? Is that an angel?

iON 41:17
It is. It is. He's trying to figure it out.

Bob 41:19
So, they knew. Yeah, they knew. And if he does, it does figure it out, they can't get out, so it doesn't matter.

iON 41:25
They can't, they can't get the message out so they can attach to say, aha, we have the Dark Soul. [Bob chuckles] And if they do, and don't worry about it 'cause if they do, it'll be over. So, don't worry about it. If they do that, it'd be done. You'd be through. So, good.

Bob 41:42
It'll be through for me if they can see.

iON 41:45
Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 41:47

iON 41:47
That's why it's very important to keep you as, as alive as we can. [laughs]

Bob 41:53

iON 41:53
Wait a minute. That's what Carolyn has been saying for 55 years. I'm gonna keep him alive as I can. [laughs]

Bob 42:01
Okay, so next topic. Yeah. Some guy I don't know, I guess he's a Christian, but he's, he's casual about it. But he did an in-depth explanation of the nine levels of angels in this video -- which I found interesting -- in the Bible, nine categories. I can play you parts of it that maybe you could scan it. Is that video accurate about classifications?

iON 42:24
It's close to accurate. But they're talkin' about -- there's not classifications, there's tiers, or levels of heaven, -

Bob 42:24

iON 42:27
- like the archangels, and then the Elioud[?] and the different ones. And that's also located inside the Angel Chart. They're located in there as well. The pecking order, like who runs the Legion; it's divided into threes. And then you have generals, and this one's over this part of the Legion, and this one's in charge of this part of the sublevel. And then you have Lucifer and his minions that are under -- those are levels and tiers that can -- they don't switch. They don't switch teams. They're not pinch hitters now. They stay, they stay in their lane.

Bob 43:04

iON 43:04
Because the angels will tear your ass up now. They don't -- they'll fuck you up even within themselves 'cause they don't get -- there's no live or dead for an angel, so they stay in their wheelhouse, their rank. They don't go outside their rank. They don't get promoted, you see, 'cause you don't kill an angel.

Bob 43:25
If they get, if one superior angel gets mad at a lower angel, what do they do to them if they can't kill them?

iON 43:31
Cast them. They just cast them, cast them aside. They leave them at their rank but take them off their duty.

Bob 43:39
And then what they just get bored? Suffer from boredom?

iON 43:42
No, I don't know, we don't know. We don't know if angels are excited to know if they're bored.

Bob 43:51
They're exiled.

iON 43:51
In essence, but that's what a third of angels were already anyway, were exiled into the earth.

Bob 43:57
Yes, I see that. And those angels fell to the earth, are they...

iON 44:01
So, the words, the words, the words of your video, the categories are appropriate, they just missed some of the subsets. Some of the subsets are very specific. And it's not that specific. Not like you're in charge of paperclips. You gotta take care of all the paperclips. It's not the way it's laid out like you're responsible for all the Mongoloid children or, you know, that kind of crap. They don't interact. They don't interact with saints. They make reference of the church interacting with saints. Angels do not interact with saints any more than they do drunkards.

Bob 44:42
Do they interact with humans in general?

iON 44:45
Yes, but not more so than anybody else. Because see, they were presented that the angels would have an alliance with the saints of the Catholic Church, which gave Aquinas some magical power that somebody else wouldn't have had or that St. Christopher, you could, you could suck St. Christopher's lick or neck or something with a Viagra and they'd give you your shit back or protect the animals or some bullsh -- you know what I mean. This, this almost this mythical lore kind of thing that they created in themselves and making the printing of indulgence, but they don't do that. If they do it all, they do to everybody. That's the rub.

Bob 45:24
Right. And if the saints do things, they did it with their own powers. Nothing to do with the angels.

iON 45:31
Correct. But now, they'll borrow it. See, that's -- you do that too. You will follow a lead. Somethin' will start, and you'll pimp that out. "Oh, yeah, I did that. Oh, yeah, y'all starvin' to death? Yep, I did it. Yep, I did that." You didn't more do that than the man on the moon, but you'll take credit for it. So, the saints are accused of that as well.

Bob 45:52
Okay, I got that. Next point. I'm swimming at Polo Beach on May 20th, and that's a Friday, and then I went home. And I found out later that a guy I know a little bit, Henry, had taken a picture -

iON 46:13

Bob 46:11
- of lights -- yeah, Henri -- took a picture of lights over the sea where I was swimming along the beach in the dark. And so he jokingly said, "Hey, aliens invading." So, we wondered if it was aliens.

iON 46:26
They were not. They're not drones, they're not drones. They were actually, well, unless, unless the alien is a drone. Maybe if that's true, okay. But they weren't U.S. drones. They were alien.

Bob 46:40
Right. 'Cause I mentioned it to JW, and he said, "Oh, he screwed up at the filter." And then we got distracted and he didn't finish the sentence. But that was in passing. So then later Carolyn said, "What did you actually take a picture of?" He said they were drones; they were lined up. So if he said they were drones, U.S. drones, you know, machines...

iON 46:58
And they're not. And they were not.

Bob 47:00
But I think JW thought they were about... Yeah, JW thought there were about 11 vehicles over the sea.

iON 47:06
At least. Actually, there's a little more than that, but they were lined up perfectly. They were lined up perfectly. Kinda like...

Bob 47:14
To look like a lineup of drones. They'd look like drones, right?

iON 47:19
Yeah, it's like a tornado, Bob. You know what a tornado is?

Bob 47:23

iON 47:25
Okay, if you're looking like say you're in Kansas, and there's a tornado, they have them there all the time. Okay, there's a tornado. And you're looking at that tornado, if that tornado is not moving, if it looks like it's not going to the left or to the right, if it looks like it's not moving, then it's coming towards you. So, those aliens, those drones, whatever you wanna call it, when they're not moving left or right, they're headed toward you. So that's why they can get behind each other and you couldn't even register all of them. Because the first one obfuscates the view of the others. And they don't, they're just tryin' to be seen at this point. They're trying to be seen. They've been around forever. They're tryin' to be seen now so the Senate subcommittee can prove that there's such a thing. "You can't get invaded by something that we don't know what is! You're not gonna come in here and think you gonna be you're invaded by somethin' we don't know what is! [Bob laughs] The hell with that shit! You're not gonna invade us. We don't even know what you are. You can't invade us." See how silly that is? [Bob chuckles] But that's what they're arguing. So, they go alright, alright, you want it that way, it's alright with us. Here you go. Here you go. It's what happened with Nixon and Jackie Gleason long years ago. Remember?

Bob 48:35
They saw something and Gleason couldn't [indistinct].

iON 48:38
Nixon went and got Jackie Gleason and Gleason was messed up forever after that.

Bob 48:44
Did he show him bodies? Did he show a crashed vehicle or actual floating vehicles with [inaudible] aliens?

iON 48:44
No. Took him into, took him into live aliens and/or not identified objects.

Bob 48:58
Were they parked? Were there aliens there that Nixon had met? Nixon was not afraid of them?

iON 49:04

Bob 49:05
Nixon understood. He understood.

iON 49:09
Correct. That's why Pat, that's why Pat, that's why Pat sort of started takin' a drink.

Bob 49:15
Right, I understand. But Jackie was brought into a vehicle and he, his mind couldn't take it.

iON 49:24

Bob 49:25
He collapsed.

iON 49:27

Bob 49:27
Okay. That ruined his career, or he'd been retired anyways?

iON 49:31
No, he hadn't retired, but it certainly chastened him. I mean, he could have become a Buddy Ebsen and done "Cannon" after "The Beverly Hillbillies" if he had done that, but instead, it was like what's the point? What, what are we, what are we, what are we -- you know, it's kinda like you with work. [Bob chuckles] What, what, why are we doin'? "Carolyn, why are we doing this? We don't -- why are we doing this? Bob, we.... Well, well, I don't gotta do this. You do it, I'm not, I'm not doing nothing. Nothing."

Bob 49:58
So what -- I don't understand. Didn't he say...

iON 49:59
That's our Bob. Bob's got the best work ethic.

Bob 50:01
Well... yeah. Why does he have such a negative outcome projection from it? You know, it's, well, how does he know what the aliens are gonna do?

iON 50:10
Except it undoes... No, he doesn't, but that's not the point. The point is, is that everything that they've known to say, this is the way things are, is not the way things are. [Bob chuckles] This world is not your home! This world is not your home. And then people don't embrace that. They go, "Well, I was born here and I'm gonna die here and I'm gonna..." [Bob chuckles] Well, okay, but it's like I'm on the subway till I get off the subway. Okay, I'm on the subway till I get off the subway. Well, see, it's about the same thing. And when you say it like that, it's like, well that's a little silly. When you say it like that, it's a little silly. But anyway, people,-

Bob 50:47
No, I don't know if it's silly. No, you believe that it is your home.

iON 50:49
- people listening, people listening, that can now divide these positions 'cause there's so many things, even if you don't believe what we're sayin', which that's okay, we don't care. We don't believe what y'all say either, so it's fair. That's fair. [Bob laughs] But if you can't, if you can't embrace it, if you can't embrace it, after a little while, you have to start adulating to say, "Wait a second. How do I know this is? Or this ridiculous thing that's talking to us, we don't know what it is, we can't pin it up, we can't run it. It will kill us if we show our ass. It controls when we live or die. And every time we push against it, it gets stronger. Why are we fucking with this?" [Bob laughs] Because the alternative is not so good. The alternative for sure is a doomed gloom, despair and agony. Deep, dark depression, excessive misery. So, you'll start trying to borrow bad luck.

Bob 51:43
If you push against it. If you push... Yeah, if you push against it, it said. Alright.

iON 51:48
Now, the example, the archetype that you -- the archetype that you used to go by that is how is that Donald J. Trump so fucking magical? You raise your hand against Donald J. Trump and see what happens to you. Ask Michael Avenatti. [laughs] Ask CNN. Ask the Cuomo, ask the Cuomo brothers. [laughs] Ask the Cuomo brothers how it all worked out for 'em. That's a good idea. That's rich.

Bob 52:17
Do they, does Avenatti and then see the principal: Uh-oh, I went against Trump. It was hard for them to swallow that, but do they understand that now?

iON 52:26
Yes. He just now got prosecuted. He just now got prosecuted today or sentenced for the Stormy Daniels conundrum, which is supposed to make him be the king of the world. He was gonna be President, Bob. What are you talking about? Remember?

Bob 52:34
[chuckles] Well, she came on the talk shows and had a little puny clay model of Trump's penis, was that true? Did he engage her as a prostitute?

iON 52:52

Bob 52:52
He didn't.

iON 52:52
Oh, I'm sure he -- the looks at her, she's probably -- I don't know how she could remember it was him. I think she's been really risky with a lot of people. She was kinda like, she was like, she was like, she was like, she was like Mae, Mae West. And she says, "Hey, big boy, how tall are you?" And he says, "Well, I'm six, seven." She says, "All right, you can have the six foot, but come on, let's talk about the seven. That's what we need to talk about." [laughs]

Bob 53:17
[chuckles] Okay. Okay, we did, we did that one. That's good. What we were talking about, the gang bringing in the The Great Reset, does that involve Leopold or what's known as the Antichrist in Brussels?

iON 53:35

Bob 53:36
Is that a move by him indirectly?

iON 53:36
Can we, can we just say yes? No, don't say him, 'cause he don't have -- he, he may get the blame for it, but you're gonna get the credit. So, you can call it any -

Bob 53:40

iON 53:40
- goddamn thing you want to. You can call it Megan Markel's fault if you want to. She fucks up everything. [Bob chuckles] That'd be alright with us. Negras in the, in the Royal House. How we gonna do that? You know, how we gonna do this? That doesn't work out. So, you can blame it on whatever you want to blame it on, but that has nothing to do with it because all of those are subjugated to the bigger picture. The outcome doesn't change. See, that's the rub. Now, this is where the fatalist kicked in. And we're sayin', okay, Ascend. Now that's a choice. But everybody has the equal opportunity to Ascend. They can. Now whether or not they do, that's their choice, but they can! But whether or not they do is their opportunity to exclude themself.

Bob 54:31
Including the Antichrist. Including Leopold II could Ascend.

iON 54:34
We'd say yeah. Yeah, we'd say yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it has to. Otherwise, 'cause if it's not whosoever will, then now, now you're doomed 'cause you may not be enough, you see. It may not be...

Bob 54:46
What? Oh, now is too late.

iON 54:48
If grace is free, if grace is free. Yeah, if grace is free, it's over. Grace, if you had all the grace in the world, it wouldn't help you now. See the trouble?

Bob 54:56
I get it. So, so Leopold is just going along with [indistinct]...

iON 54:59
Damn you're on point. This is so great, Bob. You're doing good tonight. You're actually starting to get this. We're scared. We're very nervous. [chuckles]

Bob 55:07
[chuckles] Well, I'll back off. Don't worry. I don't want to scare too many people yet.

iON 55:11
[laughs] You're startin' to, you're startin' to embrace Johnny Depp, Bob. I don't know what we're gonna do after this. I don't know how.

Bob 55:19
Thanks for warning me that I was gettin' smart there. Okay. Leopold is just riding my coattails. He's following the script is what you're saying.

iON 55:30
Correct. Correct. Correct.

Bob 55:33
He has a roll.

iON 55:34
He got the assignment. He got the assignment. He got the assignment.

Bob 55:38
So, he... Yeah. So, he's watching the others try to bring in a new economic order, feudalism. The monarch.

iON 55:46
He's watching it. No, he's watching it come forth. He's watching it come forth. That's what all the connection things were about the castles. That's where all those links were about the castles to get you to the point where you can have a reason to see how Hanovers didn't make it. That's the rub.

Bob 56:04
Right. You did mention the Hanovers the other day. Are they involved right now in some way as a desperate [inaudible] move?

iON 56:04
Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah.

Bob 56:17
Okay. So, Leopold, he does have a role at some point that's more visible.

iON 56:25
Yes. Yes.

Bob 56:26
Yeah. If he doesn't Ascend.

iON 56:27
Not likely, but yes. You gotta say that, but, but we say it's not likely. But you're right, no question. You're right, but not likely.

Bob 56:39
Right. Was he around during the Garden of Eden scenes when we came down in the [inaudible]?

iON 56:46
No. No, no, no. That was later. That was later. 'Cause see, you have the whole...

Bob 56:47
That would be...

iON 56:50
He had to be, he's after the Enochian rule. After the Enochian rule. And there's no lining of time, but there are patterns that you can circle into. We're gonna go back; we've done this a million times. We're gonna do it one more time just for the, just for the, just for the, for the palindrome process. Remember the spirograph?

Bob 57:12

iON 57:12
You had the little cogs and you put your pin and you spin it. That's time.

Bob 57:16

iON 57:17
That's time. You go around in a circle, and it goes, it goes in and out, in and out, in and out. And you're sayin' which one came first? Well, this line came before that line, but they're merged into the big picture. So when we say it like that, you go. "Oh, okay. Okay. Okay." So that therefore you can arrive before you got there. You can arrive before you got there.

Bob 57:39
Right. Yeah, in the big picture is the story, a plot that...

iON 57:45
The completion. The completion. Your, your representation of your experience in the battle of heaven over heaven.

Bob 57:53
And you're meaning Bob's or people?

iON 57:57

Bob 57:58

iON 57:58
An individual battle. An individual battle: everyone has their own. See?

Bob 58:05
So, is that the first time you've given an image of time? The spirograph image?

iON 58:09
No. No, we've done spirograph a hundred times. Bert's got pages on the spirograph. It's the first time we're lining it up so that you can understand how something came before something else if there's no time. Huh! See the rub?

Bob 58:24
The spirals overlap and that looks like there's something happening before.

iON 58:30
That's why, that's why this, that's why this history thing has become something you're doomed to repeat. Right?

Bob 58:37
Right. Okay.

iON 58:37
That doesn't make any sense. "Oh, we had, we had an atomic bomb? Well, by God, we're not gonna do that again, except for Ukraine." [Bob laughs] Finland's fucked. Fuck Finland. Fuck Finland. If you're in Finland, you better get out or better get you some Prussian blues what you better get you. You're gonna be a little more radiation that you're gonna be looking forward to. So, just sayin'.

Bob 59:01
Okay, so another topic. Thank you for that. Is Klaus Schwab an alien, replaced by an alien, or is he just a human who has [indistinct]?

iON 59:12
Okay. He's not... No, no, no. Okay. Okay. Okay. He's none of those things. He becomes an archetype. Why isn't he on stage? Why, why isn't he sittin' next to Bill Gates? Why isn't he fuckin' what's his name? The Jew?... D'Souza...

Bob 59:12

iON 59:13
No, what... George Soros. We didn't want to say his name, -

Bob 59:32
I just said that.

iON 59:35
- but you said it so we could get away with it. You can say, you can say it.

Bob 59:42

iON 59:42
Alright. So why ain't he on, he on the platform with George Soros, telling you what he's gonna do? Why ain't he on this front page? Why ain't he on Fox News, tellin' you what y'all better get ready for 'cause it's comin' whether you like it or not? See? Then that becomes an arch...

Bob 59:55
They usually have footage. Yeah. They had footage of him speaking by himself to the World Economic Forum or Davos or something.

iON 1:00:05
It's all this hologrammy stuff. That's not, that doesn't matter. What, now, no wait. No, he's a thing. They had to put it on something so that's the thing they put it on. Okay, that's fine. Now what he's saying is the thing that's being presented. Now is that from the angels when it falls into the seal situation in Revelation? So, did Klaus write the Book of Revelation? We don't think so. Did he read Revelation and figure it out or listen to the Secret Council of 12 and and/or 10 and then added two to it to make them be Skull and Crossbones and have 13 so he can run the world and get, get everybody to do the funky handshake and be the one-eyed monster that has the clave and the sickle and the, and what is it?... the square like the Masons had -

Bob 1:00:54

iON 1:00:54
- and the Templars and all that shit. And you know, no use in goin' all this crap on and on, on and on and on. And it's like... so they become symbols of that. Even eye symbol with the pyramid with the all-seeing eye on top of it. Same thing. Same thing. So, are we that? No, but we are presented in their archetype or archetypal reference. So, what he's presenting is this thing that everybody's gonna push against. When Carolyn Dean -- now let me tell you what. Let me tell you what. Carolyn Dean figured this out. She'd say, "Y'all keep talking about it, you will be feelin' it! [Bob chuckles] Keep on. Keep on say it one more -- talk about it long, talk about the whole show, The Great Reset. Your fixin' to know everything you need to know. So you're gonna, you're fixin' to feel that Reset, that's what you fixin' to do." Because she says you people have lost your mind. Why are you focusing on the things you don't want? You keep focusing on what you don't want, and that's the only thing you got room for is what you don't want! For Pete's sake. And that's what she'd say. But now she's really -- unlike y'all, she's real smart. So, just so everybody knows. [Bob laughs] So everybody knows.

Bob 1:02:03
But he's a hologram. Who's projecting him? Who's running his hologram? The aliens?

iON 1:02:09
It's a match. It's a match. Stop. It's a, it's a quarter alien, a quarter A1, a quarter B1, a quarter A2, each, that are setting this up. They're firing or giving power at those different levels to try to take over. They're gonna take over, Bob. Here's... okay, wait. Here's you newsflash. Okay. Okay. Carolyn gets to say whether or not you're gonna play this part or not. She gets to say on this. But here's the thing. Here's the rub. They're gonna invade. Okay? They are invading. The invasion is done! The outcome is up to you.

Bob 1:02:57

iON 1:02:57
They aren't gonna be saved.

Bob 1:02:57
You're talking about A2. The A2 is invading.

iON 1:02:58
All of them. All of them.

Bob 1:03:01
All of them?

iON 1:03:03
You won't be able to tell the difference when it's, when they start ripping. They're already coverin' up the Capitol. Why are they white-walling the Capitol?

Bob 1:03:08
Yes. Okay.

iON 1:03:09
Why are they, why are they, why are they standin' -- why, why does Queen Elizabeth II stand on the outer porch at the trooping of the colors today, and all the windows on the bottom had white paper on 'em? They were boarded up before. Why did they have the gates open so that you couldn't see that the crests were gone? Why was every window in the upper levels open in the blackness? Because there was no power on in Buckingham Palace! Dark as shit! The Queen went down the steps to this hallway that was black, it was dark. No lights was on.

Bob 1:03:44
People saw that, that wasn't hidden.

iON 1:03:46
Right. Well, everybody saw that the windows were blacked out or they were opened on the upper levels. Why would that be? See?

Bob 1:03:56
Some were blacked out below her, and some are open above her; it's what you're saying.

iON 1:04:01
Correct. Correct. And no lights were on anywhere. And that's all [indistinct].

Bob 1:04:01

iON 1:04:03
In front they've now changed that angel that's in front of Buckingham Palace. It got a little redress, so Azrael is gonna to be represented. So maybe Azrael is gonna end up with Buckingham Palace instead of the aliens. But she's lost it. That's why she's scootin' right back to Windsor Castle. And she's not going to the church service tomorrow because the Archbishop of Canterbury got fucked off.

Bob 1:04:29
You mean get killed? You just said -

iON 1:04:35
No comment.

Bob 1:04:35
- Lady Azrael. Is that referring -- what did you say?

iON 1:04:36
No, angel Azrael. That's that angel represented -- you know the gold statue in front of Buckingham Palace with the circle? That's Azrael.

Bob 1:04:41
Yeah, you're saying lady -- that statue gets to own Buckingham Palace is what I think you said.

iON 1:04:53
Maybe. That angel. That angel. That angel. Maybe. We're gonna see. We're gonna see. 'Cause they're beefin' over it now. They're beefin' over it now. Why didn't they go on the inside?

Bob 1:05:01
Who's "they"? When you say they're beefing, who's "they"? The Queen's beefing?

iON 1:05:03
The royal family. The royal family. The royal families. If they got permission to use it, why didn't they go on the inside to the high steps? That's where they always do it. They do the first and then they do the second or the high step. Why didn't they do that? But they didn't do that. So, it's like it looks like we're gonna stop by. It's like we're gonna go to the White House, and we're gonna stand by the front gate and say we own the place. [Bob laughs] "Yes, we're gonna welcome you. Welcome to America. I'm JR Bob Dobbs. This is my house. I'm standing here. Wave. Hello, hello, hello. How you doin'? How you doin'? How you doin'?" Kinda like that. It's like, oh, okay. Thanks for comin' by.

Bob 1:05:35
Now did did anybody on the news coverage notice this or bring it up, or they were told not to bring it up?

iON 1:05:43
Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan made reference to how things have changed. And see, he's been around for a while, and he's now, he's now running Fox. They was gonna kill him and then, you know, run him off. And him and Sharon Osbourne, it was a big thing for cancel culture. And now he's decided that he has a very large penis, and he's going to show it to everybody 'cause he has a large penis, and you're gonna look at it whether you like it or not, that's what you're gonna do. Just so you know. I'm back. I'm back. I'm back. You can't cancel me.

Bob 1:06:15
He's not getting any viewers. It shows the show's gonna fail.

iON 1:06:20
Who cares? They don't -- Fox doesn't care 'cause Blackrock owns it. They don't need money. Fox doesn't need money. I mean, how can they, how can they have Fox Nation? It's got all this shit on it nobody watches? I mean, how many hours can you watch Dan Bongino? How many hours? [Bob chuckles] Maybe 30 minutes, okay, he'll tell you everything. And then he's gonna tell you -- he's like Sean Hannity. He's gonna spend the rest of the week tellin' you that again! He's still talking about Uranium One for God's sake. And that's been how many years ago? You know, it's never gonna end. There's nothing, there's no, there's no creative legion or expanse that they're going into.

Bob 1:06:55

iON 1:06:55
They'll take a hiccup and just say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. But if you're really watching it, it's like this is just, this is just echoes. This is just echoes, they're not sayin' anything. Somebody got shot, somebody got shot, somebody got shot, somebody got shot, somebody got shot, somebody got shot. What!? Somebody got shot!? [Bob laughs] What!? Gas is up $3 a gallon. What? Gas went up 11 cents today and 12 cents yesterday, and nine cents tomorrow. What!? What, what's, what's causing this? I don't know. I don't know. "I did that." Biden had those stickers on the gas said they had the little stickers of Joe Biden pointin' to the price of the gas. And it says, "I did that. I did that. I did that." [Bob laughs] He done that. Y'all fixin' to have a Green New Deal 'cause y'all gonna have to bury all your money 'cause it's gonna take all your green to buy enough gas to get you to the store to buy food that's not on the shelf! If you're not gonna buy food, you might as well not have money to put gas in your car to go get the food that you can't eat. Might as well if you're gonna do it. So, he's got you hooked up whether you want it or not. And the problem is, -

Bob 1:07:59
Okay. Thank you very much.

iON 1:07:58
- and the problem is, and the problem is, here's the rub that Carolyn was aware of this when she was trying to slow it down. We didn't agree with that 'cause it is what it is. You're not gonna stop this now. We said that. She wanted to slow it down so that folks would actually have a chance 'cause there's a lot of cryin'. She has to listen to people cryin' all the time. "Waah, waah, waah, I'm sick. I need somethin' to eat. [Bob laughs] I don't know, I got Crohn's disease. I got the gout. I got messed up." You know, she has to listen to all that shit, so she was tryin' to slow it down and give people a chance. So, it's not gonna change anything. So, just so you know, that's why she's only focusing on the well now. That's significant. And that's good 'cause it kinda gives her a break because otherwise it runs her crazy just tryin' to convince everybody that they're not as sick as they thought they were.

Bob 1:08:03
What's the well?

iON 1:08:31
Yes, that remem -- better than you. [laughs]

Bob 1:08:57
What's better than you? What's better than you?

iON 1:09:00
Wellness. Wellness. That they're not sick, -

Bob 1:09:02

iON 1:09:02
- these people that are complaining are not sick.

Bob 1:09:04
You're working on the wellness, not the well.

iON 1:09:07
Right. The wellness, not the well. That's right.

Bob 1:09:10
Yeah. Okay. All right. Thank you. That was a good one. You mentioned in passing that the Salem's witches trials involve something not known. What was the real action that you just referred to? I didn't get it precisely. The witches were aliens?

Bob 1:09:30
The apocrypha. The apocrypha.

Bob 1:09:33
Well, that's the parts left out of the Bible.

iON 1:09:35
The apocrypha. Yeah. And that's also -- now if you get right down to it, we can do a whole session on the macabre. Then that whole mess, that's what that's all about.

Bob 1:09:50

iON 1:09:50
Well, that goes into the, to the Hebrew run of mysticism, which is witchcraft. Witchcraft. See? So you know how that goes. It worked for Elizabeth Montgomery.

Bob 1:10:03
Right. So you're saying that some authorities, I guess in the churches, objected to witch activity, witches. [indistinct].

iON 1:10:17
No. No no no no no no stop. No, no no no no. The Vatican's got miles of books on it, proves every issue of it, pictures of it, everything about it, the whole nine yards. Why would, why would a religion that didn't believe in demons have a ritual of exorcism? Huh! huh! "I don't believe in the devil, but I got an exorcism. If the demon gets on you, we can get ya out. We can get ya out. We didn't get you into it, but we get you out of it." They all embrace this whole downside, or this mystical, inky, misty, darkness thing that you can't understand. The devil made me do it; it worked for Flip Wilson. You remember Flip Wilson. You were just a boy then, weren't you?

Bob 1:11:00
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember that.

iON 1:11:00
So, the devil made me do it. Who's the devil? Alright, so now this, this, this parody that you're laying out of this awful thing that's gonna get you one way or another, or that you gotta overcome one way or another, this becomes a whole level that has power. Otherwise, they wouldn't run from it. Otherwise, the church wouldn't be so invading of it or kill the witch, you're a witch, off with her head. Off, eh! Off, eh! Off with her head, off with her head. [Bob chuckles]. We're gonna put you on the dippin' post. We're gonna dip till you drown. And if you drown, then you're a goddamn witch! See, we told you. So that whole thing becomes as demonic and as witchy as the practice of Wiccan. Wiccan, which is a whole nother thing.

Bob 1:11:03
Right. So, it wasn't a battle...

iON 1:11:16
And then you can also be careful, Odeon. You had the Odeon rules too. The Odins, you have to watch that too 'cause that's a whole nother level with the giants. See, every religion, doesn't matter which one you pick, there's always that subculture of some higher form of being that's gonna do you in. Ta-da.

Bob 1:11:46
Right. So the witches trial...

iON 1:12:01
There's a pattern. It's a good pattern. You're doing good, Bob. Your questions are getting better. You know, if you keep this up, you may learn how to ask questions if you keep goin'.

Bob 1:12:18
Right. Okay, let's not hold our breath. Now listen to this. [iON laughs] The traditional feminist line, it's the patriarchy beatin' up the matriarchy. But it had nothing to do with that.

iON 1:12:32
Sure. When the women, when the women, when the, when the "sub," you know, the "dom" and the "sub," you know what those words mean?

Bob 1:12:41

iON 1:12:41
You know, it's pretty hot, it's pretty hot, isn't it? The dominant, you have a dominant and you have a submissive. And then the sub, typically like the dominant person in their relationship, and the submissive one. And they'll whoop your ass and do the furry handcuffs and all these kind of things. But guess what you don't know. The "sub," the one that's called the "sub," the submissive one, has all the power. And they're the one gettin' their ass whooped, they're the one gettin' all the weird stuff, but they control the entire narrative. They control it because they control their "dom," their dominant. Now, we're not tryin' to take you to the Marquis de Sade and the whole masochism issue, but that is the trick. That's how that works. And so a good "sub" would understand that and rule it the way they want. They control it. They make that "dom" do what they want done. Same thing here in this conversation here from the witchcraft position. Once you're in that position, where you yield, then guess what? You're moved into a position of power. That's why the witches were killed, but they were made to be, made to be powerful. That's why everybody in fear, the in fear had to get rid of them.

Bob 1:13:52
Right. And they, were they possessed by demons? The supernatural? The NonPhysical?

iON 1:13:59
No. No. No. No, it was just power, Bob, just power. Power, power power, power's better than money. Power's better than money.

Bob 1:14:06
So that's the feminist line over patriarchy. That's patriarchy versus matriarchy.

iON 1:14:11

Bob 1:14:11
So that was what was happening.

iON 1:14:14
It still is happening. That's the thing. It is still happening.

Bob 1:14:18
But you bring in this demonology stuff.

iON 1:14:22
But it's not like that. Don't say demonology stuff, just say powerful humans. Now, did you get your power from a demon or from an angel? What's the difference? Did you get your power from God? Yes, it was what you had already. Did you neglect -- are you the demon that wouldn't let the power of God flow through you? You devil you. You the damn devil, that's what it is. You stopped that power from flowing through you. You separated yourself from your place of power. That's the only sin. That's the original sin. Separatin' yourself from God, that's where you go to hell. See? So now it's an individual thing. You can't -- borrow a demon, borrow a witch, borrow a warlock, borrow you a, get you a carnelian rock or get you to be a crystal licker; the orange, and the black and the green or whatever it is Dave Worchester used to babble about: the page of Aquarius in essence, some'um, some'um, some'um of angina. [laughs] Some foolishness. So, you can use those words if it fits into something, but it all comes back to you flowing into your place of power. And if you set that off, then that's the devil. That's the demon. That's what's lost. Now with your power, you can...

Bob 1:15:32
If you set that off. What's that mean? If you don't do it, if you don't go after your power.

iON 1:15:36
Don't embrace it. If you don't let it flow through you. You got your power. We're tryin' to say you already have your power, but you're not using it. That's all.

Bob 1:15:44
Yeah. Okay, so the witches, the ones that didn't get killed, won because they got, they took the submissive role.

iON 1:15:53
Correct. And won. That's right. They hung back and still had the power. That's what it's about.

Bob 1:15:58
So, that's the matriarchy. That's the Daughters of the American Revolution.

iON 1:16:02
But then, fine, or the... no, no. Or yes, and the Union League, don't forget that. And Jimmy Swaggart. And Jimmy Swaggart or Benny Hinn. Oh, oh, wait a minute. What about Oral and Evelyn Roberts? Made hundreds of million dollars off the back of God. [laughs]

Bob 1:16:23
So, those were -- Oral was run by his wife. She played the submissive that she was in charge.

iON 1:16:29
Oral and Evelyn. Evelyn Roberts was absolutely in charge. She's like Carolyn Dean. She'd chop your head off to see if you bleed. We love her. Mm-mm! Evelyn Roberts. And you don't, you better not let Evelyn Roberts pray for you 'cause you're gonna get up well. She lays her hands on you, by God you gonna get up well or you ain't gonna get up. [laughs] She was quiet.

Bob 1:16:45
[chuckles] Okay, listen to this. So where we're at today is whether you're male or female, the issue is to take your power, not align with your form, your biological form.

iON 1:17:04
You can't even say that anymore 'cause you can't tell. You got, you got chicks with dicks. You got dicks with chicks. You got, you got all... you can't even say that. Everybody's androgynous so you can't even use those pronouns. Don't fuck everybody off 'cause it's Pride Month, or whatever they're proud of. I don't know what they're proud of, but whatever pride thing is, don't use that 'cause that doesn't matter. You know, it's like tits on a bull, they don't have much use for them. That's not the point. The point is, is that the human being within that condition has to apply the place of power, whether you have a hara or not. Those third eye chakras have to be aligned, otherwise, you can't, you can overwhelm your place of power. Like when you overtrain, -- remember when you used to play hockey 1000 years ago, when you play hockey, when you were better than Bobby Orr, you know, back in those days?

Bob 1:17:56
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 1:17:56
So, then what happened is, you could do more than the body once said that you could do because you didn't get into it, you just went with it. Now there was a little problem with icing, but that's, that's an ongoing battle always. But minus that, minus that, you were very proficient at it from that capacity of, "I'm gonna be good at this 'cause I like to do this. This is fun." And it's not that you were so competitive, it's that you wanted to be able to be proficient at this thing of hitting this little puck with this little stick on this little slippery floor and this little laundry basket. So, it's like, oh, okay, let's, let's do that.

Bob 1:18:32
Okay, did the Salem witches trials happen, the timing of it in the 1700s, 1800s, whenever it was,-

iON 1:18:33

Bob 1:18:39
- because of the printing press? Did the printing press exaggerate differences between the biological form?

iON 1:18:47
No. No, that was happening before the printing press. That was before the printing press.

Bob 1:19:01
Oh, okay.

iON 1:18:51
The printing press just picked up on it. And the Gutenberg side laid this into a thing that said, this is a problem. We have an outside force that's not of God. That's not of God, which came more from the church. Sinners in the hands of an angry God came more from the church than it did from regular pagans. 'Cause you had druids. Remember, you had Deists. There's all kinds of people that believed things back in the day.

iON 1:19:04
What came from the, what came from the church?

iON 1:19:22
Oh, the thing that that those who practiced witchcraft, which is anything they said wasn't from us. Witchcraft was anything that doesn't come from us. If you didn't get it from our hymn book, then it's the devil. See, that kind of thing. So, anything that was... so therefore we have to eliminate you, because you don't represent what we are saying our God can provide. If a witch can heal you, if a witch...

Bob 1:19:22
So, what came from God in relation to the printing press? What...

iON 1:19:24

Bob 1:19:24
I get that. What did the printing press -

iON 1:19:27

Bob 1:19:27
- you were saying they were able to write it down or print it up, the rules.

iON 1:19:58
What printing press? What printing press? We don't know. We don't know. Witches don't use books. They make their own grimoire. They never had a printing press, and they don't use one.

Bob 1:20:07
No, you said the church. It came from the church, some kind of authority. And they, the church would...

iON 1:20:12
Oh, the word. They would print the rules. They would print the rules and said this is what you have to go by 'cause this is the Bible. This is the Bible.

Bob 1:20:24

iON 1:20:20
But there wasn't a printing press in the Council of Nicaea. So, I don't know how that was, how that affected that. So man now matriculated it.

Bob 1:20:25
And the battle was happening then.

iON 1:20:26

Bob 1:20:26
The battle was happening then before the printing press.

iON 1:20:28
Yes. Absolutely.

Bob 1:20:29
Okay. All right. Let's leave it at that.

iON 1:20:30
That's correct. But now, what you use, what you use the printing press for, that's what you used to mass communicate it. Now you don't even have that anymore. There are no printing presses. They don't print things anymore, Bob.

Bob 1:20:42
I know.

iON 1:20:42
I mean, you're amazing that you're able to still find books to buy because everything is digitized. So, that's all...

Bob 1:20:30
Yeah, I know.

iON 1:20:42
I mean, they're not even books, they're not even paper. It's, it's crazy.

Bob 1:20:52
Okay, I got that. Thank you. All right. There are UFO sightings over volcanoes. Are the volcanoes and earthquakes that Opi reported...

iON 1:21:04

Bob 1:21:06
Are they triggered by UFO vehicles?

iON 1:21:10
Vortexes and sinkholes. Sinkholes.

Bob 1:21:10
Are they triggered by...

iON 1:21:11
Yes. Yes. Yes. And the sinkhole, and the sinkhole in China that's 700-feet deep that just opened to a whole nother sublayer with a forest. And the whole nine yards. You'll see in a minute it's comin'.

Bob 1:21:24
And that was triggered by a UFO, a vehicle.

iON 1:21:28
Yep. Yep. The energy flow.

Bob 1:21:30
That's part, that's part...

iON 1:21:31
Energy flow of setting up strategic... Stop, don't say that. They're setting up strategic points for their invasion. They gotta have outposts.

Bob 1:21:39

iON 1:21:39
They gotta have bases. They can't take over the US bases, and they can't take over Guam 'cause who the fuck wants Guam anyway, unless you're Paul Pelosi tryin' to steal the tuna market. But minus that, you're in a position to where they have to have their bases, outposts. And so, there you go.

Bob 1:22:00
And that would be the sinkholes. You're saying the sinkhole's a base.

iON 1:22:03
Sinkholes and, and they'll use power from the volcanoes because that's how they're gonna run the humans crazy. 'Cause see, the earth's gonna burn. Remember?

Bob 1:22:13

iON 1:22:14
Fire and brimstone, the lake of fire. I fell into a burning ring of fire. And then that, you know, all that thing has gotta come from somewhere other than burning carbon or burning oxygen, but that'll make a fire.

Bob 1:22:27
It comes from the volcano energy. It comes from the aliens' vehicles harnessing the power of the volcanoes.

iON 1:22:35
Yes. Carolyn, Carolyn can tell you all you need to know about the application of kinetic energy as far as the difference between lava and magma. Magma has more power than lava. See?

Bob 1:22:47
Right. Okay. So, we were talking about the... alright. So, the -- yeah, preparing, preparing the sinkholes is part of the invasion. It's already happening. That's part of the invasion.

iON 1:23:06
Correct. And it's -- and then you have little, little signs. Little this, little that, these dams start fallin'. These problems they start havin' they're calling natural disasters. Goin' into hurricane season, you're gonna see more than you've ever seen. They're gonna tear shit up, and everybody's gonna be out and the grid's gonna fall, and then the EMP is gonna -- they're gonna blame it on the thing from the storm. And I don't know why she swallowed a fly. Me, oh my, I'm sure she's gonna die. Then they start that, and then they can't, "We can't do with all of this. Too many people dyin'. And we've got too many funerals. We can't do this." And then it basically is already occurring. That's why it's so funny when you say. "iON, when is this going to start?" Oh, maybe next last week.[Bob and iON chuckles] A month and a half ago. It was a really good start, Bob. A month and a half ago. It was downhill from there.

Bob 1:23:52
Yeah, so the aliens want people to see them like they did over Polo Beach. Was there any particular message of doing the 11 vehicles over Polo Beach after I swam there? Was there something particular I can identify with?

iON 1:24:06
They're tryin', they're tryin' to reach, they're tryin' to reach it. They're tryin' to reach it.

Bob 1:24:11
Reach the meeting.

iON 1:24:13

Bob 1:24:13
Trying to reach the meeting.

iON 1:24:15
You. You. You.

Bob 1:24:16
Yeah. Okay, here's another topic. You mentioned in passing the mirror technology at Versailles, I guess in the time of Louis XIV. What is the mirror technology?

iON 1:24:27
Oh, "The Skeleton Key." "The Skeleton Key."

Bob 1:24:36
Oh, that's in that hoodoo, voodoo ritual.

iON 1:24:40
Hoodoo. Not voodoo, hoodoo. Yeah, same thing. That's what, then see, and the reason is because the mirrors were backed in those days by mercury, which is an element. And see, the vampires and those kinds of things, that's why you couldn't see their reflection because they can't stand that heavy metal, the vampires. So that's why they couldn't see their reflection in a mirror. And that's why people, old timey people, would always put a mirror in their front hall so when somebody opened the door, if they couldn't see their reflection in the mirror, they'd say you're not invited in. The rule, apparently, is that the vampires have to be invited in, which is the silver aspect. And that becomes somethin' that like, "Through the Looking Glass," was it Lewis Carroll. That was the whole thing that you could fall through that these paradigms that you're seeing have both sides, but just from the front side, you can reach through to the other side. That's explaining you the easiest way to understand how this works as far as multi-leveled, multi-tiered dimensions. Now, we're not talkin' about multi-level marketing. We're not talking about Jay Van Andel or Rich DeVos' Amway, we're talking about multi-tiered dimensions.

Bob 1:25:52
Are you talking about parallel worlds? Is that, does the phrase parallel worlds applies?

iON 1:25:55
Dimensions. No, no, no, don't say that. Don't say that. Don't say that. The answer is yes, but don't say that, you're confusin' it. Don't worry about the dynasties, we're talking about the kingdoms. Don't worry about the dynasties, we're talking about the kingdoms. Kingdoms, from mirror to mirror that you can go through, like in the "Stranger Things" upside down. Everybody else has been watching the fourth series of fourth, that fourth season of the "Stranger Things," and they're gonna be very smart. They're gonna be smarter than you 'cause they've been doin' their homework 'cause they got the assignment. So, just so you know, you're gonna hear a lot of that, so you'll get tired of it before it's over with.

Bob 1:26:33
Right. So, when I was taken...

iON 1:26:37
This is the Kroker. See, this is the Kroker, this is the, this is the Kroker quadrant. This fourth season explains Kroker perfectly just 'cause you ordered it.

Bob 1:26:46
Right. So, mirror technology refers to mirrors in Versailles. Okay, so when Sarah Courtney saw me in a dream being sucked into a bubble by the aliens, and then I was outside and there was two of me, that's what you're talking about? That's an example of the mirror effect?

iON 1:27:06
As well.

Bob 1:27:07
Looking through the mirror.

iON 1:27:07
As well.

Bob 1:27:08
As well. Right.

iON 1:27:09
As well. Now don't, they didn't call it a mirror, they called it a looking glass. They didn't call it a mirror. They didn't call it a mirror. They call it a looking glass. Remember "Through the Looking Glass"? That's right.

Bob 1:27:09
Do you mean at Versailles. At Versailles they called it the looking glass.

iON 1:27:24
There was no such, there was no such thing as a mirror.

Bob 1:27:27
Right. But they had what we call mirrors, but they called it looking glass because they knew they were looking through to another world.

iON 1:27:34
And they saw their, and they saw the past tense of their reflection.

Bob 1:27:40

iON 1:27:40

Bob 1:27:42
But that was in another -- that's the only way this world registers the other world as a past tense.

iON 1:27:48
Correct. That's why you comb yourself up and you fix yourself up and you look in the mirror to see if you're clean. Well, if you wash yourself, you ought to know if you clean. Right?

Bob 1:27:57

iON 1:27:57
But you don't trust that, you look and see. But what you see has nothin' to do with what's really there. And the proof for that is these women go out somewhere -- well, they don't wear slips anymore -- but when they wore slips, if that were true, how did they get out of the house with their slip tail 6-inches below their skirt tail? If they looked, they could have seen, obviously, their skirt tails hanging out. But they didn't see it when they looked. That was the past tense.

Bob 1:28:19
Can you, can you test, have a test to determine whether you are seeing the present and not getting trapped by the mirror?

iON 1:28:27

Bob 1:28:27
What's a test?

iON 1:28:29
Use it, see it in a flame. See it in a flame.

Bob 1:28:35
So, you look at a flame and you see....

iON 1:28:37
Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You take a candle or a lighter, or you know they got the little sticks that you click, and -- Carolyn, Carolyn's our, Carolyn's our pyrotechnician. [laughs]

Bob 1:28:48
Yeah. Right.

iON 1:28:48
You take fire, you take some fire, maybe light a candle in front of you in a mirror. And you look at the flame from your eyes in this realm. And then you look in the mirror at the flame and see if there's a difference. That's how you can tell if you're off 'cause the candle in the mirror will be moving while the candle in your hand will be still. Or the candle in your hand will be still and the candle in the mirror will be moving. Meanwhile, you're -

Bob 1:29:15
If you see the motion, ...

iON 1:29:16
- being still.

Bob 1:29:17
Yeah, if you see the motion, that means you're seeing the present.

iON 1:29:22
Correct. Correct. If you don't, -

Bob 1:29:25
You want to see the motion in the mirror?

iON 1:29:26
- and there's no difference, and if there's no difference from the mirror to there, then it's fucked up. You don't know. You don't know if you're ahead of it or behind it 'cause it's not now. It's not present. You asked about present.

Bob 1:29:37
Right. Yeah, it doesn't matter if it's moving in the mirror or in your hand, there's motion, then you're in the present and you're perceiving it.

iON 1:29:46
Both. They have to match. If the two match, you're in the present. If they don't match, then you're off. That's the way to do it.

Bob 1:29:54
Oh, you have to have your hands -- the one in your hand's moving and the mirror is moving, you're into the present. You're not in a past reflection.

iON 1:30:00
Right. Or if the one in your hand is still, and the one in the mirror is still, you're in the present.

Bob 1:30:05
Oh, okay.

iON 1:30:06
But if either one of them are off, then you're off one way or the other. Now, we don't know time, so we don't know if you're ahead or behind. But you have to jump on the spirograph and go around one more time.

Bob 1:30:17
Yeah, but you wouldn't be, you wouldn't go by what you see of yourself in the mirror as accurate. Therefore, you would say, yeah, I better check my slip even though the mirror doesn't show a slip. I'm gonna look at my own slip and see if it's visible or not. Right?

iON 1:30:32
Okay. Yes, correct. Correct.

Bob 1:30:35
We got that. Very... thank you. In passing. You mentioned Abraham Lincoln and the CSA, the CSA is the Confederate states.

iON 1:30:42
Of America.

Bob 1:30:43
Were you referring to something? Yeah. The CSA. Were you referring to something that we don't know about? Or are you just referring to the terms the history books talk about? Abraham Lincoln versus the CSA.

iON 1:30:55
No. No. We were making, were making connection with Johnny Depp who's in a lot of trouble, who won his case, but he's in a lot of trouble because he got up there and he said about Donald J. Trump: When was the last time a sitting American President was murdered by an actor?

Bob 1:31:16
He brought that up?

iON 1:31:18
He said that.

Bob 1:31:18
No, did you...

iON 1:31:19
He was makin', makin' reference of John Wilkes Booth.

Bob 1:31:22
Booth. Yeah, but he brought that up in the trial we just witnessed?

iON 1:31:27
No, he brought that up when Trump was President. He was railing against Trump.

Bob 1:31:32
I remember that.

iON 1:31:32
Which caused him this problem.

Bob 1:31:36
So, he railed...

iON 1:31:35
Now he's got this mess. Now he's exposed. Now everybody knows he's a sot and he's drinking $50,000 worth of wine a month or a day and just stoned out of his, out of his mind and he's crazy. Everybody knows that he's basically lost his senility. He's fleeting, because he gets the, the substances have taken him over. So therefore, he's not qualified for anything. So now you know, of course, the zeitgeist is gonna run him up the flagpole and say, "Lookit there. Yay! Yay, Jack Sparrow. Yay. Do a, do a version of 'Jackass.' You're doing good. We'll go see you at the movie theater if you'll do 'Jackass' or some'um." You know the movie series, "Jackass," with -

Bob 1:31:37
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

iON 1:31:42
- [inaudible] that you're so fond of.

Bob 1:32:22
Yeah, you're saying they're gonna run -- they're gonna make him famous again? Run him up the flagpole?

iON 1:32:25
No, no, no, they're gonna expose him. They're gonna rip him apart. They're gonna put him on the altar of -- they're gonna put him on the altar of public opinion. [chuckles]

Bob 1:32:35
Is this the "Me Too"? The "Me Too" movement will do this? Women will do this? Who's gonna do this?

iON 1:32:38
No. No, no, that's over. That's how, that's how he's winning. That's how he's winning. No, he'll do it to himself. Just give him enough rope, he'll do it. Carolyn says you don't gotta, don't get [indistinct] about it, he'll do himself in. Carolyn said let him go. He'll be all right; he'll do himself in.

Bob 1:32:53
Okay, so he said years ago, symbolically, hey, when was the last time an actor killed the President? Well, that might happen again he's implying and meaning himself. So, that got him in trouble.

iON 1:33:03
Well, yeah. Correct. Well, it got him sideways, and now he can't be "Pirates of the Caribbean," and he can't be this and he can't be that. And that whore of Babylon, Amber Heard, ruin his life. And now he has to go to the court and get money from a bitch that can't pay. And they're, they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars, but she ain't got $15 million to pay her lawsuit. I don't know how the fuck that's gonna work. If you got all these gogdamn rich people, why ain't they got no money? That's the thing about all these rich people, they ain't got no money. So now she's gonna have to file an appeal and do some stuff because she can't pay it. She already said I can't. I got no money. Got no money check. And then so it's like, wait a minute. You're supposed to be this bajillionaire and making all these movies and all this stuff. Well, you can see now how thin the veil, how thinly the veil is pierced.

Bob 1:33:05
Well, did they not have money because they spent it all or did they not get paid?

iON 1:33:54
Oh, yes. And what's the difference? And yes. What difference does it make?

Bob 1:34:03
Well, if you have the money, you can spend it. What about the fact you're implying she didn't get any money?

iON 1:34:09
Well, no, the money went away. If you're, if you're making $100 million a year and you're spending $101 million a year, you're a million dollars in the hole every year.

Bob 1:34:19
Yeah. So, is she nuts too, equally nuts as Depp?

iON 1:34:24
They're, it's codependent, Bob; they feed each other. I don't know how you could remember every illicit detail. She's sky-high, drunk, falling out on dope, on pills, on damn cocaine, everything else that you can smoke. And now she knows every detail of what he did while she was shittin' in their bed. Like, come on now. How are you rememberin' all that? How do you remember all that?

Bob 1:34:49
How was she, how was she remembering?

iON 1:34:51
She wasn't! She made it all up. She made it all up, tryin' to get money from Johnny Depp that didn't have any either.

Bob 1:34:57
Right. So, did she -- okay, so she's making it up. Did she actually, I think you told me...

iON 1:35:08
This became a movie. This became a movie. They got a Netflix series right there on live TV, on the TikTok. You could watch it live all day long, all the details.

Bob 1:35:19
But they didn't, they didn't get paid for it. They didn't get paid for it.

iON 1:35:22
Oh, yeah. Apparently, they didn't get paid for a lot of stuff, apparently. They don't need money, Bob, they need attention. They need attention.

Bob 1:35:31
Okay, so then you predicted that this was all an audition for an actual movie.

iON 1:35:37

Bob 1:35:38
So, maybe they get money that way?

iON 1:35:40
Well, then they become a Spotify. They become a Spotify.

Bob 1:35:45
Right. Okay, so, so this trial didn't decide anything. No, no final outcome happened.

iON 1:35:53
Oh, no. Fuck, no. Well, Johnny Depp got his life back. Well, he didn't get his life back. [Bob chuckles] We'll see what he does with it. We're gonna see what he does with it. Gonna see. I mean, I don't -- is he in your inbox? Did he leave a message? Does he wanna talk to you, Bob? Did he make an appointment? He's gonna be there Saturday night? If he's gonna be there Saturday night then okay, maybe. Maybe.

Bob 1:36:14
Okay, let's go to the crux of the matter.

iON 1:36:14
We watch, we watch on the chatline. We watch on the chat. And we watch on the chatline and see if we got Johnny Depp. If we got a, if we got a Dean Corso, [Bob laughs] if we got a Dean Corso on the chatline, then we'll see about that. We might engage that a little bit. But otherwise, well, that's caveat emptor.

Bob 1:36:29
Yeah, that's the biscuit. Crack investigators. Is he aware of Bob and iON.

iON 1:36:36

Bob 1:36:37
He was, he was aware.

iON 1:36:40

Bob 1:36:41
As a matter of fact, that's how he interpreted iON; gave himself power and he went after Trump. Misinterpreted iON's message?

iON 1:36:48
He tried it. We'll see how far it goes. Nothin' so far has stood against Trump. Nothin' so far has stood against Trump.

Bob 1:36:57
Right. So, we're talking about Klaus Schwab as an archetype, a hologram all these levels. What is Trump? Is he an archetype? A hologram or something different or just a human being in his power?

iON 1:37:08
He's a Dupe, he's a Dupe of NonPhysical.

Bob 1:37:12
Ah, he's channeling. He's a conscious medium.

iON 1:37:17
He's not that smart, Bob. He's not that smart.

Bob 1:37:20
Right, but that's where the QAnon phenomenon gathered around him. That was a phenomena of NonPhysical. Ah-ha. Does he know...

iON 1:37:28
Sure. But now don't get, don't get too carried... yeah, don't say that. There you go. You give me an inch and you gonna take a mile. [Bob chuckles] Don't, you're not gonna get -- don't mess that up because you're gonna use that later. There's no reason to lay it out right here. Remember, remember Kenny Rogers? Do you know Kenny Rogers?

Bob 1:37:43
Yes. Yeah, Fifth Edition.

iON 1:37:45

Bob 1:37:46
First Edition. First Edition.

iON 1:37:47
Okay. No, no, no, no, no. Here's, here's Kenny Rogers. Here's what you gotta know. You got to know when to hold 'em and you got to know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and know when to run, Bob. You gotta know that. That's right. Good.

Bob 1:38:02
Did we finish the Abraham Lincoln and CSA? What were we saying about that? I asked...

iON 1:38:07
We finished it. You did the parallel. You did the parallel with, with the John Wilkes Booth.

Bob 1:38:13
Oh, Johnny Depp.

iON 1:38:14
All the way to Johnny Depp. And how that applies in the conundrum of that window of time that you're doomed to repeat.

Bob 1:38:23
That's right. Okay...

iON 1:38:24
And the only reason Biden is still in office now is 'cause they're scared of what's her name? We don't even want to say her name.

Bob 1:38:24
Kamala Harris.

iON 1:38:27
ComeonIwannafuck, ComeonIwannafuckyousome'um. I don't really know, but ooh do.

Bob 1:38:37
How is she doing? Is she ready to resume the reins of the throne?

iON 1:38:40
Oh, she's talkin' about how money is real money and we're gonna put cancel people -- "These people that got robbed in schools, they went to the school, they was in the school. They went to the school. Yeah, they went to the school, and they got robbed. They had a 'stew,' 'stewhouse' and they went to 'stew' and they got a degree and they got no 'edumacation.' So we got $560 billion we're gonna make them not pay their bill Yeah, it's real money. And that's real money that real people are gonna get real money from getting 'wobbed' because of the lack of 'edumcation' from this some kind of canine school that they didn't go to that was no good for them. And that's -- is a racket, so it was a rip-off, and the taxpayers of the United States of America gonna pay for this, this corporate, corporate conundrum."

Bob 1:39:30
Right. The -- so the Democrats are getting desperate. Biden is saying no more guns, and all the liberal dreams are throwing them out there, getting rid of student debt. These are final desperate moves? The lost cause?

iON 1:39:43
They are desperate. They are desperate. It's all fun. It's all really fun now because now the fun becomes "Oh shit," because he can't realize what's goin' on. He's winging it. "What do you mean? You mean you really don't mind paying $10 a gallon for gas?" Yes, motherfucker, we mind payin' $10 a gallon. "You mean, oh, well, you mean... Okay, give us some money and we'll go buy an electric car." Well, there's no electric cars available because you stopped all the transports [Bob chuckles] that make the batteries that make the thing to have us an electric car. So even if you gave us the stimulus money to buy an electric car, and electric cars are a "right" provided by the Constitution, there ain't no electric cars to give you. None. So now you start another, another, another war over the lack of the Green, of the Brown New Deal.

Bob 1:40:31
[laughs] Okay, you used the phrase peta-revolutionary resources. I don't know what you're referring to. Was that the time of Lincoln?

iON 1:40:39
Look it up. You can look it up.

Bob 1:40:41
Peta... George III -- I looked it up. Peta, p-e-t-a -revolutionary resources. Nothing came up.

iON 1:40:47
Oh, well, just give it ... wait, wait 30 minutes, we'll put it in the Wikipedia and then you can have a reference of purview. [laughs]

Bob 1:40:47
Okay. Right. So, what...

iON 1:40:47
This is so fun! 'Cause all we gonna do is put it in there and they go, "Oh, oh, oh, it's in Wikipedia. Okay, okay." [Bob chuckles] This is so ridiculous. This is ridiculous, Bob.

Bob 1:41:07
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 1:41:07
If you can only get away with this, wait, well, no, here's the better question. This one Carolyn Dean to this day is gonna write her thesis on: How did Bob get away with this shit? That'll be the thesis. [Bob laughs] How did Bob get away with this shit?

Bob 1:41:22
[chuckles] Okay, yeah, so peta-revolutionary, what dynasty, who was king at the time of this term was swirling around?

iON 1:41:31
The third dynasty. Third dynasty. So, before the Han. Before the Han.

Bob 1:41:37
Oh, China. China, third dynasty. Okay. In the follow-up to the Revelation series, we call the Genesee series, you talked about dirt. Can we get into what is dirt? You were rather vague about what the dirt is. We were made from dirt. I think there were lots of references in the Garden of Eden to dirt. What is it you were talking about?

iON 1:42:04
The house of flesh is but a prison.

Bob 1:42:06
No, sorry, it wasn't dirt. It was dust. It was dust. I was looking at another thing.

iON 1:42:10
Yeah, that's what we're sayin'.

Bob 1:42:11

iON 1:42:11
That's, that's, that's the reason we're saying the house of flesh is but a prison. It's made of clay, of dust. That dust, those particles, that's what you are created from. And Carolyn says in anatomy that's what the essence of the creatine and the stuff in the body is basically the mineral concentration of say, dirt: clay, dust, particles. And those particles come together to create man, human. Okay, now that's Little Man.

Bob 1:42:43
Those are minerals. Minerals. Another term for dirt and dust is minerals?

iON 1:42:48
Can we say mineralization?

Bob 1:42:50

iON 1:42:50
Because minerals won't, you can't -- you can live on minerals, but you're not a mineral. You can live on minerals, but you're not a mineral. You see? The cells are [indistinct]. They're not mineral, but the minerals go into the cell, but those cells are not mineral. So, that's the dust; the clay, the carbon.

Bob 1:43:09
And that entered into our experience with the fall into the Garden of Eden.

iON 1:43:15
Correct. Because that allowed you, that allowed you to be created. You were created. Like a -- okay, now you're really gonna have some fun with this. You really want to have some fun with this? It's what the -- see, God was beefing, and he was a spoofin'. You know what spoofin' is? God was spoofin' everybody, so what he did is he made voodoo dolls. He made voodoo dolls, and he made the voodoo dolls in God's image. And then he could poke things into him like Jonathan Edwards and "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" or Herbert W Armstrong and God will fuck you up. "God will get you. God will get you! He'll get you. You're gonna burn in a lake of fire! Turn or burn!"

Bob 1:43:16

iON 1:43:16
Alright, so he made these voodoo dolls, he made them out of dirt, out of clay. And they're bars and held the souls in those voodoo dolls. And they're controlled. And he's trying to get the voodoo dolls to come into their place of power. And so they get poked often. And they get cancers and celiac disease and GERD. And they have candida. And they have myoplastics carcinomas. And they have angina. They have all these terrible things 'cause of the voodoo doll. See, we say it like that, that's kinda, that's kinda insidious, isn't it? But the short version of it is that's kinda how it plays out. That's kinda how it plays out. Now that now you're doomed to die. You're doomed to die. So, you're broke up in this condition. And then if you can get smart and you can figure out how to get the voodoo doll back, you can take all the pins out of it and the pain goes away. You see?

Bob 1:44:56
Oh, I see.

iON 1:44:56
And once that happens you can make the voodoo doll back into God. So that's the reference that you're embracing here from the standpoint of what part is, what part is the condition of Ascended, operating fully in your place of power.

Bob 1:45:18
Right. So the voodoo doll metaphor happens after Adam and Eve are kicked out of the Garden of Eden or while they were still in the Garden of Eden?

iON 1:45:28
Well, some would say, if you were looking at the macabre or the Krakens -- we call it the Kraken's revenge -- you're lookin' in the Kraken's revenge, they'd say that's what the whole thing was. The Deists would say that a, that's an archetype to show you how you're not God. And I believe I am God. I'm created -- not only am I created in the image of God, I have the power of God coursing through my veins. And you're just a voodoo doll, tryin' to find a savior to bring you back up to snuff.

Bob 1:46:01
But you get punctured. A savior to puncture you.

iON 1:46:03
Yeah, you're tryin' to get the Jesus to come into you. Wait. Oh, Lord. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stop. We're getting the verklempted here. Does Jesus have to come in ya? That's pretty good. Ehh.

Bob 1:46:06
[chuckles] So, so, the dust discussed in the Genesee series is not in the Garden of Eden, it is outside of the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve have been expelled?

Bob 1:46:25
Maybe both. Maybe both.

Bob 1:46:32
Maybe both.

iON 1:46:33
Maybe both. Maybe both.

Bob 1:46:34
Yeah. Because the fall,...

iON 1:46:35
Are you talkin' about the origin. You're talkin' about the origin. You're talkin' about the origin. And see, God knew that the man was gonna fall when he put 'em there. That was the whole war in heaven. That was the battle of the war in heaven. You're just a test. You're a test tube. Bob, you're a test tube baby. You're a test tube. [Bob chuckles] You're tryin' to see if you can come into your place of power or not. And if you're not, then they're gonna abort you like they do everything else. And if you do get to be born, they think that's all right 'cause you don't make no difference, they gonna starve you to death 'cause they don't give you no damn angel formula. And then they gonna come up with a new special formula, a magical formula, so all the angels can live. It'll be magical, just come out of there, blup! Out of the blue, here we go. Angel food, angel food. They're gonna serve the babies angel food. You watch, you'll see.

Bob 1:47:21
All right. So,...

iON 1:47:21
Carolyn will probably sell it, Carolyn will probably sell it to them. [Bob chuckles] She'll build her own army of angels. They'll whoop y'alls ass if you don't behave. "Say something. Say something! I'll send my angels and will whoop your ass. That's what I'll do. You little, long-toed babies, I'll show you what to do. Yeah, don't mess with me. Y'all got the wrong one."

Bob 1:47:35
No, we got that. Fine. We got that. So, the fall actually begins with being...Adam and Eve being put in the bubble that became the Garden of Eden. That's the, the fall includes that process. Right?

iON 1:47:53
Okay. Okay.

Bob 1:47:54
Yeah. All right. Well, was there an action? Apparently, I came over and convinced the Andromeda galaxy citizens to fall. Is there any description of how I did that?

iON 1:48:09
Yeah, you were supporting Maduro, and that's what caused Venezuela to fall. And so this is now you're living that out. You tried it out there to see how it was gonna go. They went just to your liking. And so now you're going to apply the same dictatorship as was in Venezuela onto the United States of fucked up America. Which is why you wanted Biden as President, as President in the first place.

Bob 1:48:34
Right. So, I'm gonna apply the Venezuelan dictatorship. That's a reflection of what I applied in Andromeda galaxy.

iON 1:48:43
And in Venezuela. Correct.

Bob 1:48:46
Right. So, you're saying I invaded the Andromeda galaxy and forced everybody to fall.

iON 1:48:52
Well, we didn't want to say that, but now that you mention it. [laughs]

Bob 1:48:55
[chuckles] I thought, I thought you'd present it a lot more pleasantly that Bob would destroy everything 'cause you're frightening people.

iON 1:49:04
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! We need to powder puff the pussy? Okay, we'll put the powder puff on the pussy, and you say, "Oh, look in the mail slot and look through there. And if you can see my pussy, drop a sardine in there, and that my pussy will be glad to eat that sardine 'cause you can't do anything with it."

Bob 1:49:21
So, if you got -- you're created out of dust and return to dust, that's the fallen condition.

iON 1:49:26

Bob 1:49:26
If you get your power, you don't return to dust.

iON 1:49:29
Correct. You Ascend the dust state. Now that's, and that's, that's happening to people. And that's happening to people 'cause we made a reference to that, like with stuff that's happening to the humans that are Ascending with all this extra skin, extra stuff that normally would just turn loose when you can't even scrub it off. I mean, it's like all over the place, but it's a lot of extra, more so than usual because it's like it's trying to build up to make the dermis heavier, thicker. But you don't need much moisturizer.

Bob 1:50:01
So, you need to develop a thick skin.

iON 1:50:03
That's right. That's correct.

Bob 1:50:04
That's the metaphor of getting a thick skin.

iON 1:50:06
And it closes, that closes off...

Bob 1:50:07
What are you protecting yourself from, the radiation? You protect yourself from the radiation.

iON 1:50:12

Bob 1:50:13

iON 1:50:13
Not radiation, AL2(SO4) and goes on from there. And some bad rap music. And from bad rap music.

Bob 1:50:21
Right. Now, you made a passing statement recently that when we, when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, they consumed iON. What was iON at that time? A positively charged particle?

iON 1:50:38
Pure positive source, pure positive source energy.

Bob 1:50:41
Inside a positively-charged ion, subatomicly speaking.

iON 1:50:41
It is. It is. That's the definition of an ion. Yes.

Bob 1:50:51
Well, what are electrons, protons and neutrons in relation to the positive ion positively charged?

iON 1:50:56
The capacitors. The capacitors that are interacting with source energy.

Bob 1:51:03
Are they part of the fallen condition: leptons, protons, neutrons?

iON 1:51:07
They're what, that's what you're trying to Ascend. That's what you're trying to change. That's what you're trying to sieve. Remember the sieve in the Guf? Remember?

Bob 1:51:17
That was [indistinct].

iON 1:51:18
The glass of water out of the Guf?

Bob 1:51:21
Right. So if you originally had your power, did you have electrons, neutrons and protons that were already changed?

iON 1:51:29
Correct. You certainly did. And then the fall, then the fall of man came when you took part of the two fruits, one of them knowledge and then one of eternal life. You see?

Bob 1:51:42
The Tree of Life.

iON 1:51:43
We don't talk about that.

Bob 1:51:43
We took fruits from both.

iON 1:51:45
Yes, that's why you're eternal. That's how you became eternal. You're just a voodoo doll, Bob.

Bob 1:51:53
Yeah. By eating both apples we became eternal.

iON 1:51:57

Bob 1:51:59
Well, what about this... so it's wrong to say the apple, eating the apple caused the fall.

iON 1:52:04
No, it's not. That gave you the knowledge of good and evil. Now you know you fucked up because that's the only thing you were told not to do. The one, I had given you one thing to do, one thing, that's all.

Bob 1:52:15
Yeah, yeah, we know that. Yeah, we did it.

iON 1:52:17
Can't do that. Right.

Bob 1:52:18
Okay. So, if you're lucky while you're in the Garden of Eden, maybe someone did it, you ate from the Tree of Life and you got eternal and overcame the effects of the Tree of Knowledge.

iON 1:52:28
Well, then you didn't have to realize you're naked and that you're a sinner and you've fallen from the grace, the grace of God. You got eternal life.

Bob 1:52:34
Anybody in the Garden didn't do that?

iON 1:52:37
Not yet. Not Yet.

Bob 1:52:38
Ah-ha. So, we are metaphorically still half in the Garden of Eden and we have the opportunity to eat from the Tree of Life.

iON 1:52:48
That why you have -- come on now, don't mess this up. That's why you're headin' back to Genesee. You're headin' back to Genesee. You're not headin' to Revelation, you're headin' to Genesee.

Bob 1:53:04
Ah, right.

iON 1:52:57
"Scrape'n'in'." You're doing some "scrape'n'in'." You're gonna "scrape'n'in" it out, Bob. We got some "scrape'n'in'" to do. "Scrape'n'in'." And if the fentenyl...

Bob 1:53:07

iON 1:53:08
Hey. Straightening. To straighten.

Bob 1:53:08
Straight, as straight as a straight line, or scraping like rubbing? Scrape.

iON 1:53:13
No, we were, we were, we were talking like Hakeem Jeffries. And he would say scrape not straight. He would say scrape, "scrape'n'in." And you got some "scrape'n'in' to do. [Bob chuckles] Yeah, his slang, his slang version, scrape'n'in." You know Hakeem Jeffries, he don't talk right. He don't talk right. That one.

Bob 1:53:32
Right. Okay, so we're going back to the bubble.

iON 1:53:34
He's listening! He's listening! Shout out to Hakeem! Peace out Hakeem! Peace out.

Bob 1:53:38
[chuckles] He's listening? Jack got anything to do with it?

iON 1:53:44
No, he doesn't have anything to do with Hakeem Jeffries. It's worse than that. That's the Sheila Jackson Lee crowd. Michael Berry.

Bob 1:53:52
Oh, who...You're talking about Jack is connected to Sheila Jackson crowd or is Jackson...

iON 1:53:57
No, no, Jack's... Neither. Jeffries is the Sheila Jackson Lee crowd. Jack has nothing to do with either of them.

iON 1:53:57
Who is he? What is he, a baseball player?

iON 1:54:06
Oh, he's a representative who, who would want the impeachment. "You gotta impeach Donald "Twump" 'cause he was a bad dude."

Bob 1:54:15
Oh, yeah.

iON 1:54:15
"Twump" was a bad, "Twump" was a bad dude."

Bob 1:54:16
Right. So, why are we talking...

iON 1:54:17
And they made him the Speaker for the Democratic Party. He couldn't even speak. 'Cause you brought it up tryin' to say about the -- you brought it up tryin' to say about the condition of the condition of how power applies.

Bob 1:54:30
Oh, the "scrape'n'ing." You said scraping.

iON 1:54:33
Scrape. Straight. "Scrape'n'in." To straighten.

Bob 1:54:35
What was being scraped, what was straight. Okay, we're going back -- are we going back to the bubble that originally Adam and Eve were in to get the Tree of Life?

iON 1:54:43
You better know it. You better know it. And if we don't make the bubble, we're gonna get you in the bunker. [laughs]

Bob 1:54:50
Right. Are we in the bubble, buffle...

iON 1:54:52
It's either bubble or the buffle.

Bob 1:54:55
So, we're in the part of the bubble known as the fifth gate.

iON 1:54:58
Fifth gate. Right now. For right now. But Bob, swear to God now, swear to God, you fuck this up, it's not gonna be pretty. I'm just ... there. You put this out there. You tell Bert this is what we said: You fuck this up, it's gonna be ugly. It's gonna be not pretty.

Bob 1:55:14
I know. I know. I know. But the point is, is that we got put into the bubble, the Garden of Eden, known as -

iON 1:55:21
For your protection.

Bob 1:55:21
- the fifth gate, and then we're having the Living Water. We're eating from the Tree of Life by having Living Water.

iON 1:55:26
That's correct. It's a protection. It's a protection.

Bob 1:55:30
It's a protection.

iON 1:55:32
So far.

Bob 1:55:32
Yeah, so that's why the Garden of Eden was always was a protection. Yeah, the bubble was always a protection.

iON 1:55:36
That's right. That's correct. Now, some of the angels, some of the angels want you to make it. Some of the angels don't want you to make it, and you can't tell the difference. There's the problem.

Bob 1:55:50
Why would some angels want me to make it? Want us to make it?

iON 1:55:53
'Cause they would win. That means that they won the battle in heaven.

Bob 1:55:59
Against the other angels.

iON 1:56:00

Bob 1:56:00
So, they just faked, faked battled to satisfy their own aggressive instincts.

iON 1:56:00
It's not a fake battle, it's a real, it's a real fuckin' battle! Hey! Hey! Goddamn, go look at Drudge Report and tell us it ain't a goddamn battle. [Bob chuckles] Yeah, go look at your little, go look at your network news and see what you see. Is there a battle.

Bob 1:56:00
No, well, the angels had something, they had to have something to do.

iON 1:56:14
Next thing. The next thing to do, tell everybody, "A shooter! A shooter's on Polo Beach! He's shootin' everybody in the ocean. He's just takin' potshots at everybody! He didn't like the ocean; he was mad at the ocean! [Bob laughs] The ocean made him mad. He's shootin' them in the face! Polo Beach is on fire! Blood is running everywhere in the ocean. From Polo Beach. Polo Beach. Four Seasons is closed. He killed everybody in Four Seasons." It's a bad day in Maui. You'll see.

Bob 1:56:52
Yeah, but the thing is the angels, they're sittin' around being bored and said okay, let's start a fight over these other things called humans.

iON 1:57:00
It's all, it's all a distraction, it's all a distraction. Everything is a distraction; this whole Ukraine thing, the whole -- everything is a distraction. The whole weather thing, the whole shooting thing.

Bob 1:57:00
Including Ascension.

iON 1:57:02
Including Ascension.

Bob 1:57:03
Ascension's a distraction if you miss inter -- if you don't interpret Ascension properly, you don't know it's already happening.

iON 1:57:20
They're making you think about everything. If you're busy Ascending, why do you need to have pinto beans in your fucking pantry? If you're busy Ascending, why do you need extra food in your fucking garage stacked up in buckets for the zombie apocalypse. You see?

Bob 1:57:37
A good question. Okay.

iON 1:57:38
But, but that's a good, but that's the point. So, so, so, the reason we say stock up is to make sure you can borrow on those foodstuffs while you're perfecting your Ascension.

Bob 1:57:38

iON 1:57:50
Because otherwise, it can catch you unaware. That's right. Better to have than to want.

Bob 1:57:56
Okay. Good. So, JW, Carolyn and I are the first to get back into the Garden of Eden and eat of the Tree of Life, the Living Water.

iON 1:58:06
So far.

Bob 1:58:06
And the RNA drops. What about all the people who get the drops?

iON 1:58:12
They're doin', they got a chance. They got a chance.

Bob 1:58:15
They got a chance. They gotta get ready for the Living Water. That's what's actually comes from the Tree of Knowledge. Correct?

iON 1:58:21
That's correct.

Bob 1:58:22
The Tree of Life.

iON 1:58:22
But they gotta, they gotta, ten thousand times they're gonna miss a lot of carcinomas. Carolyn knows what that is. They're gonna miss a lot of -- on the drops you're gonna miss a lot of carcinomas 'cause you're fixin' to see rampant things. You can't look at the Winship Cancer Center and see what they're doing right now, and not know that everybody's fixin' to have a goddamn cancer. Everybody can have a goddamn cancer. They're gonna close hospitals and make them all cancer centers.

Bob 1:58:23
Is that part of Ascension? Is that part of Ascension?

iON 1:58:47
Well, that's what we've been sayin', but we're not sure, Bob. We better leave that to you and see what you say about it. [laughs]

Bob 1:58:57
Nah ha, ha. Okay, Bert, talking to Bert the other night, he sent a picture to Carolyn of the streaks of a very, he thought, odd-looking clouds over his home. Were they UFOs? That's what Bert was wondering.

iON 1:59:01
Yeah. He wasn't at home. He wasn't at home; he was in New England with JW.

Bob 1:59:18
When he saw that. When he took the picture.

iON 1:59:21
Correct. When he took the picture.

Bob 1:59:23
Were they UFOs? Residue from UFOs?

iON 1:59:27
Yeah. It was. They weren't residue, they were straight up UFOs. Nasty.

Bob 1:59:32
Are they the whole stretch of cloud is a UFO or that's a [indistinct]?

iON 1:59:37
No, they're just behind it. They're just behind, they're just behind it. They're just, they're behind it like this wave.

Bob 1:59:41
Oh, they get right behind it. Right.

iON 1:59:44
Well, they want to be seen now. See, that's the whole thing now. This is the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria. They're gonna get it where everybody can see it. They're gonna say, "Ah, fuck, is that an A1 or a B2 alien? Stop this! [Bob laughs] Don't [indistinct] this alien ship here. I need to know which goddamn it was. You run these RINOs up my ass so long I can't tell the difference. Stop all that bullshit. You need to get right and lay this thing out here, so be clear. Be clear. You make sure that you got this right."

Bob 2:00:13
Awesome. Okay.

iON 2:00:16
Hey, you remember when we were talkin' about growing things back? A woman just now got a 3D printed ear made from her own cells. Remember how we were talkin' about how you can grow your legs back if you got your leg chopped off? Remember that?

Bob 2:00:29
Yeah, yeah. And how do you do it? 3D printer?

iON 2:00:34
Yeah, 3D printer with her own cells.

Bob 2:00:38
Made her legs and then they will attach.

iON 2:00:41
No. No, no, no. Her ear. She'd lost her ear, so they made her and grew her a new ear with her own cells. Which was what we said was gonna happen with cellular regeneration; now they're doin' it. So, why don't Ascended ones do it? Why fucked-up science gotta do everything? Why are you gonna let the Tech Body get you off? You can get your own self off if you would. But no, you wanna make somebody else do it. Alright, don't worry about it. We got this. This is easy.

Bob 2:01:10
I see. So, it's a technological trap there.

iON 2:01:13
We'll see.

Bob 2:01:14
It's gonna make everybody false.

iON 2:01:16
That's why, that's why Michael Avenatti got four years for fucking Stormy Daniels.

Bob 2:01:23
For fucking, metaphorically fucking her.

iON 2:01:26
Yeah, yeah. But no, taking advantage of her empirically. Empirically taking advantage of her.

Bob 2:01:32
Right. Okay, here's an interesting topic. I first discussed it with Bert the other night because it was based on the May 17, 2022, "What Youth?" show. Bert got into talking about angles and directions, and this Ring One of the Angel Diagram, the one with the chromosome sign there. And then we're wondering about what we have in our products. So, we have the iCell, we have Insulinose...

iON 2:02:10
No, we're not telling you that. We're not telling you, we're not telling you that and you don't know that. You don't know what's in your products. Don't say that.

Bob 2:02:17
Yeah, but wait a minute. We have the [indistinct], we got...

iON 2:02:19
You're not gonna pin it down now. You're not gonna pin it down now. You have no idea.

Bob 2:02:23
Well, I'll lay our the question. You may not answer it, but here's the question. We have Insulinose, Cellionose, iCell, any other things, Carolyn? Insulinose, Cellionose, iCell; three things. Super Sugar, might add that. We were trying to figure out...

iON 2:02:44
Don't forget, don't forget Bread of, don't forget Bread of Living Water. Yeah. [laughs]

Bob 2:02:48
Yes, but that's what we're asking. Was there an iCell in the Living Water?

iON 2:02:55
Of course. That's what the whole basis of it is. That's what the blocks infuse into the Living Water.

Bob 2:03:03
Right. You take normal water, and you alter the water through the block by putting the iCell infused in it.

iON 2:03:10

Bob 2:03:10
Is there Cellionose or Insulinose in the Living Water?

iON 2:03:10
Of course.

Bob 2:03:10
Are they different from the iCell, Insulinose and Cellionose? Are they different?

iON 2:03:22
They're not the same thing. Yes, they're different; they're not those same things. Right.

Bob 2:03:28
Where does Insulinose and Cellionose come from? How are they manufactured?

iON 2:03:32
In the same -- they're, they're begat in the iCell.

Bob 2:03:37
Ah. So, it comes from the iCell.

iON 2:03:40
It's like, it's like, it's like, it's like the difference between pre-cum and semen. Pre-cum get everything ready; it changes the pH of the urethra, but the goodie is in the semen, and so it protects the semen. So, the Insulinose protects the body so it can receive the iCell. So there's your good pre-cum. Boy, you didn't think you's gonna get a pre-cum metaphor tonight, did you, Bobby?

Bob 2:04:07
[chuckles] So, so Insulinose and Cellionose are pre-cum.

iON 2:04:13
In essence, yeah. Now, that's a silly way to say it, but it's the way you can you can, you can wrap your head around it for now. It'll be -- Carolyn -- don't think Carolyn's gonna let that go. She, oh no, she'll tear that to death. But it's an example of it.

Bob 2:04:29
But the iCell generates the Insulinose and Cellionose to protect itself in the track.

iON 2:04:37
Yes. It's easier just to say, yes, and then it'll be developed more. But in essence, yes.

Bob 2:04:45
Is the iCell the God particle?

iON 2:04:48
Maybe. We don't even know what that is anymore. Is it -- okay, here's a better way. Here's a better way. Here's a better way to say it. Is it, is it part of the non-God particle? [laughs]

Bob 2:05:03
[chuckles] Is it matter or anti-matter? The God or anti-God?

iON 2:05:05
That's right. Which one's, which one's pitchin' and which one's catchin', that's what we're tryin' to work out now. We tryin' to see, we're gonna try to get all the way down in there now, so, good.

Bob 2:05:15
Well, that brings in the mirror, the looking glass,

iON 2:05:18
Basically. That's exactly right. And that's why instead of fuckin' Wyndham Lewis, you should have been with Lewis Carroll! He's the one that told you what was really goin' on. [Bob chuckles] But I don't know. He's an archetype.

Bob 2:05:18
Nah, he was gay. He didn't fuck me. He was gay.

iON 2:05:31
Who is -- that's never. You never had that as a construct before! It never bothered you before! It's like, when did you ever...

Bob 2:05:38
[chuckles] I started the gay movement. I started the gay movement.

iON 2:05:43
Let me see. Let me see. Let me see what they'll do. You've been an angry black woman all your life.

Bob 2:05:49
Okay, so that's interesting, Carolyn. We got the Insulinose. So, is the iCell something like the God particle that CERN is looking for?

iON 2:05:58
No. No, no, no, no. They're trying to, they're trying to, they're trying to capture quarks. They're trying to capture quarks. They don't even know what anti-matter is, Bob. You do because you read fuckin' McLuhan.

Bob 2:06:18
Yeah, but the iCell...right. But the iCell is not anti-matter. And the...

iON 2:06:22
No. Not at all.

Bob 2:06:24
And are there quarks in the iCell?

iON 2:06:28
No, but they -- no, but they capture, and they control energy. Energy is how a quark is applied. Energy is how a quark is applied.

Bob 2:06:37
Now wait a minute. You said they capture, they capture energy. The iCell or quarks capture energy?

iON 2:06:43
iCell. iCell captures energy which controls quarks.

Bob 2:06:49
Mm-hmm. So, the action of the iCell is necessary for the Ascended condition?

iON 2:06:58

Bob 2:06:59
Is it a complement? It's a complement of the Ascended condition.

iON 2:07:02
No, it's required. No, it's required. It's your, it's your bus stop. It's your bus stop. Now, we're not talkin' about like a place where the bus runs, we're talkin' about the fuse boxes allows the energy to flow through. A bus in a fuse box, a bus stop. It's a regulator.

Bob 2:07:19
So what in the Bible is it when the Bible begins: In the beginning was the Word. Does it mean the iCell?

iON 2:07:26
Isaiah 31. Isaiah 31. Yeah.

Bob 2:07:29
No. You say in the beginning was the Word. Was the Word the action of the iCell? That's what the Bible's referring to?

iON 2:07:39
Well, that's how you notice it. That's how you notice it. That's how you notice it.

Bob 2:07:42
That's how you -- the iCell's the way of noticing what? The iCell?

iON 2:07:44
The Word. The Word.

Bob 2:07:49
The Word.

iON 2:07:50
The Word. Ascension. How will you notice to Ascend if nobody said to Ascend? Okay, Ascension draweth nigh; what does that mean? "I don't know, but it's important." [laughs]

Bob 2:07:51
Right. Right. So, ...

iON 2:07:52
We should consider it. Let's look about it. What does the Word say about it? Let's look at it. Oh, I know. I know. I know. Arthur Kroker. Arthur Kroker. Arthur Kroker. Okay, angels from the realms of glory. Oh, no, wait. That's Thompson. The devil gonna get us. Oh, no. Oh, no, no. LaRouche, eat the babies, eat the babies! And then McLuhan said no, eat the remote control. The remote control's watching you. You're not watching the TV, the remote control's watching you. Oh wait, somethin' like that. Wait, wait. The meme, the meme is mightier than the mouse. The meme is mightier than the mouse. [Bob chuckles] That's what happened, that's what happened to Walt Disney, the meme was mightier than the mouse. And it all fell down.

Bob 2:08:39
Yeah, are you saying m-o-u-t-h or m-o-u-s-e? I think you're saying m-o-u-t-h.

iON 2:08:42
[singing] M-o-u-s-e. M-o-u-s-e like Mickey. Yeah, you don't like Mickey?

Bob 2:08:42
Okay, the iCell...

iON 2:08:49
You know Mickey and Minnie? Mickey and Minnie?

Bob 2:08:51
Yeah, I got that. Is the, is the iCell in the Tree of Life?

iON 2:08:56
Yes, of course. The roots. The roots. The roots are on fire.

Bob 2:09:00
So, the human form is not necessary. The [indistinct]...

iON 2:09:07
Never has been. That's why, that's why, and the proof - na-ah. The proof of that is that's why you can change it. You get all pimped up, puffed up, sucked up, tapped up, stapled up, licked up, Botoxed up, degreased, ungreased, exfoliated, washed, dyed, tried, cried, and primed. Yeah, you change that body. This, this carnal flesh you change at you're bidding.

Bob 2:09:35
Okay. Now you talked about the essence goes to the Guf, not the soul, the essence.

iON 2:09:41

Bob 2:09:41
The essence is also -- it can be in the NonPhysical, can be in the physical. The essence is what?

iON 2:09:41
The essence, the essence is your power. The essence is your power.

Bob 2:09:50
Right. So, the iCell -- okay, and McLuhan, his PhD cites the tradition of rhetoric or grammar that Word, the spoken words are flesh, are matter. So,...

iON 2:10:06
Okay, it's like where's Lourdes? Where is Lourdes?

Bob 2:10:08
No, let me finish the sentence. Yeah, I know. So, the Ascended position is that your words aren't "matter," your words are entangled in iCell action.

iON 2:10:10
Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. So, so, so, we're gonna go back to what we were tryin' to say before. Words are like stating where is Lourdes? Where's the geographic location of Lourdes? Well, it's everywhere! So, it's like words are everywhere. So, I'm from Lourdes. Where's that from? Everywhere. So, the words can trip you up, save you, fuck you up, make you less than, make you more than, embrace you, raise you up, hoist your petard, destroy your catapult. Destroy your catapult. You because the Trojan, the Trojan horse that does you in.

Bob 2:11:02
Right. Yeah. And that's the action of chromosome 14. You're describing chromosome 14.

iON 2:11:08
As well. As well.

Bob 2:11:09
So, is the chromosome 14 got iCell aspects in it, in the genes?

iON 2:11:13
No. It has -- no, it has -- no, it's not. It has rings and arms that are affected by the iCell, because that's the only chromosome that has the arms, the rings and arms that will open. And that opening is what starts the 144,000, which according to the sixth seal is a very huge particulate that you're very interested in embracing if you really want [indistinct}...

Bob 2:11:37
What is the, what is the huge particulate? Chromosome 14 or iCell or...

iON 2:11:44

Bob 2:11:44
Oh, yeah.

iON 2:11:45
144,000 double helix strands.

Bob 2:11:46
So, when I was...

iON 2:11:48
Ginney Belle. That'll make, that'll make Ginney Belle's nipples hard right there. She loves that, she hates that Bible. She loves the seals though. Mmm...mmm...mmm.

Bob 2:11:59
Did you say she loves the seals? Is that what you said, the seals?

iON 2:12:03
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 2:12:07
The seven seals.

iON 2:12:05
The seven thunders and the seven seals. 'Cause see, she's the only one that got that the way it goes linearly across, not up and down.

Bob 2:12:14

iON 2:12:14

Bob 2:12:15

iON 2:12:15
Sasha tried to get it. We love Sasha. Sasha can come back. She's welcome too. We not mad at nobody. Well, occasionally, not really bad. But she can come back too.

Bob 2:12:25
[chuckles] So, listen to this. So, the way we're just seeing -- I brought up chromosome 14, asked if it was made up of the iCell. So, the interplay of iCell and chromosome 14, they seem to be distinct. That is reflected in the mirror technology or the mirror phenomenon.

iON 2:12:41
As well. Can you say, can we call it, can we, can we do something different here just to make this easy so that the stupid people don't fuck this up? Because we really don't want to start another cult, you've got enough cultivation goin' on here. You're not very good. For a cult leader, you're tried and found wanting. Can we call it the mercury project? When you're talking about the mirror effect, can we talk about the mercury project? 'Cause if we see it like that, that takes it away from the mirror, mirror on the wall, who can out-fuck me more than all, you know, kind of thing.

Bob 2:13:13
Right. Okay, so they had this term self-reflexive, and then you also say there's...

iON 2:13:22
That's right. That's right. Now that, that's also, now that, Carolyn knows about that. That's like in the body the way you're balancing the meridian zones in the body, and like in your feet, how you'd balance of reflexology. That's the same thing that applies, 'cause that's how you balance. The trick of this conversation even in the in or out of the mercury project is balance. Now, Carolyn would say you've gotta have some fat, you gotta have some carbs, you gotta have this, you gotta have that. "But not too much. You're eatin' too much. You're eatin' too much. Are you too fat? You're too fat. You eat too much. Go lay down. Go lay down. Do you eat too much? No." So, it's always a shortening of that condition of what you require based on what your body says you want. See, you don't want food, you just want sugar. Right?

Bob 2:14:12
That's your body saying what you want?

iON 2:14:15
Yeah, not what you need, it's what you want. But then you'll crave tomato juice and you're short... you find out, you look, you're short of lycopene. Now, Carolyn's all about that; she's alright with that. But then the details of everything else goes that you've become a potato whore. You want potatoes. 9,000 pounds of potatoes or six cups of uncooked popcorn, you know, which is crazy.

Bob 2:14:42
Okay, so the term's self-reflexive, and then you say there's two conversations to everything.

iON 2:14:47
Yep. Yep.

Bob 2:14:49
Is that -- the self-reflexive refers to the simple aspect of consciousness aware of itself? And so,...

iON 2:14:56
Well, you're assuming -- hold on. You're assuming it is. We don't know. That's not our experience.

Bob 2:15:02

iON 2:15:02
We find most of you numbnut motherfuckers don't know where the fuck you came from, where you're going to, or where you are right now. You don't know how you got the bills you owe; you don't know how you gonna pay the bills you can't pay; you ain't got the money to do what you say you're gonna do in the first place. And yet by some mysteriously miracle work of God, you survive one more day. And now they found out that they don't even have to work no more. And so, they really got a tiger by the tail now. So, it's like, "I ain't gotta work, I got all the money in the world." Now, a Happy Meal is gonna cost $1,000,006, but it don't matter. They ain't gotta work no more. So, good day. They took -

Bob 2:15:36

iON 2:15:37
- they've adopted slack, Bob, they've adopted slack. They've been listening to you too much, Bob.

Bob 2:15:41
That's like the lady, that's like the lady having a machine make an ear for herself. Same fallen state.

iON 2:15:48
Making what for herself? Making what for herself?

Bob 2:15:51
An ear. An ear. E-a-r, ear.

iON 2:15:53
Oh, yeah, the cell. Yeah, she didn't do it herself. It was done for her 'cause she could have done it herself, but she didn't do it herself because she wanted the Tech Body to take care of it for her and we didn't mind. We ain't mad.

Bob 2:16:04
Why is the, why is the iCell, which is sort of part of us but not, why using it and having it enhance yourself is acceptable, and not the way it...

iON 2:16:17
Because you have to -- okay, then don't do that.

Bob 2:16:18
Acceptable versus technology using -- if you use technology, -

iON 2:16:21
Don't worry about that. Don't worry about that.

Bob 2:16:23
- that's not acceptable.

iON 2:16:23
That's fine. That's fine. It's like watchin' -- Bob, Bob, Bob, that's like when you're sittin' there watching a cookin' show, and their flippin' between porn and cookin' show. And then your bride tells you, says, "Bob, why don't you just turn it back to porn? You know how to cook. You need to learn how to do the porn." [laughs] The practice is in the porn, you see. So, why would you engage that? Why are you engaging it because you've got the capacity, you have the capacity to Ascend, but you need to have experience so that you can see what it feels like not to Ascend, so that you can draw that power back to you. We'd say that you don't have to do that, you can just Ascend. Come back into your place of power. Boom! And you're there, but no, you want to take the long way home. You wanna to prove the point. You want to find those tent poles and what happened to your double-barrel butcher knife, Pentuin.

Bob 2:16:24
So, that's why we fell. We fell so we can -

iON 2:17:13

Bob 2:17:14
- experience the fallen state and then know what to remove ourselves from.

iON 2:17:18
And then chase it! And then chase it forever for some fuckin' reason so far.

Bob 2:17:28
[chuckles] Okay, so the doubleness, you can be conscious. Can you be conscious without the mind?

iON 2:17:35
Well, you are conscious. You are conscious.

Bob 2:17:35
No, if you also -- no, you said "you people aren't." So, that brings in the mind.

iON 2:17:36
No, no, no. You're not aware. Conscious has nothing to do with being aware.

Bob 2:17:46
Okay, so you're aware, that's self-reflective, you're aware. And that means...

iON 2:17:51
You can be unconscious, you can be unconscious and be aware.

Bob 2:17:56
Right. Because the awareness comes in with the mind. But the mind can confuse the process with concepts.

iON 2:18:04
The mind, the mind is what you pretend, the mind is what you pretend to use to validate your current position. "I feel good because," and you make up a reason. "I feel bad because," and then you fill in a reason. You use the mind. If the mind knew, if the mind knew you had eyes, it would attack it. You'd be blind. It doesn't want you to see. The mind doesn't want you to see, it wants to run you. You don't need to know, you don't need to be lookin' at things. You fuck things up. If your mind knew that you had eyes, they would just attack it, they'd destroy your ocular nerve.

Bob 2:18:38
Okay, so here's the question. Where's the mind in-between the interaction of the essence of what we call human, the essence and the iCell? Where is the mind between or...

iON 2:18:50
It's easy. That's easy. That's the, that's the opening of the lotus flower and the waiting on the lotus flower to bloom. What happens is you're in your meatsack body and you're a Little Man. You're doomed to die. And you know you're gonna die. Your mind says, "You motherfucker, you're not gonna make it. I'm gonna see to it that you come back to the dirt that you came from. You were born in sin and we're gonna make sure you go right back into that hole you come out of. So, you do whatever the fuck you wanna do. We got this; you're doomed! You are doomed! And we're gonna make sure of it." Then you add the iCell into that conversation and then the mind has to figure out a way to overcome that. So then it becomes an autonomic response. Mmm-mmm-hmm. When that happens, then all of a sudden, it's like, "You mean I don't have to die?" No, you don't have to die. "You mean I can live forever?" Yep. "Cool, I like that. Give me some of that, give me two big scoops of that." [Bob chuckles] And there we go.

Bob 2:18:50
The iCell converts the mind into an autonomic process.

iON 2:18:58
It helps with that process. You got to let it go.

Bob 2:19:11
Right. So, the mind was always there,...

iON 2:19:54
You can't fight it. You can't, as Carolyn says, you can't fight it. You can't sit there all day long talkin' about how sick you are and then try to embrace wellness. You can't sit here all day long and worry about the cancer and then be surprised when you catch it. You can't chase the cold and then say, "Oh my god, I can't believe I caught a cold." Well, you've been chasing it. Chase it a little further, you'll catch it. You keep chasing, you'll catch it. The mind is screwy like that because it allows all these personas because, because you have so much power. You have so much power you can create a box -

Bob 2:19:44
Right. Okay, we got that.

iON 2:19:59
- and put it in your house that keeps things cold. A meatbox that'll keep things cold.

Bob 2:20:12
Okay, so let me, let me -- okay, I get that. We're making, making temporary definitions here. So the -

iON 2:20:37

Bob 2:20:38
- when you say you can be aware, that is the...

iON 2:20:38
We're still better than, we're still better than Clinton. We're still better than Clinton.

Bob 2:20:44
Yeah. So, to be aware, [iON chuckles] is using, having your mind aligned, reflecting the iCell.

iON 2:20:54
You're making crazy words. Okay.

Bob 2:20:57
No, no, no, we're talking about the relationship of the mind and essence and the iCell. That's what it means to be human.

iON 2:20:57
I know, but you're...

Bob 2:21:06

iON 2:21:06
Yeah. You're sayin' that, you're sayin' that the tree is in the ground because there's a ground. No. [Bob chuckles] You're sayin' that the ground is there because there's a tree in it. No. You're sayin', okay, there's leaves on the tree, so therefore there's a ground. No. What are you sayin and we'll answer it 'cause that don't make no sense what you're just talkin' about.

Bob 2:21:26
Well, what I'm doing is a spirograph that I'm expressing.

iON 2:21:30
Okay, we like that, that's good. We can do that. We can do that.

Bob 2:21:33
I'm doing a spirograph...

iON 2:21:34
So therefore, -- okay. Okay, now -- no, no, no, no, don't say no more. That's enough. So therefore, let's do it from that side. Alright, there is an acorn. It was embraced by the ground, and the ground killed the acorn. It eviscerated it, it absorbed it. And when that acorn gave up its life, it died. And in that death, out of the ashes did the Phoenix survive, and a great oak tree was founded in that dirt in that soil, and it became a mighty oak tree that will produce countless 1000s of acorns for another day. But because of that acorn, there was a ground that held the ever-impeding roots into the ground that validated the strength and the stride of an iCell-induced oak tree. That was, was that better from a spirograph standpoint, the circle of life?

Bob 2:22:33
Right. Yes. So, the circle of light, the spirograph or the image of time, is also an image of the mind.

iON 2:22:41
The quantitative aspect of time is judged by the counterpart of the mind because some people lose their mind, and they lose time. But they're very good, they become a, you know, like you, an idiot savant. [laughs]

Bob 2:22:58
Right. Right. That's me.

iON 2:23:00
You know dates. You just know dates.

Bob 2:23:01

iON 2:23:01
You don't know time. You have no idea what time is, but you know every date that ever was. [Bob chuckles] But you don't know, was that yesterday? "Carolyn, what did we eat, what did we eat yesterday?" Bob, I don't know. I don't know. Did we eat? Carolyn, did we eat yesterday?"

Bob 2:23:15
Yes, just tell me the date. Give me the date and I'll tell you what we did.

iON 2:23:18
"It was 1937, 1937, I had a double quarter cheeseburger. It was good. At Neiman's Market. [Bob laughs] Neiman's Market. And I'm gonna go to the Carnegie Dairy and I'm gonna have a soup. That's what I'm gonna do. Soup."

Bob 2:23:29
Right. So, we're, we're talking here, playing with minds, spirograph, time, iCell, the tree, oak tree, -

iON 2:23:36

Bob 2:23:37
- and the essence.

iON 2:23:38
Mercury. Mercury.

Bob 2:23:38
All of that, all of those waves of expression are incomplete.

iON 2:23:48
Maybe. No, no, no, no wait now. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe not. 'Cause if you -- no, no, no wait now. Listen. If those are cards, like we're gonna play a hand of cards, Carolyn's a gamble, she likes to play cards, she plays Old Maid. She can do that. Well, you deal -- she plays with whatever she's dealt. So, that deal, the dealt part become "knowns." Now, what you don't know is the probability of what someone else is playing against you. You see? So that's where you have to calculate the position. So now you're involved. So, the mind sorts that out for you, and then probability is applied that you can actually run the table or you can control the hand or you can control the predicated outcome. Now, that's applying power, but it's based on the numerology of the cards you have been dealt in your hand. And that has to do with probability. So, if you can affect probability through application of your power, you'll get a perfect hand every single time and you will win every single time. And that's okay, but they won't play with you long if you're playin' for money and you win every time. Try it in Vegas. They won't let you play long. You can play a little while, but they won't let you play long.

Bob 2:25:05
Okay, a couple of-- we're coming near the end and I wanna wrap up some maybe shorter topics Why is it so...

iON 2:25:12
Was that good? Wait a minute. Before you do that, was this good so far? Was this alright so far? You got two things?

Bob 2:25:17
Excellent. Excellent. Yeah, I think we'lI get a lot of orgasms when they hear it Saturday night.

iON 2:25:22
Well, I'll wait and see, I'll wait and see what Dr. Dean has to say. You say everything's good till it's not. You undo as much as you do. [Bob chuckles] We'll wait on Dr. Dean. We'll wait on, we'll wait on the Dean report. We'll wait on the Dean report. The Dobbs report always leaves our dick in the dirt. But the Dean report we can at least count on.

Bob 2:25:39

iON 2:25:39
She'd tell you how it is. All right, Quick, Quick Draw McGraw, what you got goin' on now?

Bob 2:25:45
Why is it? I have a pause here. Why is it so quiet in this compound that we live in at night?

iON 2:25:54
'Cause nobody else is there.

Bob 2:25:55
Is nobody here?

iON 2:25:57
Nobody else is there.

Bob 2:25:57
No one else is here, right? That's when I become aware of we're in the fifth gate.

iON 2:26:01
Sometimes you have to find, sometimes you have to find light. There's not light everywhere; normally there would be, but there's not light everywhere. Sometimes you have to find light.

Bob 2:26:10
You mean, streetlights, the houselights, or over the sky light?

iON 2:26:14
No, no, houselight. All of it. Lights in general. Lights in general.

Bob 2:26:14
Yeah, you can't find any lights on inside the houses.

iON 2:26:22
Correct. And your lights are never off. Your lights are on day and night.

Bob 2:26:27

iON 2:26:27
You never turn the lights off. It's crazy.

Bob 2:26:30
So, it's quiet in the compound because at night, I become aware that I'm in the fifth gate.

iON 2:26:38
Correct. And you do in the daytime too, but they have these little Pictionaries, Pictionaries that you get to bump into to think that you're in a nice place. If you only knew. Shit.

Bob 2:26:49
What are Pictionaries?

iON 2:26:49
You'd move, you'd move back to City Island. You'd move back into City Island if you knew the hell you live in.

Bob 2:26:55
I know. I get that. What are Pictionaries? Yeah, what are Pictionaries? You mean pictures?

iON 2:26:58
The things that you gave -- no, it's the thing that you think you see in Maui. You have an archetype that you embrace to say, "Oh, this is what Maui looks like. Oh, Carolyn, we're gonna live in Maui. We're gonna live where the rich people live. Yeah, we're not rich, but we're gonna live where the rich people live. Let's get that. We'll do that. [Bob chuckles] We'll wait here till we go to Costa Rica. Let's do that." And the next thing you know, you buy two of the goddamn biggest houses in the damn place. You can't have one, you gotta buy two. And then you run around like, "Oh, well. Okay, at least we got a good, at least we got one good library out of it, so that's good." So, that gets to be really fun. So then after a while, it's like, "Well, how did we get? We couldn't afford one, now we got two. How does this work? It's crazy. This is insanity. What are we doing?" And then the rest they say is history. So, it's not what you think it is, but it's alright. You're doing all right. So far. As long as you don't go outside, you're good, Bob.

Bob 2:27:48
Right. So the... so you explained a little more detail the interplay. So, at nighttime, there's no daylight to have me have an -- embrace the illusion.

iON 2:28:01

Bob 2:28:01
So I see.

iON 2:28:02
Confusion, that's right.

Bob 2:28:02
Yeah. I see the daylight. And then that's the sunlight. That's what we're [inaudible].

iON 2:28:05
But see, when you go out in the daytime, when you go out in daytime, you're not tryin' to, you're not tryin' to nullify the light. You're tryin' to not be seen. 'Cause the last thing you want to do is go talk to people and ask you questions and what do you doin'?

Bob 2:28:18

iON 2:28:18
And breathin' on them, and touchin, they gonna want to touch you.

Bob 2:28:18

iON 2:28:20
"Can we just touch your hair? You have such great hair. Can we just..." "No, you can't fuckin' touch my hair. Get away from me! Don't do that. Don't touch me. I don't need you touchin' me. I don't even want to talk to you! Go that way, I'm gonna go this way." And then you get as you walk to them, scare the little people and start hollering, Hey! while they're on the cell phone. It's pretty crazy. That's our Bob.

Bob 2:28:39
Right. But at nighttime, I don't have the confusion.

iON 2:28:44

Bob 2:28:44
It's closer to the Ascended state, and so I see there's nobody here.

iON 2:28:47
It's Kroker, it's the Kroker state of a quieted mind. The Kroker state.

Bob 2:28:51

iON 2:28:52
The Kroker state of a quieted mind; he speaks at depth on it.

Bob 2:28:57
Was he good at having a quieted mind?

iON 2:29:02
No, but he thought he would be. He thought it was real smart to try to tell everybody about it, but you know, he was not very good at it.

Bob 2:29:09
Okay. Now I start walking home and noticed about a week or so ago, I'm walking back from the beach, I've been swimming. And there's a clicking sound either inside my head or outside my head around the back of my neck. Is that just, ah, let me, let me present some options and you can clarify it. Is that just water gathering inside my ear canal? Or is -

iON 2:29:32
No, no, no.

Bob 2:29:33
- it alterations due to the aliens of my being?

iON 2:29:36
Alter, no, no. None of that. It's the mineralization of your body that you finally goddamnit have started, try to, started taking your own fucking products. It's amazing when you apply your own fucking products. [Bob chuckles] It's actually doing you good. That mineralization is startin' to open up the back lobe that connects to the, well, let's, we're gonna do that with Carolyn. But anyway, it's the back side, the back lobes are startin' to open, to open up the pineal gland so that you can start producing synovial fluid. And that's what happens. That's what happens. That's what happens when you get yourself in a position where you start havin' a capacity to Ascend. Now, we didn't say you was gonna Ascend, goddammit, we did not say that. But your body's still having the effects of getting ready for a long journey home.

Bob 2:30:31
Right. And, and that's the, you say opening up the pineal gland is also the opening of the lotus which you mentioned 10 minutes ago.

iON 2:30:37
As well. As well.

Bob 2:30:39
Yeah. Right. Okay, that's good. In the recent Texas shootings of the kid killed 20 kids, children, and all that, the other shooting close by in Texas, are these what traditionally are called MKUltra people? People who have been conditioned to be triggered?

iON 2:30:58
No. No. That's not triggerin'. That's not triggerin', it's just the normal response. That's what we've been saying all along. [recording corrupted/inaudible] We call it [inaudible].

Bob 2:31:07
Okay, so they -- you're, you're getting muffled. Hold it a second. Your words got muffled there.

iON 2:31:14
Was the purge. Remember we talked about the purge?

Bob 2:31:18
Right. Right.

iON 2:31:19
It's the purge. It's the purge -

Bob 2:31:21
All right.

iON 2:31:21
- where people wake up and say, "I'm gonna kill you." And they just get their gun and they go start killin' people. Who? "I don't care. I don't care. You, that's who I'm gonna kill."

Bob 2:31:29
Yeah, listen. So, they blame guns or other people, the Gary Null gang, will say no, the pharmaceutical drugs that the guy's on, the chemicals cause it. Is it the chemicals -

iON 2:31:42

Bob 2:31:42
- or the purge?

iON 2:31:44
Neither. It's the purge. And the purge didn't kill the people. The purge didn't kill the people. The potential for the purge. Now there's no more, "I feel bad. I don't like this. I'm tired of this. I'm doomed. I am fuckin doomed so you're gonna be doomed too, and this is my equalizer. I'm gonna take a hatchet, a knife, a butcher knife, fentanyl. Okay, I got it real smart. I'm gonna be a drug dealer, and I'm going to import enough fentanyl that every customer I have to make my money I'm gonna kill." How the fuck you're gonna make money if you kill everybody with the damn drug you're sellin'? How does that work? "I don't care. I really like it. So, I'm gonna give 'em, I'm gonna tell 'em I'm gonna give him Xanax X-max. I'm gonna give him Xanax and instead I'm gonna put enough fentanyl to kill 'em. So, I'm gonna sell but one pill and then they're dead. I got it. I got this." More people are dyin' from fentanyl right now than from COVID right now. But it doesn't matter. At least they didn't starve to death. That's what's coming next.

Bob 2:32:40
Okay, I got that. So, when Tucker Carlson said, "Something wrong in our country. It's not because of guns,..."

iON 2:32:46
Yeah, there's some'um wrong. It's the purge.

Bob 2:32:49
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Don't say anything. Yeah. He says they'll say we got to figure out what's wrong here. We got to fix this. It's not the guns. It might not be Big Pharma though there's a big case it's gonna be Big Pharma. It's neither. And it's the purge which is something iON explained, so they'll never understand it unless they hear iON -

iON 2:33:08

Bob 2:33:08
- and believe the purge idea.

iON 2:33:09
Never. And they can't believe it. And they stand there and and an officer says, "How'd' this 18-year-old, he's an adult and he went and bought these guns... And he said three years ago he was gonna shoot up a little school where he went to school, and he -- COVID had him pinned up, and he was playing video games. The Tech Body was all up in his ass, and he didn't matter, and he was no good. And he's lost and he didn't talk to Bob. He couldn't get Bob on the phone, he felt depressed, -

Bob 2:33:09
Okay. Don't go on so much.

iON 2:33:21
- he didn't know what to do."

Bob 2:33:35
Look. Why didn't the police go in and stop the shooting?

iON 2:33:39
Because you defunded the fuckin' police! The police can't even arrest you. They'll shoot you in the face if you're the police! They took away all authority.

Bob 2:33:48
What, Carolyn?

Carolyn 2:33:48
(in background) There were 19 cops in the hallway.

Bob 2:33:52
So, they were in there.

iON 2:33:53
Waiting, waiting.

Bob 2:33:55
So, they did go in.

iON 2:33:56
They were waiting.

Bob 2:33:56
Why didn't they stop him?

iON 2:33:59
'Cause they don't, they didn't want to get shot! And they didn't want to shoot him, -

Bob 2:34:02

iON 2:34:02
- and then get accused for kill -- why did you kill? You're... he's not white. You killed a Nigra, you Nigra killer. And there we go..

Bob 2:34:10
Okay. Okay, iON, hold it. Fine. So, what you're saying is the cultural shift caused by BLM and all that "defund the police" has made the police a different kind of character, a different approach to their job than four years ago.

iON 2:34:22
There is no police. There is no police.

Bob 2:34:24

iON 2:34:24
You have no police.

Bob 2:34:25
Not like they used to have. Like it used to be.

iON 2:34:25
Let some'um happen and call the police. They won't even come.

Bob 2:34:26
No, no, you gotta cool it. We're trying to wrap up here. They're not having the same attitude they used to have five years ago. There's a change in the police.

iON 2:34:37
When Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York, he says, "I'm gonna take you out." And he did. And now there's, now the junkies are runnin' New York City. Rudy Giuliani says, "I'm gonna stop him. I'll frisk you. If you look suspicious, I'm gonna take you out. Don't look suspicious, or I'm gonna take you out."

Bob 2:34:53
I got it.

iON 2:34:53
And now it's like well, I got, I got a needle stickin' out of my arm. Okay, go ahead.

Bob 2:34:57
Okay, I just watched this video called "The Tartarian Meltdown," and the guy speaking was showing rock formations, architectural famous buildings, and he's showing how something melted the stone bricks and made them squished together, and it's not natural; it's some kind of effect.

iON 2:35:19

Bob 2:35:19
What is he really finding out about? What is actually happening there?

iON 2:35:23
Oh, he's finding out about the difference between degrees of Portland cement and the way they used to make blocks and bricks. And then they start trying to repair old buildings and what happens is they the crystalline values are not the same. So, it actually degrades the other brick 'cause like before the 1800's, they didn't have Portland cement; there wasn't such a thing. They just had white mud, and that was good, but it deteriorates over time. And so, it literally when you try to repair it, it actually mashes together the old brick forms or cement forms; it makes them squishy. Very common.

Bob 2:35:58
Right. So, it's not due to some heat thing melting the stone. Some sun emission or something.

iON 2:36:05
No, no, it's the difference, it's the difference, it's the difference in the, in what they're using now. In what they're using now.

Bob 2:36:11
Right. Okay. So, the forms...

iON 2:36:14
Like, if they would have just stopped at penicillin, if they would have just stopped at penicillin, Carolyn wouldn't have got mad. But no, they couldn't stop. They couldn't just leave it alone there, they had to get more and more and more and more and more in there, and there's the trouble.

Bob 2:36:26
Yeah, so he thinks, or he sees weird excavations of the walls and the stones, and nobody will make those holes, but those holes were made by the people who were putting the new stone in to replace the old stone.

iON 2:36:41
Tryin' to repair. Tryin' to save it because it's deteriorating, obviously. And then what they're saving it with is worse. Like the new antibiotics rather than just old-timey penicillin.

Bob 2:36:52
Okay, got that. There's this person I read up about, Barbara Marx Hubbard. I noticed around 1966 you got L Ron Hubbard starting to get his Scientology cult going.

iON 2:37:02

Bob 2:37:03
You got Al Hubbard. Al Hubbard in the 50s is the only guy allowed to have Sandoz LSD in North America. So, he was distributing to people all over the place, all those types and that, and maybe even President Kennedy. His name was...

iON 2:37:16
To see, to see how it was, to see how it was working. See if it would work or not.

Bob 2:37:20
Right. And so, you mean just in general, not just for President Kennedy. You're saying his prescription was -

iON 2:37:26
Right. In general.

Bob 2:37:27
- [inaudible] It happened.

iON 2:37:27
Yeah. He had to see, he was trying to apply, he was the, he was the gopher to see if we had some'um we could work with here.

Bob 2:37:33
Right. And then Barbara Marx Hubbard, around '66 becomes the beginning of the New Age thinking at Esalen Institute in California. They had three Hubbards. And meanwhile, I'm remembering, hey, Carolyn, I went to Hubbard's for that high school reunion of these people we didn't know. And that was in Hubbard, that place outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

iON 2:37:55

Bob 2:37:55
So, we also used to go to Hubbard's back in '66. So, it's to me, it's like the word Hubbards was involved with these three people doing three different kinds of change agent work. L Ron Hubbard, Al Hubbard and Barbara Marx Hubbard doing different methods to try to bring in some change.

iON 2:38:14
And there's a fourth one. There's a fourth one. There's a fourth one, Sam Hubbard.

Bob 2:38:19
Who's that?

iON 2:38:19
Sam Hubbard didn't do well. He was another one from, well, turn of the century, who did all kinds of -- not the MKUltra stuff, but it was the DMSO experiment. Sam Hubbard.

Bob 2:38:33
Right. But I'm taking the name Hubbard, and we were involved with Hubbard's the same year in 1966. Is that an example of my reality dictating where I am? I'm near a place named Hubbard, so those people with the name Hubbard manifest Bob energy.

iON 2:38:48
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 2:38:50
You won't beat that.

iON 2:38:51
Goddamn, Bob, haven't we not -- how do we say -- if we said hell, no, you'd send, make an edict about it and blow some'um up. And then all of a sudden, everybody who was Hubbard would have to be brought before the firing squad, so why would we do that? Yeah, you say things and they come true, and then you asked us if they're true! [Bob chuckles, iON laughs]

Bob 2:39:10
Okay, so that, that's clear. Very clear.

iON 2:39:12
I'll tell you, that was meaty.

Bob 2:39:14
Yeah. So, so the, I call that xenochrony.

iON 2:39:17
You narcissist you. At least, at least if you're gonna be a narcissist, you're good at it! If you're going to be a narcissist, you might as well be a good narcissist. That's what we say.

Bob 2:39:24
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, in the interplay, the spirograph of mind, essence, and iCell, xenochrony is another word thrown into the mix to talk about me versus the other, or me and matter, or me and energy, or me and something, or the doubleness of myself.

iON 2:39:24
And what, what does xenocracy mean today? It changes every day.

Bob 2:39:31
So, that's xenocracy. I'm talking about xenochrony. It's different from some xenocracy.

iON 2:39:53
Okay, what does xenochrony mean today?

Bob 2:39:59
People point out, "Hey, Bob, I saw a movie; it was all about you." I didn't even know about the movie. So, language is creating mirrors of Bob that other people will notice.

iON 2:40:10
Mercury. Mercury. Say mercury images. Mercury images.

Bob 2:40:14
Oh, that the project mercury. Xenochrony is that project mercury. Ah, I gotcha. Very good. Okay, ...

iON 2:40:20
Now, that's what we wanted, that was the point. That was the point where we're trying to wrap into it so you can now start making sense 'cause otherwise, you just become, sound silly like, "Well, everything's about me." Well, yes, Bob, everything's about you. "Well, no, no, no. No, really, everything is about me." [Bob chuckles] But if you do the mercury project, then it actually is about you. And that becomes the reason for your narcissism, however, fleeting.

Bob 2:40:20
Right. Excellent.

iON 2:40:24
Nice. Nice. Good, Bob..

Bob 2:40:25
At the end of your talk about that theme was about capacity. And that, I'll relisted to that with the Xenochrony in mind, or the clarity, clarity of what you said. Okay, so, so we were talking about, we got into the discussion of the iCell, Insulinose, and Cellionose, and where they were in the Angel Diagram. And then there's the Keys and in which rings the Keys are which you started to tell Bert. We're not, you're not doing anything more on that with me right now. Other people will do that.

iON 2:41:14
No. Yeah. No, no. They're just licks and a promise because you don't care. It doesn't affect what you're doing. They're gonna use them, you're not.

Bob 2:41:21

iON 2:41:21
There's no reason, you don't care. You can just ask them, and they'll tell you everything you need to know.

Bob 2:41:24
All right. Is the Queen's Platinum Jubilee important in the history of Little Man? The timing, the fact she's the longest monarch ever, what is the significance of that? Any?

iON 2:41:41
Very significant. Yes, it's very, very significant. It's very, very important, but not for those reasons. So, let's do that another time 'cause you're a little bit ahead of it. Because you don't know how this is gonna play out yet.

Bob 2:41:58

iON 2:41:59
We got three more days of this, and she's already called in well, for tomorrow.

Bob 2:42:02
[chuckles] She does? She called in sick or well?

iON 2:42:06
Yeah, she's not goin'.

Bob 2:42:08
Yeah. Okay. In the, in... Next topic. COG stands for "Continuity of Government."

iON 2:42:15
Yeah, there's not any.

Bob 2:42:16
And so Pete, Dale Scott. Yeah, Peter Dale Scott, friend of Mae Brussell, does a lot of research and he's considered quite a scholar of the Deep State. He coined the phrase Deep State. He's pointed out that the real control is during an emergency is the legislated COG, Continuity of Government. They're the guys really behind the scenes 'cause they're ready to take over when there's an emergency. Is there validity to that idea?

iON 2:42:42
It's, ah, it doesn't matter. Yeah, it's okay with us.

Bob 2:42:47
Well, there are different factions fighting over for that position. Right? I think would be.

iON 2:42:52
Sure, sure, sure. Well, yeah, there you go. There you go. But now the same thing is true, China's tryin' to be, Putin is tryin' to be, Ukraine's tryin' to be, -

Bob 2:43:03

iON 2:43:01
- Finland's tryin' to be. And then where's them fucking Nazis? The Nazis is tryin' to be. You know, they're everywhere. I mean, you know, this is continuity of who's in charge, that's what you're tryin' to say. So, yeah, it's always somethin'.

Bob 2:43:03
The archetypal situation.

iON 2:43:16
Good. Well, so that fits into The Great Reset, so that everybody's fucked up. So, good.

Bob 2:43:23
Right. And the way to actually be the COG is to do it like me and not care and it'll come to you naturally. Or be indifferent.

iON 2:43:30
So far, so good. So far, so good.

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