Saturday, January 11, 2020

iON | Negative pH

Transcribed by Bert.

[March 1, 2014 Part 2 (01:45 mark)]

Caller: Last week, when you talked about oxygen going away, and there’ll just be an isotope of oxygen. Will that affect water as we know it now?

iON: Yes, you can’t have water as two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Caller: So, water will be going away?

iON: It’ll be changing.

Caller: It will be changing. So, will it be water as we recognize it now, or something completely different?

iON: No! It won’t be as you recognize it now, but we don’t know… yeah, it’ll be with less oxygen. You see, when you have a negative pH, that’s a potential for hydrogen. When you have a negative pH, that’s not a base, an alkaline, or an acid. It’s something else. And so, if you have a contingent fluidity or viscosity base, that’s a negative potential for hydrogen. What it means is that it will absorb hydrogen than it is to bring it up to, say, a zero. It’s still not the medium of the mole scale of figuring out hardness or pH’s as you go. Then what happens is, it changes what everything can be. It moves levels - plum and steady - plumb bob - it moves center. When you move center, then it makes everything different. And what is… what we would say - the better way to describe it is: “You mean the way you know water now”. You think that’s water! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! It’s just an elixir to bring poisons through your body.

[March 29, 2014 Part 1 (55:48 mark)]

Caller: Is negative pH still applied to electricity?

iON: Negative pH is going to change everything, including electricity, because that’s one of those things that cannot be. So, when it is the thing that cannot be - it changes your perception of everything. When you change the boiling point of water, which is already changed - you’re needing less - and less - and less therms to the same boiling of water. So, as you change the boiling point of water, you change everything - that shifts your climate - that shifts your everything.

[May 10, 2014 Part 1 (1:15:59 mark)] h197

iON: You have electrons - you have protons - you have a cycle - you have hydrogen. You have potential for hydrogen between an acid/alkaline base. Negative pH would be not necessarily transversed of that - but it would change alkaline/acidity all across the board - it would also change. H197 changes water itself - it changes the boiling point of water. If you change the boiling point of water, you just changed everything. The ecosystem - when ice makes - when steam forms - how the weather works - how the weather is controlled. It controls everything - but the boiling point of water has to move and change to balance the new system - what God wants!

[June 14, 2014 Part 3 (44:01 mark)]

iON: Negative pH changes the potential for hydrogen. When you change that, you change everything.

[November 9, 2014 (18:55 mark)]

Caller: The gravity of our blood changing… and in what way is this going to make it more?

iON: Negative pH! Negative pH changes the specific gravity that allows those cells to embrace that blood, which changes that cell to the perfect "Blood of the Lamb" without stain or blemish. Perfect!

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