Saturday, January 11, 2020

iON | Non-Physical

Transcribed by Bert.

[iON Anomalies_1_2010 (23:13 mark)]

iON: You have a natural bubble - protection within your human Physical body called “Non-Physical”. Well, your earth - your earth - your ball - that’s not even spherical. Your ball - it also has a natural field.

[March 28, 2009 Chromosome Fourteen 32 minutes (01:32 mark)]

iON: I want to challenge you on the “Spirit” side because sometimes “Spirit” gives a wrong connotation. Let’s just say that you always have “Spirit”. If that’s what you want to call it, or let’s just call it: “Non-Physical“, because that becomes a little bit more purer. Because when you start challenging the science and you say the word, “Spirit”, you just lost them, because they’re like… they don’t think there is a “Spirit”, anyway.

[“Cash Flow“ May 12, 2010]

iON: Non-Physical is “Power” – “Energy”. OK, it’s energy! Your Non-Physical, everybody has it. Let’s take your house, for example. Your house is full of electricity. You have all these receptacles and plug-ins that electricity’s flowing through. Now, what you are saying, Bob, is that when you plug into the power source, then that’s an individual amount of electricity. And we say: “Yes, it absolutely is”. And then once that goes back, does it lose itself into all of the rest of the electricity? Well, yes, but the individuality, the same juice that you used to make your toaster - that’d be toaster electricity. So, an individual person would then be toaster electricity. But the energy that flows, it still is because the alternating of an AC, or even a direct current, that energy is all around you. You have all of Non-Physical around you.

[March 1, 2014 Part 2 (59:23 mark)]

Caller: If we’re mainly space, just from a physical standpoint...

iON: Yes! As far as dense matter, yes.

Caller: Are we really more Non-Physical than the Physical?

iON: Much more! You can take everybody and take all of the space out from between their cells - that would fit into the size of a sugar cube - the whole planet.

[March 8, 2014 Part 1 (1:04:57 mark)]

iON: Your Non-Physical doesn’t have anything to do with your Ascension. You don‘t need to bond to Non-Physical. When you become a God, you become the driver.

[March 21, 2015 Part 3 (52:22 mark)]

iON: The easiest way to say this is: “You get presented with this thing called ‘Non-Physical’”. Now, you believe that or you don’t. Now, if you do, that’s one layer, and you step into it. Then you go to the next layer, and you step into that. At a certain point, you have to embrace it and say: “Yep, this works, I am going with it, I am going for it” - or: “That’s a bunch of hooey, and there’s no such place as 121 Depot Street”. And then, it all stops right there! Well, eternity goes on - the world goes on - your eternity goes on - but you separate yourself from that journey.

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