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Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 13 August 2009


Opening music

Eben Rey over the history of the US, the psychics were used by many dignitaries
- George Washington used a medium
- Abraham Lincoln was most active in using mediums
- FDR was the first President to consult Jean Dixon (she advised him to go with Germany and against Russia)
- after the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, Nancy switched over to Joan Quigley

Bob iON confirmed Shangri-La
- Abraham Lincoln's main psychic was his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln
- the secret in history is that psychics were used by all scientists and inventors, but they'll never tell you that in school

iON joins in

iON the "non-physical"
- it's "already" in you, and everyone has access to it
- "there is no force that's out to get you... You are that force!"
- the distance between "you and you" (physical and the non-physical)
- "How close am I to me?" - every conversation is "two conversations"

Eben what creates the space between you and you?
- your desires, new thoughts - the basis of all creation (iON)

iON "contrast"
- there is nothing "negative" about your society or you bumping your toe
- it's a way of finding out "how you are doing" at that moment

iON the genius is also a mental illness, it's the aberration
- "focus your energy on a thought and you become very versed in that process, then they call you an expert"

the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009
Eben how can we manifest what we desire when there're Illuminati and other power structures over us?
Bob: ... they don't exist anymore... That ended on July 22nd this year... the "End of the Beginning"... we are in a totally new zone...

Bob's email anomaly
- iON has been sending emails to Bob through JW's email address, yet they never get registered in JW's mail server

iON the human creators is the center of their "own" universe
- you ARE NOT co-creating your own universe with others

iON: Look up at your moon. Now how many moons are there?
Eben: I could see one.
iON: Now, you start lining them up and have everyone describe what they see is your moon. And all of the sudden, you'll have about a couple million different descriptions.

more on the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009
Bob mentions the ESP "Melting Titanium" show with iON
- during the July 21st show (Marshall McLuhan's birthday), iON told Bob that there's a monumental change happening

iON the Mayan Calendar is actually a "25,714yr cycle"
- they're not impressed with the Mayan's "timed" cycle, doesn't see any significance

commercial break

continues on the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009
- the "End of the Beginning"
Eben will there be a shift in the matter?
- a realigning of the "grid" (the magnetical field of polarity)
- this allows more fuller, dynamic flow between the physical and the non-physical
- your physical body will naturally respond, but for some, the labyrinth of their mind may get in the way (iON)

Eben takes calls
Caller#1, (almost inaudible) he knows he's beyond his physical body

Eben how many individuals are benefiting from the July 22nd?
iON: All of them.

iON rainbows and prisms
- "the wave length has actually shortened" (higher frequency)

Eben: Can somebody have a limited perspective and still reach Nirvana? (iON Yes)

Caller#4 (Nitay?), questions on "iON"

Caller#5 (Pamela), her depressed friend, iON gives her a long counseling

commercial break


Opening music

Caller#1, the Emerald Tablets
- the non-physical experiences "no time," the Tablets are from the future (Caller#1 shocked)
- Thoth explaining how to ascend
- the new tombs found in Egypt are "from the future placed in the past"

Eben why is it so hard for us to accept this?
- the scientists constantly trying to disprove anomalies, trying to "undo creations" (iON)

iON the human creators unaware of the fact that they are the ones creating their own realities
- who created the rain? YOU did!

Eben people praying together and focusing to decrease violence
- you don't create in someone else's experience
- "pray" is to "ask"
- "praying to decrease violence" - they're pushing against it and it's unnecessary
iON: ... the world could fall down, but "it doesn't have to fall on you"... (over coming fear)
- the "sieving process" lets "the creators find their place"

iON "co-creating" - overlapping
- don't push against others with difference preference/opinions
- let them go the other way

iON: ... "Why can they love me for who I am?" Well they can, but they don't have to. It doesn't have any effect or has to have any causal effect on your own reality. You can be loved. You can love yourself, and that's where the breakdown is between you and you. Not between you and... the war mongers... It's not about that, its the difference between you and you... And when you solve that, then you make a space for them.

Eben mentions the incident where an alienated man just shot women at a Philadelphia gym

commercial break

Bob responds to the shooting incident
- "every death is a suicide" according to iON

iON alienation - "alien nation" - it's a place, is it not?
- that's where their place of thinking, focus and point come from
- that's where they draw their source from
- those lining up with "alien nation" find themselves "alienated"
- once you're in your own place of "being-ness," then you don't notice them
- e.g., the Queen Victoria would say "Not in my world!"

"happiness" vs "the fastest path to your joy"
iON: Those women wouldn't date me, so therefore I'm gonna go take them out! And they still won't date me... Even on the other side! Because see, that's eliminated from the practical experience of the creation. Now, is that what it takes to be happy? NO!... But the fastest path to your joy, if that's the experience... you've broken the law, so therefore your law supersedes your place of creation. Well, he broke the law, but he still completed the act. Whatta marvelous creator...

iON the so-called "less than" nations don't need your help

Eben takes calls
Caller#4, feeling alienated as well
- so do the celebrities in LA
- iON points out that everything created in his reality is by him
- encourages him to embrace "contrast"

Caller#5, "We all have to get back to Eden!"
- claims fear, doubt of self and ignorance are the "three sins"

Caller#6, quotes from the Bible

End of the show, commercial break

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