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Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 2 July 2009


Eben Rey the "Order of the German Eagle" medal
- the 70yr-old copyright expired on Nazi publications printed before 1939
- American investment in Germany grew by 50% between 1929 - 1940
- the medal was given to Herbert Hoover by Hitler to pass onto Prescott Bush (his working for Fritz Tyssen)

iON the missing Air France Flight 447
- every conversation is "two conversations"
- it engaged in the "rift"
- the "transition" from one reality to another reality
- everybody on the plane "passed, but not passed away"

iON the anomalies such as the Bermuda Triangle can't be explained

Eben what caused them to have to go to another dimension?
- as with every creation, it was their "unconscious wanting" to engage this rift travel (iON)

Bob had discussed Flight 447 with iON Bob's private session 49
- some of the passengers were "from the other side," used to going through the rift and wanted to go back according to iON

iON follows up
- you look into the mirror and you can see the image of yourself - the concept of "duality"
- the "rift" is a mirror of our situation - you're looking at your "other you" through the rift
- the "rift" is where you travel to go to other worlds

iON the passengers "from the other side" were "normal humans" just like you from another plane

Eben is Dark matter same as anti-matter? what is it?

iON "there IS NO time"
- no one has seen what's on the other side of blackhole

Bob back to Air France Flight 447
- those that consciously went through the rift "landed in Paris in the other world," and carried on their lives
- those who unwittingly went through and ended up in Paris in the other world? they got confused and killed themselves and "ended up landing here" (they had bullet holes)
- Bob mentions Edgar Allan Poe getting trapped in the rift

Eben: And what about the Black Boxes?
iON: ... they ALWAYS find the Black Boxes... Even in your 9/11, they had a blip of every plane...

iON physical, the non-physical and your mind

iON "eyes are the window to the soul"
- THERE IS NO disease within the eye
- every degeneration comes from its connection to other parts of the body

commercial break

Bob the death of Michael Jackson is like the "9/11" for the LA residents
- Michael IS NOT in the Guf according to iON

Eben Michael Jackson's corpse
- the non-physical of Michael has not arrived in the Guf
- there are multi-dimensions and "you can experience your life in a parallel experience"
Eben: He has "comfortably arranged" that? (iON Yes)

Eben: And how did he learn to be able to navigate?
iON: Marvelous question!... Because that's the question everybody is asking is "How this works?"... Once you embrace this, now your Bermuda Triangle no longer has a problem... There are those that are in-tuned... with the non-physical, physical part that becomes "seamless"...

iON why did Michael Jackson take this path?
- he wasn't having much fun in this world

Eben where did he learn this?
- many have learnt this and it goes all the way back to the "Emerald Tablets" (iON)

Bob the success of "Thriller" - he got to what he thought he wanted and it was hell

iON King Arthur's "Camelot" - when he got there, it wasn't what he was expecting
- same for Elvis Presley who created "Graceland"
- parallel to this, Michael Jackson created "Neverland"
- many have aspirations to create, but...

iON "new levels of contrast"
iON takes the Rothschilds as an example
- their aspirations or unrealized creation became realized and created the "House" and controlled the world
- then they came into the place where they sometimes decided that full control was a "great responsibility"
- for Michael Jackson, controlling and making profits from the copyrights of the music he owned became distressful

iON on Buddhism "quenching of a desire is a desire"

iON setting up the schedule of "enough-ness"
- it's individually taken care of within the individual
- how can a family making $20k/year have 6 kids and send them all to college?

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Opening music

Bob the 2yr-olds in Brazil that are taking on poverty - they are following the path of the monks
- the fastest path to their joy
- the so-called "developing countries" don't see themselves as "less than" (iON)

iON you are "free" - so free that "you can choose bondage"

Eben 3.2million children in the US go hungry
- the real news ought to be that 6.5billion people on the planet survived another day, because there's not enough soy beans to sustain them (iON)

iON "there is no LACK of resources"

iON for the children in poverty, the "contrast" lets them "redefine" what it is that they are wanting

iON how is it that homeless could somehow live long and prosper?
- they choose to live under the bridge
- the whole systematic process of deciding "this is an abundance and this is in lack" is a false premise

iON "contrast"
- you got rid of slavery, yet now you're enslave to the system

Eben takes calls
Caller#1, in pursuit of happiness

Eben the "seamless one" - the merging of physical and the non-physical
- a "hunch" - something inside of me is saying "TURN RIGHT!"

Bob iON said that Michael Jackson withdrew from performing after "Thriller" (1982)
- he had many doubles throughout his career
- "You don't even have to find them. They'll come knock on your door" (iON)

Elvis Presley was a "rift rider" - "he went home" and never went to the Guf
- Michael Jackson learnt "rift riding" from Elvis (iON)
- being the "King" in this world didn't suit Elvis, so he went to other world

commercial break

Eben takes calls
Caller#1, how can I improve my skill?
iON: ... "I'm perfectly happy where I am and I'm ready for more"... Relaxing and allowing of your mind, then a new idea, a concept can be embraced...

Caller#2, contrast opens up to new opportunities
- now the non-physical part of you has a chance to "blossom" and line-up everything (iON)

Caller#3, a channeler communicating with Michael Jackson, claims Michael had "transitioned" out of his body

Bob a lot of people on this planet are from other worlds (iON agrees)

iON "To is or not to is. That is the question."

iON on Noam Chomsky

Caller#1, believes Michael Jackson has passed away

End of the show, commercial break

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