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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 23 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob "Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars)" by Vladimir Megre
- 7000yrs ago the priests "dumbed-down" every new child in order to reign over others
- the priests had spiritual gifts to communicate with cedars, but prevented others from doing so by making them "less than"
- children going to Anastasia's school showed remarkable qualities

the effect of school on the children
iON: ... Anastasia is trying to break the mold regarding... you have to make everyone else less than in order for you to be superior, for information flow... (she is trying to) "undumb" them...

Bob Anastasia lived in the wilderness until she was found in 1995, true?
- yes, she relaxes and allows
- she is not a parallel worlder
- has ESP, she never heals anyone like Jesus
- she is not a "medium," she is a "knower" (iON)
- "The Ringing Cedars" series is the most stolen books in Europe, thousands quit jobs after reading them

iON the actual "Ringing Cedars"
- has issues with its false premise of "time" - "500yr-old"
- yes, they actually "ring," affecting the animals

iON the "beasts" are "contrast-less"
- they pickup on humans' vibration, if the humans get cancer, so do they
- the animals are picking up on Anastasia's non-physical

Carolyn "mysterious energy" encoded in Anastasia's words
- if you are "connected" those words will resonate with your non-physical
- "every part of her life is based around contrast-less experience" (iON)

James reads emails & questions
Victoria, the Siberian "mushrooms" (entheogen)
- Anastasia enjoys them (iON)

iON on Anastasia's background
- for her the wilderness is the "normal"
- has no judgement (rules) on sexuality

more on the "beasts"
iON: Stop laying your disconnection of your contrast on the beasts of the planet. Let them be!... Stop forcing them to conform to your restraints and your less than-ness. They don't require your contrast. They forgive you instantly.
Bob what do you think of the animal experiments?
iON: ... we think that the mice maybe running the scientist, rather than the scientist testing the mice.

Carolyn a child with cold or allergies can feel better by letting the beast take away some of the disconnection, how?

James pets have a psychic alliance with their owners?
- no, it's the other way around, "their owners develop a psychic alliance with the beast"
- "your dog doesn't care how long you've been gone" (iON)

BR emails & questions
Brandon, the Dec. 9, 2009 "Norway Spiral"
- it was a group of 28 people going through a portal
- the nature "participated" by creating the spiral so that people wouldn't see them portaling
- the spiral was a "refraction of a distraction"
- once opened up the portals are quite noticeable (iON)

Bob: (referring to session 220)... that "matter" provided a distraction for them? What is the intelligence in matter that would form a spiral (iON laughs over, inaudible)... What is it in matter that responds to the hope or the will of the humans as they go into parallel world?
iON: Good!... This is the significance of an individual human creator being... all powerful, the winds and the waves obey your will...
ref: Bob's private session 220, 11 December 2009

Bob predicted last year that the Mystery Landscape would start being noticed more and iON showed up in March 2009

iON describes the Norwegian parallel worlders
- these are individual spiritually evolved "Man"

James what is on the other side of the portal?
- another world
- very similar one maybe and may still have the Twin Towers

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

continues on the Dec. 9, 2009 "Norway Spiral"
- there are more portals than the entire bathrooms in the US
- people are beginning to notice portals and anomalies (iON)

James reads emails & questions
TJ, Terence McKenna's DMT trip, Machine Elves and Blue Djinn
- technical difficulty, iON drops off

Carolyn was the DMT experience related to portaling?
- no, but he was able to see other worlds within his mind
- he was picking up images from other worlds but he wasn't physically traveling there (iON)

iON yes, there is a "Blue Djinn"
- comes from Middle Babylon and the Ottoman Empire vernacular

Bob the collective and "creation by default"

iON allowing new dynamics to enter into your reality
- accepting parallel worlds, time as a false premise, et al

iON "co-creation"
- you create "individually"
- other creators create "individually"
- if these co-creations "line up on the same ticktock timing," then you all can experience it at the same time
- this is how the group of 28 went through the "Norway Spiral" together

iON mentions the Egyptian Pyramids

iON asks Bob why new Pyramids are not being built
- lack of technology? lack of slaves?

BR emails & questions
Brandon, Ben Bernanke, TIME's "Person of the Year 2009"
- "A Brief History of the Federal Reserve Bank"
- TIME's erroneous statement "U.S. monetary policy is guided by an independent government agency that can trace its roots to the administration of George Washington"
- the Federal Reserve IS NOT a government agency
- an independent government agency would be "Enron"
- even in the late-1800s, there is no record of the Federal Reserve
- the Federal Reserve was started in 1923 (iON)

James reads emails & questions
anonymous, question for Carolyn on "bioidentical hormones"
- iON follows up on this question

iON: ... You can't stop the process of aging. But you can NOT HAVE the process of aging... If you don't know you have it, how do you die from it?
James: ... so ignorance is bliss?
iON: It most certainly is, because you're not giving any attention to ignorance...

iON "belief" is a "thought" you've been thinking for a long time

BR emails & questions
from a client who had a reading with iON, her "brother's baby transitioned today"
- iON claims the non-physical of the baby is within the proximity of the parents "now"

anonymous, responding to iON's statement that there were no asbestos caused cancer until people heard about it

End of the show, commercial break

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