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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 30 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

James what does LSD allow consciousness to do?
- allows neuron's synaptic nerve endings to be "disconnected"
- allows surreal realities come into individual's knowing
- not offending the labyrinth of the mind, allowing the non-physical to participate freely within that perception (iON)

James notices the constant "beeping"
Bob: It's the surveillance.
iON: ... there is no private and privacy... so why would you be surprised that others are enjoying and listening?...

iON "the fastest path to my joy" vs the society's rules/values

James reads emails & questions
James P, a psychoactive herb "salvia divinorum" (divine experience)

Brian calls-in, a "spontaneous evolution" will happen in "2012"
iON: ... you human creators already do all those things... You already go to parallel world... You already levitate yourself...

iON: ... sometimes you're actually activating it. You're mind is not limited. The only limitation is YOU!

Bob: ... is 2012 a collective placebo effect? The meme of 2012?
iON: It's what you project in... and that's your sign of the alignment... the worlds can fall, but it doesn't have to fall on you... You embrace that at your leisure and you activate that with your individual-ness. There are some that are making billions out of this "falling away" process...

Bob: iON, are you saying that 2012 has no significance to it for a lot of people and nothing will happen?
- "placidity" doesn't serve humans well, the Cold War or 2012 are the answer to "the fastest path to their joy"

Bob the significance of the Mayan Calendar's end of the 13000yr cycle
- affecting of the "magnetosphere"
- the Jews would say it was the Levites who put the significance, but so did the other cultures
iON: ... a "hysterically" historical reference point of trying to calculate the assimilation of a space-time continuum... This is yet another experience that if you're looking for a reason, you'll find one. And if you need to blame something of why you're less than, 2012 is as good as any. But you could also use that as a very powerful way to come into your knowing and into your Power...

Bob changes in magma is happening? (iON Yes)
- because the human creators are feeling "repressed," affected by the tv landscape
- tv has conformed the collective preference
- in the 18th century, everyone was on their own

Bob: iON is saying that the 2012 effect is caused by the tv landscape... the nature is responding... teleportation thing comes in individually...

iON: Let's just spill it... IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT! Never again will the world be known as the world is known now... "the world as you know it" is the world that your lying eyes are able to see... is disappearing. The myth are being de-mythified... Your Mystery Landscapes are becoming enlightened...
Bob: And that is happening because we are under this pressure and we're demanding release?
iON: You are... the answer to the question "What's the fastest path to my joy?"...

Carolyn the magma's effect over the electronic environment

Bob participating in "creation by default"
- if you don't take responsibility in creating your own world
- then iON says to take responsibility for you action, you "relax and allow" (the conditioned mind thinks that you're not taking responsibility, because that's not action)

James reads emails & questions
James P, is there an "external force" related to 2012?
- yes, "God which is you" (iON)
- that external force may come as a "hunch"

iON you are more powerful than you know, and the external force is more powerful than you know

James P, "Portals back in '47 bringing in the Whore of Babylon with L. Ron?"
iON: She's very nice!
- "the Whore of Babylon" could be Marjorie Cameron (Bob)

James P, "NESARA?"
iON: ... the NESARA Bill that didn't get signed by Bill?...
- the February 1834 treaty between St. Germain and the US "House (the Federalists)"
- the money loaned for the "Louisiana Purchase"

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

Kalifia calls-in, vibrational proximity
- the distance between you and you (iON)

continues on the NESARA Bill and the Louisiana Purchase
- the Louisiana Purchase lead to 9/11 (Bob)
- the US had no National Debt in 2000, yet the US didn't pay back the debt
- all US National Parks are the collaterals for the original loan

James reads emails & questions
Max, the percentage of "non-humans" in LA?
- about 17%, hinting out they are vampires (iON)

Max, the underground tunnels in LA
- the huge underground "labyrinth" underneath the San Andreas Fault
- the parallel worlders helped make the tunnels for the "silver mining"
- the subways could be placed in those tunnels, but will cause controversy (iON)

Carolyn her blog readers get offended whenever she mentions consuming dairy and meat products
- mentions "Conscious Eating" by M.D. Gabriel Cousens
"To eat animals and fish in today's world is to take on the psychology of victim consciousness. Once informed of the dangers, it is hard to separate the eating of flesh food from a passive form of death wish."
iON: ... let them eat spermicide...

iON does a rant on the hypocrites

Carolyn statistically only 3.2% of the American population are vegetarians
iON: And those are the ones having biggest trouble keeping their hemoglobin in balance. They find protein, but it's not the same...

Bob why did we create beef?
iON: ... it's the natural carnivore that is your experience... you would call it an evolutionary process and we just say it's the fastest path to your joy...

iON: (to the vegetarians) Just keep it to yourself. And you'll be fine. 'Cos you then don't have to get all tangled up with why you're so different than everyone else... Just don't go down the meat aisle...

back to the NESARA Bill and the Louisiana Purchase
- Carolyn mentions Napoleon Bonaparte's comment
"This accession of territory affirms forever the power of the United States, And I have given England a maritime rival who sooner or later will humble her pride."

iON St. Germain is "they," a collective
- 11 members, some are parallel worlders
- how did they get the money from?

iON people need to "verify" reality

iON: I love you forever until I find someone I love better.
- "forever" is a "long time" involving "time"
- iON prefers "I love you eternally"

James reads emails & questions
Max, Ingo Swann claims LA has the highest number of ETs, how many?

TJ, "Is there a spiritual hierarchy on earth working for the evolution of human consciousness?"
iON: NO! THERE IS NOT! THERE ABSOLUTELY IS NOT! It's a false premise, it's a lie... Individual human creator IS the center of that universe!... Anything in your reality is your personal creation. PERIOD!

iON on "evolution"
- "We don't know what it means"
- "Adam" is the fulfillment of all unrealized creations

Bob 2 examples of 2009 currencies
- they lack "IN GOD WE TRUST" (iON)

James Kim Peak "the real Rain Man" passed away
- iON refrains from giving out complete detail on Peak's status

James P, what goes on at Pine Gap, Australia?
- a storage for undiscovered technologies (iON gives out the entry code)

Bob personal email regarding "Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars)" by Vladimir Megre
- iON has issues with "healing"

"BEEP!" (someone's recording again!)

Carolyn: (ref: Anastasia) ... to assume that people are less than if they don't see as you do begins to make it a fanaticism. (iON agrees)

Bob will the Alien Disclosure occur before the end of 2009?
- up to the human creators (iON)

iON there is no time - "When did the countdown begin?"

Bob how many UFOs are flying over cities right now? like the scenes from "V" (tv)?
iON: It's more subtle. They're not here to take your meat... once you get rid of time?... Now take advantage of it!... Come into this place of your knowing, your being- ness. Find this delicious place that you've created...

End of the show, commercial break

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