Friday, January 15, 2016

Bob Dobbs | An Update on What iON Is

“…is not as important as the massage of iON itself.

In other words, he can say all kinds of different things. And of course at first youre going to track what he says. It's natural to listen to the content; find out what he says; make opinions about what he says, whether you agree or not.

But the warning is, do not make a conclusion about the content that iON utters, because iON's a massage that goes beyond what it says. So, you've got to stay with it, so you can ignore the content, or not be looking for justification...validation in iON's content; to look at the formal dynamics of iON as an environment; to the point that its creating an alternative cloud.

So ‘the medium is the message’ applies to the audience of iONdom.”
Bob Dobbs

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