Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Fractal antenna

6 June 2010
Bob Dobbs’ Private Session 28

23 June 2010
iON Answers Questions About Triangulation
Cash Flow

[Also see: Rewrite 20, 9 March 2011]

23 March 2011
Forex Formula
ReWrite 22

6 July 2011
Rewrite 35

11 October 2014
A Formula for Triangulation


Unknown said...

iON brings up example of parallel worlding via a bus, then later in the session it sounds like you were riding on one..[or one is passing by] it was very loud [in my headphones] had to pause the recording to make sure it wasn't coming from a different window/source on my computer. I remembered the reference just after finishing the session, [neat coincidence if it was actually a bus] haven't heard traffic noises before, was audio overlayed? Downloading The Ninth Gate now. Triangulation re-minds me of the angles iON mentioned in a different session, was it the emerald tablet ones? Seems like déjà vu & dreams, contrasted with waking state may also be another way to triangulate?

O R A T H E S U N W A R said...

At the beginning of the ninth gate, when he first takes the book to the library; if you watch very closely the image on the page changes between scenes. Some would say this was a filming/prop error, I believe this subtly signifies his change to a new dimension that then unfolds in his collecting of the illustrations.

Bob Dobbs said...

Nice catch, O Ra.