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Controlling Angels, 20 April 2019


Transcribed by Nan

iON 0:02
All right, here's the rub. You got to be able to control the angels, and talk to the angels, and be Lord over the angels. And they don't want you to do this because they don't wanna do it. You can drive now, it's okay, we got this. We now have a capitulatable position that drives these angels crazy 'cause they have to be Bob's daddy's -- Rene's -- what was he? A valet or a some'um, some'um, some'um valet. Some'um important.

Bob 0:33
He was a butler. He was head of the butler staff.

iON 0:36
Really important some'um, some'um.

Bob 0:38
Yeah, butler to the oligarchy.

iON 0:37
He made sure the thing ran right. And that running is the thing that sets the tonality. So, if he didn't know how to speak to the help, they wouldn't do it, or they'd mess it up and then he'd catch hell for it. So, the point of God, you have to be able to speak to the angels. So you have to practice that capacity to have them understand and yield. Now if you really wanna have some fun, get all mad. Have an irate, an ire, an angry moment, start talkin' to the angels and see how that one works out for you. Ooh wee, you sure gonna wish you didn't do that, but don't believe us. Don't believe us, you just go and knock yourself out. Have you a big ol' big'un, that's what you should do. Yeah, you'll see, it'll be great fun. If you survive it, you'll do really well 'cause they're gonna play you like a fool is what they gonna do 'cause they don't want you to come into your place of power. Remember, the angels are havin' a war to this day over the whole conversation. So why in the name of a living God -- pardon the pun -- would they wanna help you take over their realm? It'd be like the way Grant took Richmond; boy, that one turned out bad, didn't it? Okay, so now what happens, softly, is you start practicing and knowing and learning by rote, vibration, vibrational responses, the catatonic canonicaled appendages that affect the body that you can recognize other capacities. For example, if you walk up to an immortal, you can recognize them. If you walk up to one of those what we call the "walking dead," or they're on the touchie[?]. They like the touchie[?], the K2, the K9 to spite the "walking dead," that's always fun, too. You can have all kind of fun with that. But please set that aside, it's no issue or worry. What ends up happening is is that you can start to recognize what you're dealing with. Now, the more you come into your place of power, come into as we said embrace your NonPhysical, blah, blah, blah, and then call Bob. And if that works out for you, then you can work it out. If not, there's always suicide; you go and kill yourself. But if you want an open casket, put the nine-millimeter in your mouth, don't shoot yourself in the head otherwise, 'cause it will not be pretty for an open casket if that's what you wanna do. But now they got a new way in California you can take your body and put you in -- you can become -- what's the stuff when you throw the stuff out and you recycle it and you become mush or peat moss or -- compost! Yeah, they're composting humans now. So you can be compost if you want to. A lot of people that we've met we've referred to as compost, but now you can actually do that in California. Isn't that wonderful? That's such a wonderful land. You can just do anything you want to except burn a tree. Oh, wait, no, they do that too. Oh, well, anyhow, set that aside. So then what happens is you start to get better and better and better at this process. See, you've already picked up on the wordy words that we've used to help you be able to explain it and discern or divine the issue. Now you're tryin' to ask why I need to know this: "I'm not an angel. I don't wanna be an angel. I wanna run this thing." Well, okay, if you're gonna run, if you're gonna run the zeitgeist, you gotta know what the zeits are. Right? So if you get better and better at that, then what happens in about one second, you start to recognize and you start to work with it, you start to deal with it. Now guess what happens. You can run it. They'll bow; they have to, they have no choice. If you know the Aethyrs and the Calls, you can do things. We gave those out we think somewhere out there. Anyway, regardless, get them or don't, it makes no nevermind to us, we're already happy. We're pressed out, shaken, together, overflowing, can hardly contain our enthusiasm, and we wish and hope the same for you. But otherwise, if not, it'll be over for you soon enough anyway, and it won't really matter after that, so have a big time. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has it thoroughly that you're gonna be gone in 12 years -- oh, wait, 11 years -- oh, wait, 10 years and 30 minutes. Oh, we're gone, we can't figure that out; it's just too hard for us. We don't know which way the wind's blowing if we're facing south and the wind's hittin' us in the face. So that's what happens. So now what happens is you get good at this and so you start driving the angels. Now, you find yourself, you get your little, you get your little pecker in a hard place, and all of a sudden, you're like ah, ah, ah. Now, guess what. You have resources. You have resources beyond your wildest imagination. Power is so much better than money. Money is so vulgar, and common people should not be handlin' it. It's just the silliest thing, it's ridiculous. They'll kill a man over a handful of dollars to steal it, and then not do anything with the money. It's the most ridiculous thing ever in the whole wide world. It's just vulgar. So once that's all settled and solved, then what happens, you start controlling the angels. Then they'll help you do your bidding, whatever your bidding is, and that's it. It's kinda fun after a second, eh?

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