Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Most Successful Media Ecologist in the World

Somebody wrote elsewhere on Sept.9, 2020:

Bob Dobbs, peddling the same old metaphors, that few, if any buy… rather choose to ignore. Serious player? Dubious. I suggest you try another approach. This one isn't working…
I responded:

I made more money peddling my stuff (not McLuhan's obsolete hash) in my consulting business of the last 20 years than all the members of MEA and the Toronto scene combined.

Remember, I live in the most expensive part of the most expensive land in the world—Maui… and nobody who read some or a lot of McLuhan et al. is here.

I am the most successful media ecologist in the world, and Dr. Carolyn Dean, McLuhan's favorite female media ecologist, is leading a worldwide revolution and transformation in Medicine and anybody who ignores her work is a fool… period.

Then there's the "cold fusion" energy revolution I'm implementing.

We will become the world's first quadrillionaires and will solve the world's economic woes with a new currency.

Just sayin'…
Bob Dobbs

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