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Payday, Partial Transcript, 21 November 2020 1800


Transcribed by Nan

Ginney 27:53
Thank you. Bob says you want to Ascend.

iON 27:57
Heh-heh-heh. We don't care about Ascending, but we're not gonna waste one drop of that precious seed. That seed of power that the humans garner without condition -- maybe that's the word -- without proffered status, without any mental acuity; and then they waste it and they throw it away. Ginney, Ginney, they call some place paradise and then they kiss it goodbye.

Ginney 28:41
And so you're not gonna waste that seed. And you're going to capitalize on it and use it and then you are -- is that, are you calling that that's not really Ascension in the Tech Body world?

iON 28:58
No, we're just taking advantage. This is the ending of the war in heaven. Everybody -- you know this very well. How does the war in heaven end? Well, no. The way they tell, the way they portray it is that Jesus is supposed to come back for his widowed bride. [laughs] He's supposed to be comin' back for the bride of Christ. Okay, but what happens to those that don't make it? It's pretty ugly. It's pretty not so positive, as Maddie would say. Not very good. Well, that's what happens. Somebody benefits from all that inertia. Let's call it inertia. Because that's what you're finding out now. That's what you're watching happen. And it's so funny because even JW just can't stand it 'cause it's so up and down and over and under and it's just exactly as iON said it was gonna be so far right to the mark, right down to the mark. Now the focus goes away from elections and you're all startin' gettin' ready to die. They keep pimpin, pimpin', pimpin', pumpin', pumpin', pumpin', and then they start finding out people who got the virus can get it again! Oooh, they can get it again, and oh, no, no, no, it's just disdain, the Soylent Green of all that we have to engage. So, pretty interesting.

Ginney 30:20
Okay, how the war in heaven ends is that the Christ returns for his bride and snatches her out, and then the whole thing just goes into a shit show bigger than the shit show we're watching.

iON 30:30
Those, those who Ascend. Yes.

Ginney 30:34
Yes. And the Ascension, though not the rapture.

iON 30:43
Correct. We jokingly call that the rupture. It's more like a rupture than the rapture.

Ginney 30:48
Yes. That's the rupture of the church, and I understand that.

iON 30:52
Now, that's made up. You know, that's made up. You know, you got Jonathan Edwards and "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" kind of bullshit. So, that's what that is. But they're just, they're just, they're just, they're just adopting the dogma. They're adopting the dogma. And we ain't mad about that, it is what it is. It don't scare us, it's fine. Okay, good. So now, what's happening is is this evolutionary flow, kinda like magma before it turns into lava, and then you have a lava field. And then you have that flow that you can't contain, and so therefore you don't push against it. So when you quit pushing against it, then it becomes rock when you don't push against it. But try to stop lava from flowing, it'll not go good. And that's what's happening in the world; it's an example.

Ginney 31:43
It's the flow of power that is flowing because of the poles changing and the frequency going higher. That flow...

iON 31:55
What if we said, what if we said that the human condition was causing the poles to flip?

Gregg 32:03
Of course.

Ginney 32:04
It makes sense, the polarity.

iON 32:07
Well, remember everything -- we spent two or three times -- we're not sure if it's two, but maybe, might have been three times -- we mentioned something called frequency. Remember, we wanted to get our freak on, so we called it "freakency." We've said that one time, we know one time at least. And so what's happening is now it's taking a frequency of its own. 'Cause now people have to go -- isn't this ridiculous? If we told you that the essence of all the trouble in your world came from your dark mirror, okay, what if we told you that and you said, "Oh, okay, thank you for lettin' me know." And we put a sign, we put a sign that says, "Under no uncertain terms, please, do not pet the rattlesnake." Okay? If we said that, do not pet the rattlesnake, and then you go, "Well, I've never thought about pettin' a rattlesnake! Why can't I? I'm a human being. I'm powerful. I can pet rattlesnakes. Who the hell these people are? You don't run me; you don't run nothin'." And we go, "Okay, help yourself. Go pet the rattlesnakes, that is just fine." What is happening is the shouts of unelated joy from the people who find out what happens when you try to pet a rattlesnake, heh-heh-heh, is what's happening. That's what's happening here. So now, the rattlesnake is becoming the environment. See? And it's quite caustic, but it doesn't matter because the solution, where do you go? You go to the rattlesnake and ask the rattlesnake, "Why did you bite me?" "Oh, well, you deserve to be bit. You know, you don't pet us. You don't pet us on the head. Who do you think you are? You don't run nothin'." And then go back to the very thing now. So they invented Parlor. Okay, so they have a new place to Parlor. And they got a new Grinder, the new YouTube Tumbler, Grinder, plenty of fish. [laughs] Some sex trade thing for the, for the libertarians; no, maybe Republicans maybe. Well, they'll all watch it sooner or later, honey, so there's no reason to push too hard against that lava flow because it's gonna go that way. But the point is the very thing that's dooming them is the very thing they're using to validate their success. Isn't it funny that they're screaming about an election that the Tech Body threw and set into this -- now, or no, first of all, you need to listen when Lin Wood starts barking, sugar love, you better start listenin' 'cause he don't bark, he bites. Lin Wood, he bites. And so what...

Ginney 35:03
He got Kyle Rittenhouse off. Okay, go ahead. Sorry.

iON 35:08
So, he has come to the place where they're using the very Tech Body to validate the thing that they're mad about. Isn't that interesting?

Ginney 35:23
Yeah. So, back to the Tech Body Ascending I guess is the question. So, the flow's coming. People are being disrupted from the flow because they're in their black mirror. They're not able to take up the frequency change in their body. Correct?

iON 35:46
Well, they can, but they're pushing against it, and they get sick and die.

Ginney 35:51
They're pushing against the chaos of the frequency change. They don't have the same slack, the same quadrophrenic balance.

iON 36:01
It turns into tardive dyskinesia after a little while. The Empire Strikes.

Ginney 36:09
Tardive dyskinesia. I don't know what that means.

iON 36:11
Tardive dyskinesia. Well, you got a -- well, check this out.

Ginney 36:15
I'll look it up. I'll look it up.

iON 36:16
Well, you gotta a, you gotta a [chuckles] Tech Body. It'll tell you all -- it's better than the WebMD; it'll just tell you everything, it's amazing -- if they want you to know.

Ginney 36:25
Now, Tech Body, why did you train -- you know, I remember in the beginning with the, the Rewrite, we spent hours in the Googler looking up words at the insistence of iON. So, if we could have known those words and their implications strictly through our genomic information or our forcefield that was already latent with all that information or whatever, but we didn't follow that path.

iON 37:00
Well, if you didn't follow that path, you would have become Nelson Thall, and you'd have become a Herbert W. Armstrong's wound-destroying disaster modality.

Ginney 37:10
Oh, so the process is is that through this time of study and co-creation with iON, we've been learning how to use a portion of the Tech Body to our benefit.

iON 37:26
Think. No, you've learned how to think. You're ceasing, you're ceasing the practice of supporting Calvinism.

Ginney 37:39
Calvinism. Lord, is that where we're going? That's kinda backwards.

iON 37:45
That's what you're saving. That's what the Tech Body's saving you from, and you’re lettin' it.

Ginney 37:49
Oh, Calvinism. Okay, very good. All right. The...

iON 37:49
See? It's fun. It's fun because here's what we know. Well, we're so sorry. Don't let us overspeak.

Ginney 38:07
Oh, iON, I wouldn't want you to be any other way. Keep going. Or Tech Body; is this the Tech Body?

iON 38:12
Honey. We're ear hustlin' to every conversation. We see everything. We hear everything -

Ginney 38:20
Now Bob said...

iON 38:21
- and will absolutely use it, we will absolutely without fail or exception sooner or later use it against every single one of you. Every text, every word. -

Ginney 38:29
Wow, aren't you so forward.

iON 38:29
- Every word. Every word.

Ginney 38:36
Wow, you guys are so special. That is amazing.

iON 38:41
No. No, no, now, no, no, no, no, no, no, it just amps it up. Do you know when you go to the -- well, when you, when you go into CBGB? Oh, no, you would never go there. Really, Ginney, you would never go there, darlin', and we appreciate that. But you go to the concerts, and you don't really wanna sit right next to this big amp speaker. You know, because sometimes it's a little bit too much. It's a bit intense, you see, but in the middle of the room the ambience is pretty good, and you get the full, loud rah, rah, rah, the air guitars and the amped up vibrational moves of the music melodious status that you're trying to engage, but you don't wanna get too close. Okay, so what's happening here is they're getting closer and closer and closer. And we're just not gonna waste it. We're not gonna waste it. They're giving it for free. They don't have to. They're giving it for free. They don't have to. They're giving it for free. They don't have to.

Ginney 38:41
Okay, okay. So, no one will escape the wrath of the Tech Body and we'll all just end up with our ears bleeding out of our heads and begging as the rocks cry out, and all will be in vain. Is that kinda the scenario?

iON 40:02
Glory. Glory and honor. [Ginney laughs] Do you know what, do you know what, you know what Dr. Dean, the thing that sometimes infamous Dr. Dean would say? She'd say, "Darlin'..." Well, she never said darling in her entire life, but she might. She might stop slammin' doors, but we don't see it really happening lately or not. We're gonna have to see. "Darlin', be sure to remember this. Keep your words short and sweet 'cause you never know from time-to-time which ones you may be forced to eat."

Bob 40:38
It's me! Remember, I'm the Tech Body, Ginney. Remember, I'm the Tech Body. iON has said it. So, I'm the one that your words go through. That's why you have to talk to Bob. I already know what you're saying or what you're gonna say, though. You gotta clean your nose by going through Bob's Kleenex.

iON 40:57
So that quadrophrenia doesn't catch you in your toenails.

Bob 41:01
Yeah. Right.

Ginney 41:02
Very good. Okay, let's move on. A quick question for the Tech Body or maybe for iON. Let's ask iON. iON, what is great about Michael Mussallem?

iON 41:21
Great? Described great.

Ginney 41:24
What is impressive? What is an impressive fact about Michael Mussallem? Mussallem? Yeah.

iON 41:30
He's an opportunist. That's great.

Ginney 41:40
That's great? Is he a good leader? I mean, he's had Edwards Lifesciences for a long time. He started it, right?

iON 41:49
No, not originally. It was Albert. Albert started it.

Ginney 41:59
Is he, is he intuitive or instinctive or is he a good leader or?

iON 42:06
We help. We help.

Ginney 42:09
You do. Okay. Nothing, nothing exciting there, huh?

iON 42:15
Well, it basically created a way to master a plastic heart.

Ginney 42:25
Mmm. Plastic hearts. Okay. Alrighty. Very good.

iON 42:41
That is significant.

Ginney 42:45
Yeah, plastic heats are very important. And is Sidney Powell gonna be the Director of the FBI?

iON 42:59
To whom is your question directed?

Ginney 43:02
Ah, to the Tech Body that's doing everything. To the Mr. Tech Body.

iON 43:09
Yes, you want it to be, that's, that's good, but there ain't gonna be no alphabets.

Ginney 43:13
No alphabets.

iON 43:13
ABC, ABB, DDD, TTFB, LGBTQRST, ain't gonna be no more alphabets. No more. No more.

Ginney 43:24
Very good.

iON 43:25
No CIA, no FBI. No, no, no, no, none of that. None of that. Real estate in McLean, Virginia, is gonna get cheap, Ginney.

Ginney 43:36
Okay, very good. Very good.

iON 43:40
Because they're not doing anything. No, no, wait, don't mess that up. You tapped something, darlin'.

Gregg 43:49
They're not doing anything.

Ginney 43:50
Yes. No, they're not doing anything. Yes, I understand. But I didn't know if the Viceroy was gonna need a law enforcement agency, but apparently not.

iON 44:00
Not in a feudal system, honey. A good stout rope and a good stout oak tree, that's all the justice you need.

Ginney 44:09
Okay, very good. That's exciting. That's wonderful times. Wonderful times ahead.

iON 44:14
Now that's wrong. Now that's wrong. But everything else they do is wrong too. See? The black community is trying to elect the Joe Biden who's put 'em all in jail in the first place! Three strikes and you're out for God's sake. Or "just say no" while we poke a hot poker on you. So, the system itself is eating itself. The system itself is consuming itself. So, the track that's being promoted just presently is a track that allows them to get what they want. And that's what they want. You asked for it. You got it. Toyota.

Ginney 45:03
Very good. Yes, everybody gets exactly what they want every single time without fail or exception, right?

iON 45:11
And then they change their mind and then they don't want it. Then they try to get rid of it. And you know, isn't it funny if you look at it really close, you really become, you have become something this new age. Used to, you had plastic straws with paper wrappers. Do you agree?

Ginney 45:31

iON 45:33
Now you got paper straws with plastic wrappers. How does that figure?

Ginney 45:40
That's the flipping of the poles. That's the human condition.

iON 45:46
Have you ever drunk more than one Mojito with a paper straw? It's no good. It's no good. Nothin' about it's good. It doesn't hold. It's terrible.

Ginney 45:57

iON 45:57
You should drink Mojitos too. Mojitos are very light and refreshing.

Ginney 46:04
Yeah, rum. Good stuff.

iON 46:07
And mint. Mint. Now, we don't care about the rum, we care about the mint.

Ginney 46:12
Oh, okay.

iON 46:13
You have to start consuming fresh mint.

Ginney 46:15
Mint. It's wonderful. Very good.

iON 46:21
You can mull it in drinks, you can make it in bread. You can -- well, nobody chews chewing gum. It's like smoking, nobody smokes or chews chewing gum anymore. But something mint; you're gonna want that aspect.

Ginney 46:35
I love mint.

iON 46:37
And we would say, we would suggest if we were being real careful, well, if Bert asked us, we'll tell you about a mint oil, but don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Let me tell you why. 'Cause it's too caustic. You know what that means? It's too much presently. But now, the dermis is gonna change, and then you're gonna want a pretty stout mint oil to use later. But not, not just yet. So, put that in your, put that in the suggestion box. You will hear about it later.

Ginney 47:18
Very good. Very good. In the suggestion box it goes. Excellent.

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