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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript, 2 April 2021


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:32:11
All right. TARDIS equals the dot. Is there any more about that we could ask about the dot?

iON 1:32:22
Did you say TARDIS? Did you say TARDIS?

Bob 1:32:29
Yeah, from "Dr. Who."

iON 1:32:30
"Dr. Who."

Bob 1:32:22
T-A-R-D-I-S. TARDIS equals the dot. I think I got iON to say that.

iON 1:32:32
You did. You did.

Bob 1:32:33
So I was wondering, what is TARDIS? TARDIS is a telephone booth.

iON 1:32:39
Well, but what does it stand for?

Bob 1:32:44
A portal? Some kind of fake...

iON 1:32:47
No. No, no, no.

Bob 1:32:49
Oh, yes. Temporary time. I remember that, those words. Yes. TARDIS stands for something. That's right.

iON 1:32:56
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

Bob 1:33:00
Is that connected to the dot phenomenon?

iON 1:33:04
It is. It's what validates the dot 'cause the dot is what gives your expletives validity.

Bob 1:33:14
Anybody's expletives or my expletives? Well, why...

iON 1:33:17
Everybody's. Everybody's. Everybody's, everybody's rendition of reality. Without the dot, nobody knows -- without the dot, nothing ever applies or matters.

Bob 1:33:30
Oh, was that cursing? Without cursing, swearing,...

iON 1:33:34
Well, it's not even, not necessarily cursing, it's just every response, every repose, every condition. You can't have a URL without a dot.

Bob 1:33:49
So, every condition has a dot.

iON 1:33:52

Bob 1:33:53
And that's connecting the dots. And TARDIS is...

iON 1:33:56
And that's what, and that's what the TARDIS represents.

Bob 1:34:01
It spells out the meaning of the dot.

iON 1:34:05
Well, if you're a purist, it lays out and lets you know how to get from A to B. And so if you understand the TARDIS, then you'll find out what A square is to B.

Bob 1:34:20
Right. And that logic doesn't exist.

iON 1:34:23
There, there we just told you somethin' if you were listenin'.

Bob 1:34:27
Well, that's all within the fake, false premise of time. They create, -

iON 1:34:32

Bob 1:34:32
- we’ve talked about the false premise of time.

iON 1:34:34
But still, but still the moniker, the moniker doesn't change. There's a lot of false things that still are.

Bob 1:34:44
So time "is"?

iON 1:34:46
No, time is not; it's the representation of time.

Bob 1:34:50
And what is the representation? A clock?

iON 1:34:54
The space holder. No, clocks are wrong, Bob; they're not even -- none of them are the same, and they don't keep time correctly. So, it's not clocks, it's timing. It's how you set your day. It's how you set -- it's how you show up on time when you don't show up on time. It's how you know you were late, it's how you missed time, 'cause you have these markers that you gauge of how close or far you are to schedule.

Bob 1:35:23
That's all in the TARDIS phenomenon, which is similar to the dot.

iON 1:35:28
Correct. It's that representation because what it -- look what it does. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, the TARDIS can go through all those. He's not judged by -- he can go back before it was. That's the point.

Bob 1:35:41
[chuckles] And therefore its content -- TARDIS is the medium beyond knowing, and the content is the fake, false premise of time. The false premise of time.

iON 1:35:55
The surreality, the surreality that things are on a set pitch, or yaw. See, the 14 degrees of freedom apply. And that's how you conditionally can gauge where the 14 degrees of freedom apply if you know what the fuck you're doin'.

Bob 1:35:57

iON 1:35:59
That was pretty good. That was pretty good, Bob.

Bob 1:36:19

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