Saturday, January 11, 2020

iON | Demon—Devil—Lucifer—Satan

Transcribed by Bert.

[October 4, 2014 Part 1 (35:25 mark)]:

Caller: So iON, does the Devil exist, or it’s just referencing people in that place?

iON: We like that question, describe what you mean?

Caller: They talk a lot about “Devil worshipers” or “Satanists”. Is it something outside themselves, or is it something that is within them that they’ve empowered?

iON: It doesn’t matter. If they’re serving it, it can’t serve them. If they’re serving their “Dark Lord and Master Satan”, then Satan can’t serve them. If the waiter is serving you and you are eating with the waiter, you’re in the wrong restaurant.

Caller: So, they’re serving Satan or the Devil. Is this like a concept that they’ve created in their mind, or is it something real that exists and they’re serving?

iON: Satan is an Angel! It’s the Little Man’s revenge! Satan is an Angel! He’s an Archangel, and that’s the way they like it. If you’re serving the Archangel, the Archangel doesn’t have to serve you.

Caller: So Lucifer… they’re serving Lucifer?

iON: That is the Archangel Satan, yes.

Caller: There’s a lot of talk of making deals with the Devil or Satan.

iON: There’s no Devil for that - they only make deals with Bob. Oh, Bob, you devil!

Bob: Caller, why don’t you deal with that statement? He just made an interesting statement, they only deal with me. Aren’t you interested in that?

Caller: You’re not Lucifer. You’re not the Devil.

iON: They don’t make deals with the Devil - they make deals with Bob. The Devil fails them, and Bob completes them. Bob will listen to their bullshit until they come up with something, or direct them until they do. Satan will leave them out in the cold. Bob is the only one that will stay with you until you “buy or die”.

· [iON on “PAYDAY” October 4, 2014 Part 1 (42:11) mark]:

Caller: Can you describe “demons”? And, I don’t know… I mean… I hear very negative things about it.

iON: It’s not negative, darling. It’s not negative! It’s just borrowed, it’s borrowed. Pornography is borrowed. Pornography is not coitus.

Caller: Right! So, this is one path people can go?

iON: Well, he’s dabbling in this thing because he’s not able to do it. OK… and people that are uncannily being able to do that. If you can drive Aleister Crowley’s lower earth, then you don’t require anything. You’re already in your place of power, and you don’t require those damn demons. So, damned or otherwise, you win. Then uncannily, you get what you want - when you want - the way you want it.

· [iON on “PAYDAY“ April 2, 2016 Part 6 (1:22:40 mark)]:

iON: Don’t say: “Devils and Angels”. They’re all Angels! Devils are Angels! Devils are Angels!

Roxana: Well, they said they were Angels.

iON: No, Devils are Angels.

Roxana: I think there are no Angels or Devils that are significant.

iON: Yes, there are… Angels are very significant, but Devils are, also, Angels.

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