Saturday, November 30, 2019

ION | Earth’s Core Speeding Up

Transcribed by Bert.

[January 30, 2016 Part 6 (04:35 mark)]

Caller: iON, we have talked in the past about the earth's core speeding up. Can you tell us the necessity of why the earth's core needs to be sped up?

iON: It has to, and it's due to Fukushima. It's almost reaching the core.

Caller: So, it's trying to keep the Fukushima from getting to the core by expelling it through speeding up?

iON: No, it's going to - it's going to hit the core - it's going to hit the core deliciously. And, it's speeding up in response to - it's getting closer to the rods - the rods and the cones are on the way.

Caller: In what method will the speeding up of the core impact the Human Creators walking the firmament?

iON: Fission!

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