Sunday, April 28, 2019

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 27 April 2019


NOTE: times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaiian time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time so there will be an extra hour difference between Hawaiian and PST during DST.

michael iON sounds different Carolyn's product bundle what happened to Bob on these products the eyes are chakras "Little Boxes" played and ion gives its meaning RnA mulch in the soil south african elections 2:20 roxy what she now knows she caused the yellow vests the nine gates and James Joyce’s FINNEGANS WAKE the Ninth Gate movie Picasso who do you want to kill this week? her friends are having heart attacks her sugar sensitivity her appearances in front of her parents in mexico her sister more on the Ninth Gate the archetypes of darkness and light jan coeur more on the meaning of the Ninth Gate the blue glass in her home has 2 dead people attached to it bob carolyn and jw the serpent and the ladders 2:52 bert he has the best digestion no sugar in carbohydrates now the pea brain is all through the Angel Diagram "dimensional repose" steiner’s guardian angels (based on false Dante) consciousness is a construct or a simile Big Pharma reve gauche (the Left Bank) and money/debt suicide dr. batmanghelidj and water treatments lazy eye in a coworker insights form “OA” more on the co-worker more on “dimensional repose” tomato juice how the thompson quadrant failed the kroker quadrant makes you crazy ion asks bert: "what is the mcluhan quadrant?” 3:43 jean the late eliza (“in an airy space, at the bottom of the ocean”) 4:40 germaine her weight penis amputations in brazil st. germain is presently rothschild estate the effect of our products on the ascended her ginger root is growing again put Drops on her right hand creatine in our fingernails 6:19 sara bob’s event on thanksgiving, 1962 lana del rey abhors lady gaga and vice versa al gore’s biggest nightmare is iondom 7:03 lorne do ascended people exercise wrath on others? terry gou for taiwan president gulliver was not ascended (lilliputians were ascended) money is a religion no more oxygen and alcohol gravity and obesity optimism controlling one’s creation (no confidence in his voice) asking for somebody to love bestiality necrophilia 7:15 brent trump’s Q hand movement his scale of niceness his coitus his career decision 7:55 chelsey OA tv show angels can one ascend without knowing? 8:35 kevin paula the ethers in Ch.23 of Revelation candida aura his night activity the ayers 8:47

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