Friday, October 12, 2018

RnA Drops Webinar with Dr Carolyn Dean

Below from Bob Dobbs:

An old friend asked me elsewhere, after reading some recent posts by me on the Kavanaugh scenario, these questions:

Q: So where does this leave us, and what do we do about it?

A: My first response is: You're not going to fool me with those questions!

21st Century humans run around all day yelling: "I have all the answers but what are the QUESTIONS?"

My second response is: As an artist/scientist/entertainer, I've always claimed I could solve all our problems - that's why I went on CKLN in the 80s.

Back then I advocated conversation with me coupled with in-depth study of Marshall McLuhan, Lyndon LaRouche, Mae Brussell, Frank Zappa, Dr. Peter Beter, FINNEGANS WAKE by James Joyce, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and the medicine of Dr. Carolyn Dean.

But those were simpler times.

Once the Android Meme (noticed and named by me) took over the "90s", I added to my study program: Arthur Kroker, William Irwin Thompson, The Evergreens channeled by Michael Blake Read, David Worcester, and MIHR, a successful new medical technology for AIDS that Dr. Dean developed in Manhattan.

Now, these agendas were always underscored with my GREAT LAUGH!!

But in March, 2009, a huge surprise happened to humanity and to me: iONdom!!!

It turned out what I had been talking about and demonstrating was invisibly and inaudibly going somewhere!

There actually was an outcome.

Dr. Dean (my bride since 1970) and I were on a roll... that eventually plunked us down in paradise - Maui!!

What we do now is protected by public incredulity but I will give you a sample: the following will lead to the revolutionizing and transformation of AGRICULTURE globally:

Dr. Carolyn Dean typed yesterday:

I’m very excited to announce that in a few hours, my co-host Ginney and I will be presenting our much-anticipated webinar celebrating the 144th generation of the RnA Drops!

We’re even giving them a new name – RnA ReSet Drops.

If you have ever wondered what the RnA Drops are, or what they are intended to do, then tune in this Thursday to find out.

You will discover:

  • There’s more to health than what science dictates
  • Origins of the RnA Drops formula
  • The amazing thing that happens when food crops are fed the RnA Drops
  • What is the meaning behind the name “RnA” and the symbols on the bottle

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