Friday, June 8, 2018

William Irwin Thompson Came Closest to Anticipating the Phenomenon of iON

“Some of my new “friends” may not know what my background photo (the green avocados) above is:

Have you ever seen something like this under the microscope? No, of course not. This is a slide of our inter-dimensional iCell (given to us by iON) which is the super-powerful, completement ingredient that makes all of our products, inventions, and new Environs superior in effectiveness to any other artifact and/or technology, or environment, offered on this planet. William Irwin Thompson came closest to anticipating the phenomenon of iON:

‘Perhaps we are experiencing a shift from a world economy of competing and polluting industrial nation-states to a global ecology of noetic polities in which consciousness will become a symbiotic architecture of organisms and machines, one in which pollution is mined as a natural resource in a cultured bacterial technology and a complex ecology of ‘living machines’ and electronic organisms. Certainly, to track and describe this new emergent state, we shall need the narratives of complex dynamical systems. Perhaps here science fact and science fiction are coming together to open our imaginations to the future and the possibilities of multidimensional modes of consciousness that can be both mystical and mathematical.’ - William Irwin Thompson, TRANSFORMING HISTORY: A Curriculum for Cultural Evolution, Lindisfarne Books, 2001, p.188”


Bob Dobbs

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