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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 13 April 2011


Opening music:
Change The World by Eric Clapton

Bob everyone on the path to ascension must study "24" Season7 (tv)
iON it's about "Power vs authority"

Bob on "knowing"
cites p176 "From Cliche to Archetype" by Marshall McLuhan and Wilfred Watson
"in every tongue, there is a phrase" - feeling of knowing
Bob: The problem is it indicates a sensory bias of the whole culture at the same time. What I'm gonna layout is the different kinds of biases in knowing... What is the knowing that people cite in iONdom that they rely on.

McLuhan said
English "I know it like the back of my hand" - visual bias, society built on printing press and the whole English culture based on the eye
Russian "I know it like the palm of my hand" - iconic tactile bias
Spanish "I know it as if I've given birth to it" - proprioception and visceral
- each one of these knowing has a cultural sensory bias

James American would say "have a handle on it" - kinetic-manipulatory, industrial, mechanical culture
McLuhan said "I know it inside out" 40yrs ago

McLuhan Thai "I know it like snake swimming in water" - dance of thought among words, preliterate
iON: We say it's the buoyancy of creation... Older than the boogger in the oldest nostril.

iON Walter Bowart on knowing "I know and you don't"

Bob & James on Walter Bowart
whenever Walter wanted someone tortured, he said "Call Bob"
Spring of 2002, Bob & Walter discussed the effects of cellphones in Hollywood

McLuhan German "I know it like the inside of my pocket" - tactile interface

McLuhan French "I know it au fond (in depth, to the bottom)" - auditory resonant
iON: With cheese... Limburger!

Limburger reminds Bob of Rush Limbaugh's fascination with "24"
- he thought the show was a propaganda for the right-wing

Bob the French are ear culture, dislike the British food and their visual biasness
- British food "they don't care because they're visual"

McLuhan Japanese "I know it from head to toe" - masters of touch and interval

Bob & James on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

Carolyn "In my gut" - all cultures have "burning in the belly"?
iON: All cultures have "burning in the belly"... It makes the application for "burning in the belly," for a heightened sense of awareness of a transponded shift of a deeper overlaying of a concept design or prescription.
(no one understands iON)

Bob: I just say iON is not very useful for "knowing."
Carolyn: He forces people to know for themselves... he makes you work for it.
iON: Of course! Otherwise you'll be bowing to us.

iON the sensory bias of "burning in the belly" is feeling
Bob: That's a sensory bias to feel?
iON: Perfect.

James grew up in Wales and Scotland, but never heard "I know it like the back of my hand"

iON "I know it like the palm of my hand" came from the Byzantine Empire, from the outer shores of Babylon

iON does a rant on "lunacy" bias

Bob points out James has a lot of English bias, e.g., his reactions to cellphones

McLuhan "I have it on tip of my tongue" - tethering between visible/visual and audible recall
Bob: ... people can't speak today, in interval between visible and audible. Tactile culture makes everybody go "Whatever!" That's Bob's update.

McLuhan onomatopoeia of dog barks by different cultures

Bob: What do LA people say today when they know something?
James: "Can you text that to me?"
Bob: ... that's kinetic manipulatory. You're manipulating them to follow your order...

James 10yrs ago they would ask your phone number
Bob: They don't rely on immediate senses. That's discarnate humans. Electrified humans rely on some extensions as a new form of knowing.

Bob continues on "knowing"
McLuhan p136 "From Cliche to Archetype" citing p18 of Finnegan's Wake
Goldie Hawn "Don't read the idiot card, just keep it going!"
- it's what we do in the Electric Media

Anna calls in, if the parents are taking RnA, will the children's RNA respond?
iON: The RNA doesn't, but certainly will give you an easier time navigating inter-relations with your children. You're children came from source... you are not trying to help them, they're there helping you.
iON the post-pubescent children could take the drops

Anna, questions on children

iON does a rant on saving your children

iON one would desire RnA

Anna sent in numerous questions under "Anonymous" for the past few months

Anna asks the original question

Bob: ... The "original knowing" is what?
iON: Global Village.
Bob: ... knowing that your words create? (iON agrees)

Anna asks the original question again
Anna: ... so many generations of descended cellular structure that we pass it onto our children...
iON: You don't pass it onto your children, that's the trick... Your children come forth perfect from source... That's why babies are selfish...
Carolyn: Are they born with full complemented DNA?
iON: No, they are not. (points out social rules and potential limitations)

commercial break


Opening music:
A Salty Dog by Procol Harum

iON continues
- children's DNA-RNA are not linked to their parents' simultaneously
- children are born potentially with perfect DNA-RNA and through conditioning they descend
- children are not born with descended genes

BR Kelly's email, a boy born with extra strand of DNA
iON: That they "noticed"... You're born with one strand, but in your perfection you'll have many... more. And that process almost immediately.
Bob: ... They can grow the other 139,999 over the next couple of years? (iON They can) But they don't because of the descending environment?
iON: Correct.

Bob if babies' DNA-RNA are not linked to their parents', why do they look like them?
iON: They don't.

James will pregnant woman taking RnA have an effect on her baby?
no answer from iON

Anna, misinterprets "321" process, 3 is having a "thought"
iON correction on step 3 of the "321" process - "considering"

James read Jill's message,
"If words create your reality, what creates a reality for those who cannot speak?"
iON: The essence of the vibration is whether it's audible or not.

Bob: When you create with your words, it's not what comes out of your mouth. It's the whole environment you are interacting with is your word. That's McLuhan's point!

Bob iON refers to environment as "vibration"
iON: The issuance of vibration.
Bob: What is it issuing?
iON: Vibration.
Carolyn: Is a thought vibration?
iON: No! Thought is not a vibration.

iON: "Allowing" is fertilizing and feeding it.
Anna: Does that bring more of the same? (iON Absolutely)

iON telepathy does not create, it communicates

Carolyn going back to "what creates"
iON discuss "what creates" and "reframing"

Kalifia calls in, on feeling
Bob she's just ranting the 2010 Tailgate knowledge
iON refers to Numbers4:17-20

Kalifia has a new boyfriend, will RnA affect sex?
iON suggests reading the entire Chapter 4 of Numbers

BR In-Quick messages
Allen, John1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Bob what have we learned today?
iON: You've learned nothing Palmer.

James reads In-Quick messages
Bob no Bruce questions today, he sent 500 last week and they're all private session questions

Jill, her daughter has a genetic liver issue
iON: ... There's nothing wrong with her liver.

Lisa, her husband has a liver disease
iON: Hooray!... It's not a disease. It's rich in iron.

Ashely&Duffy, "... if Bob doesn't speak and lets iON do the speaking, this could be the best show ever!"

Bob: Are you the Second Coming? Are you the Prophecy of all historical ejaculation?
iON: We'd say we are the multiple orgasm.
Bob: Has humans ever had that experience in mortar before?
iON: Some have in stone, but not in mortar.
Bob: So you've entered mortar to give us a huge orgasm?
iON: Yeah. Deuteronomy Ch.33.

James reads In-Quick messages
Jill, no treatment for her daughter
iON suggests 1 drop bid

Carolyn Ashely&Duffy's bat house, less mosquitos around the house

commercial break


Opening music:
I Then Shall Live by The Gaither Vocal Band, et al
Oblivion by Wintersleep

BR In-Quick messages (more people sending spam messages)
Ashely&Duffy, how to levitate?
iON: The problem is you've embraced gravity.
Bob: Gravity came in with the printing press...

Bob: Let's understand that interacting in any form of information exchange is an act of violence.
(more spam messages)

Will, 8 JWs, does iON switch between the different JWs (Bob Yes)

Bob all portals opened on Apr 15, 2010
Dupes of Nonphysical forum started on Apr 22 - iON's request to become its member was an expression of iON arriving on the Chip Landscape (iON agrees)

BR In-Quick messages
Barbara, "iON, are you able to speak without JW's body?"
iON: Yes!

James more spam coming in with Hebrew letters and numbers
Carolyn they're Bible verses
Bob they're from the parallel world

SkyGoddess Sue, danger of magnetic frequencies from cell phones, microwave ovens, etc
iON there is no danger, she's asking this questions to help others who are stuck in the mortar

iON does a rant for those stuck in the mortar

Bob schools/teachers - they interpret culture from a book sensibility, their concepts are book oriented
- students go to school for social reasons
Bob: The teachers are all upset that they aren't getting through to the kids, 'cos they can not admit to themselves that they aren't there to teach anything.
iON: That's right! That's why they say they're glorified baby sitters.
Bob: They know the students need the authority figures so they can joke and snicker about the authority figures so they can engage in their own delusion...
iON: First of all, no control of the class rooms, so they're not even an authority figure anymore.
Bob: And Obama won't admit this...

James "words create" and brings up Louise Hay's Daily Affirmation
Bob she limited the words to "positive words only"
- only book worth knowing is Finnegan's Wake - reminds you of the effect of the book and show power of the language
iON: Louise Hay's book was promoted to make you think. Finnegan's Wake was trying to make you so you didn't think.

James more spam coming in with Hebrew letters and numbers

BR one of Anthony Hall's numerous emails,
"... a statement by iON, there is no past, present and future, only now is incorrect!..."

Anthony Hall, "iON's statement on New Heaven and New Earth... incorrect!..."

Young Blood calls in, his standup routines at Zuffy's Place

Zack calls in, noisy upstairs neighbor
iON: You're creating their noise.

Robert calls in, went to James Gleik's lecture, he cited McLuhan
Bob that's old school

Barbara calls in, is high dose of radiation good or bad?

Barbara, are other versions of me in other worlds ascending as well? (iON yes)

Bob Lady Gaga who listens to iON is claiming to "channel" Alexander McQueen

Barbara, are there parallel worlds with different timing, are there younger or older versions of me?
iON: You used the correct words as far as "timing," yes. Are multi layers of timing occurring simultaneously? And the answer is "yes."

Bob: Lady Gaga's perfume to contain her blood smell like expensive hooker.

End of the show, commercial break

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