Saturday, April 30, 2016

Erella Ganon and Bob Talk with John Cage


22 November 1984


Erella said...

Incredible to hear my voice when I was such a young person. Thank you Bob.

Bob Dobbs said...

You're very welcome, Erella!!

And the interesting thing is that I imagine you didn't feel you were such a "young person" when you did this interview -

actually a great resonant date, Nov.22, 1984!!!

I remember a confident, extroverted woman back then at CKLN.

Hearing oneself 30 years later is definitely a new kind of self-knowledge for which we can thank recording technology.

Wisdom schools never could evoke that type of probe of oneself.

Brad Reed said...

We were all young back then . . .

Brad Reed said...

. . . but i am younger then than now.