Friday, September 11, 2015

iON | Reincarnation

9 May 2010

5 September 2015


Anonymous said...

Since the same thinking supports time and space, you can't forgo one without the other.
However, your identity is supported by your belief in space — that you are a separate entity — a bubble in the ocean.

I hate to pop your bubble folks, but until it pops you are still time slaves.

God is ALL, brother.

Bob Dobbs said...

iON has mentioned many times there is no "space" as well as no "time".

I wrote this essay, "CLONING ESP", 16 years ago:

And I suggest you drop the concept, "God is ALL". That's a very unwise sentiment. Call into PAYDAY (602-666-6027) and ask iON about these themes.

Bob Dobbs said...

PAYDAY is on every Saturday, starting at 8pm EST, and goes, at least, for 12 hours.

Anonymous said...

"Wise" and "Not Wise" are homemade adjectives created by the mind's desire for.......