Monday, January 5, 2015

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501

Photo: Reuters


3 January 2015

“Where do you think the technology for the Airbus 380 came from? From another world.”


Bob Dobbs said...

What's Wrong with YOU, you dangling ganglia, you??!!

Why haven't you told me what QZ8501 is screaming at us?

Anonymous said...

How did a blogger in China know about this disaster before it happened?

Bob Dobbs said...

Because they are blogging from a Parallel-World Beijing and they know that the previous missing plane, MH17, was sent to the Parallel-World Beijing where the 25 AIDS researchers think they are working on a new important secret project.

Anonymous said...

So then this is a taster of what's happening in the future of space exploration. If more and more people use these new tools for entering parallel world's then they can focus on individual project's rather than focusing on experimenting with aids or Ebola. And indoingso minimalize the risks and be more responsible for one's own future inflections and navigate their own solarsystem safer. The RnA Drops provide many of these incites or do they create a completely different security cure for pleasure being overlooked outside of what we think they already know?