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Bob Dobbs | Poindexter’s Device, Alien in the Machine

John Poindexter

“…if you start thinking crazy thoughts you're getting close to the truth, ’cause there’s nothing more crazy than what I’m presenting.”
Bob Dobbs

In an interview in Paranoia Magazine, 31 December 2003, Bob Dobbs revealed that Marshall McLuhan told him (through a medium in England) that John Poindexter and his group have made a device which has an alien inside and the device is affecting the consciousness of the Earth’s population (“Basically the population's being put on a collective LSD trip, in a more subtle way than TV managed to do”).

The device is also causing weird effects on Poindexter and his group because of their proximity to the device.

Marshall’s solution: “Bob, get on the media, put out your rap, that rap will give people who hear it a calming effect.”

Paranoia Magazine
by Robert Guffey

Bob Dobbs: You know, we've got very important new technologies coming down in the next twenty years that will accelerate everything.

Robert Guffey: Yes, didn't you say McLuhan mentioned some of them in recent conversations with you? Didn't he mention something about some kind of a hologram device the military was using?

BD: They do have something that affects people.

RG: What is that? What does it do?

BD: Well, there is... I don't know exactly what it does, but it... Even [John] Poindexter and them are not sure what it does because it's... Remember, there is an alien in it, infecting people. It's a device, like a more advanced version of cloned ESP, you know? It affects consciousness.

RG: And so it kind of alters our view of what's happening?

BD: Yeah.

RG: And is that operational?

BD: Yeah. It's affecting people now, and the unfortunate thing is that an alien has got inside it, an alien that lives off viruses, software viruses. And it's in there and it's causing weird effects on top of it, with the people around it. Like Poindexter. It's probably why Poindexter disappeared. He's probably ill.

RG: Okay, let me get this straight. McLuhan's the one who told you about this device, right?

BD: A ghost claiming that it's McLuhan.

RG: Right. And there's an alien stuck in the device that lives off software viruses?

BD: Well, it's not like a two-legged being. It's some kind of energy, or substance, that comes from off-planet, that feeds off the software in the computer.

RG: Like a nano-alien? And it's tapping off the electromagnetic energy--?

BD: Whatever's going on in the device, it likes it, eats it. You might call it a techno-parasite. A meme eating another technology. And whatever it's doing is affecting the flesh around it, and it's infecting the eight people that are working with the device, including Poindexter.

RG: And how is it affecting reality? Is it affecting reality amongst everybody in the United States, in the whole world, or--?

BD: Well, McLuhan and [James] Joyce attempted to demonstrate this for me in our latest session together. They had the effect represented by energy in the shape of cat's cradles that were making people's heads expand and contract. They've talked a bit about this in previous sessions. I asked them, "Are you saying people's sense of their body outline is being confused?" and they said, "Yes." So probably people have all kinds of pains and headaches and stuff, and they might go to a regular doctor who'll say, "Oh, you took too much Prozac, you took too much Wheat Germ or something," but McLuhan's saying, "No, it's being affected by the device." So the point is, our body percept is being aggravated, and this is causing all kinds of anxiety in populations all around the world, and basically McLuhan says you're going to have more and more perceptual chaos. That is what's happening. So I asked him, "How do you deal with it?" He said, "Bob, get on the media, put out your rap, that rap will give people who hear it a calming effect." I don't know if that's true, but that's what I was told to do.

RG: So people will stop and think, "Oh, these pains I'm having are a result of this device. It's not something that's in my head."

BD: Yeah, I would say the simple agenda is this. Whatever traditional images you have that make you think you're being affected in a certain way, get rid of those images! Break up those images you have. Don't think "psychosomatic," don't think this, don't think "organic food processes," don't think any of these normal ideas of what might be causing you pain. What's affecting you is something that you can't really visualize. So you loosen up the people's obsession on, "Oh man, I ate too much Wheat Germ, that's causing this, I better go get a doctor to give me a drug." If you get lost in that thought form, and the doctors give you a "solution," then that'll cause you more problems. You need to just sit back and say, "Yep, I'm being massaged," and just accept it. Basically the population's being put on a collective LSD trip, in a more subtle way than TV managed to do. Because these refined vibratory devices are affecting our chi levels, our etheric bodies, which is then affecting the astral plane. So we're being affected in ways that no knowledge system can map anymore.

RG: And how long has this device been in operation?

BD: I don't know, but he seems to think that–McLuhan came through in July 2002 with a sense of urgency, and I may not be able to remember what he said, but it's been going on for a year or so, I imagine, because he came through pretty quickly to deal with it. And Poindexter's been working on that project for a couple of years. But maybe it was built on things that were developed in the '90s or even back to the '80s, so who knows when it started?

RG: How has it made him ill?

BD: The virus that's in the machine somehow affects flesh around it. Three of the scientists were feeling ill, but had no idea why. But if they're tapping these transmissions [i.e., the e-mails between Dobbs in New York and the medium in England through whom McLuhan is ostensibly communicating] - we put it on the Internet through instant messaging - then someone would tell them, "Hey, McLuhan's ghost says it's this and that!" and then maybe that made them feel better, but I have not been told whether they're listening or taking it seriously, though McLuhan says they are. I have no contact with any of these people who are working on the project.

RG: Is Poindexter the only one, or are there other people in the administration--?

BD: No, there's only eight of them working on the technology.

RG: So it's really compartmentalized.

BD: Yeah. Apparently there're three devices McLuhan's concerned about: a brainwashing device called "TETRA" that the police have been using on demonstrators in Britain, then there's Poindexter's device, and then there's a machine that's pulsating energy onto the Earth from off-planet. I don't know if the third device was made by aliens, but apparently its effect is a positive one.

RG: Is Poindexter's device of extra-terrestrial origin or is it man-made?

BD: No, that machine is definitely man-made. McLuhan did confirm that there was an alien stuck in the device, but the device itself was made by Poindexter's buddies.

RG: So could this device affect your perceptions to the point where you might imagine you're being mind controlled when you're really not?

BD: Yes, exactly. You might start believing, "Oh, I've got a chip inside me!" and thinking that's causing you to feel the way you're feeling. I'm trying to say, "Don't use those old reference points anymore." We're being zapped by things that are really beyond human ken. I mean, Poindexter and them don't know that they're creating these affects and McLuhan showed up to this woman who could see ghosts so she would find me. We started doing instant messaging, and because I'm tapped they could see what was being said, and McLuhan was hoping they would read it and say, "Oh, McLuhan's talking about the device we're working on!" and then maybe become a little bit more aware of what's really going on.

RG: So he specifically went to you because he knows you're being listened to?

BD: I asked McLuhan, "Do they know it's the technology that's causing their illnesses?" and he said, "No, but they are beginning to suspect something's going on." Maybe they then read that and said, "Oh, it is this!" And then they probably kicked the shit out of it, took a baseball bat to it and said, "Fuckin' stop killing me!" Who knows what they did?

RG: So they weren't aware there was an alien inside it?

BD: No, they did not know, but they would read this transmission and that would give them a clue as to why they were feeling sick.

RG: Why is Poindexter the head of this and not somebody else?

BD: He's a very smart guy. I mean he comes out of - remember, he was on the nuclear submarines with Carter, apparently, he helped Reagan do the Iran-Contra thing. He took the fall for Reagan on that, then they let him go. He never had to go to jail. Because people at his level are always - they can do crimes because they're authorized. It falls under whatever they decide to define as war.

RG: He has his own private company, doesn't he? All his friends, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl, aren't they all making money off the war through him?

BD: Well, that's what the media says. The media reports about Wolfowitz are not clued into anything, and these stories about him are purposely floated out to distract from what Poindexter's doing with the device. Remember what Poindexter did last Fall? He said, "I recommend that people invest in terrorist predictions!" Remember that? Well, we discussed that with McLuhan the night it hit the news. McLuhan said, "That is Poindexter floating that idea so he can look nutty, so he can drop out of his position and secretly go and work on the device in another way and drop out of the public eye." And then the next day, or a day or two later, Poindexter resigned! So I would say blaming Wolfowitz and Pearl is a cover to distract from what's really going on. Remember, it's always a distraction. You're better informed if you don't pay attention to anything in the news world, because then you can focus on whatever occurs to you. And remember, if you start thinking crazy thoughts you're getting close to the truth, 'cause there's nothing more crazy than what I'm presenting.

Read the entire interview with Bob.

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