Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transcript of Excerpts from Private Session 397

Kolea created a transcript of excerpts from Bob’s private session 397, 24 October 2011—one of the last sessions before iON went stealth in December 2011.

Below is the beginning of Kolea’s transcript. Download the complete PDF file.

The Cloud
ION: The cloud was created as an aberrant capacitor, some would say capacitation, of everybody, the collective chip body that everyone’s adding to. Well, that’s reserved and held in one place known as the cloud. It applies not only to the fruit company but also to the MS, Microsoft. They do the cloud as well.

Carolyn: Everyone uses the cloud. Everybody’s chip body dumps into it.

ION: Now, that puts it all in one place.

Bob: Who made the cloud?

ION: We did!

Bob says something about one line of code.

ION: It’s one line, Bob. But, it’s a very lengthy line.

Bob: Right. Right. You’re right. So is the cloud a product of 2.0? Or, is it Web 3.0?

ION: No.

Bob: And, Web 4.0, I think Ion mentioned is Ionic.

ION: All of them are now, Bobby.

Bob: Web 2.0 has culminated in the cloud.

ION: Yeah, and they’re gonna fuck with us very soon and we’re gonna shut it all down. Then we’re gonna see how you all do.

Bob: Right. So that’s the EMP, that was said on March 24th, 2010 about the description of the Guf emptying? That EMP, is that...


Bob: E N as in Ned. Or, Nasty or Nobody, Right?

ION: Non-physical.

Bob: Oh, ENP. The energy of non-physical, or the extension of non-physical.

ION: Yeah, we gonna shut the money maker down, see how ye all go.

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