Saturday, September 7, 2013

D-Cell & iCell


Mark asks Bob Dobbs about the D-Cell.

Documents on the D-Cell by Joe Dun Sloan
iCell Patent US 20120070898 A1

Will Erokan's I’M NOT BEER [video] reconstructs Todd Haynes’ apocryphal biopic, I’M NOT THERE, with Robert Dobbs channeling five satellite conductors, unveiling the hidden effects of the news-humming celebrity culture.” ~Gerry Fialka

“Note how the imagery in each Quadrant of my Tiny Note Chart is matched in each section of the video. I’m now believing, and willing to say on PAYDAY and/or 60 Minutes, that the ingredients of the i-Cell are contained in my Tiny Note Chart—so much so, that Will’s vid is the X-Ray of our majestic i-Cell!!” ~Bob Dobbs

Below from Dr Carolyn Dean:

In 1969, Bob and I learned about the D-Cell, a living water purifier made from soaking grains. Over the years we tried to replicate the D-Cell. When we finally began to work with iON in 2009, we asked about the D-Cell and were instructed on how to make something much more consistent and powerful and instead of being a personal water purifier the size of a small ice cube, it would be a 400 pound block.

On the way to making this 400 pound block we call the iBlock, the RnA Drops were discovered serendipitously. The basic ingredient is barley sprouts and when the people working in the factory noticed their health and environment improving dramatically by just being close to the process, we took note and explored what was happening.

We had a test group use the liquid from the barley sprouts (we called this liquid RnA Drops) and documented the effects. Participants each tasted something different in the drops – from Doritos to dirt; from tobacco to vinegar; from peanut butter to lemons. It was bizarre, as if the Drops would accommodate every individual's gustatory projection.

As we began offering the drops to more people, someone grew an inch; another person got rid of their genital herpes lesions; diabetic blood sugars dropped; and several people had surprisingly rapid recovery after near-fatal accidents. After a heart attack a man with 10% heart function said his heart is back to normal after a year of taking RnA Drops.

What’s amazing about RnA Drops is that they are not just active at the level of the physical body. People comment on their heightened state of bliss and feeling like they are in a state of strength, confidence, and poise as their world moves in the direction they want to go. People take back their Power.

The I-Cell and Supersugar (Cellionose) are the major components of the RnA Drops.

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