Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bob Dobbs on CKLN, The International Connection

Canadian radio CKLN, The International Connection—Greg Duffell interviews Bob Dobbs about 9/11.

Paranoia Magazine: Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix Or How Bob Dobbs Became the Tetrad Manager

Meme—collective habit, cultural habit

“First Nature”—the physical body and its surrounding environment which is conventionally understood as made by “God”.

“First Nature” genetic research hopes to clone the body via DNA whereas electric media succeeds in cloning ESP—100th monkey effect of the meme where one entity picks up something and the rest of society starts to imitate it. Cloning ESP leads to technology coming alive.

Watson and Crick discovered that DNA controlled the physical body. In Finnegans Wake Joyce discovered the macromemic code that cultural-mind conditions are controlled by technologies—a collective social phenomenon that is determined by the technologies, a collective version of the DNA control of First Nature. The technologies are human-invented “Second Nature”.

Radio, television, computers and satellites each create a different type of sensewashing collective effect.

Noticing that there are differences, you can determine WHY there are different memic developments aligned with different kinds of sensewashing media structures.

Just as DNA controls the body, there is also the parallel control of social spaces which are the intimate perceptions and understandings that people get through their particular language and the cultural extensions of that language.

In the mid-70s, the technological merger of the TV, satellite and early chip environments—as the media was beginning to miniaturize—the ”council of twelve“ saw that they could hijack this process and control it via “tetrad management”. However, in the nineties, the ”council of twelve“ was beginning to have trouble controlling the memic pattern and destroyed the WTC as a diversion because they could not control the memic pattern anymore.

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