Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Akito’s Anomalies

Cash Flow

iON answers questions from the Japanese designer Akito regarding Akito’s experiences of anomalies.

AKITO—JAPAN—Some of you may have heard about me seeing the “worms” within the periphery of my vision and may be wondering just what I’m exactly seeing. So I just made a quick sketch of them for you to see.

I used to see them since I was very young, but for some reasons I stopped seeing them for many years until July 7, 2010, when I saw and bumped into multiple other Akitos on the train according to iON. He verified that this experience “freed” my eyes again to see the worms.

For me, the worms are sort of representation of my non-physical and iON said they’re what my “DNA goes, merge into…what’s gonna come into…going back to the future.”

iON stressed not to explore or try to reason out what they are, but rather just let them play around me and they’ll evolve into something more dynamic.

iON also said every individual has his/her own version of the “worms,” like Brian told me his is a lot different than mine, and someone on the Cash Flow said his looked round. So I feel the appearance is very relative.

In my case, iON said the worms will evolve into something colorful like uric acid. (see photo above).

My worms used to be curly clear-transparent microbes with maybe 2 to 4 clear cells inside. Some short, some long. I see them best under the natural light. Under the sunlight, I could also see the specs of tiny LED-like dots. However, I could never see them when I’m looking at myself in the mirror, which is interesting.

And on Nov. 4th, they changed their appearance into something more interesting! I was on the sunny beach and my worms appeared very vividly and they seem to have grown a little larger. They all looked like “long beads,” i.e., strings of pearls and not tubular anymore.

If my sketch, notice that each worm is made up of many tiny “eye balls.” They are still clear (no color) with a dark dot in the center like a frog’s egg. Every worm has several large and very pronounced eye balls and some actually look like “alien creatures” in the Si-Fi film.


Unknown said...

My father has this exactly same as drawing. What is thus?

Unknown said...

My father has this exactly same as drawing. What is thus?