Sunday, April 22, 2001

Bob’s Notes | McLuhan Telephone Conversation with Tony Schwartz, January 1968


NOTE:Timing based on Payday archives.

Oct.25/14 1178353

(Part 14 at 27:02 and at 54:05 and beginning of Part 15 and at 17:05)

Nov.1 (Part 14 at 27:26 [finished playing])

hardware communism, Jefferson Airplane (somnambulism), rhythm and interval, the American Constitution (nothing for the ear), Pucci, the Blues, the Beatles ("Liverpudlians"), noise = pure silence (inner trip/collective, tribal experience, end of speech replaced by macroscopic world gesture [rock]), tribal man is "collective dream", electronic music ("programmers", not speech-based music), "the mafia are coming", old definition of God, the Bore War, more on the Beatles and other yokels, afraid of implosion (amplification, not explosion) that would collapse the universe (Zappa's theme in "Uncle Meat"), stupid thinker joke, ends with George Bernard Shaw's quotation/joke, Opie's children, MM's sensitive ears and opera, breaking the sound barrier becomes visual, "business community is a nightmare"

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