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Curious about iON? Start with iON, an introduction.




3-2-1: Create Whatever You Want

418 Group Cab Driver

9/11, Leon Questions iON about 9/11 & the World Trade Center

9/11, Twin Towers

9/11 & Walk-ins



Access Other Worlds Via Portals, Gates, Rifts & Thought

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501

Air France Flight 447 Goes to a Parallel World

Akito’s Anomalies

Akito, Japanese Shark Fishing

Akito Phones Payday from World 1144

Akito’s Train Anomaly

Aligning the Physical and the Non-physical

Alison’s Private Sessions with iON

American Pharaoh Wins 2015 Kentucky Derby

Amy Winehouse/Michael Jackson Update

Analog vs Digital TV Signal

Analysis: Aaron McCollum, Benjamin Fulford & Dolores Cannon

Analysis: Bill Deagle

Analysis: Cathy O’Brien, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts

Analysis: CERN, Stewart Swerdlow & Drunvalo Melchizedek

Analysis: Graham Hancock, The Ark of the Covenant

Analysis: Giant Pool of Money, Len Horowitz & Carmen Boulter

Analysis: Jay Weidner

Analysis: Joseph P Farrell

Analysis: NESARA & Christopher Story

Analysis: Revelation Revealed Chapters 1-3

Analysis: Richard C Hoagland

Analysis: Richard Kovacevich, Chairman of Wells Fargo

Android Meme, the Angels & Ascension

Angels, Talking To, Commanding, Sharing


Ascension & RnA Drops

Ascension of Jesus & Seth, Parable of the Tares, Step-Gods

Answer To Cancer

Anthropomorphic Physical


Ark of the Covenant, Power in a Box

Attorney Who Channeled Her Client’s Dead Wife is Suspended


Back to the Garden

Bad Robot

Basic Standard of Living

Benjaman Kyle from World 7502




Blackbird Deaths in Arkansas 2011

Black Holes

Black Holes & Quantum Computing

Blarney Stone & the Templars

Blood Moon, Passover & the Cloud of Glory

Blood Moon, The Reset, Seder & Amino Acids

Blythe Masters-Credit Default Swaps

Bob Asks iON How Do You Ascend

Bob Describes His First Physical Meeting With JW

Bob Dylan

Bob Dobbs, James Martinez & iON Discuss Walter Bowart

Bob Dobbs on Interacting With iON

Bob Dobb’s Private Session’s With iON

Bob Explores a Futurist’s Predictions with His Colleagues

Bob (Edward) Marshall Session With iON

Bob Reviews Rev. Stang’s Recent Heart Attack

Bob Talks About JW

Bob’s Media Ecology vs iON’s Media Ecology

Bobfest, iON live

Bob Will Not Ascend, Discussion on Ascension

Bob’s World


Brian, Awake When Asleep, Asleep When Awake

Brittany Murphy & Parallel Worlds


Captain Beefheart, Is He Dead?

Carlos Castaneda Travels to Parallel Worlds

Carolyn & Goliath


CERN & Chromosome 14

CERN, How the Large Hadron Collider was Sabotaged in 2009

Chad, Angela, Bob, Carolyn and JW Do Fringe

Chad & Angel, Create & Experience Your Own Alternative Worlds

Changing Environment, Carbon, Riparian Rights, Negative pH

Changing Environment—Oxygen, Sugar & Salt

Changing Environment, Radiation

Changing Environment–Water, Living Water, Hydrogen, the iCell

Charlie Sheen & Jane Russell

Chi (Exercise to Lower), Increase the Ability to Connect & Open the Hara

China Owns the United States

China Pyramid

Chromosome 14 & the Cross

Chromosome 14 Overview

Cold Fusion Revealed

Cold Play

Come into Your Place of Power—Embrace Everything that Brings You Joy

Commander Valiant Thor

Communiqués 1-7 12 May 2013

Conscience Does Not Exist

Consciousness is a False Premise

Convergence Harmonics

Copper Sulfite

Cycles—15,000 Years, from Bob Dobbs’s private iON session 201, 14 November 2009


D-Cell & iCell

Dalai Lama

Dan Winter’s iTHRVE App

Delphine Oracle

Difference Between Non-Physical Being & A Channel

Dimensions, Worlds, Parallel Worlds, Realms

Do Words Create

Does iON Have a Role After Ascension

Don’t Touch My Junk

Dr Carolyn Dean, A Fireside Chat

Dr Dean Talks With iON About Her Parallel World Experiences

Drain the Swamp

Dust Circles Visit Woman in Nevada

Dustin Weber Goes to a Parallel World


Eating Does Not Cause Weight Gain

Eddie Long is in his authority

Edward Snowden, The Man Behind the NSA Revelations

Egypt: Door To Afterlife Found At Egyptian Tomb

Egypt: Theft of Artifacts

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Egyptian Protests Sparked by Listening to iON & Bob

Eight Suns

Electricity & Energy

Electromagnetic Pulse

Electron iONization of Slack

Electrons & Ions

Electromagnetic Influxes from World to World


Elisany Silva Tallest 14-Year-Old in the World

Eli Za Who Recently Transitioned & Is Now in the Post-Guf Realm

Emerald Tablets

Emotions, Souls, Essences and Non-physical

Eternal Dynamic Divine Comedy


Every Conversation Is Two Conversations

Evil Does Not Exist

Exposing the Mystery Landscape


Federal Reserve

Fireside Chat With Bob Dobbs

First Words From iON,

First Private Recording with iON, 20 March 200918 March 2009

Foreclosure, What To Do

Foreclosure? Give Yourself Power-of-Attorney

Foreclosures No More

FOREX Formula

Fractals & Atmospheres

French Visitors to iON&BOb from Air France Flight 447

Fringe—IBM Selectric

Fringe-Over There, Part 2-Portaling Your Way to Another World


General Billy McChrystal

General Motors IPO

Germaine at the 2010 VMAs

Germaine Does Tom Ford

Germaine, What to Wear When Traveling to an Alternate World

Germaine, Will Blogs Replace Fashion Magazines

Ginney’s Immortal Mom

Global Warming


Gods with & without Power

Google Latitude—Know Where You Are

Googoo for Gaga

Gospel of Thomas

Governments, Intel Agencies, CEOs, the Entertainment Industry, the Vatican are Listening to iON

Great Wall of China

Gregg’s First Private Session With iON

Guatemala Portal

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: BP Puts $20 Billion Down to Pay for Lost Income

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Media Black Out


H197 Radiation

H197, Stabilizing

Haiti Earthquake

Hawaii Phenomenon Occurs After Cold Fusion Accouncement

Heart & the Hypothalamus

Histones, Lysine Methylation, Posttranslational Modification, Argon

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the iON Galaxy

Hole in the World

Hong Kong Protests

How Bob Creates

How to Fly

How to Get $1 Million

Human Genome Project & RnA

Human Magnet, Brenda Allison

Hydrogen Conversation


iCell, The People Who are Not, Light in the Body, Silicon Dioxide

iCell & Amino Acids


Imari Vase

Imma be Rocking that Body

Interview With a Soul

iON, an Introduction

iON Becomes A SubGenius … for 13 minutes

iON Gives Suggestions for Topics to Discuss

iON Confirms “Trump Is Bob in the White House”

iON Explains Canada, Ophenel/Bob’s Hologram, Hip-Hop Billionaires & College Fraudulence

iON on McLuhan on Bob and Maui

iON on Vacation in Paris, Stalked by Bob

iON Takes a Selfie, the Hologram

iON, Why They Are Here

iON Without JW

iON’s Wake

iONdom’s Mission Statement

Issac Newton & Parallel Worlds


Jean Goes SubAtomic with iON

James Brown Faked His Death

Jefferson’s Bible



Ke$ha, Android Meme Critics

Kevin’s Portal

Key’s & Aethyrs


L’Ermitage & Cambridge Portals

Labyrinth of the Mind

Lady Gaga, Android Meme Critics

Lady Gaga Abstains

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Lampstands, Dark Soul, Mana, Negative pH, Hydrogen, H197

Legend’s Brother Channels Mother

Lemurians, Lizard People

Leon’s Private Session with iON

Little Man

Little Man in the Boat

Living Water, iCell, iBlock, the White Stone

Lockdown BobRule

Lord’s Prayer, the Original

Los Angeles Underground

Lotus Flower, Ring Three & Gram Positive Bacteria

Love Is Not an Emotion

Love, What The Hell Is It

Lynette’s Missing Window to Another World


Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Manifest What You Desire


Marie Henriette of Austria

Marshall McLuhan Portals

Marshall McLuhan RIP

Matthew Goes Portaling in Manhattan

Matthew R. First Session, July 2010

Mayan Calendar

Mediums—Use of Throughout History

Melting Titanium

Merging Worlds & The Wormhole

Michael Jackson, A Year After His Death

Michael Jackson, Real or Memorex

Michael Jackson, Who Is the Beneficary of His Estate

Mind of Reason

Mirroring, Magnetrons & RNA

Mississippi River, Riparian Rights, The Treaty of 1783, TVA

Moon & the Fourteen Rings

Moon Landing

Mothman Prophecies

Movies, Fantasy or Reel-ality

Mueller Report

Mummy Monk Inside Buddha Statue

Mutes, How Do They Create

Mysterious Black Figure in Malaysia School


Nassim Haramein & Stephen Hawking


Negative pH & Specific Gravity of Blood, Negative Potential of Hydrogen, No Base, Lysine & Lipids

Negative pH, Para & Ortho Hydrogen, Oxygen & Argon

NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)

Net Neutrality

Neumayer Station Camera Captures Sun Anomalies

New Encyclopedia of Ailments & their Solutions with Dr Carolyn Dean

Noah’s Ark Found on Turkish Mount Ararat

No Dimensions in this World, Blood of the Lamb, the Candlesticks & Amino Acids

No Physical

Norway Spiral

Nostradamus & The Wall


One Guf

Opinions, Does Bob Have Them

Orbs, What are They


Parallel Worlds, Do We Have a Duplicates of Ourselves

Parallel World Travel Agent

Parallel World Visitor at Premier of the Circus in 1928

Parallel Worlds & Individuals Who Fake Death

Past? Lives or Now Lives


Portals, Gates, Rifts & Thought

Portals: Pineal Gland Relationship

Portals: Resolute Desk and the WTC

Pow’r in the Blood


QAnon Phenomenon

Queen & EU Withdrawal

Queen of England’s Brooch Politics

Questioning iON


Radical Image of Donald Trump

Randy’s Private Session with iON

Rants & Treasures, 2014

Rants & Treasures, 2015

Rants & Treasures, 2016

Real HouseGagas of iONdom


Realms, Kingdoms, Portals, Gates & Rifts

Recipes from Chef iON


Revelation 12, The Woman & the Dragon

Revelation Revealed, Chapters 1-3 (Information Farm Analysis)

Revelation Revealed, Chapters 1-3, Exegesis by iON

Revelation Revealed, Chapter 23 Excerpts

Revelation Revealed Series Response


Rewriting the Bible, the Lineage of King James I of England and VI of Scotland

RnA Drops As Currency

RnA Drops, the Bread of Living Water

RnA Drops, How Do They Work

RnA Drops, What Are They?

RnA Drops, What Do They Do on the Physical Level

RnA, Mitochondria

RnA ReSet Products 2019

RnA Weed

RnA Working Session with Dr. Carolyn Dean & Bob Neveritt


Sacred Harp Singing—fasola—A Taste of Paradise

Salt and Light

Salt, Sugar, Covalent Bonding

Seal of the United States

Sheila Kern, The Labyrinth Painting

Ships Around the Sun Captured by NASA STEREO Mission

Signs of Slippage, Human Swapped into Plane from a Pocket Dimension


Six Degrees of Separation


Sodium Sulfite & 3OH3O2

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sound Creates Matter

Spear of Destiny—Lance of Longinus

Spiritual Gifts, When are They Activated

Stabilizing H197

Stephen Hawking & Aliens

Steps to Ascension

Stone of Scone

Stretching the False Premise of Time


Sun Ra

Swedish Portal


Tailgate Parties

Tech Body

Teleportation—Bob’s Brownies

Teotihuacan Tunnel Found Under Temple of Quetzalcoatl

The Key

The Lost Symbol

The Matrix

The Three Kingdoms are a Useful Key


Three Kingdoms, Two Angles

Tic Tok

Times Square Bomber

Tower of Babel & Dante’s Hell

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)


Tribute in Light in NYC Marks a Gate to Other Worlds

Trump, How He Beat the Bankers

TV & Chip Bodies Respond to Ascending Human Creators & the Activation of Non-Physical

Tweet Till You Drop

Twin Towers & 9/11


Unlawful Degree of Magnetism

Uncleanness in the Pericardium, Blood, Lipids, & the Lampstands

U.S. Debt Ceiling, Debt Means Nothing

U.S. Presidents McKinley & Wilson

Using a Double in This World While Living in a Parallel World

Using the Pineal, Thyroid & Hypothalamus To Tell If a Portal Is Present


Trump Campaign & “McLuhan—Social Media Between Faith & Culture”


Vampirization of America

Vegetarian or Meat Eating, Which is More Effective for Engaging Non-Physical

Veil is Thinning & The Guf is Emptying

Vestal Goodman

Vestal Goodman, Android Meme Critics

12 Vile Vortices

Vitamin D


War of the Roses & the Rat Pack

What are Orbs

What Caused the Dow’s 1000 Point Dip

What Is Electricity

What is the Physical?

What Is the Chemistry of the Non-Physical

What is the Mind, What is Thought

What the Hell is Love

What the Hell is Hell

What is Truth? What is Real?

When are Spiritual Gifts Activated

When Does Non-Physical & the Soul Enter the Physical

Where is JW

Where Donald Trump Came From & Where He’s Going

Who is God, I Am

Who is Listening to iON

Why Does JW Get Images After A Session

Why is iON Here


Will We Get Back Together

Winchester House

Wind May Have Helped Moses Part Red Sea

Words Are the Essence of What is Created in Your Experience

World Trade Center Mystery Ship


Yoko Ono Opposes Parole for Chapman

You Can Eliminate Our Public Debt

You Can Have Apps in Your Chemical Body

You Can See Thought

You Control the Wind & the Waves

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

Your Wish is My Command