Saturday, June 1, 2024

Bob’s Private Session, 9 April 2020


Transcribed by Nan

iON 0:00
Because there's one more aspect that has to be attuned. There might be some of those jackballs, some of the old zeitgeist that Bob didn't have a chance to save, that are gonna make it, but they're not gonna be Ascended. You have a whole what we call the Walking Dead. You got the whole Yves Saint Laurent, you got all of the St. Germain. They've not had benefit of Bob and they're eternal; they're Ascended. They have never descended. They're there, but you can't say that they... The point of what we're talkin' about is you have to go through Bob. And if they don't go through Bob, now they may, but if they haven't yet, and they're already Ascended. So, there is that window. Ginney's mama is another example. She's not had the benefit of Bob, and she's eternal. No problem.

Carolyn 0:46
Well, Bob's only affected you know, at most a few hundred people. Is that the only people who are going to Ascend?

iON 0:55
No, you don't know that. You don't know that. He's got more than a couple hundred people pictures he had made on the gravestones, Carolyn. [laughs]. No, no. He's done a lot more people. You have these strange people from Algeria and bumfuck [Carolyn chuckles] "I've been listening to you for 20 years!" And you're like, "I've only been on for eleven." They're goin', "No, no, no, no, I went back to Bob Carr."

Carolyn 1:19
Okay, do not go off on a Bob rant. That's okay. I understand.

Bob 1:24
Okay, so I have a question, Carolyn.

iON 1:25
So, he has affected more people. He's just clearin' up a few things. He's just cleaning up a few things. We'll get back, Carolyn. We know what you want, Carolyn, and we're gonna give it to you. Just let him clean it up because he'll never let it go otherwise.

Bob 1:37
Why... What were we talking about, Carolyn? What's the topic?

iON 1:47
Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley.

Bob 1:48
Oh, I know. I know what I was gonna say. Once we had the internet, Carolyn -- and that was the ground 1960 to 1990 in my Chart -- then we have the after-image of the internet, which is what people engage in, the after-image, and we were the ground. Well, I called it anthropomorphic physical on my Chart. Okay, Carolyn? And the disease issue was immune deficiencies. So, I put the major disease as we go through chronic fatigue and, and the other ones that you did. The immune is the Bob quadrant; that's the basic problem. So, my Chart is accurate in light of what iON just said. Correct, iON?

iON 2:29

Bob 2:29
What you said about the immune situation. Okay, so I had here notes: Chip Body topic earlier leading to the Mystery Body. And then I had in brackets, "odd statement by iON." And then in brackets, "hate Kroker." Did you say that I hate Kroker, or you hate Kroker, or the Chip Body hated Kroker leading to the Mystery Body? Is there something to be explained there?

iON 2:57
Yeah, we all hate Kroker. He stands for everything wrong.

Bob 3:02
Is it because... Well, Thompson is the most dangerous: no hope. What does Kroker doing wrong?

iON 3:06
No, no... Well, what does Kroker do? He sets you up for the "fall."

Bob 3:13
And what is that "fall" that he sets you up for?

iON 3:16
That you can't survive. You can't make the transition.

Bob 3:20
Okay, that's the same "no hope" as Thompson.

iON 3:24
Well, no, Thompson is you never had any hope. Kroker lets you believe you've got a chance, and then you get dashed at the end. [chuckles] It fills you up, but see, that's the rub.

Bob 3:36
What did McLuhan do on the disservice level we're talkin' about here with Thompson and Kroker?

iON 3:41
He pointed out the incredulity that humans embraced from their visceral knowings that went outside of the Dobbs quadrant. If he hadn't done that, the Dobbs quadrant would have kicked in and eased into the societal woes and been a soothing salve. And then no one would have had to worry about bringing in a TV. "Dad! Don't bring that TV in the house, it'll kill everything. My sister's about dead anyway, but it'll really kill her." You know, it would eat that off, that whole construct.

Bob 4:16
What did he do to cause that problem?

iON 4:19
He brought the remote control. He brought the remote control.

Bob 4:23
Well, the idea of machines come alive and take over? That idea?

iON 4:27
They do. They did.

Bob 4:30
Because of McLuhan.

iON 4:32
Marge Stewart. Fuck McLuhan.

Bob 4:34
Right. Okay, got it. So that's a disservice of McLuhan. What's the disservice of LaRouche?

iON 4:40
Oh, paranoia.

Bob 4:43
Right. Too much paranoia.

iON 4:43
If he could say what he had to say... No, no, no, no, wait, no, not too much. If he could say what he had to say and it not be paranoia, we'd say great, no problem, 'cause the Queen might come shove some'um up your bum. Could be. You may have to eat the babies. Okay, fine, but don't make it from this condition response of ridiculousness, you see.

Bob 4:44

iON 4:44
The zeitgeist is what made that wrong. But that's why, that's why you have Furry Lint. It takes care of that.

Bob 5:14
How does Furry Lint take care of that?

iON 5:16
It stands for everything that the Marquis de Sade was for. [laughs]

Bob 5:23
And that bypasses the disservice of LaRouche?

iON 5:26
Yeah. Yeah, 'cause he said if you enjoy it. He would, Furry Lint would say if you get the Queen to do that, that could be quite a party, you'd enjoy it.

Bob 5:36
Okay, yeah, Furry Lint is partying. And that would be Dobbs' correction of these guys waylaying my agenda.

iON 5:44
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We call it the wailing. We call it the Wailing Jennys. The Wailing Jennys. Not Wayland, the singer. The wailing, like screaming, wailing. The Wailing Jennys.

Bob 5:48
What are Jennys?

iON 5:54
Oh, you'll come when you do your next, when you do your next continuation of the Tiny Note, the next decade, you'll have Jennys. Jennys will be a quadrant. You'll see.

Bob 6:19
Yeah, but that's not a person? Or it is a person.

iON 6:22
It will be. It is a person.

Bob 6:24
Not Peter Jennings from Canada.

iON 6:26
Oh, fuck, no. Fuck, no. Good lord.

Bob 6:30
Okay. What you said those guys as a disservice, I intuited that because I slapped a Shakespearean tragedy on each one of them. Okay?

iON 6:39
That's right.

Bob 6:39
And I was not a tragedy. But what's interesting, we have created the perfect Tempest, which is the play I said was my quadrant. So, it's an...

iON 6:47
And used T.S. Eliot to validate it in a most ridiculous kinda way.

Bob 6:53
Okay, good. Now...

iON 6:54
No, no, don't say good. You're gonna leave out Wyndham Lewis? You're gonna let that go? Come on Mr. Question Asker, you can do better than that.

Bob 7:01
I don't know if I'm... I'm making a note to go back to that. I don't know if I can do it right now. [iON laughs] T.S. Eliot saves the day.

iON 7:09
T.S. Eliot and Wyndham and how that connects the pentad to Wyndham Lewis. Good. Okay, you got it. That'll make a whole session right there for you.

Bob 7:16

iON 7:17
Mr. Big Man, Mr. Big Man.

Bob 7:20
Very good. Okay, so you said...

iON 7:23
We'll have to get Clinton to spell the big words for you though.

Bob 7:27
Spell them did you say?

iON 7:29
Yeah, we'll get Clinton to spell the big words for you.

Bob 7:32
Okay, and it's true that if you come across verbally, the recording's clear. You know, for some reason. Okay.

iON 7:41
Well, it's because... No, it's the Tech Body's representation that this should never be occurring, it should never be happening. This should never be. It should never be. It's a, it's an abomination before God that you can take in this mega field, however protected, moved in such a capacity that this type of verbiage is displayed. It's ridiculous. It would be the Catholic Church would have you killed if you tried to do it there in the -- whatever that -- Potiphar's house, when Potiphar's house was an issue, or when the Borges were running the papacy. Try saying what you're saying lately. They'd have your head chopped off, sir, in the name of God.

Bob 8:29
Right. And that includes the blasphemy of talking to iON.

iON 8:29
Yeah, yeah. iON would be the abomination. Do you see? The smoke monster would be too much. It's a John Locke problem.

Bob 8:39
I get you. So...

iON 8:42
That was very good, Bob.

Bob 8:44
Yes. Now, what was that topic? That was all about the burbling...

iON 8:50
The disservices. The disservices.

Bob 8:52
The Tech Body. The 3/11ths objects. The 3/11ths of the Tech Body objects to this. 8/11ths...

iON 8:57
Yeah. We're real concerned.

Bob 9:00
About what?

iON 9:01
We are concerned about the morphing of the three. The morphing of the 3/11ths.

Bob 9:05
Yeah, they're a minor irritation.

iON 9:12
Heh, heh, heh. Heh, heh, heh. We'll see.

Bob 9:13
We're not? We'll see, but you are genuinely concerned about them objecting to us.

iON 9:20
Well, you don't know what's talking to you.

Bob 9:24
3/11ths, you're a bit concerned. You were serious when you said you're concerned.

iON 9:31

Bob 9:32
Okay. Okay. You said three years ago, subcultures can take over in American culture, I think maybe globally. Are we seeing different subcultures...

iON 9:43
Esoterically, yes.

Bob 9:46
Like there's people say there's a global 2000 Kissinger plan to depopulate the planet. That's what Tarik goes on about this. There might be a subculture that's grown up with that meme.

iON 9:56

Bob 9:56
This is designed to do it, right? But there are other...

iON 10:00
It's esoteric.

Bob 10:02
It's esoteric, but it's real. And there are other subcultures aware of them fighting them. Is that true? There's a fight among the subcultures.

iON 10:10
Don't know. Don't know if it's real or not. See, we disagree. Esoteric...

Bob 10:15
No, no. It's real that people believe it! That people -- there is a subculture believes this meme, and they're trying to have it happen and depopulate. Right?

iON 10:23
Okay. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 10:26
And there's other subcultures who were pretty powerful now, thanks to Trump, that are fighting them.

iON 10:30
Yeah. They're fightin' the fight.

Bob 10:34
But we're, we're in another level saying the depopulation is gonna happen because of human stupidity and COVID-20, and stuff like that, that the subcultures don't consider.

iON 10:45
It's the difference between the Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. Those are the two differences.

Bob 10:53
Yeah, and the Han Dynasty isn't finished.

iON 10:56
Right. That's right. But the Ming is.

Bob 10:58
Are we more... Right. But it's the Han Dynasty, these subcultures, or it's us moving into another level.

iON 11:05
It's you, Bob.

Bob 11:07
All right, good. You use the word absolescence, a-b-s-o-l, not o-b-s-o-l -

iON 11:15

Bob 11:15
- last week. Did you mean the a-b, and I looked it up and it has a certain meaning. Did you mean that?

iON 11:20
Yeah. Yes, we do.

Bob 11:23
You can look up absolescence, Carolyn, and see what you get from that. Okay. They now say there's... It goes from lung damage in the Corona patients to heart damage; is that part of the new COVID-20 that they don't know, they don't want to acknowledge?

iON 11:39
No, it doesn't go to heart damage. Doesn't go to heart damage, is it changes, it changes the way the psyllium in the lungs, they get stopped up and you basically drown. And the ventilator just pushes the water deeper into the lungs, where oxygen would allow it to dry. It oxidizes it. So, they're using it exactly the wrong way.

Bob 12:04
And it's not heart damage as a later phase, as they are misreading what's happening.

iON 12:10
Well, it overloads the system, and then it just, the heart just quits beating because there's nothing to pump. See, you gotta move this stuff around. And once you get it in water, you know, it's like taking all the... If you take all the pericardial fluid out from around the heart, it'll quit beating.

Bob 12:28
And that happens with the lung problem and the what you just said.

iON 12:32
In reverse.

Bob 12:33
Is that new information about that, Carolyn? Carolyn! Is that new information for you? You're not even listening. Okay, forget it, you'll find out later. All right, the next thing.

iON 12:50
It'll be good. She's got things to do, Bob. She's, she's important. Unlike you, she's important. [chuckles]

Bob 12:55
[chuckles] Yeah, she does my bidding. But anyways, I think...

iON 13:02
What'd you say about P. Diddy? What'd you say about P. Diddy?

Bob 13:06
P. Diddy?

iON 13:09
What'd you say about P. Diddy? [chuckles]

Bob 13:11
Does he still live out in Long Island?

iON 13:13
They do. They do. And Lil Dicky. Don't forget Lil Dicky. That's a good one too.

Bob 13:18
Yeah, who did P. Diddy marry? He married J. Lo, and then they got split. Is P. Diddy with anybody? You don't hear about him. He’s a billionaire?

iON 13:27
Oh, yeah. He's an autosexual. He don't like boys or girls. He likes to be by himself now.

Bob 13:33
Okay. Does he still produce stuff? Is he still in the business?

iON 13:37
A little bit. Not much goin' on now. Two weeks ago we would have said it a little different, but anyway, anymore, everybody's just sittin' around in their panty drawers, tryin' to make music for free, Bob.

Bob 13:49
Yeah, what... Okay, so they're doing in their digital salons, but the black people, the rappers, they need to be -- they're hyperactive. They need to bounce around and do their shit. Are they getting very frustrated being stuck? They're not used to that, right?

iON 14:05
No, they're not. They don't know. And they're scared because they think it's like never ending, but see, they're the ones that'll go out and they'll buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of water at a restaurant. You know when the waiter comes by and interrupts you and wants to sell you a glass of water?

Bob 14:21

iON 14:21
They spend hundreds of dollars on water, and now they got no income coming in. Where you're smart, you say, "No! Don't bring me any more water! I'm not -- just charging me for it, but don't ask me if you want any more. Charge me whatever you charge me but stop offering to sell me a glass of water."

Bob 14:36
Yeah, so they're addicted to comfort; that is a problem for them now.

iON 14:39
Well, they've made that's how they're successful. See, you've got to go to the Hollywood Wilshire Boulevard, the Beverly Hilton, and drink $90 glasses of rose wine in order to be somebody so you can get a come up. You see, that's how that works. But if you don't do that, then you're a nobody.

Bob 15:01
Yeah, but there's no place to go. That place ain't open so they can't determine who's who anymore or who's...

iON 15:07
Right! That's exactly correct.

Bob 15:10
Okay, next question. I think Tarik says 5G sucks out oxygen. Is that true? 5G sucks out oxygen?

iON 15:19
We hope so. We hope so. Fire does too. Fire does too.

Bob 15:26
And so that's a benefit to the Ascending if the 5G sucks out oxygen.

iON 15:31

Bob 15:32
But not to Little Man. That's, that's really bad for Little Man.

iON 15:36
'Cause they're gonna die. That's right.

Bob 15:37
Okay, the next question. I watched this documentary which goes into new details about Satanism and pederasty at the restaurant known as pizzagate run by maybe a guy who descended from the Rothschilds. So, this lady lays out Clinton, everybody used to go to this restaurant and eat the pizza. But actually there was, there was sodomy or pederasty going on in the basement. Is that true?

iON 16:03
That's true. That's what that whole thing was about. That was the John Podesta, some of his play parties.

Bob 16:11
So, her video is pretty accurate on the perversity of Podesta and all.

iON 16:15
Yes. 'Cause you remember they were making a big, they were making a big to-do that somebody went into the pizza parlor and was shootin' it up. But that's what it was. Remember the Republicans that were tearing it up? They were exposing it. That's why they had to be a big thing. They were talkin' about what a terrible thing it was, an afront that those people were being disturbed or whatever.

Bob 16:34
Okay, and this...

iON 16:35
She's quite a, she's quite a freak.

Bob 16:39
Who? The woman, this...

iON 16:41
Hillary is a freak.

Bob 16:40
Yes. Right. So, Hillary... Yeah, was Bill into it?

iON 16:41
Oh, yeah. He'd fuck anything. He don't care. He don't... He's numb.

Bob 16:49
So, Hillary, you know, you have not told whether she's lesbian or not, you've kept it... You know, you didn't say. But that's because she was worse than iON knew about is the freak level of her.

iON 17:02

Bob 17:02
Okay, is that because she grew up in this enlightened household where her father opened China, and was really part of the secret real world; it sort of perverted her youthful mind being, seeing the elite and what they were doing?

iON 17:16
She was just... She always went into... There's always the subculture. Remember the Ninth Gate? They had the, Torchia had the subculture worshipping the devil. And Hilda was tryin' to get it, and Boris Balkan had to have it, that hierarchy that they could spend all these resources to attain the sublime.

Bob 17:16

iON 17:36
That's all this is. It's just another example of "Well, I can do this. Well, I can fuck dead people. Ooh, I can fuck dead people and like it. Oh, I can kill people while I'm fuckin' them, and that's even better. I got 'em alive and dead." It just goes on and on and on to the point is kinda like you don't wake up one day and decide to be a pedophile: it's an achieved persona.

Bob 18:02
Right. Well, was she perverted in college and that's what Clinton liked about her?

iON 18:08
Yeah, all of it. All the way through. All the way through. No, Clinton didn't like her; he doesn't like her now. It was a power thing. He'd never be the Governor of Arizona. No, Arkansas. No, Alaska. No, Arkansas. "Ar-Kansas." Yeah, he'd never been the Governor of "Ar-Kansas" were it not for Hillary rotten Clinton.

Bob 18:30
So, Bill found out about the secret power that Hillary's family was involved in.

iON 18:35
Fuck, yeah. Money, money, money, money, money, makes the world go round, makes the world go round.

Bob 18:39
But that money is not public. Hillary's father is not known to be really wealthy. Correct?

iON 18:45
It's not about that. We didn't say wealthy, we said money. There's a difference.

Bob 18:52
They could access money?

iON 18:52
You're not wealthy. You're not wealthy, Bob, but you have lots of money. But you're not wealthy.

Bob 18:57
Okay, so they have access to money whenever they want to, Mr. Clinton, for her father.

iON 19:03
So do you, Bob.

Bob 19:05
Okay, good. The movie then leads into... The documentary goes into, oh, they all want adrenochrome, which Carolyn found interesting. Is that the thing before our products show up? Is that the best drug out there for stimulating perversity or whatever it does to people?

iON 19:23
Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's the same thing that the Marquis de Sade and Caligula and all those who were borrowing. Just the avant garde. Anything: the rush, the popper, the amyl nitrate; they'll puff you up. You know, the puff-you-over-the-top kind of stuff.

Bob 20:52
Right. So, it's speed, meth. It did some’um to you.

iON 20:52

Bob 20:52
Right. So, was that interesting, Carolyn?

Carolyn 20:52
[in background] Yeah.

Bob 20:52
So, all right, so I'm linking back to Santa Claus. Well, I was Santa Claus, and I seed new civilizations.

iON 20:52
Ho, ho, ho.

Bob 20:52
I go from place to place, and seeding. And so I figured out oh, that's why I don't bother Ascending and go to Andromeda, I'm goin' on to the next new civilization I'm gonna seed. Correct?

iON 20:52
Basically. Well, yeah, but don't play that up like that 'cause it isn't even like that. So, it's fine, but you're arguing for the limitation that you don't even have. So, it's like, okay, if there's any limitation, I'm going to embrace it so that I can get over it. You know, it's like, wait, why you gotta do all that? You gotta just be right on it. Tell them what you're gonna tell them and tell them to fuck off. We'll do it. We don't mind. We don't mind, Bob, we'll tell 'em to fuck off in a second. It don't bother us.

Bob 20:56
I know, I know. Now listen. So, Ophenel is a subplot of Santa seeding this world here, this Earth, or Ophenel is more important, more involved than the Santa Claus aspect of myself?

iON 21:00
Yes, for certain. Because why? Because of the Little Book. That's why.

Bob 21:07
Well, the Little Book is my Chart?

iON 21:10
No, that's the Tiny Note.

Bob 21:12
Right. But the Little Book is our products, what we make.

iON 21:18
What you are. What you are.

Bob 21:20
Oh, okay. All right, we're the Little Book. And that is... What we are is what's in this other dimension on Maui; that's part of what we are.

iON 21:34
Yeah, that's good. We like that.

Bob 21:36
Yeah. All right. Now, on Tuesday... Are the subcultures, the different factions that are fighting with their old memes...

iON 21:43
Don't call it a subculture, call it a subset. The subculture is a whole thing; that's part of the zeitgeist. We call it that 'cause we can handle it; you can't. You call it a subset because those levels of [inaudible] becoming.

Bob 21:56
Right. And are we resetting the subset?

iON 22:01
Well, we're gonna see. We don't know today, we're gonna see. Maybe. We're gonna see.

Bob 22:07
Would that involve some of the empires like the Trafalgars?

iON 22:11

Bob 22:12

iON 22:12
Don't use, don't use Trafalgar as an empire because you don't know... You'll come back, and that'll confuse you later. That's like saying, oh, that's the essence of the Thompson quadrant. It's true, but it would just confuse the conversation. When Bert listens to it, he's like, "What the fuck did that come from? Where do you get there from there?" [Bob chuckles] It's too far because it doesn't necessarily apply. That's the rub. It's not a problem, it's just there's no reason. People listen, believe it or not, Bob, people actually listen to this shit. Can you imagine that?

Bob 22:42
[chuckles] Okay, so when I use the Trafalgar idea to explain why the bullets disappeared in JW's car, they actually disappeared, you accepted me saying the Trafalgars did it, but it's not necessarily them.

iON 22:58
Yeah, right. Right. Right. Yeah, we take that by rote. We just don't want you to make that one of the empires to be overcoming because the empires are gonna strike back.

Bob 22:59

iON 22:59
And so, we wanted to be clear who they are when they strike back. And right now you'd be killing your clear and present help if you pick the wrong empire presently. So, it's best for you not to know because, you know, everybody is a friend, and you know everybody is an enemy. [Bob chuckles] And you don't know the difference because they love you till they hate you, and they hate you till they love you. So, you don't really put much stock in any of them, or happily, righteously so that the Righteous Gemstone you are.

Bob 23:36
Right. I get that. I figured that yesterday and today. So, we don't know which subcultures are helping us and against us. And that's an ongoing drama of cognition that's coming, us interacting with the subcultures.

iON 23:52
We actually say, we actually say it's not a subset. We actually say it's a part that you kinda turn them against you. You see?

Bob 24:01

iON 24:01
You make your best enemies. You make your best enemies, because if you're that powerful, you'd have to make them or they wouldn't exist.

Bob 24:10
They helped me.

iON 24:11
And complain about the thing... Well, they do. Yes, exactly. And everything that's come against you so far, has put you exactly where you are today, and you couldn't be happier today.

Bob 24:20
Right. Okay, so, but where... That's subculture is what we're just talking about, not subset.

iON 24:25
Ask Nelson Thall. Ask Nelson Thall. You've astounded him. He can never believe that you're doing the things that you said you're gonna do! That he never accepted, ever, that you could ever do.

Bob 24:37
Right. I was just a lot of fun for him. A toy boy. Boy toy intellectually, but -- so, he's aware of what we're doing? Secretly checks out what we're saying?

iON 24:49
Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah. You can't -- look at any billboard, Bob, she's everywhere.

Bob 24:52
[laughs] Yeah, even -- What? We're talking about Herbert Armstrong and updating it! We're going further than Herbert. That was fine.

iON 25:00
That's right. That's right.

Bob 25:02
Okay, so did we explain why...

iON 25:04
How firm, how firm a foundation.

Bob 25:08
Right. And he's a good symbol of a subculture of Canada, you know, or subset.

iON 25:13
He lays down, he lays out, he lays out the disservices of not coming into your place of power. He lays out the disservices of not embracing the cultured dynamics and the modicums that lay into this exponential condition that this expatriation or transfiguration or undemnification or ramdemnification that you're supposed to become this thing, in a fatalist kinda way [chuckles] that what is to be will be, gonna be, solved anyway. So, why worry about it? But yet you have the choice to decide if you will allow fate to be your aim.

Bob 25:58
To be your aim, a-i-m.

iON 26:00

Bob 26:01
Yeah, so we're talking -- we did discuss why COVID-19 comes back. Was that basically COVID-20 is what that is when it comes back? You get over your COVID-19...

iON 26:14
We, we didn't say, but yes.

Bob 26:16
Yeah, we talked about that. Okay, so iON said one of Bert's transcriptions this week I just posted last night...

iON 26:17
We fuck with Bert. We fuck with Bert.

Bob 26:31
Yeah. December 3rd... Is that a negative thing to fuck with somebody? You say that often.

iON 26:36
Oh, no. No, no, to fuck it means that we include them. That means we bedfellers, that means we kick it, that means we eat ice cream together, that means we dig what each other thinks. You know, blurryface and we care about what you think. Yeah. To fuck with you means that you're in the posse. Yeah.

Bob 26:56
Right. Okay. And did you say you fucked them? You didn't say that part.

Carolyn 27:01
[in background] Fuck with them.

Bob 27:04
No, I know that, but then in there, there's inventory. The second one, he said some'um like having sex with him. You didn't say that, did you?

iON 27:10
No, no, no to fuck with him. We fuck with him. That means..

Bob 27:13
No, I understand that. But then you listed the examples, and one of them sounds like sex in the bed.

iON 27:20
Yeah, yeah, meaning, meaning -- yeah, no, they could come sleep in the bed, but you wouldn't have to have coitus. But they'd be alright to come sleep in the bed together.

Bob 27:28
Right. Okay I got it.

iON 27:23
It would be all right. In a platonic -- meaning, in a platonic kind of way if they needed a place to sit. If you need to camp out and everybody's sleeping in the same bed, that'd be all right if I fuck with you. That'd be all right.

Bob 27:40
I get it. Yeah, I get it. December 3rd, 2016, he has iON saying, "Don't get too tangled up in the body and forget the cell," which is what I say, Carolyn. The cell is more important than your words and your arms and legs.

iON 27:54
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Bob 27:54
The cell is what permeates the universe, and animals come out of the cell, or different forms, and that's why you as a human can become a tiger because you work with the same cell. The cell that you can control, it can be any form. Would you agree with that?

iON 27:54
He's got a tiger by the tail it's plain to see.

Bob 28:13
Right. Right. And you agree with that statement. Okay. "Don't get too tangled up in the body and forget the cell. All you need is the cell to bloom."

iON 28:22

Bob 28:22
"If the cell blooms, the vidya will make itself." Vidya and he, Bert, -

iON 28:26

Bob 28:27
- spells it v-i-d-y-a. I looked it up, it's some Hindu religious idea. Is that what you referring to when you say the vidya?

iON 28:38
We were saying the vidya, like the mocking of the Squidbillies, like the video would be made. But that does apply to the Hindu Buddhist representation of the deity position. Yes.

Bob 28:52
Right, but it's also referring to the TV, YouTube one makes. It's a self [indistinct] video.

iON 28:58
Yeah, yeah.

Bob 29:00
Oh, vidya is how -- vidya is what the Squidbillies called TV.

iON 29:05
No, that's what granny, that's what granny calls things on the lookie box, the vidya.

Bob 29:10
Okay, got it. So, was...

iON 29:12
Her stories, her stories on the TV. She watches that on the on the milk -- on the butter churn. He watches the stories on the churn. And the lookie box has vidyas.

Bob 29:25
Right. And she's sitting on some churn in the animation. She's drawn to be sitting on something.

iON 29:31
Yeah, she's trying to, trying to watch her stories.

Bob 29:35
Okay, "if the cell blooms, the vidya will make itself." That explains why the Tech Body happened; evolved from the Chip Body.

iON 29:44
That's right. That's right. It also explains how we're gonna fix your vidya. We're gonna fix your vidya, too.

Bob 29:51
Oh yeah. Right.

iON 29:53
$50,000 vidya. We're gonna fix that too. It's gonna be the best thing ever! We're gonna fix it. We promised we would 'cause it wasn't for naught 'cause Carolyn was so sweet. She's like, she's like we're wasting money, but we gotta waste it on something, so why don't we do it on some'um Bob wants? [laughs]

Bob 30:09
Yeah, you just said we're gonna, and I missed the word. You said we're gonna do some'um.

iON 30:14
We're gonna waste some money. We're gonna waste some money, but if we're gonna waste some money, let's waste it on somethin' that Bob wants.

Bob 30:22
I know, I know, I know, but then you're talking about what you're gonna do with it. You said a sentence, we're gonna do...

iON 30:27
We're gonna fix it. We're gonna fix it. We're gonna make it bloom.

Bob 30:31
Yeah, but I think there was another twist, nuance, in what you were saying that evoked the question.

iON 30:35
Probably. It's in the, it's in the recording. So, you'll enjoy it then.

Bob 30:40
Okay, so the Tech Body evolves, it isn't important -- oh, this is maybe this is what I wanted to say. This is how the Tech Body gets inside us and inside your cells. And your cells are out there in the fucking galaxy. There's no inner and outer separation. No veils.

iON 30:57
Well, well, well. Now, now, now, now. That's right. But there is presently, but when you reach what you call Nirvana, then yeah, that's the case. Good.

Bob 31:13
Right, but the black mirror is the new veil for Little Man.

iON 31:16

Bob 31:18
Okay. And then you go, "let's do that one more time." So, you're actually referring back in 2016 about making my video, redoing it; that's a little embed right there.

iON 31:28
We like that. We like it.

Bob 31:31
You like what? The fact that you embedded that prediction?

iON 31:34
No, that you've thought enough of it to save it. You didn't throw it away.

Bob 31:39
Yeah, okay, good. "If the Lotus blooms, the cell will fix itself." So, if your understanding, your awareness or something, your proprioceptive 18 senses blossom, then the Tech Body unfolds with no problem to you, the Ascended.

iON 31:58
Correct. And it yields. And then the angels have no choice but to fulfill the condition repose of the Tech Body's response.

Bob 32:08

iON 32:08
The repose of the Tech Body's response. Get that right, now, 'cause then what happens...

Bob 32:09
The tolls? The tolls? T-o-l...

iON 32:16
Stop! Stop. Stop.

Bob 32:17
I want to know that word! The tolls, t-o-l-l-s? The tolls, the blah, blah, blah, you said. Am I getting the word "tolls" right? Or did you say something else?

iON 32:25
No. The hold, h-o-l-d, the hold. [transcriber did not hear "hold," heard "repose."]

Bob 32:30
Right. And just just so you know, people, the reason I can't make out a lot of what iON says, the Tech Body comes in and burbles it because it's pissed off that we're having this conversation with iON. So, that's why I have to ask iON ad nauseam of what he fucking just said! Okay?

iON 32:30

Bob 32:30
All right.

iON 32:32
And everybody, everybody listen. It's the same thing he does to y'all when y'all are on Saturday night's show, too, so it's no different. [laughs]

Bob 32:56
Yeah, that's why you're all fucked up. The Tech Body is playing with...

iON 32:58
You got bad phones, and you can't get those speakers, and talk low, and can't speak right, and you got to print slowly, and you got all these things you got to work out. Yeah.

Bob 33:09
Yeah, that we blame the Tech Body for that.

iON 33:12
One Night in Bangkok, Bob. One Night in Bangkok.

Bob 33:15
3/11ths had their party. "If the Lotus blooms, the cell will fix itself. If the Lotus blooms, the cell will fix itself." T.S. Eliot saved the day and connected to Wyndham Lewis. What area of our concern is that involved with? What did T.S. Eliot say? The old editor, Faber & Faber, the ne'er-do-well.

iON 33:37
He cleaned up, he cleaned up the pie-eyed maceration of Wyndham Lewis.

Bob 33:47
Did that -- how did he -- did he help Wyndham Lewis in doing that?

iON 33:51
No, he completed it. He made it -- he showed you how that The Hollow Men, the headpiece without straw, applied. He showed you, ridiculously sometimes, what a feebled contempt the humans had, or Wyndham Lewis had, for life as we know it.

Bob 34:11
Ah. So, Eliot redid Lewis better. Lewis was on to the idea, but fucked it up and how he presented it with this attitude.

iON 34:21
Very good. Very good. He got drunk on his own liquor, Bob.

Bob 34:27
Right. Was he drunk by 1920 or 1940? He seems to have calmed down after World War II. When did...

iON 34:36
World War II checked him 'cause all his shit he got into got blowed up in World War II 'cause his positions were not correct, you see. And World War II was his comeuppance.

Bob 34:50
Yeah, I see.

iON 34:50
So, he has to calm down a little bit.

Bob 34:53
And that's the theme in the book, Self-Condemned, about his stage during World War II in Canada, and that's when he met Marshall McLuhan, the character in the book. So, Self-Condemned, that's him writing a novel.

iON 35:05
No, you mean, you mean Annie Hall. [laughs]

Bob 35:09

iON 35:12
No, we couldn't resist. We couldn't resist.

Bob 35:14
Yeah, yeah. Not funny.

iON 35:16
Yes, it was. Clinton thought it was funny, and he's important. You like what he has to say. You listen to him. You don't listen to nobody else. Why can't you listen to him? [Bob chuckles] How's that really work? How's that really work?

Bob 35:29
I'm the Dark Soul.

iON 35:24
You're trans, okay. Yeah.

Bob 35:31
I'm the Dark Soul. So, okay, so Wyndham Lewis... So, this book, 1954, Self-Condemned, where he realizes what he learned during World War II in North America. Did McLuhan help him learn something, or did McLuhan get fooled and try to redo the bad Lewis?

iON 35:49
Fooled. Fooled by the bad Lewis. Yeah. But now, the good news is Marge wasn't taken aback. She, she saw through his bullshit, and she realized that he was just a Johnny Come Lately. He was a, he was a Lewis Carroll. Yeah, [indistinct] Through the Looking-Glass.

Bob 36:08
Yeah. You're saying Marge knew Lewis was like that.

iON 36:12
That's correct. She's very smart. She's like you, Bob, she's really smart.

Bob 36:17
Right. I know. And did she... She was so smart, she...

iON 36:21
Notice that, Carolyn? We had to say he was smart so he'd keep us around another day. [Carolyn laughs in background] Isn't that good?

Bob 36:30
Did you just say I can stay around another day because I'm smart?

iON 36:32
So WE can stay. So we can -- we had to say you were smart so you'd let us stay around one more day.

Bob 36:38
Right. Now, the thing is that Marge showed her smartness 'cause she recognized I was smart. Yeah. Maceration. What's your meaning of a maceration?

iON 36:52
Oh, kinda like if you take, if you take something, if you take a berry, like a dried berry and put it in alcohol, like bourbon, you would macerate cherries. You try to put a fluid... You dry something out and then add a different fluid with flavor into it, and you macerate it. So, you're taking something and making it dry, or where it's very arid, and then adding something that's wet to pull into the structure. That's what you're trying to do with the iCells. You're trying to macerate the cells of the meatsack body. It’s a maceration. You're trying to pull that into the cells at the cellular level.

Bob 37:34
As a kind of hydration?

iON 37:37
No, it's a type of rehydration where you change something. See, if you macerate it with something else, it takes on the new flavor. Like elderberry wine, you can use an elderberry wine to macerate a bread pudding. Just soak that into it, you see?

Bob 37:57
Right. So, I’ll go back and see that I think you said T.S. Eliot macerated Lewis.

iON 38:04
He did. He certainly did. He tried to take the dryness of Lewis and through it change the flavor. It'd be like adding vanilla flavoring to ice cream, Bob; it macerates the pudding, a custard, with a vanilla flavor, making it vanilla ice cream. Just like that.

Bob 38:22
Right. Now, what work did Eliot achieve the maceration of Wyndham Lewis' themes?

iON 38:32
Oh, he just pointed out that he was a ridiculous sot, a fool; he was of no value or worth.

Bob 38:32
You mean he wrote this.

iON 38:40
That's what The Hollow Men was about, was to tell him that you're a goofball, you're stupid. Your head was made of straw.

Bob 38:41
Okay, I got that.

iON 38:48
Your headpiece was -- well, you got it, but that's the point. And that's about the best thing that Eliot ever did, but that's the point.

Bob 38:55
Okay, Carolyn, you want to ask a couple of your quotes a few minutes? Where's Carolyn?

Carolyn 39:02
I'm here. I have questions, but is two hours enough for JW?

Bob 39:10
Yeah, iON goes on about two hours. Yeah.

Carolyn 39:13
So, we did two hours so let's just break.

Bob 39:17
Yeah, that's a good time unless iON has...

iON 39:19
It's all he can do to keep everything that you've got plowed up in cultivation. It's all you can do, and you keep breaking up new ground every day. You've taken over the world, you stopped the world, stopped media ecology, stopped university, stopped the hospital, killed the airline, stopped the economy worldwide. [Bob chuckles] And, yeah, now we have to stop in the sidebar and help the "big house." But yeah, we don't mind doing a little of it, but -- because they favor conditions from a predisposed place that allows them a tactile, sometimes, we hope, visceral advantage to the coming times of woe.

Bob 40:04
So, you're saying the White House is clued into the services of iONdom. Is that what your sentence just said?

iON 40:09
Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 40:10
Yeah. And you give a particular individual credit for that -

iON 40:10
We didn't say.

Bob 40:12
- in and around Trump? Right, because...

iON 40:17
Yeah, we're not gonna.

Bob 40:18
Yeah, this video about the satanists and adrenochrome, in the end praises Don as the master of the book written in the 1880s about Barond and make a big deal out of Trump. And he's like, a magus. Would you agree with that?

iON 40:19
From the 1880s?

Bob 40:23
No. Don Trump today...

iON 40:34
That's before the luddites.

Bob 40:43
Yeah, I know. Is Don Trump a great magus?

iON 40:48

Bob 40:48
He's a bit -- yeah, he's not that great the way she's building him up. Okay. He respected his uncle who got involved with the Tesla archives, but Trump never studied there or got any personal knowledge from his uncle.

iON 41:02
He says, he says we'll have to wait and see what happens. We'll just wait and see. [chuckles]

Bob 41:06
Right, but he didn't study his uncle's archives on Tesla.

iON 41:13

Bob 41:14
All right.

iON 41:13
No, 'cause they don't believe Tesla.

Bob 41:14
Who's they, the Project Paperclip? Project Paperclip people?

iON 41:24
All of them. All of them.

Bob 41:25
They don't... Well, Tesla was a bit...

iON 41:26
They'd be using it today if they believed it.

Bob 41:28
I know, but he's a bit wrong 'cause he got second-quality stuff from the Russian scientists.

iON 41:33
Right. Well, exactly. So, there you go.

Bob 41:36
And the Russian side just favored the Belgium, Leopold's wife. Right?

iON 41:42
Yes. Yes.

Bob 41:43
It was her. She's the Tesla.

iON 41:45
Very good.

Bob 41:45
The way you build up Tesla.

iON 41:49
And she also a Stewart.

Bob 41:51
She's a Stewart. Ah, look at that, Carolyn. She's a Stewart.

iON 41:54
But you knew that. We went through that way back in the day, Bob. For Pete's sake.

Bob 41:57
Okay. All right.

iON 41:59
They were saving [inaudible]...

Bob 42:00
So, we got the bead on -- what does it mean that Trump -- has his family always had an “in” to the White House instead of his parents and grandparents?

iON 42:10
No. Well, not like that. It kinda comes. Strom Thurmond, you didn't have to be that far. You didn't want -- but that's no... You don't want to be there, Bob. Those people are leaving. Those are tenants. Those people who live there are tenants; they don't last long. You don't want anything tied up with them because by the time you get some'um worked out, they're gone. You want Strom Thurmond speaking for you.

Bob 42:35

iON 42:35
You want Tom Murphy speaking for you. You want someone who's been around for 100 years.

Bob 42:40
Yeah, the President is ephemeral is what you were just saying. Those that are present.

iON 42:47
Correct. They're tenants, they're sharecroppers.

Bob 42:52
Right. Now, Trump himself is trying to overcome that limitation in his own personal auditions.

iON 42:57
He is. Yeah, he is.

Bob 42:59
Okay. He knows that; he knows the problem he is in.

iON 43:02
And he's got, he's got a big mess. He's got a big mess, and he keeps causin' it and steppin' in it, and pullin' it out, and says, "Yep, I'm an asshole. Yeah. Look ya'll, they put a son of a bitch in the White House. How about that?" It's hysterical. [laughs] It's hysterical.

Bob 43:20
But he's got help, that's the point. For some -- he's a person of destiny.

iON 43:24
Praise, praise Bob. He does.

Bob 43:27
Would you, would you say he's a person of fate, and we were talking earlier about the problem of the fatalist.

iON 43:32
Praise, praise Bob. Praise Bob.

Bob 43:35
Okay. Bob is the most balanced fatalist. I'm the most comprehensive fatalist.

iON 43:37
No, we're gonna see. We're gonna see.

Bob 43:40
I'm the most comprehensive... All right, very good.

iON 43:45
We're gonna see how you apply your tactility. See?

Bob 43:50
All right. And that was gonna...

iON 43:50
You, Bob, are gonna apply tactility. Now, when you do that, then we, the superfluous we, will see how that goes. Good.

Bob 43:51
And we'll end with your definition of tactility today.

iON 44:05
Tactility is the distance between what you've seen and seen, s-e-e-n, and what you thought you saw. [laughs]

Bob 44:15
Yeah, did you put in s-e-e-m as in Michael in that, or it's just seen?

iON 44:20

Bob 44:20
"N." It's all "n."

iON 44:20
Saw and seen. "N," yes.

Bob 44:24
Between what you see and seen, that's the interval.

iON 44:28
No no, no. What you seen and what you thought you saw. It's seen and saw. Not "see." From seen and what you thought you saw 'cause they're never the same thing.

Bob 44:38
Yeah, that applies to Carolyn. She needs to learn that lesson. Learn that lesson, Carolyn. Between what you see and what you thought you saw.

iON 44:46
Be careful, she'll, she'll, she'll lay you out. She'll lay you out within -- she'll put them angels, she'll put you back on the rack. Make you a nice bed of nails that lets you see what you can see. [laughs] [Bob chuckles] Happy days. Happy days.

Bob 44:59
All right, thank you very much, iON.

iON 45:02
You're welcome always. Enjoy a -- hey, we might have a show Saturday night, huh?

Bob 45:06
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, just a few people need to show up. That's enough.

iON 45:09
Let's try it. Let's try it and see how it goes. It couldn't hurt.

Bob 45:12
All right.

iON 45:14
We sent you music. Before you go in or out of your trance, we expect your music to be played.

Bob 45:20
[Carolyn and Bob chuckle] Oh yeah, Carolyn's on to my trance; she understands now, so we're good.

iON 45:25
Oh, excellent. Good. We're gonna -- Carolyn, we're gonna get a translator on his chair.

Carolyn 45:30
I know it.

iON 45:31
To make him out of his trance. To get his translator, shake his chair hard.

Carolyn 45:36
Consisting of little nails. Little nails.

Bob 45:38
But it is true, iON. You maybe agree that I go into trance in my paying attention to the whole environment of the callers?

iON 45:46
Sure. You're like Michael Blake Read. You don't have a clue what was said after you got through.

Bob 45:50
Right! Right. I agree with that. Yeah. Did I say that?

iON 45:54
[laughs] I said that? I didn't say that. That was somebody else. I couldn't have said that. That’s ridiculous. Who would say that? Wyndham Lewis wouldn't even say that. That's crazy. No.

Bob 46:04
So, am I doing conscious mediumship? What I thought it meant by conscious mediumship?

iON 46:08
We don't... How's a Dark Soul gonna do conscious mediumship? How ridiculous is that? [Bob chuckles] Yeah, the Dark Soul's runnin' a Dark Soul on the Dark Soul. Yeah, that's rich, Bob. Only the Dark Soul would try to confuse the masses with that and woo them in their dining room so he could take over their table too and spill the Elijah Cup.

Bob 46:08
Elijah Cup?

iON 46:28
Elijah Cup. The Elijah Cup from Passover.

Bob 46:36
Right. You mentioned that earlier. Yes. Okay, very good.

iON 46:38
Several times. And we're gonna, we're gonna do it again too. Okay, happy days.

Bob 46:42
Oh wait, wait wait! Elijah Cup. How do you spell Elijah?

Carolyn 46:42
Elijah. E-l-i-j-a-h.

Bob 46:53

iON 46:54
It's way too fast. It's way too fast, Carolyn. You have to go slow.

Bob 47:00
No, I got it.

Carolyn 47:02
Why didn't you ask about what is the Elijah Cup, Bob? Why didn't you ask?

Bob 47:06
I don't know. It's too much, I'm not ready for it.

iON 47:11
Too much. Too much.

Bob 47:12
I'm not ready for it, Carolyn!

Carolyn 47:15
It's the fifth ceremonial cup of wine poured during the family Seder dinner on Passover. It's the Passover cup. Very important. It's the Passover cup.

Bob 47:20
Well, I'm not ready for that knowledge, Carolyn. [Carolyn, Bob chuckle] I'm not ready for that yet. Okay, very good.

Carolyn 47:24
It is left untouched in order of Elijah. So, we don't get to drink out of it. Okay, thanks, iON.

Bob 47:31
Thank you, iON.

iON 47:32
You're welcome, darlin', always, always. See y'all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Carolyn 47:38
Okey dokey.

Bob 47:39
See you Saturday.

iON 47:41
All right. [hangs up]

Bob 47:44
He always seems...

Carolyn 47:44
[in background, indistinct]

Bob 47:50
Yeah, he seems to hang up while he's still talking. Yeah. Okay, so... [end]

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