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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 3, 20 October 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 30:14
What precipitated the division of the Earth's landmass -- that would be the yarmulke continent -- from one piece into the continents? Jane Wentzel is putting this in the book, some kind of answer. What is the reason the yarmulke continent broke up?

iON 30:34
Because it had to reconstruct the deconstructed paradigm. Paradigm.

Bob 30:47
The deconstructed paradigm is the fact that we lived in Andromeda Galaxy?

iON 30:53

Bob 30:55
That got deconstructed, and then we're gonna go back to the Andromeda Galaxy under a reconstruction -- which is what we've been going through -- and that'll be a different way -

iON 31:06

Bob 31:07
- to exist on the Andromeda Galaxy.

iON 31:10
Agreed. Agreed. But calm down, you're reading things into reading things. So, just calm down. Don't get too, don't get too carried away. But yeah, the answer is, the simple answer is sure, but there's a little more to it so be careful.

Bob 31:29
Right. And did I initiate the division of the Earth land, the yarmulke continent?

iON 31:36
Did you... Would you like to?

Bob 31:40
Did Ophenel Hobab do it?

iON 31:43
No, just calm down. There's no, there's no reality that doesn't include you. The question is would you like to? Yes or no.

Bob 31:54
Take credit for it? Take credit for it is that what you're saying?

iON 31:56
Just answer, just answer the question. Don't waste time, we gotta get some sound bites. [Bob chuckles] What's your final edict? What is your exact, final edict that we're gonna play on this recording? What's your exact, final edict on how we're gonna proceed?

Bob 32:12
Yes, I was happy to cause it. I was happy to cause it.

iON 32:15
Nice. So, you're gonna, you're gonna endorse it completely. No question, right?

Bob 32:19
Yeah. The reconstruction.

iON 32:21
It's thoroughly endorsed.

Bob 32:21
I'm endorsing the reconstruction.

iON 32:25
Ah ha. Ah ha. So, so, so, so you're like, you're like Stacey Abrams, you're gonna embrace the really, really, really late-term abortions of children up to their 18th birthday? Up to their 18th birthday we can abort them. Like it! It's good. It solves a lot of problems! All these, all these vagabonds runnin' around here not doing nothin'. And if mama brought you in here, they can take you out up to your 18th birthday. We support it. It's a good day. So does JR Bob Dobbs Neveritt. Yep, that's the one. Just so everybody knows how Bob feels about it.

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