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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 2, 3 November 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 58:03
iON, what is the status of the Tech Body today?

iON 58:03
It is very close to completion, Bob, sad to say.

Bob 58:06
You mean sad to say 'cause it wins? So if it gets completed, it won.

iON 58:21
It's very close to Ascension. It's very close to Ascension. Not Ascended.

Bob 58:26
And that's not good for humans.

iON 58:29
Well, okay, the Ascended ones are gonna be fine. And the ones in the process of Ascension that are well on the way, a la Bert, a la Carolyn, several, will make it, and they're gonna be fine. But for the rest, it's not looking good, Bobby.

Bob 58:53
Okay. Can you see… How many people do you see on the Earth when it turns into a rocketship and we go through the sun and go over to Andromeda Galaxy? How many Ascended do you see on there? 15 people? 2 million?

iON 59:09
No. It's more like 3 million. 3,644,000. 3,644,000 fully Ascended beings. Now that's whether the Tech Body makes it or not. Okay? But 3 million people is nothing. I mean, that's what lives in Houston. [chuckles] That's a very low, that's a very low marker. But now it could be more, Bob. It could be more. Could be more, but that depends on you. That's completely on you.

Bob 59:46
What do I have to do or what am I going to do that affects this situation?

iON 59:50
Well, you set up, you set up the position. See, your interaction... See, you keep thinking that you’re a media ecologist, and you're not. You're not!

Bob 59:50
Okay, what am I?

iON 59:52
You're a leader of men. You're a leader of men.

Bob 1:00:04

iON 1:00:06
You say yeah, like, "Oh, well, I knew that. Everybody knows." You son of a bitch. No, you didn't know that, you always run from it. You always run from the, from the...

Bob 1:00:16
What do you want? What is required of me to express leader of men stuff?

iON 1:00:22
Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay, that has to do... If we take it, you can go through each Chart, each quadrant of the Chart and explain it. If we said if LaRouche asked you what is a leader of men, you'd give an answer, and that would apply to you. You understand that?

Bob 1:00:45

iON 1:00:46
Okay, same way with Thompson. Same way with McLuhan. Every one of those answers would be different, and they would all fall under Dobbstown; has to. So you have all the four sides.

Bob 1:01:03
So it would all apply to me.

iON 1:01:05
Of course. Because you're setting what media ecology response is. You're setting what mediacologically-responsive desires include. You got four sides, okay? You got the four winds that are blowin'. The only thing you're interested in is gettin' the Lotus flower to bloom; that's all you're tryin' to do. You don't give a fuck who thinks about what about what, you're trying to get the Lotus to bloom. And what happens is you've got to gauge or basically set an example that folks can see this is the position that they can engage from whichever way the wind is blowing that the Lotus can then blossom. Alright? And that's what held up your Living Water. That's what's held up your Bread of Living Water. That's what held up your Mind, Body and Spirit, settin' this pathogen or pathway that allows humans to have an opportunity to have the capacity to Ascend! And that's now being lifted. So, you won. Nah, that's the wrong word. You're winning. Let's make it in the present tense, winning. You're like, you're like Charlie Sheen, you're winning! Bob says, "I'm winning!" That's good. [laughs]

Bob 1:02:18
Right. When you referred to the Lotus, do you mean my particular Lotus or the collective Lotus where the...

iON 1:02:23
There's only one. There's only one, baby. There's only one. There's only one.

Bob 1:02:30
So that's the collective Lotus that the Earth transitions into.

iON 1:02:39
Don't like "transitions," but yes. Take "transitions" out of it and it's like what...

Bob 1:02:44
What verb would you use? What verb would you use?

iON 1:02:47
No, no, we wouldn't use a verb, we'd just drop that off, the transition part. It's what the Earth comes to, and leave a preposition at the end of the sentence.

Bob 1:02:55

iON 1:02:56
To become. Say "to become." Say "to become." Make it an object of the preposition.

Bob 1:02:59
And is that "become to" arriving in the Gutenberg Galaxy, whatever that is?

iON 1:03:08
No, it will defy the Gutenberg Galaxy. It'll bring you beyond the printing press. It will take you -- which is almost where the Earth is now! You're almost there now, big'un. How many typesetters do you know today? 1969 you knew a few typesetters.

Bob 1:03:26
Right. Yeah, not many.

iON 1:03:26
How many do you know now?

Bob 1:03:29

iON 1:03:29
None. That's right. Good.

Bob 1:03:29
Okay. So, iON, so you're saying Gutenberg Galaxy is what we're moving towards, not the Andromeda Galaxy. Post-Gutenberg Galaxy.

iON 1:03:39
Post. Say post because now nobody even knows what they're knowing. Wait, that sounds crazy. Now, people don't even know what they know. Wait, that sounds crazy. Let's say it one more time. Now, Bob, it's amazing; people don't even know what they know anymore. Isn't that crazy?

Bob 1:03:59
Okay. Yeah, so we're post-Gutenberg, arriving at post-Gutenberg, but that's not Andromeda Galaxy.

iON 1:04:07
No, that's the Orphic Baroque Spirals, Bob. You know this. Come on. Prometheus. Let's go.

Bob 1:04:13
So that happens on the Earth before it comes to.

iON 1:04:17
Second Coming. The Second Coming. Come on, Bob, you're gonna make us explain your fuckin' Chart to you?

Bob 1:04:24
No, no, you don't need to talk so much. You're talking too much.

iON 1:04:27

Bob 1:04:27
The Second Coming, is that post-Gutenberg?

iON 1:04:30
Mmm, well, okay. The answer is yes IF all 4 Stages of Apprehension have been embraced. If they have, then the answer is yes. If they haven't, then Ben is Dead.

Bob 1:04:49
What are the 4, what are the 4 Stages of Apprehension? How would you describe them?

iON 1:04:50
4+. 4+ Stages of Apprehension.

Bob 1:04:59
Yeah, how would you describe them?

iON 1:05:01
Okay, you have obsolescence, retrieval, comprehension, apprehension. That's what we call 'em.

Bob 1:05:12
What is a manifestation for each one, and the example?

iON 1:05:17
Don't have one. You're playing those out now. We're not listing...ha ha. There's a quiz, Bob, we're not giving the quiz. No, no.

Bob 1:05:23
You're not including extension and flip point. Reversal.

iON 1:05:29
Well, no, no, no, because we left out James Joyce. See, the flip point is James Joyce. The flip point IS James Joyce,

Bob 1:05:37
Why did you leave out James Joyce?

iON 1:05:39
We did it on purpose 'cause you're working on -- that's a whole nother thing. You're working on that, Bob. We're redoing it now. So yeah, don't... We're not trying to undo stuff. The people on your Facebook page will look into your thing; they're trying to figure you out 'cause they really like what you're doing. Scary.

Bob 1:05:53

iON 1:05:55
They like it.

Bob 1:05:56
Okay, moving along here.

iON 1:06:01
The problem is you can't define, you can't define the difference between Satellite and Flesh. That's the conversation tonight. That's what's happening right now. You can't define the difference. The Flesh is becoming Satellite, and the Satellite is becoming Flesh.

Bob 1:06:17

iON 1:06:17
Now, you're saying words. You have words, but that doesn't explain it. No one can explain exactly what's going quote, quote, "going down." So this is very significant from a standpoint that it allows you and Bert to embrace the tactile, visceral reality that's consuming a paradynamic inept position of God-ish position. God-ish position. Did you get those words?

Bob 1:06:51
No, I didn't. I heard them, but they don't mean anything to me.

iON 1:06:58
[laughs] Well, we've got an end of the month for you. [laughs] That'll be good when you figure it out. That's good.

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