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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 1, 3 November 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Carolyn 26:52
Oh, this is -- yeah. Excellent. Excellent. The second unanswered question, again, you said, "not sure now," and it was about Ring 7 and the 12 gates. And I said are these 12 gates the gates of heaven? And you said, "no, no, let's let that lay. That's going to be a two-hour doozy; do this later."

iON 27:20
Yep. Okay, ready. That's Isaiah 13. That's the burden of Babylon, honey. That's "The burden of Babylon which Isaiah did see. 2) Lift up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles." Nobles aren't Ascended.

Carolyn 27:43

iON 27:44
They're higher than the little'uns. "3) I have commanded my sanctified ones." Sanctified ones, now you got to go to the AME, AMC, AME Church to get that. The sanctified ones, that's like not quite elder level, but it's pretty damn close. "I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger," Uh oh. Uh oh, Spanky. Uh oh, Spanky, mine anger. "even them that rejoice in my highness." Just cuz somebody's close to you, Carolyn, and they tell you they love you, doesn't mean that they include you. Just because someone is close to you and they tell you they love you, doesn't mean they're, they're close to you.

Carolyn 28:27
Mmm. Wow.

iON 28:33
Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

Carolyn 28:40
Okay, so what are we getting out of that? I'm talking about the 12 gates.

iON 28:45
You're talkin' about the end, the end of the, uh, 13. Isaiah 13:4. "The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people;" That's what they used to say about the United States of America, it was a great people. "a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of the nations gathered together:" Uh oh, United Nations. They "gathered together: the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle." That's what's comin'. Now, Bob's gonna do this later, and you can play this, it's okay 'cause Bob's just settin' the storm. He's just being quiet, waitin' on the bodies to start falling.

Carolyn 29:32
Waitin' on the Robert E. Lee, that's what he's doing.

iON 29:35
Yeah, sittin' on the levee. We're gonna see.

Carolyn 29:37

Bob 29:38
Hey, Carolyn, what did iON mean, "what Bob's been waiting for has arrived." What's that about?

iON 29:45
The death. "The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like as of a great people; a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together: the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle." You're waiting on the battle. You're waiting on for "5) They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of the indignation, to destroy the whole land." That's what you're waitin' on. You wanna see some, you wanna see some nasty, Bob. You wanna see some blood in the "skreet." In the "skreet."

Carolyn 30:17
Ah... Okay.

iON 30:17
"Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt." That, Bob, that's Isaiah 13:5, 6 and 7, just for reference so you can look it up later 'cause you go, "Oh, we hear your goddamn words, lalalalala." So, there's your references. It's all good. There you go. You think that's okay?

Carolyn 30:46
Yeah, well, when we are saying the burden of Babylon, you reference several things to Babylon; New York for example.

iON 30:58
Yeah. Go look at New York now. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's worse than Pataki. It's worse than Pataki. Look at that. [Carolyn and iON chuckle] If there was such a thing as worse than Pataki, it's worse than Pataki. It's kinda like now the businessman's layin' out on 5th Avenue with a needle and a spoon! [chuckles] Come on now. Come on now, you wanna do that? Okay, do that. Go to West 64th Street and do it over there, honey, it's a little nicer over there. Go to 5th Avenue and Amsterdam, it's much more pleasant over there. You can get high as the sky over there and nobody gives a kiss. No, they're laying in the road. It's amazing.

Carolyn 31:41
So, the 12 gates, what I'm getting here then the gates are all open. Everything is wide open.

iON 31:51
It's gettin' ugly. No, no. No, no, no, it's worse than that. It's worse than that. It's wide open and gettin' ugly. See?

Carolyn 31:57

iON 31:56
See, here's the problem. Now this is Bob. Every inch of this is JR Bob Dobbs' fault, every minute of it. There's not one moment of this is not his fault, every inch of it. And we'll whoop the man that says it's not his fault 'cause it is. What he did was he laid Kroker, Arthur Kroker -- well, Marilouise -- but he bought the Kroker quadrant -- include Marilouise -- in the Thompson quadrant. And when you merge those, what else would you get but Lyndon LaRouche? Eat the babies for God's sakes. What you gonna get otherwise? And McLuhan doesn't even know what he's talkin' about.

Carolyn 31:57
Yeah, Bob, you got a lot to answer for, Bob.

iON 32:38
You got some 'splaining to do, Lucy. You got some 'splainin to do. [laughs] Well, he'll finish his Chart. He's gonna have to resend the letter to Prince Charles, so he is gonna have to do that, that's for sure. And then go on down. Go on down, since you're gonna do all that. 13:8. "And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth:" You know, like in childbirth, the travail of childbirth. "they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames." Instead of -- now, we talked about it a long time ago. They laughed and laughed and laughed. We said people are just gonna walk up and start shootin' people in the face. And everybody just cackled. [Carolyn chuckles] UGene just giggled like a schoolgirl. Now it says, "Well, eleven people in Chicago got shot in the face." And it's like, well, oh, yes? "Yes, new at 11. New Yorkers have found an exciting way -- find that the police officers don't wear their safety vest anymore because they're gettin' shot in the face." Now they're gettin' shot in the face all of a sudden. It's really strange. A little girl got shot in the face, and that's what you hear now. Now their face is gonna be on fire. The next phase, their face is gonna be on fire. We knew that, but we didn't wanna say that because it's the Age of Innocence, you see. It's like, mmmm. See? Because now "the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger," Everybody's mad about some'um, Carolyn. They got nothin' to be mad about, but everybody's upset about somethin'. They're furious about somethin' or somethin'. They're just mad about being -- "I'm angry 'cause I'm mad!" Like mad as a hatter or mad cuz I'm crazy? "I'm just mad because I'm mad. Bob, I'm mad at you! I don't know why, but I'm really mad at you. I wish I had a reason, but I'm..." [chuckles] You don't have to have a reason, but folks are just angry to be angry. Here we go.

Carolyn 34:40
Now, you know, iON...

Bob 34:41

iON 34:42
No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, Bob. Wait one second.

Bob 34:45
We're not gettin' anywheres. We're gonna have to stop this.

iON 34:48
Yes, we are! Time "to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it." All this -- that's in 9. You're gettin' everywhere, Bob. 13:9, and we'll quit. You do what you want to. We've done enough. You got your [inaudible/overtalk] that's all that matters.

Bob 35:04
Hey, Carolyn, ask about that statistic you said. It'd be an hour ago about the seven people, you know, seven die, and if they're not vaccinated or something, or if they're vaccinated. Ask about that statistic, what's goin' on there.

iON 35:18
Okay. Okay. Thank you, Bob. We're sorry we weren't appropriate. [Carolyn chuckles] We wish you'd made a better NonPhysical; you'd be happier with it.

Bob 35:27
No, you're saying, you're saying it's arrived.

iON 35:29

Bob 35:29
Well, where's it arrived? You mean next week; you don't mean today.

iON 35:34
Look! We do mean today!

Carolyn 35:35
We're in the middle of the arrival. [iON laughs] We're in the middle...

Bob 35:39
Carolyn, will you site, will you site the 7 and 1? Come on.

Carolyn 35:44
I have to find it.

iON 35:44
Do that. Come on, Carolyn. Yeah, let's do that. Let's do that. We like that. We're not as good as we once was -

Carolyn 35:46
I mean...

iON 35:51
- but we'll do, we'll do till you could do better. [laughs]

Carolyn 35:57
The words were that seven people get COVID if they're vaccinated compared to one unvaccinated person getting COVID.

iON 36:14
Correct. Correct. That's correct.

Carolyn 36:14
That's correct, Bob.

iON 36:17
Because you're introducing it. You're introducing it. Now, here's what the rest of the story is sayin' that they're not reporting. Every one of those that get vaccinated have a, um -- what do you call it? Gilliian, Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Carolyn 36:35

iON 36:35
Every one of them has that with their eyes dropping, and then they start happening. Their body starts shifting and changing, and then they die. There's the one that sounds like they're now calling dying of something else. They're not trying to lay it into COVID anymore, they're calling it -- "Oh, he had heart palpitations. He had a heart failure. He had a heart problem. Oh, he had a stroke. He died of a stroke. Yeah, that's why. Oh, no, he fell off a, fell down the steps. Yeah, things happen. He fell down the steps." They're tryin' to make it be anything else but that. But this is the whole point. This is the whole point. Graphene oxide is a heavy metal you cannot overcome if it entered into your body intravenously, or IM. Can't overcome it. Not possible. Not possible. Now you can like it and say what you want to, but that's the case. Mercury's alright. You can put pure mercury in a bloodstream and survive it an Ascension process, but you can't overcome graphene oxide because what they've done is they have charged bio -- um, um. We better shut up. Sorry. You want to ask some'um? You better ask some'um.

Bob 37:48
Carolyn, ask this, Carolyn. If you get vaccinated today or you have been vaccinated, -

iON 37:54
You're dead.

Bob 37:54
- you won't be able to Ascend. Correct?

iON 37:57
Nope, you're dead. That's right, if you got vaccinated. You can't overcome it because the process -- okay, he asked the question, so we're gonna answer it. Alright? Y'all can follow up with this. We're good. We don't mind, this is no problem. When you have that introduced into your meatsack body, your meatsack body is changed. Alright? The same way that all the hymns that Vestal Goodman ever sang, you'd be changed in a twinkling of an eye. Well, these people gettin' the vaccine, they're changed in a twinkling of an eye to a point that they cannot come into their full grace and glory of God. They can't come there because the process they have to go through to arrive at that consumes their cellular strata. They can't make it. And then they start singing: One drop of water the rich man cried from hell. Couldn't get one drop of water. That's all he ever wanted was one drop of water, and he couldn't get it.

Bob 38:49
Now we're not talking about you get vaccinated and that's okay, but the boosters "do you in." And so when people got vaccinated a couple of years ago, you said only every 1/3 were, had the bad vaccine, the mRNA or something in it.

iON 39:02
Correct. That's correct. Now everything does. Now everything does. There's nothing given now that doesn't. Even a [inaudible] vaccine has it now.

Bob 39:08
Right. And so, if you got vaccinated two years ago and you were lucky and you were part of the two-thirds that didn't have any of them because they didn't want to kill everybody, -

iON 39:18

Bob 39:18
- and you didn't get any more vaccinations, you're okay, you could Ascend. Right?

iON 39:22
Yeah. That's called the golden wedge of Ophir. The golden wedge of Ophir. O-p-h-i-r, Bobby.

Bob 39:32
Why is it called that? Where's that come from, that phrase?

iON 39:35
'Cause you make the quote, you make the quote, "quota" of a third that was clean. That's Isaiah 13:12. See, it's all laid out right here, Bob. Nothing serious goin' on here.

Bob 39:49
Okay. So, I'm thinking, I'm thinking there's not that many...

iON 39:52
Did you, Carolyn -- slow down. Did Carolyn get that? That's important.

Carolyn 39:57
I did. I did.

iON 39:59
Good. Okay. Just askin'[indistinct/overtalk].

Bob 40:00
Where's that phrase from? Where's that phrase from, Ophir?

iON 40:04
Ophir. Ophir is the clear; it's what made the cut. You were not thrown into the furnace. You were not found guilty.

Bob 40:12

iON 40:12
You were not evicted.

Bob 40:13
Is that a Bible phrase? Is that a...

iON 40:17
Yes, Bob. Golden wedge of Ophir. Go look at the golden -- Carolyn will do it.

Bob 40:22
Yeah, okay.

iON 40:22
Golden wedge of Ophir. And you can find out the details because the heavens are fixing to shake, Bob. "and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger." Everybody's mad, Bob. They're killin' people and...

Bob 40:40
Yeah, and that will happen in 1000 years. It ain't gonna come next week or in a few months.

iON 40:43
It's happening now! Goddamn! What are you talkin' about?! It's happening right...

Bob 40:44
[chuckles] Yay. Yay.

iON 40:44
Carolyn, [laughs] -- okay. We had enough.

Bob 40:51
Okay, iON. Yeah, you know. It's happening now.

iON 40:53
We had enough. We had enough.

Bob 40:55
No, listen. Relax.

iON 40:56
No, we're gonna move, we're gonna move Bob to Chicago. We're gonna move Bob to Chicago. Gonna move Bob to Chicago and let him see, give him the details of what's goin' down. Maybe... [laughs]]

Bob 41:06
Right right.

iON 41:07
Let's see if [continues on/indistinct]

Bob 41:07
So, iON -- come on, iON! Stop being silly.

Carolyn 41:11
You set him up, Bob. You set him up! What did you expect?

Bob 41:14
I didn't do anything.

Carolyn 41:17
You did!

iON 41:17
We're gonna ask him, we're gonna ask him if he's gonna congratulate Ben Netanyahu; Bibi Netanyahu going back as the Prime Minister of Israel that he said would never happen! [laughs] That'll be fun.

Bob 41:34
Yeah, I don't know about that. Okay, so...

iON 41:37
We do. This thing you created -- hey, Bob, this thing you created, it's very knowledgeable about stuff; it's really cool. Yeah, Bibi's in. The other guy conceded. He's won.

Bob 41:44

iON 41:44
Bibi's back. They were gonna go kill him, and now he's back. So now the Philistines -- oh, Palestinians. Is it Philistines? No, Palestinians. They're gonna be runnin' for the money 'cause Bibi ain't playin' now. So, it's gonna get fun. So now the sand negras are gonna have to figure out what they're gonna do. Ooh, the Prince of Brunei is gonna be mad as hell when this all goes down.

Bob 42:07
Yeah, because, you know, Netanyahu is back and he knows about the aliens, so he didn't care about coming back. So, what's he doing -

iON 42:10

Bob 42:11
- now that he's back? He knows the aliens are in charge.

iON 42:17
He's, he's pimpin'. He's pimping. He's pimping. And they had him on charges. They were...

Bob 42:24
Yeah, I know that stuff, let's not go into it. We know all about it. He's guilty of everything. [iON laughs] What is he thinking? What does it mean he's pimping, iON?

iON 42:35
A yard pimp.

Bob 42:35
What does it mean he's pimping?

iON 42:36
A yard pimp. A yard pimp is trying to make a position for a place of power for a play. He's saying I'm in charge of this condition, a pimp, like someone of ill repute. Pimping someone of ill repute. You would be the representative of this incredulous position that would be for "ungotly" good.

Bob 43:00
What's it mean to be a pimp of someone of ill repute? Nothing to do with selling sex.

iON 43:05
Yeah! That's what a pimp is, Bob, but it's not -- it doesn't have to be sex, they're selling something of ill repute. It's not reputable.

Bob 43:13
So he's going to sell something that's not good.

iON 43:16
Correct. Oh, hell, yeah. He most certainly is.

Bob 43:20
Why? What is it?

iON 43:22
Because the Palestinian has to -- the Pales -- let's not go into it. The Palestinian has to fall so Gaza has to come back to Israel. So, unless Hosea, unless Hosea was a lie. And we don't think Hosea was a liar, so do what you wanna do with it. Unless you want to go into it.

Bob 43:41
Okay. Alright, Carolyn.

iON 43:42
That's what you say.

Bob 43:43
That's it, Carolyn. We've done an hour or so.

Carolyn 43:45
No, I'm done.

iON 43:48
Bob says, Bob says, “Well, that was a great waste of time, Carolyn. That was a waste of time.”

Bob 43:52

iON 43:52
No, no, no, it really was...

Carolyn 43:54
Which means it was perfect. Perfect for me.

Bob 43:59
Listen, Carolyn. What does it mean, why does Israel have to get Israel back, and why had the Palestinians had no break? No breaks.

iON 44:06
This changes, this changes, this changes the Temple Mount! This one thing changes the Temple Mount, which changes everything.

Bob 44:16
Right. Well, how come, how come the PLO or the Palestinians can't get any breaks?

iON 44:22
[laughs] They were, they were, they're foreigners in a strange land, Bob. They called a place that was theirs that wasn't theirs. They'd come into a place where they are no longer from Ishmael's loin. So, they're not even good Palestinians! So, no, it doesn't work like that. Moab is a long way away. They should go back home. So, that's all. You'll see. We don't care about the people. We don't care who lives there. We don't care about none of that stuff. Here's what we care about. We care about the Iron Curtain and the bringing back of the Temple, 'cause that's what's coming now. And we don't give a fuck about the Jew or the Gentile or anything else that goes along with it. We're going on the days that are happening and the days of Elijah! That's what you need to know about. And when you figure that out, the human part goes away 'cause they're not gonna make it anyway. We have zero regard for those that are not Ascending or Ascended! Love you, mostly. Get happy or get out! We're good. Just sayin'. Now, that was easy. Congratulations, Bob, you hit another home run. Boy, you're like the World Series; you got a no-hitter, Bob. That was pretty good.

Bob 45:39
Yeah, do I, am I involved with this punishing of the Palestinians?

iON 45:46
Carolyn doesn't like it when we start pinnin' the tail on the jackass, Bob.

Bob 45:51
Yeah, that's got nothin' to do with me. [iON laughs] Nothing to do with me, Carolyn.

iON 46:00
She's grinning, look at her. No, she's upset. But if you could see her, she's grinning. She'd be grinning. She's like, mm-hm. mm-hm, mm-hm. No, it's the fulfillment. It's the fulfillment, Bob. This is the time when time shall be no more. So, the coalescence of all these blessings -- Carolyn says that they're blessings. Carolyn says that they're wonderful! But Carolyn sees things through a different glass than most people. She knows what's goin' down, and she's prepared. She's got chocolate hid from you that you can't find. It's okay!

Bob 46:37
Yeah, okay. So when you say time shall be no more, I looked up last night Revelation 1, Book of Revelation. I was looking for that phrase, and I came up with Chapter 10, verse 6. I think it said something -- time will be no longer, or the phrase is "no longer" rather than "no more." What do you say is the phrase -- what chapter, verse, is the phrase, "time will be no more"? What do you have for that in the King James version?

iON 47:05
It's very easy. It's very easy. It's not a problem, Bob. You've done this 100 times. Go back to Sasha's notes.

Bob 47:17
No, I want the Revelation number.

iON 47:20
Oh, okay. Okay, then 10:6. Do 10:6.

Bob 47:23
Where it says "no longer," Carolyn -- iON. Doesn't say "no more." Says "no longer." Is that okay?

iON 47:31
Gotta look at it close, Bob, in the original King James.

Bob 47:36
Look that up, Carolyn. 10:6, Book of Revelation. What do you see, Carolyn? Do you have the King James? You have the Bartleby version.

iON 47:44
"And swear by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer."

Bob 48:05
That's it. That means there's no -- time no more. Okay?

iON 48:09

Bob 48:10
That's what I read.

iON 48:10
No, no. "No longer" meaning up until now there was, you create it. And then there wasn't one after that. Once the lion roareth, it's over. And the Lion of Judah, oh, wait, oh, wait, the lions. Carolyn, he sets us up every time. He drives us down this rabbit hole, and he wants to say some stuff. And then we say it and then he goes, "No, no, no." And then he comes back with "I got iON to say what I wanted to." You crazy man. Once the lion roareth, alright, then fine. "But in the days of the seventh voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished," -- that's where we are now-- "as he has declared to his servants the prophets." -- everybody that's fucking listening. Alison, come on home, hon. "And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me" one more time "again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth." Remember the little book? "And I went unto the angel and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up;" to "make your belly bitter,"

Bob 49:26
What is the little book? What does that refer to?

iON 49:30
The Tiny Note. There's a little Chart, Bob. You should look at it. It's called the Tiny Note. You should look at it, it's very good. It's very good.

Bob 49:39
What's it mean "to eat it"?

iON 49:42
Take it and chew it up and swallow it. Rhyee, Eloi, Tu, Lofti, and Bob. And you fold them up and you make it square, and you put -- you can put a hot sauce on it if you want to, it makes it very appetizing. And you eat it. Put it in your belly. It will make it bitter.

Bob 49:58
Do you have to eat it? Do you have to eat it after we followed iON's instructions and put it on its side -

iON 50:02
Ah huh.

Bob 50:02
- as it was instructed the other day?

iON 50:05
Correct, if you, if you understand, but now make sure you understand the Holeopathic/Radio Satellite, the Hadron, the Monad, God, from 1840 to 1900. Make sure you understand that. And then make sure you understand the Holeopathic Television/Satellite from the Meson, or you call it Meson, my son, whatever you call it. You call it crazy shit 'cause you don't know how to talk English. Triad, Sex, from the 1900s to the 1918. Or make sure you understand that. And/or make sure that you understand the Holeopathic Computer/Satellite, from the Baryon, the Dyad...

Bob 50:40
Okay, okay. You said 1900s in 1906. What did you mean? You said 1900 da-da-da-da-da.

iON 50:45
No, 1900 to 1918.

Bob 50:48
Okay. Alright, I'll let them work on it. They can figure that out. So...

iON 50:54
Just don't get caught in a Di-Quark. Don't get caught in a Di-Quark or you will find out what a bitter belly feels like.

Bob 51:01
But it doesn't matter. You began this session with Carolyn saying it's done.

iON 51:07
Oh, yeah.

Bob 51:08
[indistinct] that have anymore. So what are we looking at those points on the Chart for?

iON 51:14
This is The Grand Wazoo's Decad-Dance.

Bob 51:18
That just tells you how we got to this point where it's done.

iON 51:23
Well, exactly right! But so now that's what happens. You get to that point of orgasm you're like, oh, my god, how did I get here? Everything you do has so far in this goddamn fucked-up world that you're livin' in come from where you went to; what you came from; where, how close you were to the cosmic aware; how you came through all that and how you laid that as the footstones to bring you into the place that you are now! Then you said what does that have to do with it? Alright, then goddamn fuck Mae Brussell. Don't ever say her name again. We'll take her out of the condition, and it'll be done. It won't be a problem 'cause it doesn't matter now. Okay, you're right. Good. It doesn't matter now. Excellent. We agree. Done!

Bob 52:06
Okay, so thank you very much, Carolyn. [iON laughs]

Carolyn 52:12
Thank you, Bob, for overseeing and juxtaposing into my prevail. [iON still laughing]

Bob 52:19
Your prevail? You don't know what that -- fuck the prevail. Define prevail, Carolyn. [iON still laughing]

Carolyn 52:24
Eleven, eleven. Eleven, eleven. Over and out.

Bob 52:29
Eleven, eleven?

iON 52:30
So quietly, so quietly, quietly Bob sets the world on fire and says, "I didn't have a match. I don't know. I'm not sure." [laughs] And Carolyn, you're the one, we accuse you of being the pyromaniac, and he's the one with the match in his hand.

Bob 52:47
[chuckles] Okay, thank you very much. Okay. You mute, Carolyn. All right. Okay, iON.

iON 52:53
Now this is -- hey, Carolyn. Matthew -- now, Carolyn, the real deal that you really need to know what you're dealing with is Matthew 24:40 through 41. That's what you really need to know, but we didn't want to say that because you know how Bob is, he gets bawdy. He gets all full of himself. You know, you know, that time of the month he gets all stirred up.

Bob 53:15
Okay, that's very good. iON...

Carolyn 53:20
Got it. Thank you.

Bob 53:22

Roy 53:23
Yeah, very soon, time shall be no more.

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