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Bob’s Private Session Transcript, 29 July 2021


Transcribed by Nan

Carolyn 0:00
Back in 2016, August 6th, on PayDay, apparently, I was asking why the carbon is necessary. And you know, for that -- you, iON, I guess were creating the fires in California. And you said that's easy, oxygen, the whole oxygen thing. And a caller said, so all the oxygen is getting consumed by the fire. And you said no, no, it's the fire that makes its own wind. So that wind is being used for oxygen. And when I read over that, I didn't know what that meant, the winds part.

iON 0:47
Okay. The winds, the winds that blow, they're gonna blow out oxygen. When the winds blow, they're gonna blow out oxygen. So, it's going to be replaced. Well, where does it blow to? It will blow away from the yarmulke continent.

Carolyn 1:03
Ohh, right, away from the -- well, to below the yarmulke continent. Okay. And then it's important for the yarmulke continent to not have oxygen.

iON 1:20

Carolyn 1:23
Okay. And is Maui still not enough in the yarmulke continent for us to stay here?

iON 1:35
Don't worry about that. If you want to stay there, that, that -- you're not in Maui. So, you're in the fifth gate.

Carolyn 1:42
Got it. Wow.

iON 1:43
So, we can work that out, whatever that is. Don't worry about it, just -- it's not that nice, and it's not that good. And we can make it miserable in one second, but we don't want it miserable, we want you happy [Carolyn chuckles] because you got a lot of things to do. You got a lot of things to do, and you're just now doing good. You've now -- the hard labor part is about done, so now it gets simpler. You see? And that's good.

Carolyn 2:08
Wow. Well, and I didn't mind the hard labor part if that was what it was. It's all been pretty amazing.

iON 2:14
You never do. You like to be busy. You don't wanna be laying around, you want stuff to do. That's why Bob's giving you a nice reason for living so he can nag you to death. "Get this, hand me that. Carolyn! Carolyn!" That's fun. You can run your company, run your planet, run your farm and take care of Bob; that's pretty good.

Carolyn 2:36
Mm-hm. Okay, and...

Bob 2:42
Yeah, "You create based on your words. Your words are based on your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on where you are vibrationally. Where you are vibrationally is sometimes your sighted place of reality. Your sighted place of reality is the beginning point of creating the electrical current." Then you -- you then add the last line. Go back. "Where you are vibrationally is sometimes your sighted place of reality. Thoughts are under the words. Vibrations are under the thoughts. Where you see that you are is underneath the vibrations. The mind is involved." So, that first part, the beginning point of creating electrical current, then the mind's involved and goes through this word vibration stuff. That's creating a false time and space. Correct? Where the sensation's you're in time.

iON 3:30
Okay, yeah. Yeah, you're, you're sloppy. Your word smithing is sloppy tonight, Bob. It's sloppy. But yeah, in essence, all that babbling you just did is pretty close to okay, but you're adding in constructs that you're trying to overcome. See, you're doing it -- well, we call that you're puttin' the Hansel and Gretel twist to the story.

Bob 3:53

iON 3:53
The given is that they're gonna be cooked in the oven; that's the point. The kids in the oven was the point. So, what you're saying about time, no time, did they have time, is there time to work out? Can they misplace time as they're rambling through the woods, and they leave the crumbs to find their way? And where'd they get the cookie? And is it really -- know they're goin' in the stove? That's what the point is. So, there is no timed position. So, forever now that'll be when, when someone's, when you're being "Hanseled and Greteled," that means that you're spending too much time developing the construct and not enough gettin' to the detail of what the outcome is. If you can figure out that there's just no time, period, that solves it. Now everything you're working with trying to validate time is a misnomer.

Bob 4:37

iON 4:37
A vast, a vast spot. A vast spot. A vast spot where this foldover, the foldover?

Bob 4:50

iON 4:50
Like the continuum folds over. You're going back to God. Back.

Bob 4:56

iON 4:57
Back. Back is a direction. Back is not a time.

Bob 5:02
When you talk about going down into the ocean, and then you -- it's bigger than what the Hubble telescope can see of the galaxy.

iON 5:10

Bob 5:09
That it's bigger, it's not really bigger, it goes to plenteous dimensions, realms and worlds.

iON 5:16
Let's say, let's call it an inner connection. Okay now, just one second. You're watching all these YouTubes, you're watching all this bullshit, you're listenin' to everybody pontificate on the pontification. [Bob chuckles] And look where they take the rubber ball, they fold over the screen. They take the rubber ball, they drop it through the screen, and they're showing you what a black hole is. You know, that whore-swallowing black hole. You know all about it. Well, that black hole isn't like that at all, it's the slip between. The reason you call it a black hole is because you have to have time.

Bob 5:54

iON 5:55
You have to have time. And if there's a black hole, there is no time. So, that's why it's just a black hole.

Bob 6:03
Not what it is, which is no time, which we can't conceive.

iON 6:07
Correct. If you can get rid of time, then you could just stroll through it. And that would be from a gate. But because of that limitation, you can't see it, and so can't know. And anybody that goes through a black hole never comes back so it's over. See? So, you're not gonna talk about that one 'cause it's like, "Well, I don't wanna do that. I can't get back." You don't even know what "that" is. See the problem?

Bob 6:30
But that's not true. You can get back.

iON 6:33
Correct. Well, you can because it's just like, it's like going through a door at your house. "Oh, you can't go through that door! Everybody who has ever gone through that door never came back!" [Bob chuckles] It's kinda like your, like your library, Bob; it's a good place to go, but it ain't a good place to escape from.

Bob 6:51
Okay, so no problems anywheres.

iON 6:56
Right. Well, to be fair, most, most libraries do not include a crematorium, Bob. Just sayin'. Most of them do not do that.

Bob 7:06
Then I can understand how there is a -- corpses in my garage. It's just a vibration away. Just a sin away.

iON 7:15

Bob 7:16
You know, it's just a slight switch and everything is there.

iON 7:19
And see, that's what makes your -- if you call it a show. We don't even know what you call it. [Bob chuckles] A rumble, an orgy. A grimoire-laced mistake. A mistake. Yeah, a terrible mistake. A distraction, a disgusting notoriously vulgar distraction. Yeah, that's right. Whatever you call it, but there you can find some of the essence issues. Essence issues means that you can find out how it applies, you see. And if you can't figure it out, then you at least know how to apply it.

Bob 8:00

iON 8:00
I don't know how to Ascend, but I know what an Ascended person looks like. Okay, now there's clues. Okay, I'm messed up. Okay. Well, maybe I can go to Emory University and have my body put in the machine and scan it and let 'em see how fucked up I am or how close I am or if I'm Ascended or not. You see? There you go. And if that's somethin' you can hold onto, then that may help you. Now, that's not the way to do it, but that's not what this is for. What this is for is to show you have the capacity to because if you have the capacity to, then time keeps on slipping, slipping slipping into the future. See the rub?

Bob 8:00
Right. So, the show, the show is showing us what is not reported in the news.

iON 8:50

Bob 8:52
Yeah. And many levels: conventional government issues, economic issues, cultural issues, crazy individual issues. All these things are -- the news is not reporting the good parts. iON is reporting the good parts that are left out. Okay, I get that.

iON 9:14
This is where everybody messes up. You don't, you're not intelligent, Bob, but you know stuff. You get that?

Bob 9:21

iON 9:22
You call yourself and somebody -- "Oh, Bob's the smartest person I know." Smart is not intelligent.

Bob 9:27
I know. I understand that. Is Carolyn...

iON 9:32
Well, now what you said [inaudible] according because Linda with an R still doesn't quite get that you see.

Bob 9:38
Well, most people wouldn't get it. Is Carolyn a knower, or is she intelligent? Is she using intelligence?

iON 9:45
No, she's, she's, she's a, she's a coal miner. She's diggin'. She's diggin'. Diggin', diggin', diggin', diggin', diggin'. You tell her somethin', she don't believe nothin'. Nothin'. She's gonna dig it out. And when she digs it out, okay, then we can talk. Now we can talk. But she's gonna dig it out first. Because until she digs it out, she's not gonna -- she can't prescribe it to anybody else. What damn doctor will not give a medicine to somebody or an appreciation or a remedy that they're not, that they take themselves? What doctor does that? See? That's [inaudible].

Bob 10:26

iON 10:27

Bob 10:30
Okay, she's digging. Is that because she doesn't know?

iON 10:34
No, she knows. She knows what she knows, but that doesn't change -- that's not reality. Reality is subjective; so are you.

Bob 10:45

iON 10:46
See, you gotta have frequency. Subjective. You gotta have a frequency. You got to have the momentum or the -- let's call it a random association. We can even do it that way. A random association that just works perfectly every single time without fail or exception. That's fun.

Bob 11:08
Okay, she's a coal miner.

iON 11:09
We're not even, we're not even warring it. She's the one that's going for -- she's going for the gold. She's diggin' for gold.

Bob 11:19
Yes. Okay. That's how she knows or validates her knowing. Do I coal mine? I don't think I do, though I dig.

iON 11:28
You don't coal mine. No, you sit outside the mine and see what everybody's come up with. [Bob chuckles] "No, that's no good. No, that's no good. You're talkin' about yourselves. Don't talk about food. You're ridiculous you idiot. Where'd you learn that? Who the hell gave you -- you're not even qualified to be in this conversation. I don't even know why you're -- FIX YOUR PHONE! Fix your damned phone." [Bob chuckles] You see, it kinda goes on and on and on. It's like okay...

Bob 11:53
Because I know. Because I know. Or I don't need to know. And I'm just pretending...

iON 12:00
No, you're not, you're not -- no, you don't have to pretend. You know, so there's nothin' they're gonna tell ya. But you find things interesting just so that they can have a conversation. You find things interesting just so they'll show up and talk to you a little bit.

Bob 12:13
[chuckles] Why do I enjoy conversation?

iON 12:18
Because you bore yourself when you're talkin' to yourself about things for yourself.

Bob 12:23
Right. Which I do a lot of. Right?

iON 12:27
Yeah. You're the only person qualified to have a conversation with you. And then you forget it almost instantly so you can do it all the time. So, it's all good. [Bob chuckles] "I don't remember talkin' to myself lately." Bob, you talk to yourself all the time. You come downstairs talkin' to yourself. You're just talkin' to someone. I don't know what you're talkin' to, there's nobody there.

Bob 12:47
Now when I'm talking to myself, am I going to other worlds?

iON 12:52
Yeah, you don't even know what that is, but yes. See, you're using words. Prescribing. You're making prescriptions and you don't know what the medicine is. And the difference between you, you'll say that and live by it. Carolyn won't say that until she's been there and can prove that it is: I'm not gonna talk about going to another world until I can show you the URL address to it.

Bob 13:13
That you are what? Ill-addressed?

iON 13:18
U-R-L. Like a U-R-L.

Bob 13:21
Oh, till you're linked to it.

iON 13:25
Yes. Till once you link to it, now we can talk.

Bob 13:29

iON 13:29
It questions. Now listen, Bob. The Tech Body lays it out all but perfect, giving them a new strata. Now look what it does. It takes something old, old, old and makes it new, new new. The oldest cathedral in the planet in the ground; it's been here before time, and now we've just now found it. So, you too can enjoy the benefits of this new thing that's been older than the earth. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. [Bob chuckles] With purple rocks blowing things, and little girls with dots on their heads, and little things goin' along where the grandmother is I am my own grandma. You know that kind of bullshit. They lay it out so it's possible. And it's not possible, but it makes them question: well, what if that reality isn't real? I know what I know...

Bob 14:23
What if it isn't real. Is that what you just said?

iON 14:25

Bob 14:25
What if that isn't real?

iON 14:27

Bob 14:28
Now, which movie are you describing, this grandmother talk?

iON 14:32
"The Gift." "The Gift."

Bob 14:32
Oh, okay.

iON 14:33
That's the one. That's the one you used.

Bob 14:34
Right. I mentioned it. So, they're showing stuff because it's made by the Tech Body. The director who got the credit might get a little Oscar for it, or an Emmy, had nothing to do with what we see. The Tech Body does.

iON 14:48
Right. Right. And all that does, and all that does is it lays it out. Now, humans, humans got themselves fixed up because of your COVID. Now all they can do is stay at home and watch Netflix 'cause that's all there is to do. And then the algorithm chooses what they're gonna watch. So then it pops up and then it makes the top 10. Well, people don't watch -- how does some'um get on the top 10? Some'um comes out and all of a sudden, it's -- oh, here we go. Every book is a New York Times bestseller right, Bob? Every book is a New York Times bestseller -

Bob 15:22
Yeah. Yeah. That's right.

iON 15:20
- because they plug it that way. So, this top 10 of what's most popular, what everybody's watching, it's what the Tech Body's tells them that everybody's watching. So, they go through those 10 and find somethin' that meets their algorithm, and then they watch it. And then there it is. Oops, there it is. And so, they'll do a run on drugs or run on making whiskey or they'll make a run on the damn Kennedys or the damn Vanderbilts, or the damn what is it? [Bob chuckles] What is it we're gonna do a run -- oh, okay, the Carnegie [different pronunciation]. They changed the Carnegie name! Now it's Carnegie [different pronunciation] What the fuck happened?

Bob 15:24
[chuckles] You mean the pronunciation? Is that what you're saying is different?

iON 15:54
Correct. Correct.

Bob 15:57

iON 16:08
Yeah, it was the Carnegie [kaa-NEE-ghee] Carnegie Hall. Now it's Carnegie [car-NEG-ee]. It's like you people are crazy. [Bob laughs] And they can get away with it. So, the Tech Body is fucking with 'em, that's what's happenin' to make everything be questioned. So now nothing is -- nothing matters now. Everything is and nothing matters.

Bob 16:31
Right. The Tech Body started a few years ago during the Trump years or maybe in November when they did the rip. They've already got everybody giving up. "I don't want to know." Even, even uncle Polly, Auntie Polly says she's had it! She ain't [indistinct] the coronavirus anymore.

iON 16:50
Why do you think we call her Pitiful Pearl?

Bob 16:53
Right. 'Cause she didn't have the stamina to go further?

iON 16:57
Well, no. Every time she got a pearl she threw it before the swine, and it's pitiful.

Bob 17:01
Mmm. Okay, so, but she's expressing the frustration that's going across the board. See, I don't...

iON 17:09
See, the race is -- uh-uh, Bob. Don't confuse that now. The race is still ongoing. The Tech Body has not won yet. You see, it's a race. They're pulling ahead; they're gettin' ahead now. Don't think they're not playin' it to win it now. They in it to win it now. They want it bad. They want, they want these humans to get so powerful they can't stand it. Then right when it comes time for the, for the payday, we want 'em to lay it down, right before they cross the finish line. That's how that works. And that power...

Bob 17:09
And I would be the expression of that.

iON 17:39
Then that, then that power's gotta go somewhere. Where does that go? To the Tech Body. Why did you sell your soul?

Bob 17:44
Right. And that could be expressed to build Bob up. They have the press conference. Just before the press conference everything's built up, press conference is on, and then they pulled it away from Bob. That can happen, right? Yeah?

iON 17:44
Ah-huh. Sure. Or Bob has a, Bob has a -

Bob 17:59
What is Ben -- Ben's out there. What is Ben the cat saying?

iON 18:02
- Bob has the perfect meeting, Bob wins the day. Everything is done and they announce it as though it was a somber day. It really went bad and alas, poor Bob, we knew him well. [Bob chuckles] They destroyed him, they eviscerated him. And you're like, "No, I'm right here." No, that's his big dummy. They put a dummy in there. [Bob laughs] Listen to the recording, he did a dummy with Obama. He did the dummy with Biden. He did the dummy with all them people and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, no, no, no. No, that's not Bob.

Bob 18:33
You're saying Biden and Obama were dummies. That's what you're just saying, they were dummies.

iON 18:36

Bob 18:37
And Bob's a dummy.

iON 18:37
That's what you've been, that's what you've been sayin'. And if they, if they want to, if they want to cancel you, they can cancel you and never allow you to be. Even though you win, the world doesn't accept it. So now, now you've made a World War over foolishness.

Bob 18:52
Okay now, what does Ben the cat -- why did he walk by right now? What was Ben, the human, interested in?

iON 18:59
Oh, he was sniffin' around tryin' to see what was goin' on; somethin's changing.

Bob 19:06
You, you were sniffing around.

iON 19:08
Pets, pets know how to pick up on vibration. Pets know by frequency.

Bob 19:14
I know, but that's Ben, a human.

iON 19:16

Bob 19:16
But he's subject to pet world, the pet reality.

iON 19:21
Well, no, that's what they -- humans do the same thing, Bob. How do you think... If you hadn't been sniffin' around Carolyn, how would you ever bumped into her?

Bob 19:32
Right. Well, how did -- what did he get this time? Is anything happening?

iON 19:39
Things are lookin' funny; they're odd.

Bob 19:41
[laughs] That's because of CERN.

iON 19:44
What happens is once you solve something, once you solve something, Bob, you really solve it, you don't have to worry about it anymore, you know it. See, you know it. You don't have to think about it.

Bob 19:46
Well, we've solved something...

iON 19:55
What do I gotta do? You're asking what do I gotta do to stay in this wonderful place in which I live, and you don't even know where you live now. And you're tryin' to make conversation to say how can we get something this great to live like this wherever that is. But where that, where you are now is in a test tube.

Bob 20:18
Yeah, the... I let it ride, but let's see if I can recover what I was gonna say. You were... [recording skips] And it was reflected in the news the last couple of days the global panic over COVID, and the Delta is happening. Correct? Really startin' to worry.

iON 20:41
Yes. Oh, yes.

Bob 20:44
Okay, so I was gonna ask somethin' else before we go in there. You were just saying things flow. Oh, yes, the Delta virus. I saw this headline, but then we couldn't find it again. They said, "War has changed. Virus is doing something." Now every institution is running to cover its ass as the inevitable disaster happens, plague victims. And that's, that's the game being played. "No, you could wear masks. No, don't wear masks. Yes, wear a mask. No. Okay. Let's say we're gonna have to wear a mask for the next 10 years." Those are different institutional responses with Fauci in different ratios to those institutions, and Fauci, basically, is trying to figure out how to get off. And he's, he's trying to show in the end everybody dies, but he was right. That's his goal. Meanwhile, iON's making sure all the shit lands on his doorstep. They're gonna do that to Biden, too. So, you get all these factors, and the Tech Body's running how they unfold. And we would recommend nobody try to follow that. Do you agree?

iON 21:56
Correct. We do.

Bob 21:57
Yeah. We know the outcome.

iON 21:59
And then, and then, and then even then, even then, they're still tryin' to blame, still tryin' to blame Trump! Huh!

Bob 22:07
Yeah. I fit him in there, too. Is Trump feeling good?

iON 22:12

Bob 22:12
Is he subject to these changes? He's picking up on what we're doing, what we're accomplishing today. He feels that.

iON 22:20
He's delighted. He's delighted.

Bob 22:22
He doesn't know what caused it, what happened, but he's feeling delighted. Maybe whenever he thinks of us. When he thinks of us, he feels delighted. Right? Somethin' like that?

iON 22:34

Bob 22:34

iON 22:35
He's got it jumpin'. He's got it jumpin'.

Bob 22:38
Yeah. Now what's interesting, what put him in the position of being the Trump, the seventh trumpet? Why did he deserve that? What had -- had he done anything, or he just accidentally got into that position?

iON 22:51
Well, he was the most unlikely possible candidate for anything, you see.

Bob 22:57
Right. That's where he's Bob in the White House. I'm the most unlikely candidate for anything.

iON 23:02
Yeah, I mean, he does win first prize, but being first prize is he's hated by half of America, half the world. [Bob chuckles] Half the world hates you. The other half loves him, but the other half hates him. It's kinda like, oh, well, that's right. Bob, they love me till they hate me, and they hate me till they love me. You know how it goes.

Bob 23:20
Same syndrome. Same syndrome. Right now, "a senior Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and former close ally of Pope Francis goes on trial in the $412 million fraud case." Is there stuff about that case that nobody knows that is being hidden?

iON 23:26

Bob 23:27
Or is this Cardinal just stupid?

iON 23:40
No, there's stuff. There's stuff gettin' turned out. They've been, they've been outed, Bob.

Bob 23:47
The churches' debt has been outed? Maybe that's it.

iON 23:50

Bob 23:50
They're trying to explain why they have no money, which they haven't had for 10 years or more, correct?

iON 23:58

Bob 24:00
So, a faction among the Cardinals or whoever's of influence in the pope, around the pope, is got to make it that they had been functioning and had money and were a viable institution, so they got to say someone stole it. And this Cardinal got blamed.

iON 24:14
Correct. Correct.

Bob 24:16
By his enemies. By his enemies. But he didn't do it. There wasn't anything done! Right?

iON 24:24
Correct. It's just gone. That's -- we call it, we call it Bernie Madoff syndrome. It was a Ponzi scheme, but it worked great for 34 years. [Bob chuckles] That's a hell of a Ponzi scheme.

Bob 24:24
Alright, does this, does this involve the battle between the old aliens and the new aliens with Trump and Bob in-between?

iON 24:48
It'll, it'll morph into that. It will morph into that.

Bob 24:52
Yes, because you said last week all roads lead back to Maui. And that's, and Maui is iONdom and Dobbstown. Correct?

iON 25:04

Bob 25:06
Right. So, we know the lineaments of that; we know the factions. So, the losing faction, another desperate attempt by the Sinaloan Cartel to improve their public image by claiming someone else's worse than them and stole $412 million. And what is it about the senior Cardinal that brought him into this finger-pointing at him? What, did he make a mistake or is this gonna work out for him?

iON 25:37
Greed. Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Greed.

Bob 25:40
Well then, he did steal money.

iON 25:42
No. No, no, no, no, you don't know that.

Bob 25:48
You said greed.

iON 25:50
Yeah. But greed doesn't mean you're -- greed's not the same as larceny, Bob, or thievery.

Bob 25:55
Well, who had the greed? Did this Cardinal have greed?

iON 25:59
Yeah, he did.

Bob 26:01
So, he stole some money, but they're gonna dump a lot of other on him.

iON 26:04
You're confusing greed with being a thief, Bob. Greed doesn't make you be a thief. You can be greedy without stealing anything.

Bob 26:15
So, what was he greedy about?

iON 26:15
He just wanted it all. He wanted it all. He wanted it all.

Bob 26:20
He wanted, he wanted the Vatican to continue functioning.

iON 26:25
Okay. And if he had this information, he could have been a key player in the running of that. He could be the key player in the running of that conversation. And when he did that, then what happens is the church continues on, but he's one of the head knockers in that conversation.

Bob 26:44
And as always, other people want to be in that position so they're out to get him.

iON 26:50

Bob 26:52
So, that is confusing...

iON 26:54
Heavy, heavy, heavy is the crown, Bob.

Bob 26:58
Do I have that experience?

iON 27:00
You have that as a philosophy, yeah.

Bob 27:02
[chuckles] So, this Cardinal is...

iON 27:10
And you look better than the Queen. And you look better than the Queen, too. She's holdin' on.

Bob 27:14
Who does? Who looks better than the Queen?

iON 27:17
You do.

Bob 27:17
Ah, good.

iON 27:18
You do.

Bob 27:18
Right. So, is the Cardinal fighting for an empty house of cards? He's trying to keep the church going. He gets more -- he confuses power and authority, he slips into the authority side, gets into trouble, and then the church is exposed as bankrupt. That's not what he wanted to happen, so his effort to save the church didn't work.

iON 27:51

Bob 27:53
Yeah, and his position of authority was gone. So, is this a big, big change in the Catholic Church, the result of this case?

iON 28:03
Well, what's left of it.

Bob 28:06
Right. Okay, so it's another molehill made into a mountain by the Android Meme or the Tech Body. Okay.

iON 28:19

Bob 28:20
So, next question. Oliver Stone has made a documentary where he's gonna try to prove enough to the little people why JFK wasn't shot by Lee Harvey Oswald alone; there was a cabal involved. So, he made a fictional drama or docudrama. Now he's making one with facts. Is he anywhere near close in the details he shows us to the correct collusion conclusion about who killed Kennedy?

iON 28:52
Oh, okay. No, no, you're, you're confusing this. You gotta go back to, you gotta go back to the "Destiny Betrayed," Bob. That's more, more closer to it.

Bob 29:06
That book.

iON 29:08

Bob 29:09
Yeah, I think I had that book. That's closer. Will he, will he have a patina of details, but he still would be too general and miss the precision of who did it? [short pause] Did you catch that question?

iON 29:31
Most of it. Ask it another way.

Bob 29:36
Well, is he wasting his time with this documentary?

iON 29:41
Well, okay, no, it's gonna cause -- see, "Through the Looking-Glass" is what you're tryin' to describe. And what you're gonna find out is that it's going to nip a few points, but then distract everything else. See, when they start re, re, redoing the redo story, it never goes well.

Bob 30:04
Yeah. When he's gonna redo his movie, it's not gonna go well.

iON 30:08

Bob 30:11
But he's gonna cause a lot of noise.

iON 30:15
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 30:16
Which will get more documents released?

iON 30:21
No, but it's gonna change the Garrison case, that's for sure.

Bob 30:27
Make Garrison look better or worse?

iON 30:30

Bob 30:34
Why didn't Trump release as many documents as he promised?

iON 30:40
He wasn't allowed to.

Bob 30:43
Well, who had authority over him?

iON 30:44
Well, the president does, the Pentagon aliens do, the [indistinct] and God. You do.

Bob 31:05
But why didn't he do it? I know, but why didn't he do it then when he was president? Now Biden's president, so he doesn't have that authority. But why didn't he do it when he had the authority of the president? Who basically prevented it, the aliens?

iON 31:18
Basically. Well, there was, there was just rumors of wars, Bob, it wasn't a war yet. Now it's a real live war. A hands-on war.

Bob 31:25
Between who? Who's the war between now?

iON 31:29
The aliens and the humans.

Bob 31:33
Right. And then the aliens versus the aliens, which is like the different factions of the angels: Michael versus Gabriel versus Lucifer. Or have they united against the humans? Have they united against the humans?

iON 31:46
Well, we don't know. But see, they can have it where you can just start -- look what's happening, Bob. People are -- the aliens don't have to kill anybody, people are killin' themselves.

Bob 31:58
Okay. In the quatrain about me, and I watched the Battle in Belgium, you just said if I blow with the electrolytes then war breaks out. Well, is that the war in Belgium? I don't think so because I win that one. I think the quatrains were celebrating that. So, the war you're talking about is not that one. Correct?

iON 32:23

Bob 32:24
Yeah. Okay. When we do -- there's this book out about Dorothy Kilgallen, the journalist murdered after she interviewed Jack Ruby. She got the only interview pretty well. President Kennedy was shot, and also Marilyn Monroe. Robert Kennedy is considered, according to the researcher, he's the guy who killed Marilyn Monroe. Do you agree with that?

iON 32:54
We don't mind it. It's not exactly accurate.

Bob 32:59
You don't -- it's not bad, but it's not exactly accurate. Well, is it accurate if you say he got other people to do it?

iON 33:08
Yeah. Who was involved, yeah.

Bob 33:12
So then you look... He was involved did you just say? Is that what you meant? He was involved.

iON 33:24
Yes, of course.

Bob 33:25
Right. So, one could look at J. Edgar Hoover who considered these brothers very corrupt, and he decided to get rid of them before he got rid of -- before he was removed. Would he, within Little Man's thinking of justice was righteous in avenging Marilyn Monroe? Can you give him that, J. Edgar Hoover?

iON 33:52
Yeah, we'll do that. We'll do that. Not much else, but we'll give that.

Bob 33:57
Right. It's not enough to let him off for being involved in the assassination of Kennedy. Is it enough to give him a pass? Yeah, you're right. I did that.

iON 34:12

Bob 34:12
Maybe. Again, it comes down to the arms of the octopus; they're all equally fucked and mean. Right? We're watching the parts of the beast eat itself. Okay? You like that scenario? But you say the beast is Little Man. The Little Man's -

iON 34:34

Bob 34:34
- in the middle of this.

iON 34:35

Bob 34:36

iON 34:36
That's right.

Bob 34:38
Okay. Now, Ezekiel's beast, we have the lion, or the vision, Ezekiel's vision, which is the Sphinx image. It's got the lion, the eagle, the cow, and the man; four aspects. Do they represent four empires that Dobbstown is up against, or has to maneuver? And I include iONdom when I say Dobbstown.

iON 35:09
That's fine. That's fine.

Bob 35:11
Are they -- can you name what these empires are?

iON 35:18
Not going to.

Bob 35:21
There's eight or seven or eight on the Angel Diagram. Are these four parts of that seven or eight? Can't remember the exact number. On the Angel Diagram are they shown, or they make up just one Empire on the Angel Chart?

iON 35:41

Bob 35:42
Follow that? It's correct that they're just one Empire with four parts.

iON 35:48
Not necessarily. The correct part is that how you have it gauged, and they can't wear clothes off the rack. They have to get clothes for their drivers, their secretaries, their fleeting place. Everything stays [inaudible].

Bob 36:08
Entourage. Entourage. Right. So, in Daniel's vision you see the four parts of man, the statue with the Medes, the Persians, the Romans, and those areas we talked about the other day. How is that connected to the beast in the Empires? I have here...

iON 36:36
Vial Judgments. Vial Judgments.

Bob 36:36
Right. Because I say Daniel's a map of the apocalypse. And Ezekiel shows the role players, the actors. And then they have the map of the apocalypse or Armageddon. And you just said the Vial Judgements are the highlights, the flash points, the starring moves, the great upsets. Is that what you would call the vial Judgments in that mix? The headlines? What are the Vial Judgments?

iON 37:14
Well, what are the Vial Judgments, Bob? Call Brian Johnson, he'll tell you about the Vial Judgments. The sequential order of the fall of the human race, or [indistinct] is up.

Bob 37:31
The what? The verify is up?

iON 37:34
Well, of course.

Bob 37:38
Okay. When Moses judged himself not eligible for the Guf, was he the first guy to have the guts to say, you know, I killed somebody. I don't think a person who killed somebody -- and that's ignoring the Moses command that you can't kill anybody -- but anyways, Moses said I killed somebody. I'm going to be a standard of that, and I'm not letting myself into the Guf. I'm not gonna forgive myself. Did he set a standard for maybe on the issue of to murder somebody you don't get in the Guf? Did he do something like that or is that very complicated and not valid is what I'm saying.

iON 38:15
It's involved. It's involved, but yeah, there was a clear line of departmentalization.

Bob 38:25
Yeah, he made a statement on behalf of humanity to stand. He made an archetype of no further than this, or you'll end up like me, meaning Moses.

iON 38:44
In essence, yeah, that's right.

Bob 38:46
Because he would be embedded in a manuscript, which would become the phonetic alphabet, which would become the printing press. Become a book that everybody read. See, if you got put into the books, you were around 2,000 years later as part of the fall of man. You're an image that held it together for 2,000 years, or at least 400 years. You're an archetype for a short while. And that might have been necessary for 400 years that we just had. Because we were we were going into a Dark Age with the printing press. So, a lot of standards were set to ride, to give comfort to Little Man, or balance or sanity. Having what they call morality, that was necessary during the Dark Age caused by print. Would you agree? [slight pause] Are the old aliens who were in that building and Trump sliced it and they escaped, are they mingling in with the Biden administration and hanging around with the Sinaloan Cartel who have taken over the Biden administration?

iON 39:56
Yeah. Yep.

Bob 39:58
Alright, so the aliens are there.

iON 40:01
And now the aliens are going into the Cartel.

Bob 40:07
Wow. 'Cause they're desperate, or they think they're desperate. Are they mistaken?

iON 40:11
Well, the Sinaloan -- go against the Sinaloan Cartel and see if you live.

Bob 40:17
[chuckles] But they're aliens, they have advantages.

iON 40:22
So does the Sinaloa Cartel. And the Sinaloan Cartel would give over some of their power 'cause now they don't have to sell drugs no more, they're makin' more money pimping people.

Bob 40:33
Right. So, they could let the aliens run the drug market.

iON 40:37
There ain't no drug market. Ain't nobody -- the price is so flooded, Bob. It's so cheap, there ain't no business in it no more. Are you serious? They got houses in the US packed full of Mexicans. Well, not Mexicans, packed full of south of the borderers, and then they have to pay the Cartel or they can't leave the house.

Bob 41:01
Who wants them? Who would pay them? Who wants them released from the house?

iON 41:05
They want -- no, they have to -- they want their freedom, but they have to pay for their freedom.

Bob 41:11
Right. Well, they don't have any money, so they're not gonna get out. So, that doesn't give any votes to the Democrats. So, the Democrats are gonna have to get...

iON 41:22
No, no, the families pay the money down, down there. The families pay the money for them. So, the Cartel, they can send -- the Cartel can send them back real easy.

Bob 41:36
Right, but the the democratic party that needs these votes, that's why they're lettin' them in. They will make sure the Cartel is satisfied. They'll pay them off.

iON 41:49
Correct. Correct. Or they'll sell the people into sex trade, fill in the blank, Bob. You know.

Bob 42:00
Yeah, they won't be able to surface and pretend they're citizens.

iON 42:03
Right. Become somebody's very nice scullery maid.

Bob 42:09
Right. Is the Vatican, that $412 million missing from the Vatican, involved with paying off cartels and running that pizzagate reality?

iON 42:22
Not pizzagate, it's another problem.

Bob 42:25

iON 42:25
There's a lot of lascivious livin'. Those cardinals, those cardinals are the bomb, Bob.

Bob 42:31
Okay. So yeah, they are -- that's where the money went to, related debauchery. Okay. There are people saying that the vaccinations are killing people. Others say the virus is killing people. Carolyn tells me that even some people like Dr. Tenpenny say the mixture of the vaccination and the Delta virus is killing people. Now that gets close to your causality. Either that is what you're saying, or there's a factor people don't understand that you're talking about. And if there is, what is that? What's the difference between your explanation and everybody else's speculations?

iON 43:14
Okay, okay. Okay, we're talking about they're trying to prove herd immunity. They're trying to force herd immunity. We're not trying to force herd immunity, we're trying to raise your body level individually so above it all that you won't be -- you can be in the middle of it and it wouldn't harm you.

Bob 43:36

iON 43:37
That's different than herd immunity. What they're tryin' to do is gettin' all the humans in the same line, in the same queue, so they can all get set up and get taken care of, or whatever, whatever, whatever. That's not what we're sayin'. We're sayin' to stay away from that position so that your body has a chance to overcome these new issues. Because the Delta is bad, the Delta is bad news, but now it looks like Lambda's comin' on the inside pretty fast. You'll hear about it more than you wanna know soon. Oh, oh, oh, and tell everybody get their mask back on while you're at it.

Bob 44:12
Yes, but you say the virus, the Delta virus, mixes with the vaccination effect and kills people. One-third dropping dead, a couple billion dropping right away.

iON 44:24
Fast. Fast. Pretty fast. And the second third, the second third, they get really, really, really sick. And they have the, they have the heart trouble, and then they die a nasty, terrible death.

Bob 44:39
Yeah, now we know that, but I'm trying to get is that what Dr. Tenpenny and maybe Mercola and different people are saying what you're saying?

iON 44:46
They're running, they keep running, they keep running into the same -- they keep running into the same bridge, Bob, and they can't quite get across the bridge, but it's gettin' clearer and clearer and clearer that that's the only thing goin', and that's the only thing that works. They write a big article, they do a big thing, they do a little this, they do a little that. Okay, if you want everybody to get the vaccinations, have the FDA -- Carolyn's bestest friend -- have them approve the damn thing. That's a good place to start. The damn vaccine hasn't even been approved yet; it's only for emergency use only. Well, you don't even have the damn thing approved and you're mad 'cause people won't take it? Kid.

Bob 45:24
Yes, but the vaccination, the mixture of the vaccination and the virus when we first heard that was a unique idea. I'm wondering if people are catching up with that idea, or is there something in your idea that nobody's getting? Now you just mentioned the herd immunity versus Ascension. That's gonna deal with the...

iON 45:43
That's the only place we differ. It's the only place we differ right this second, but what does it not deal with? Go ahead.

Bob 45:51
Well, okay, so you're saying you don't care about herd immunity, about who survives. You're trying to get individuals who are inclined to Ascend to survive. And that's what you're trying to warn people, don't take the vaccination because it will make you vulnerable to the...

iON 46:10
Unless you wanna die.

Bob 46:11
Right. So, we can say if people say, "Well, iON said that, but Dr. Tenpenny has been saying it for 40 years." That's not true, is it?

iON 46:11

Bob 46:14
What you're saying, you said it first, no other human observer saw that.

iON 46:27

Bob 46:27
But then as events unfold last six months, a good observer can notice there's some interplay between the vaccine and the virus.

iON 46:35

Bob 46:35
Not just getting vaccinated. No, not just the virus, it's the interplay of the two which is very unique. Has that ever happened before?

iON 46:44
Not yet.

Bob 46:45
No. Never happened before. Now, you're saying you're not sure which virus is the lethal one that causes the instant death. You're not sure if it's the Delta or the Lambda. Correct?

iON 46:59
No. Delta's first, Lambda is gonna catch on. The Delta is gonna be nasty, but what doesn't get cleaned up with that when they do -- they keep changing, adding these boosters. These boosters keep morphing the new problem. And so, basically, everybody is vaccinating themselves to death themselves. It's crazy.

Bob 47:20
And that makes you more vulnerable to whatever virus is around.

iON 47:25
Well, everything's gone. What's there, what's there to hurt?

Bob 47:30
Right. Well, like Carolyn says, she says, you know, you take the vaccination, you're stirring up your body. She keeps it simple. And then therefore, when the virus comes in, it's gonna add to the stir-up and you're not gonna survive it.

iON 47:43
[chuckles] That's right. So funny. It's so funny. You're so funny. We like it when you start gettin' stuff. It's pretty good.

Bob 47:53
Are you talking about -- did you say me or Carolyn is funny?

iON 47:56

Bob 47:56
I'm funny. Yeah. What did I get there about how Carolyn's simple compared to the rest of them?

iON 48:01
Yeah. How you're takin', just break it out down to where this is the answer and here's the problem and here's the solution. [Bob chuckles] We got this worked out. It's okay. Right? Right? Yes, Bob, you got 'em again, Bob, you got 'em again. It's great.

Bob 48:16
I'm not puttin' ideas in your head, I'm extrapolating for what you said.

iON 48:21
Yeah, okay.

Bob 48:21
And people don't seem to want to ask this kind of a minute distinctions to find out exactly what happened.

iON 48:30

Bob 48:30
And so if someone... Correct? Right. So some iONaut tells somebody, tells Scott about what iON said, Scott will say, "Well, no, no, Dr. Tenpenny had that, knew that 40 years ago." The iONaut wouldn't know, say listen to this, and heard Bob work it out how to counter Scott's general put down that iON is just another joker coming up from behind. That's the difference between me and the intensity of the iONaut questioning, aside from Bert.

iON 49:01
They're havin' all these opinions and havin' all these Miss Congeniality contest, but the problem, real problem is is once after we get so far and they need attention or they need this or they need that, it's not gonna be available. We're not gonna have it.

Bob 49:18
That's a very good, very good phrase, the Miss Congeniality. All the iONauts are trying to be Miss Congeniality. And if Roxy doesn't sound like that, they don't like Roxy because she doesn't go along with being Miss Congeniality. But you're saying to be a Miss Congeniality sets you up to be an ineffective buyer of iON. Better stop worrying about being congenial. Would you agree?

iON 49:42
We would except for you got to have to balance it because you got to be able to make sense of yourself. Because if you just poking it, if you're just tryin' to win first prize, it's the beauty contest. That's not how this works. You don't care which one's the most pretty, Bob, you want to know which one's Ascending. That's what -

Bob 49:59
That's right.

iON 50:00
- you're trying to absorb.

Bob 50:02
And that's what I do. I'm not concerned about anything on that level, I remain balanced. That's how I can remain balanced, by not worrying about balance. That's how you remain balanced.

iON 50:16
You do. Mm-hm.

Bob 50:17
Okay. When we talk about the Emerald Tablets starting in 32,000 BC, or BCE, Before the Common Era, when and where did that happen? Was that before the Garden of Eden -

iON 50:17

Bob 50:25
- was that before the "fall"?

iON 50:38
Just, just before.

Bob 50:40
Aha! So, the mapping out of the Emerald Tablets which was telling people you're gonna have a "fall" and you're gonna have to rely on a NonPhysical, and this is how you connect to your NonPhysical to get under your problem with the dark brothers, the black brothers, the mafias, the Sinaloan Cartel of your culture, they'll be lookin' for you if you're trying to Ascend, and the Emerald Tablets gives you some wisdom in relation to that; some parts of the Emerald tablet. That was preparation, effects before the causes, before the "fall." That's what you're saying, right?

iON 51:20
In essence, yeah.

Bob 51:22
Yeah. Well, in essence is maybe as far as you want. Sometimes the subtleties are -- the extra details are interesting, but that's a vulnerable path because you'll start to get overcomplicated. Okay. Who murdered, who ordered the death... We'll wait for a pause here. Who ordered the death of Dorothy Kilgallen?

iON 51:47
The driver of Kennedy's car.

Bob 51:54
That's someone in Secret Service, correct?

iON 51:57
Right. Yeah.

Bob 52:00
Let's just look at those names. You have way back there -- I have the list here. Let's see. Bring it up here. [pause] So, Polly, Pitiful Pearl, she says, "No apps in her phone," and "We can stop the beast." I think we discussed this before, but is that a naive position?

iON 52:38
It is.

Bob 52:39
Yeah, Little Man can have it. So, Polly was actually listening to the show last week?

iON 52:47

Bob 52:47
I think you said.

iON 52:49
Oh, yeah.

Bob 52:50
Is that the first time she's found us, or I think you...

iON 52:53
No. No, no.

Bob 52:54
She knows.

iON 52:54
Where do you, where do you, where do you think all these moments of lucidity she keeps bumping into? Now she's quit: Now I've had enough. I can't take it. I'm disgusted with it. It's just [Bob laughs] I was making fun of this stuff. This crazy man who says he's 100 years old and has this little, has this little southerner, his Southern little southern drawl speakin' things, tellin' him all kinds of stuff and this, and everybody, how niggers really live and what really happens in niggertown and how that applies, and how sharp their pencils are, and how sharp they're not 'cause all the black people destroyed the pencil leads while they're stabbin' each other in the throat with their sharp pencils. [Bob chuckles} You know, that's the rub.

Bob 53:36
Is she quitting because we went too far with the alien talk? Do we connect her disillusionment with her listening to us?

iON 53:49
Don't worry about it. It's okay.

Bob 53:52
She will continue listening. Right?

iON 53:55

Bob 53:56
Well, I think we talk about her listening. We go, hey, she's listening. You said she's listening. Does that make her smile or get nervous?

iON 54:04
It does. It does.

Bob 54:06
What? Which?

iON 54:06
Same way, same way. It does make 'em nervous. It does make 'em nervous. Same way, same way this perfect cabal with JFK; it took a lot to pull that off, Bob.

Bob 54:19
Yeah, and they feel pretty proud of themselves for doing it? Do they feel proud of themselves for doing it, pulling it off?

iON 54:32

Bob 54:34
They all, they all transitioned I assume.

iON 54:39
So far.

Bob 54:39
Any remorse? Any crummy feelings? Back then, there was a Guf. Did any of them make it to the Guf?

iON 54:48
Yes, many of them did. Jack Ruby and all that bullshit. They got over it.

Bob 54:54
Did Lee Harvey Oswald, did he get to the Guf?

iON 54:58

Bob 54:59
Aha! And you can understand with Robert Kennedy killing Marilyn Monroe. You can see why, as you said Ethel Kennedy, his wife, would not mind him being shot in 1968. Correct? She's had enough of him, his philandering? [short pause] You don't want to comment on that?

iON 55:24
You want me to?

Bob 55:25

iON 55:27

Bob 55:27
Was she... You say she's the main cause Kennedy was -- Robert Kennedy was shot. And that's because she was sick of his playing with people like Marilyn Monroe and ended up murdering her.

iON 55:27
Right. Here's another mess that somebody has to clean up.

Bob 55:29

iON 55:29
She didn't care who he was diddling, but then they come into something else that they had to get cleaned up. They were running out of, they were running out of mortar and stone to fix these problems rather than just gettin' busy what you were doin'.

Bob 55:58
Right. So, the Kennedy brothers are spoiled brats, rich kids who get meddling in things, thinking they knew it all. Correct? Is that how we would look at it?

iON 56:07
Okay. Okay. That's a good way to look at it.

Bob 56:12
Okay. Why did the Queen lose Buckingham Palace? What did she do to bring this fate on herself?

iON 56:25
A Nazi sympathizer.

Bob 56:28
Nazi sympathizer. Mm-hm. So, the aliens who were forced to work with the Project Paperclip Nazis, they had an old grievance about those that work with the Nazis. Haha!

iON 56:41
As well. As well.

Bob 56:41
So, the old aliens... Yeah. The old aliens don't like, didn't like Hitler so much. They came, they listened, they didn't like, but they were forced, they were stuck with them.

iON 56:55

Bob 56:55
That's all they had. Aha, that's an interesting point.

iON 56:58
In essence. In essence. Now, there's some, there's a, there's a few little tales that take you off the beaten path, obviously, that are okay, but that's not the point. The point is, is that's the gist of the running story, not all of it.

Bob 57:14
I get it. When you start gettin' into the extra, to the gist, that's where complicated mystery landscape and anomalies come in, and humans don't want to be bothered with that. At least up to this point. Right? They like the gist; easier to work with. You agree? Little Man likes the gist?

iON 57:35
Mostly. Mostly.

Bob 57:34
Alright. Okay. Are there allies in the world of the dead? So are there people, maybe people who knew me who died likes what I'm -- if they see what I'm doing -- likes what I'm doing, me and Carolyn, and they just try to help us. First of all, can they help us? [short pause] Do we have allies in the, in the world of the dead?

iON 58:07
Yes, you can, but you don't know what that means.

Bob 58:11
Right. It does happen.

iON 58:13

Bob 58:13
And more complications of the situation. They don't have a mind to argue with other entities on the dead plane, do they? They don't have minds.

iON 58:25
No. No, no.

Bob 58:27
But would there be potential: okay, I'm gonna follow the formulas in the Egyptian Book of the Dead says the dead person. I'm gonna get back in there. I'm gonna reappear, and I'm gonna do this and that. Is it part of their willfulness to become back into physical that they might ally with somebody or take advantage of them? They might hang around Carolyn and take advantage of her medical knowledge to get strength.

iON 58:53
Maybe. Couldn't hurt.

Bob 58:56
So, the world of the dead is watching and interacting with us.

iON 59:00

Bob 59:00
That would be the essence of that question.

iON 59:03
Well, that's what Nan, that's what Nan was tryin' to tell you in lookin' at the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Bob 59:09
Did you get that, Carolyn? Did you get what Nan was tryin' to tell us?

Carolyn 59:14
[in background] Telling us about the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

Bob 59:20
You're not hearing it. Right, Carolyn?

Carolyn 59:22
[in background] No.

Bob 59:23
Yeah. So, the dead pick allies as their way to coming back.

iON 59:32

Bob 59:33
And they hang, they hang around you to pick up some health knowledge and help 'em get stronger as they move back into physical.

iON 59:40
Or survive until they can feel the, the -- it all goes...

Bob 59:43
Till the cows come home. [laughs]

iON 59:47

Bob 59:47
Till it all goes polar. Carolyn laughed when she heard they're hanging around her. [chuckles] She hadn't heard that idea before.

iON 59:56
Oh, yeah. Well, she's hot. She's hot, Bob, she can't help it. She's hot. They're gonna hang around.

Bob 1:00:01
Yeah. They listen, Carolyn, and use it however they could to stay strong while they get ready to come back. Okay? And then iON said we should ask Nan about that; she knows all about it. So, you'll be asking Nan about that?

Carolyn 1:00:16
[in background] No.

Bob 1:00:17
She said no. [chuckles] Okay.

iON 1:00:20
She'll just file it into the Word column.

Bob 1:00:21
Yeah, she'll file it away in case we need it. Okay. This idea that we discovered late Saturday night into Sunday morning, me and I don't know who else, we contributed, and we came up: Oh, that's what's going on here. Bob has to meet with the aliens so it draws attention to iONdom, -- as people look into who is this crackpot -- and they say, well, he's doing something right. And then that allows people to find out about iONdom and have the choice to engage with iONdom and therefore, it's a fair game. iONdom has been made known to everybody -- and you need a big story like the aliens to draw attention to iONdom -- and therefore people can make their effort and be judged whether they take the opportunity are not. That's the reason to have the aliens meet Bob. Do you agree? That's what we came up with on Sunday morning. Do you like that? Is that a gist? Is that a good reason to have the meeting with aliens, if we need to have a reason? You don't want to say? Now, I know you already said yes in there. You said yes last Sunday, but is there more you would like to say about that notion? Is it too sacred to discuss? JW, take another sip of the tea. I'll wait.

iON 1:01:58
Ehhhhh. You're running out, Bob. Five hours.

Bob 1:02:02
I know. We're almost finished. You're almost finished. It's not five hours. We're almost finished.

Carolyn 1:02:09
[in background] You're terrible, Bob. You're the worst person.

Bob 1:02:10
I'm the worst person says Carolyn. But did you -- okay, did you have your tea?

iON 1:02:15

Bob 1:02:17
Good. Is the meeting with aliens very necessary just for fairness so that everybody hears about iONdom -- because the Bob route leads to iONdom -- and then everybody has a chance to engage iON and Ascend. It's a fair way to give everybody the opportunity to hear about it and then see what they want to do and make a choice.

iON 1:02:42
Yeah, but that's not, that's not the end line. You're not tryin' to make them make a choice. They're gonna die. They got no choice to make. There's nothin' to choose. They're not gonna Ascend, and therefore they have no functioning use on this planet. As a Little Man especially. So, that's it.

Bob 1:02:42
Right. So, the alien meeting has nothing to do with the Little Man. Right? It does -- it's not there to help the Little Man. It's being done for other reasons.

iON 1:03:12
Right. That's right. Good. And that's why the conversation gets weak when you start tryin' to validate these words because they don't hold, they don't last long enough to be validatable. Validatable. Not saying it can't be validated, that's not the point. The point is, is by the time you get it all figured out, they won't be here to complain. Dead people don't complain often.

Bob 1:03:37
Right. I know, it'll be too late. But you said yes last week because there was a little bit of kernel of application to the idea.

iON 1:03:46

Bob 1:03:47
But in essence, no.

iON 1:03:48
Well, that's the, that's the conversation, you see. Now, to get them -- the aliens could very well use this to say, okay, y'all got the vaccine, you're gonna die. Okay, we've got the thing, we're gonna save you, but you got to come work for us.

Bob 1:04:03
Mm-hmm. Okay.

iON 1:04:04
See the rub?

Bob 1:04:05
So, yeah. So, now you said the conversation can go that way. That's why we have conversation about fallacious themes, 'cause there's always something you can get from it. So, you encourage the conversation Sunday morning by saying yes, that's it. That's why the meeting is happening. Everybody says, "Wow, there it is! We now know. It's been 12 years." But it needed further discussion.

iON 1:04:31
May tag. May tag.

Bob 1:04:37
Okay, so then, so then I did further discussion. We find out, no, the opposite is true. [chuckles] That's why you can't stop. You have to stay and interrogate endlessly in your own good time. Okay. Are technologies extensions of our bodies and our senses?

iON 1:05:03
You got to go a different way. You're going down the same damn rabbit hole, bring it back to the shore. Go ahead.

Bob 1:05:10
Okay, our bodies are extensions of our technologies!

iON 1:05:15
Yes, there you go. And that's what the Tech Body wants is that technology sport. Good.

Bob 1:05:22
Aha! In other words, we haven't determined what the ground of experience in existence is, but it's not necessarily...

iON 1:05:30
Well, you have! You have. We told you, but you don't believe it. We've gone through this and gone through this, and then you fight it every step of the way. Not you personally, but the listeners, they fight it. Then they have all these conversations, and it goes on and on and on and on. And then they can't do it, and then they don't know, and then and then and then. It's like, okay, whatever.

Bob 1:05:51
Right. People want to believe the body is the root of our extensions. But iON said no, if the Tech Body wins, the Tech Body will have been the root of our extensions. Our bodies came out of the Tech Body. So, it's fighting to be the ground in the we like to say timelines, but in the various realities about what's to be concluded. Right? That's ongoing.

iON 1:06:17
So far.

Bob 1:06:18
Right. Okay. So, we got this quote from Bert: "The soul is not essence." Now, I know that iON says that the essence would go to the Guf, so what is essence as opposed to the soul? And we have a whole paragraph which I won't go into about. We took excerpts of what the soul -- soul has a very important role in a lot of stuff.

iON 1:06:48
Yeah. Stenographer.

Bob 1:06:48
You heard us talk about it and more. So, what is, what is the essence as opposed to the all the actions of the soul?

iON 1:07:01
Sometimes it's a qualifier, and sometimes it's a frequency breaker.

Bob 1:07:06
So, it's part of what we were just asking, whether technologies are bodies or the ground of the other.

iON 1:07:10
It's the part, it's the part that you use to overthink something so you can do what you want to.

Bob 1:07:19
Ah! And that comes up to our last point. This statement: "You create based on your words. Your words are based on your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on where you are vibrationally. Where you are vibrationally is sometimes your sighted place of reality. Thoughts are under the words. Vibrations are under the thoughts. Where you see that you are is underneath the vibrations. The mind is involved." That is a statement of what you just said. You know what I mean? You said -- I don't know how to say it. I can't remember the words, but you said that's the crux of the matter.

iON 1:07:57

Bob 1:07:58
Where we create what we want to do. That's in that seven lines what you were saying there. The process is in there, right? How you get to where you want to do something, and you want that autonomy; that's what brings in the mind. And that can...

iON 1:08:12
And you'll kill yourself, and you'll kill yourself to maintain that very ananomy[sic]. "Anotomy."

Bob 1:08:21

iON 1:08:23
No, it's "anotomy." A not-to-me where you undo, where you undo yourself despite yourself to prove that your id was indeed prepared to take the fullest example of the problem at bay.

Bob 1:08:40
Right. And that is the -- and it becomes the anatomy.

iON 1:08:47
From "anotomy."

Bob 1:08:50

iON 1:08:49
"Anotomy," not me. Not me. [Bob chuckles] Not me, "anotomy." Not me. It's the craft, not me, not me. Oh, "anotomy," "anotomy."

Bob 1:09:00
Okay, well in that tanglement, that cluster, the question is where is emotion in the middle of that: words, thoughts, vibrationals, sighted place. Where is emotion?

iON 1:09:12
They're slips, they're slips, they're slips of acted out vibrational coincidence.

Bob 1:09:19
Isn't that how you defined essence?

iON 1:09:22
Well, but that's how, that's where essence is is from an emotion, or emotion comes from the essence. That's the outcome. That's what's leftover. When you get mad and Carolyn gets mad and starts throwing shit, she's got a reason to be mad. That's not the conversation. The reason she sometimes doesn't start throwing shit and let it go, it's a different conversation. But you get her into just the right mood, get her aggravated and you say it, that one thing, and boy, you'll find out. You know how it goes.

Bob 1:09:51
So, if there's two conversations to everything, you have an essence, it's made up of two conversations. The other conversation involved with essence is emotion. Like that? That's the two-parter of, of essence.

iON 1:10:06
Yeah, that's right. That comes -- the ammonia comes later.

Bob 1:10:12
And that's hendiadys, one by means of two.

iON 1:10:16
That's right.

Bob 1:10:17
So, for the Little Man, there's two conversations in every subject; that's a Little Man syndrome. Hendiadys is the Little Man. They can't be one. They got the you versus the you. And so they think...

iON 1:10:29
Well, they could be. They could be one if they would quit tryin' to drag themselves into, with everybody else and become their own one in their God. [Bob chuckles] That's all they gotta do. So, that's right.

Bob 1:10:42
Well, wait. In that sentence: if they stop dragging themself into everybody else and become one. The one is what you don't do when you don't drag yourself -- no, the one is what you have an opportunity to develop if you don't drag yourself into the crowd. Correct? Is that what you're saying there?

iON 1:11:00
Don't -- yeah, don't, yeah, don't intercede. Don't make intercessions on your own behalf.

Bob 1:11:09
That's right. So, most of social life and mortar is a mistake and always ends in tears because you're getting entangled.

iON 1:11:19
So far.

Bob 1:11:19
And so, quantum entanglement is a metaphor from science's tradition and its themes and means. Its attempt to explain the very thing about emotion and essence we just did, that's what's entangled. And it is involved with physics, though the physicists are last to know about that. Right? They're the last to know.

iON 1:11:42
Basically. Basically. Very good. Excellent.

Bob 1:11:45
Okay, so one little, short thing. [recording ends]

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