Tuesday, March 19, 2024

15th Anniversary

Yesterday, March 18, was the 15th anniversary of March 18, 2009, when I accidentally evoked/invoked (don’t know which) “iON”, a Non-Physical source of unbelievable information.

I have subsequently recorded over 33,000 hours, both public and private, with iON.

We now are in the middle of applying the information—both technological and medicinal—which will unleash the greatest wonders upon the world.

The first public announcement that indicates the scale of what we have done is told by this article from Oct.24, 2023.

The description of the technology is not accurate in the least—we are keeping it proprietary for the time being. But a half million homes are being serviced by the Augusta, Georgia, reactor.

Most of the world’s richest people are fully aware of our achievement and are scrambling to get aboard on the “ground floor”.

We do not accept their offers to assist us financially.
Bob Dobbs


Anonymous said...

Good to know. I would love to experience the E.E. 'coldplay' to try and formulate some relation of how it works. If it is interdimensional it should pose some problems.
p.s. YouTube terminated my account right after communicating with you twice on the BobOnZappa channel.
p.p.s. I do believe I am involved somehow with the Dalhousie 'school of tech' as I attended there studying Physics and Chemistry once!

Bob Dobbs said...

The device is physical - in our world - it also might have other factors involved, too.

It will be easy to use - but probably not understood.

[[ Here's the latest news story:

See, a lot of people in the electric and gas utility industry KNOW… about us. ]]

Praise Dalhousie - they graduated Carolyn in 1978!!