Saturday, February 10, 2024

I’m Amazed

I just listened to my two (1990 and 1992) CBC interviews (haven't heard them in over 20 years, probably) and I'm amazed at how the second one ends with me talking about how I had the inside track on the Aliens and the Crop Circles compared to anybody else on the Planet thanks to Michael Blake Read channeling the Evergreens for me.

That's a supreme example of my living on the Luck Plane all the time because the Aliens issue is what turned out to be one of the main purposes of my present life - considering what iON has set up for me in New Zealand with my coming press conference (not everybody here will know what I'm referring to if they haven't been listening to our weekly internet radio shows the past couple of years).

Rev. Ivan Stang and the SubGenius anti-Bob fanatics are all going to faint when that happens.

But those here who know, like Alissa, will be astounded at how the EFFECTS of those CKLN days were so uncannily prefiguring/preceding the present-day CAUSES.

The rest of you will soon find out if you pay attention to these coming posts.

You should probably get on our products so you can survive your coming FAINT.

Bob Dobbs

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