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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 7, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:10:50
Do geckos enjoy when they leap about and fly through the air? Do they like that? Do they feel it? Do they care?

iON 1:10:52
They do. They do.

Bob 1:10:55
It looks like they're happy, Carolyn. They're leaping about.

iON 1:11:03
If you really wanna have some fun, take a little piece of ice. They go apeshit over ice. Take a piece of ice and they will attack it. They love it.

Bob 1:11:14
Okay, are geckos NonPhysical? I think you said a good chunk of nature is NonPhysical.

iON 1:11:20
Most of it is. It's not beast driven. Things that aren't mammals, especially.

Bob 1:11:27
Ah, mammals tend to be physical, -

iON 1:11:29

Bob 1:11:29
- not NonPhysical.

iON 1:11:31
Correct. Typically.

Bob 1:11:31
Oh, okay. So, all right. So then, talk about Bob, and... What was that little point there? Carolyn was indifferent.

iON 1:11:46
[chuckles] Geckos, geckos like ice. Elvis is not doing good. Let's see.

Bob 1:11:58
Why is Elvis suffering?

iON 1:11:59
Gina Lollobrigida got a nice, Gina Lollobrigida got a new corset; she's doing good.

Bob 1:12:06
Right. Is she one who didn't die? I have to look her up -

Bob 1:12:11
- if she's rumored to...

iON 1:12:11
Not yet. Not yet. Not Yet.

Bob 1:12:12

iON 1:12:15
Now you're waitin' on 'em to arrest Trump for Pete's sake. Who in the hell would have calculated that? Who's gonna calculate that? Who's gonna, how's that gonna work? So, you got a lot of upside-down stuff that you're dealing with.

Bob 1:12:28
Yeah. So, that's what I was gonna go into now. So, Trump knows he's gonna be arrested?

iON 1:12:36
Well, it's not gonna be Trump, it's gonna be a stand-in. It won't be him. He's safe.

Bob 1:12:41
Yes. So, he knows -- he's prepared. Did he prepare it, or did others prepare him for this [inaudible] having a substitute?

iON 1:12:46
Others prepared, others prepared him for it.

Bob 1:12:47
Does he know...

iON 1:12:50
He wanted to come to your bunker. He wanted to come to your bunker, and he was told to pound salt. If you can't -- if you own, if you own the cattle of 1000 golf courses, then you can get your own bunker. You're not gettin' Bob and Carolyn's because Bob is clean, and you're not. You eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. [Bob chuckles] Bob does not eat Kentucky Fried Chicken so we're not doin' that; you're not going in there with that vulgar, with that vulgar eating habits that you have. You have crumbs on the floor and nastiness, and we're not gonna have that, so, get your own. But he asked for it.

Bob 1:13:25
Right. And he heard about our bunker 'cause listening to our show? That's how he knows about the bunker?

iON 1:13:31
That and... We don't want to say it.

Bob 1:13:36
Yeah. Does he know where our bunker is?

iON 1:13:40
He's the President of the United States.

Bob 1:13:43
He knows that others are lookin' after having a double or it is a clone that's replacing him -

iON 1:13:49
No, this is just a d -

Bob 1:13:49
- that's gonna be arrested? Yeah.

iON 1:13:49
This is just a d[muffled]

Bob 1:13:52
The doubles have been used already a lot?

iON 1:13:55
Sometimes. We gotta keep him safe, Bob. They'd do any -- if Liz Cheney would kill herself to kill Trump, my god, what else? What are people willin' to do, Bob? When it's just, this is unbelievable. They're like, "I'm gonna die! As long as Trump's not President!" Whatever that means. Good god, is it that serious? Okay. Okay. Glad you told us, we didn't know.

Bob 1:14:18
Well, they know it's serious 'cause he is gonna reveal a lot. The Deep State secrets will fall out.

iON 1:14:22
No, he's not gonna, he's not gonna reveal a lot, he's gonna undo it. He didn't realize how much of a swamp he was gonna have to drain.

Bob 1:14:30

iON 1:14:31
So, [indistinct] say noted.

Bob 1:14:33
So, he knows about the doubles, and he knows that they'll arrest the double. He knows all that.

iON 1:14:40
Yeah. Yeah. It's all planned.

Bob 1:14:43
Okay, so, what will he...

iON 1:14:45
That's all planned. That's all planned. Every inch of that is scheduled. It should have actually already happened, but now they're gonna drag it out another week. Like you said, that this has gotta happen quick, and then you say, no, it's gonna take a while. And then they'll do some'um and then drag it out, and then do some'um and drag it out. Then when it gets to this esophageal crunch, that's when you can go to New Zealand. So, we'll just ride it out. You just gotta ride it out. Carolyn's right, ride it out. Do what you do.

Bob 1:15:15
Yeah, but you're saying I only have to ride it out for two more weeks, September is gettin' hot.

iON 1:15:19
At least. At least. Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 1:15:20
So, what... At least. What would that be, Carolyn? At least that amount, but it could be more than that; it could be a longer stretch.

iON 1:15:29
We just have to see. We just have to see 'cause maybe you can pop over. Maybe they'll pop over and bring New Zealand to you; that's been considered. That has been considered.

Bob 1:15:40
Right. So, but that is -- would the press conference be so dramatic that it would upset politics and things? Is that -

iON 1:15:48
It would.

Bob 1:15:48
- largely affect that?

iON 1:15:49
It has. Fuck, it has! Not "would it," it has! Are you nuts?

Bob 1:15:55
[chuckles] No, that's a good point. Ever since, you know, two years ago, whenever you assigned me this thing and started talking about it, the A3 level knows about it. And then Putin got killed and Putin's alien started Ukraine.

iON 1:16:06
And they're jumpin' all this stuff, and now they're, now they're fixin' to blow up nuclear power plants just to really show "Well, by god, I'll show this -- by god, I'll show them southerners! I'll blow up a nuclear power plant! I'll show them!" It's like, come on now, it's not that serious.

Bob 1:16:06
Okay, so we're in the middle of it. That's pretty interesting. Now, iON said that when...

iON 1:16:24
You're not in the middle of it, you're in the thick of it. You're in the thick of it.
Bob 1:16:28
Right. And when Cold Play is revealed in some form, iON said that would lead to World War III. But we're in World War III. The Cold Play has kinda been revealed. Whatever I was waiting for for 10 years, we're in it now; that's the exciting part. Right?

iON 1:16:47

Bob 1:16:49
Okay. And I assume it gets more intense.

iON 1:16:53
Did we say somethin' about cobalt-60? I think we said somethin' about cobalt-60, didn’t we?

Bob 1:16:58

iON 1:16:59
What about that?

Bob 1:16:59
Last night.

iON 1:17:00
No, well, no. Carolyn, Carolyn had a session. You might have been napping, Bob. You might have been napping. It might not have been so important. So, yeah, cobalt-60.

Bob 1:17:09
So, the mob, TikTok, Twitter mob, it's pretty hard no matter how powerful you are or Ascended to resist that socially.

iON 1:17:22
Yeah. It's so delicious. So delicious. It's like a moth to the flame. It's like you and Facebook, Bob. There's just no end to how far you're willin' to go. [laughs]

Bob 1:17:32
Yeah, but the... At a certain point...

iON 1:17:34
Yeah, Carolyn. Listen to him, Carolyn. Yeah, listen to him.

Bob 1:17:37
Listen. No, no. At a certain point it backfires on you. You're saying the mob takes over and now you're constricted. Now you're gone.

iON 1:17:45
You don't want to, you don't want to be -- either way, you don't want to be exposed. That's all we're sayin'. You just don't want to be exposed. Then you don't have to have any answers, then you don't have to give any questions, and you don't have to be involved in it.

Bob 1:17:57
[inaudible] part of this.

iON 1:17:57
You are already, Bob. You stopped media ecology, you stopped all colleges, you've undid money. You set up the FEMA "cramps." Poor Walmart, the Sam Walton family is goin’ bankrupt havin' to convert all their Walmart's into FEMA "cramps" now, right now, for Pete's sake. Hillary Clinton's doubles are now eatin' babies just in a tribunal response. It's the most silliest thing you've ever seen in your life. I mean, it's just crazy what they're doing; it's insanity the reality that is being done. Rosalynn, Rosalynn is 95, Bob. You look good. You look good as she does, Rosalynn.

Bob 1:18:34
Rosalynn Carter. Yeah, Rosalynn Carter.

iON 1:18:38
Rosalynn. Rosalynn. Yeah, she's 95. She's doin' good. She looks like you, Bob. She's hot.

Bob 1:18:45
In the rehearsal... Yeah, yeah. Just a minute. You said she's hot, right? She's hot.

iON 1:18:51
Yeah. Oh, yeah. She’s like you, Bob, she's hot.

Bob 1:18:54
Right. So, I just want to say I was very impressed with you talking to Greg, and he was asking you what director made this record or this music, and you knew all the names.

iON 1:19:01

Bob 1:19:01
You just know the names; faster than looking it up on Wikipedia. Was Greg impressed with that -

iON 1:19:08
Of course.

Bob 1:19:08
- and the rest of them?

iON 1:19:09
He's stunned. He's stunned. What's happening now is he starting to notice that there's no way anybody -- even if you had a staff doing it for you -- you couldn't do it fast enough.

Bob 1:19:20

iON 1:19:20
And it just happened to be we were very precise to pick his wheelhouse; that we would pick comic relief from Canadians, from other Canadians that he would actually know firsthand and what they worked on and what they did, and la-la-la-la-la-la-la. It's a little shocking.

Bob 1:19:39
Yeah. He's the one to show off in front of. Yeah, yeah, -

iON 1:19:42

Bob 1:19:42
- he's the one, he's the only one who knows all that stuff. And then he tests you and you pass.

iON 1:19:47

Bob 1:19:47
He was, he was -- it affected him a bit.

iON 1:19:50
Yeah. And so for your standard, he becomes the foil 'cause everybody else is lookin' at it that maybe they're like, goddamn, this NonPhysical knows. It put, it put Duffy Doodle Doo's dick in the dirt, so what now whatcha gonna do? [Bob chuckles] 'Cause he's the one he's supposed to be the sober one. He's the one supposed to be together. He's the one supposed to have all the answers, and he's tryin' to ask all the right questions, 'cause this just doesn't add up. This is not adding up. [Bob chuckles] "I don't know what's really going on here, but there's no way possible that this thing could be coming forth to tell us all the things that we didn't know that we thought we knew that we could have known. Like, he knows I have a job that I don't even know about yet. How did I get a job? [Bob laughs] [indistinct] have a job and he's gonna say nothin'." It's gonna get kinda fun.

Bob 1:20:33
[laughs] Why is he getting a job? Because he needs one? He needs a job.

iON 1:20:37
He's hungry.

Bob 1:20:37
He's gettin' one.

iON 1:20:38
He's hungry. He's hungry.

Bob 1:20:39
Okay. So, okay. So, that's good. Have you heard of this? Well, you have heard, but what's your assessment of a new kind of a Mae Brussell person that Sue Bone turned me onto: Kirby Sommers. She's very onto the Epstein world and sees that Megan was part of the Epstein world, you know, 10 years ago, long before she met Harry. Is she accurate?

iON 1:21:05
Oh, yeah. She is. She is. That's right. Megan's a Dark Horse.

Bob 1:21:12
Well, a Dark Horse is someone who is gonna do better than you would expect. Right?

iON 1:21:17
Well, we'll see. It's a nightmare. She's been a working nightmare for some time now. Bad.

Bob 1:21:23
Right. And so, she, she fucked-up Prince Andrew. Right?

iON 1:21:26

Bob 1:21:27
Like, they had sex way back there.

iON 1:21:29

Bob 1:21:29
And, and then she went after -- on purpose -- went after Prince Harry to nail him.

iON 1:21:35
Of course. Of course.

Bob 1:21:37
Because she's out to get the Queen.

iON 1:21:38
We think, we think Beatrice, we think Beatrice ought to be Queen. Beatrice is cool. Beatrice is cool. She don't have no troubles...

Bob 1:21:45
Who's that?

iON 1:21:46
That's Andrews’ daughter.

Bob 1:21:49
Okay. Oh, yeah, I've seen a picture; she's about 22 years old. I know who you mean. We're dealing with new information. So, Kirby Sommers to get the gossip, it's okay to listen to her cuz she kinda knows what's goin' on. She's not an Alex Jones or some'um speculating. She knows her stuff. Would you agree? Kirby Sommers?

iON 1:22:10
Not necessarily.

Bob 1:22:13
Not necessarily. But she's right about Megan being part of the Epstein gang and that Epstein and Ghislaine were a business and they blackmailed people and they did it on behalf of Israeli intelligence or something.

iON 1:22:26
Well, goddamn, Bob, everybody knows that. You know, I mean, why are you gonna go -- gonna go to Twitter? You're gonna let Twitter solve it for you, Bob? Come on now, it's not -- no, just come on.

Bob 1:22:38
Everybody knows that about them. Well, what, what is Kirby Sommers on about? She says people don't know the seriousness of it or something.

iON 1:22:45
Well, they most certainly do. Everybody, everybody's had a hot poker run up their whoo-whoo, and now they've got the DNA to prove it. Now they got the line of sight and everybody's in on it and who did what, and where they was, and where they sat on the plane, and here's the logs. And who was on the Enola Gay. And now we've got runnin' up here and who I slept with. I had, I had Bill Clinton's sex baby I hear. Here's Bill Clinton's sperm; he's real handy. We got, we got access to that 'cause we got, we got the Monica Lewinsky dress. We can match that up right away. It's real good stuff. Plus, she's tellin' you all these things of this inside goop that's already gooped. Nothin' to go on here.

Bob 1:23:22
Okay. I think she was trying to make something unique about the...

iON 1:23:26
She's tryin' to call herself a historian. That means everything that she talks about, it's already known.

Bob 1:23:33
Right. And she talks about the Coda House where John and Yoko lived. Was there something -- and that's where they filmed "Rosemary's Baby," Roman Polanski and those guys, and Mia Farrow.

iON 1:23:43
Yeah, yeah, that was hot. That was hot, "Rosemary Baby," that's right. Where they got them to do their do-do. Yeah, that was crazy. The old people [indistinct].

Bob 1:23:49
Yeah. Is there something haunted or aliens in the Dakotas?

iON 1:23:53

Bob 1:23:54

iON 1:23:54

Bob 1:23:55
Portals there. Portals. So, her main theme would be that Mia Farrow -- Walter Bowart said this about Peggy Mellon. They're all victims of MKUltra when they're young. Would you agree with that, that something's landed on them?

iON 1:24:05

Bob 1:24:10
And so, she ends up, Mia, ends up marrying Frank Sinatra, you know, the mafia guy, and they don't know it's sort of odd to be doing that if you're a star.

iON 1:24:21

Bob 1:24:21
That's a result of the -- whatever MKUltra is, but they're saying the methods are. It happened to Peggy and everybody on the rich level.

iON 1:24:29
Yeah. Here's what Kirby Sommers is tryin' to be. She's tryin' to be a Mae Brussell without a newspaper. And now she's got it worked out that Gloria Steinem was the photograph with Marco, and that closed the move. She knows what's goin' on now, and she's been working on it for a couple of years and nobody's noticed. [Bob chuckles] And then the high society girls and the actresses and their models are all connected. And all those kids when they began their association with Epstein, well, Ghislaine Maxwell mostly, they were very young; not all, however. And then the targeted, the minor girls that were economically challenged, la-la-la-la-la. She's just talking about all this bullshit, you know, not impressed.

Bob 1:25:14
You mean it's not true. It's not true that Peggy and them got MKUltraed.

iON 1:25:17
Well, yeah, it's all... So? But that they did or didn't didn't make any difference. Okay, they did. Okay, they didn't, it doesn't make any difference. She's just tellin' you about what that everybody else already knows.

Bob 1:25:22

iON 1:25:23
Nothing mystic about it. Give us some'um mystic about it if it's some'um goin' on. If you've got a, if you're Iona Miller, show us. Show us, show us. Let's see, let's see your tits! If you're Iona Miller, let's see your tits, honey. That’s all we have to say. [Bob chuckles]

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