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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 6, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Carolyn 59:49
Now, I don't... I'm looking up mononuclear acid. Do you mean mononucleic?

iON 59:58
We said nucleic, we didn't say mononuclear. We said mononucleic. We did.

Carolyn 1:00:04
Thank you. Now, there are nucleic acids, but do you mean instead of deoxyribonucleic, you mean ribonucleic, which is a monoxy?

iON 1:00:16
It applies that way, but only in the essence of a quark.

Carolyn 1:00:22

iON 1:00:23
You can't reach it otherwise. Or you can see it, but you can't find it. You can find it, but you can't place it. You can place it, but you can't pin a tail on it. So, that's how that goes for now.

Carolyn 1:00:36
Yeah, so that's because it's RNA, and RNA and viruses are pretty obscure; you can't see. Right?

iON 1:00:46
Typically, yeah. That won't hold for all days, but for today it holds perfect. It's great. You know, but it won't hold for always, so we have to be careful with the word. You know, we don't want to say words and then say, "You said so and so and so and so!" We don't want to do all that. So, it's not gonna hold forever, but it's holding, but it'll hold the line right now. At least this side of the Eastern Gate.

Carolyn 1:01:10
Yeah, 'cause my question was: Does the virus provide some genetic material for Ascension? You said mononucleic acid, and now we're refining that. Do you mean RNA from the viruses? And you said, you know, perhaps, or more -- bigger than a perhaps. Okay, got it.

iON 1:01:32
For now.

Carolyn 1:01:33
For now.

iON 1:01:33
Say for now 'cause that's the only way you can wrap your head around it. You've got to wrap your head around it because now these viruses are fixin' to change everything 'cause remember all these people have been -- Bob's mad as hell 'cause people ain't dead enough. There's not enough death, and Bob's just very cross with the whole thing. [laughs] Bob's very cross with the whole thing that more people aren't dead already. We should be composting humans already, and we're not, so somethin's wrong. Somethin' is messed up here. Well, you're coming into that window now where there's nothing else left. And now it looks like if there is a midterm, it's gonna change the whole outlook. So, you'd have to be careful with your business model 'cause you may have to change that. You may have to change that. So, just hold -- if you hold on for a little bit, make your decisions on a short-term basis.

Carolyn 1:01:37

iON 1:02:07
Like a quarter.

Carolyn 1:02:29

iON 1:02:30
Like a quarter. Like a quarter. And then look at it again. Don't make big, long-term decisions 'cause all this ain't gonna last like that. It's not gonna last because you still have more inflation because there's tons and tons and tons and tons of cash that hasn't been spent yet. And when it's spent, it's gonna further devalue the -- increase the inflation. And then with the new money...

Carolyn 1:02:53
I know. they're sending out more checks. They're sending out more checks now.

iON 1:02:54
Yay, that's [indistinct].

Carolyn 1:02:59
Yeah. Yeah, we're not ordering more, more products really to speak of. We've cut back on expenses, etc. So, it looks good. I'm happy.

iON 1:03:13
Just for a second. Just for a second until it catches up because the next thing you know then, then it's gonna be the other way and it's gonna be like, oh, my God, we can't get product fast enough. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's kinda like frost in the ground.

Carolyn 1:03:24
Now, you mentioned 88 days. Is that 88 days to midterms? Correct?

iON 1:03:33
I think midterms are 100 days, but if you can make it through 88 days, we'll call it a day.

Carolyn 1:03:41
So, the 88 days you mentioned, that was more of a business thing, just to hold tight for 88 days. And I'm not...

iON 1:03:50
That's correct.

Carolyn 1:03:51
Yeah, got it. Okay. Not the midterms. But then you mentioned the midterms, "if they occur," which is interesting for you to say that. So, I will, I will turn it over to Bob now.

Bob 1:04:06
Hey, Carolyn. No, wait a minute.

Carolyn 1:04:08

Bob 1:04:09
Wait a minute. Summarize what the "plandemic" did. Did people get the Ascension virus, get something, Ascending from the shots or the COVID? Or something else.

iON 1:04:25
Neither. Something else.

Bob 1:04:26
Do you know what that is, Carolyn? Did you learn what that was?

iON 1:04:31
She did.

Carolyn 1:04:31
Yes. This influenza made people realize that the body couldn't overcome it. They had to build their own immunity by fighting. In the fight you had leftover particulates as part of the immune system particulates that could affect the protease inhibitors, change our CD4, and then with the oxygen depletion that created this, this next step that we're in.

Bob 1:04:32
That's pretty complicated. So, you're saying people... Well, who failed to Ascend? How did you know someone failed to Ascend through all that?

Carolyn 1:04:54
The people that died. [chuckles] The people that died.

iON 1:05:20
When they're dead. Hey, Carolyn, exactly...

Bob 1:05:21
Were they killed? Did they -- hold it, iON. Did they die because they didn't understand what to do, didn't have the right attitude, or the vaccine killed them?

iON 1:05:34
What's the difference?

Bob 1:05:37
No, the vaccine -

iON 1:05:38
What's the difference?

Bob 1:05:39
- if you didn't take the vaccine, -

iON 1:05:40
What's the difference?

Bob 1:05:42
- if you didn't have the vaccine... Listen! Here's the difference. If you didn't take the vaccine, you would survive, even if you didn't have the right attitude.

iON 1:05:48

Carolyn 1:05:48
No. No, they -- no, it's a, it sounds like it's about the attitude. It's about are you gonna fight this and trust your Ascending body to keep you healthy, or are you gonna say, "Oh, I'm so scared, I'm so scared, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm so scared. I'm gonna take a vaccine that's gonna help me." And then they die.

iON 1:06:10

Carolyn 1:06:11
So, it's all about you letting your body fight it.

iON 1:06:14
Hey, Carolyn... Sorry.

Bob 1:06:15
Right. Now, iON said that I... Go ahead, iON. Go ahead.

iON 1:06:20
No, no. We were tryin' to be clear. Carolyn, it's exactly it is 1984 hours, 119,094 minutes, or 7,146,560 seconds until November the 8th of 2022, [Carolyn chuckles] which is 82 days. But your marker is not 82 days, your marker is 88 days; it will take that long for this to swing.

Bob 1:06:51
Okay, so...

Carolyn 1:06:52
So, I don't know what that relates to then. The 82 days, whose is that?

iON 1:06:58
88 days. 82 days is the time to the midterm, if there is one, but that has nothing to do with 88 days.

Carolyn 1:07:06

iON 1:07:06
We're just gonna let all this land so you can now have some surety that everything's gonna be different. 'Cause there's a lot of things that are gonna happen between then and there. And that's what Bob knows. Bob's gonna go into that 'cause he'll pick it to death. You know how Bob's like a sore; he's gonna pick it till it bleeds, no question. And we like that. We ain't mad about that, that's good. But what happens now is it's gonna get opened to a place where we can go, oh. We're not having the "Oh’s" right yet. But we got to have some "Oh’s" for this to apply.

Bob 1:07:40
What are "Oh’s"? People going, "Oh"?

Carolyn 1:07:45
Oh! Uh-oh.

iON 1:07:42
"OHH! You didn't say! Oh or uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. So there's some oh's about the X's and O's.

Bob 1:07:51
Yeah, okay. So, you were saying people... Oh, the numbers, the increasing number of people dying didn't happen the past year.

iON 1:08:07

Bob 1:08:08
It’s being held back.

iON 1:08:09

Bob 1:08:10
Right. Okay. The other thing was when you say that the COVID or this "plandemic" and all that it was helped people Ascend or created the opportunity to Ascend, that's where Carolyn and our products caused this to happen as Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And that's where the service of us being the Four Horsemen is what you were explaining to help people Ascend. Right?

iON 1:08:42

Bob 1:08:44
We'll help. You said we're the Four Horsemen.

iON 1:08:47
You are.

Bob 1:08:47
So, we're the Four Horsemen on the good side of it is what you explain. The RNA drops got mutated to mRNA over in China, and then that caused the "plandemic," which forced people to Ascend. The Four Horsemen forces people to Ascend. It's never been said.

iON 1:09:01
Well, it gives you no other -- you have no other choice; that's the rub. There's no choice. And that's what we said from the beginning. You can only Ascend or die. But this is amping it up to a position where you now have -- gonna be able to make a good choice really quickly. [chuckles]

Bob 1:09:21
Yeah. And you just said the process is gonna pick apart what's gonna happen in the next 88 days. Right? We're gonna go into those details. So, Carolyn, you see, here's the question Carolyn doesn't ask.

iON 1:09:32
That's too fun.

Bob 1:09:32
Okay, iON, on the night that they tried to kill Trump which was October 2nd or 3rd; it was a Friday night. He went in on Thursday, Friday night was a crisis, then JW was there Friday night. Then, what's his name -- Oscar -- shows up in the morning and says, "Bob's okay." Were there people on the island ready to take me out and Oscar was watching, -

iON 1:09:53

Bob 1:09:53
- watching those people?

iON 1:09:54
Yes. No, he wasn't there watching, but he had eyes watching you. He had eyes watching you.

Bob 1:10:00
Right. And watching the people. Did he have -- was he able to see the people who were sneakin' around and gonna do it? Could he see them?

iON 1:10:06
Yes. Yes. You better call D. Krishnamurti and see how that works out. See what happens then.

Bob 1:10:12
Who is D. Krishnamurti? Who's D. Krishnamurti? U.G. Krishnamurti?

iON 1:10:18
The other. D. is the other one.

Bob 1:10:20
Yeah, U.G. U.G., the comic one, the rebel one.

iON 1:10:24
The rebel without a clause. Rebel without a clause. Not a cause, clause.

Bob 1:10:30
And who taped all of him that's on YouTube, Carolyn? Who taped D. Krishnamurti? Bob Carr. He's the one who made all the videos that are on the web.

iON 1:10:37
He sure did.

Bob 1:10:37
That's the importance of Bob Carr. He's involved with D. Krishnamurti.

Carolyn 1:10:42
[in background] Wow.

Bob 1:10:42
Yeah. So, that's an importance. That's why you highlight Amayan[?], right? Because he worked with D. Krishnamurti.

iON 1:10:50
It is. It is.

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