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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 5, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

iON 42:57
Yeah. Go ahead, dear.

Carolyn 42:57
What is proteasomal degradation that attenuates cell toxicity?

iON 43:02
Okay. Got it. Okay, the inside of the cell, if you turn it inside out, kinda like a...

Carolyn 43:08

iON 43:08
Alright. It would be an example of a molar pregnancy. You know what a molar pregnancy is? You know what a molar pregnancy is?

Carolyn 43:08
Ohh. Yes.

iON 43:15
Most people don't, but you know what it is. That cell that "is," that doesn't make a baby. It is a baby, but it doesn't make a baby. All of the imprint is there, but it doesn't form into a zygote or a what you call fetus. So that's the best example of it is a molar pregnancy. Most of the time you have that in another world, but that's the best working example 'cause you know exactly what that is. And you go, oh, okay. So, the only way to fix that is a DNC.

Carolyn 43:50
Yeah. So, is... That's what you're saying is the new perfect cell.

iON 44:01

Carolyn 44:02
Oh, my god.

iON 44:02
It certainly is. It certainly is because see, it won't make anything, but it "is." It "is."

Carolyn 44:02

iON 44:05
Well, how can a perfect, how can a perfect thing not be a thing? It becomes an "un-thing." "Oh, I had a un-baby. Ohh, we're expecting an un-baby. I have an un-baby." How do you do that? How do you do that? [Carolyn chuckles]

Bob 44:25
Is he explaining the womb closing effect, Carolyn?

Carolyn 44:28

iON 44:28
No. No, no, no, no, no, no, it's a different reference. It's an example of the aberration within whole plasma of how the cells "degra...gates," "deg-ra-gate" -- we can't say it. Why would you want to do it? "Degragate," can't even say it. Why would you want to do it? It would be...

Carolyn 45:02
Degradate. Degradate.

iON 44:47
Degradate. Degradate. We can't even say it. We can't even say it. [Carolyn chuckles] So, the degradation becomes the example of how the Little Man is gonna fall; that death is sure, one way or the other. And so that degradation is the "fall," what you call the "fall of Western civilization." Or that's what Judah Ben Hur said! But that's all we need to go with.

Carolyn 45:15
Okay, so...

iON 45:16
That may be your best question ever, dear. As far as questions go, that was a good one. That was a good one.

Carolyn 45:16
Right. So...

iON 45:25
How about your Southern Company? How about your Southern Company? Isn't that exciting? [laughs]

Carolyn 45:25
[chuckles] I don't care. I care for the questions.

iON 45:34
$79. $79. $79 a share. And you're gonna say, the next thing you're gonna say, "I wanna buy some more! Make it be $40, iON!" I was like, ahhhh! [laughs]

Carolyn 45:47
Again! Make it be $40 again. Okay, so let's look at this proteasomal degradation in terms of Ascended and Little Man 'cause you're saying that...

Bob 45:47
Hey, Carolyn, I have a question about that before you go into it. You didn't evoke iON to say that phrase. Bert or somebody did, Carolyn?

Carolyn 46:16
iON, awhile back said something about proteasomal degradation attenuates cell toxicity, so, I'm picking up on it, that's all.

Bob 46:24
Yeah. So, I'm thinking somebody evoked it, and they might have asked what it is, and iON wouldn't tell. Is that because you have to tell Carolyn first, iON?

iON 46:32
No, we don't mind. We can hide it in front of them, too. That's not the point. But we wanna make sure that we have Carolyn's undivided attention. So, if Carolyn's interested in something, then we're gonna develop it until she’s satisfied, but she's gonna get it, whereas, somebody else may not get that much intention. Do you see what I mean? Carolyn matters. Not everybody does. Okay? [inaudible/overtalk]

Bob 46:32
Great. So, the topic comes up, and Bert asks about it, -

iON 46:40
You can't say that.

Bob 46:42
- you don't say much.

iON 46:50
Can't say that.

Bob 46:52
But then you wait -

iON 46:52
Sometimes we tell Bert.

Bob 46:54
Yeah, I know. Then you wait...

iON 46:55
Sometimes we'll tell Bert. Sometimes we'll tell Bert.

Bob 46:57
Yeah. Right. Then you'll wait until Carolyn asks about it, and then she'll get a lot more than anybody got is what you're saying.

iON 47:09
That's correct. And then it's developed, and then she's got the upper hand so that when other words are said, she is copiously taking notes every single time. And you think she's not even listenin'. She's takin' notes. She's puttin' this thing together because she knows this is the next claim to fame. She’s got this Bob; she got the assignment. She got the assignment, Bob! [Carolyn chuckles] She knows what to do.

Bob 47:27
The next claim to fame. You mean the next means to become famous?

iON 47:32
Of course.

Bob 47:33
You don't mean... Okay.

iON 47:33
Or the next answer. The next answer.

Bob 47:36
Right. Now, the...

iON 47:38
The next protease inhibitor. [chuckles]

Bob 47:39
Right. Now, we were just talking about...

iON 47:39
You better get ahead of the monkey pox. You better get ahead of the monkey pox, honey honey. [laughs]

Bob 47:45
Yeah. So when they...

Carolyn 47:45
[chuckles] You know, they're making all the gay boys in Washington get a monkey pox vaccine.

iON 47:55
Well, what is a monkey pox vaccine? Who's the monkey pox doctor?

Carolyn 47:59
I know.

iON 47:59
You're going to the I.D. doc -- we're gonna... Let's go to the infectious disease doctors and see if we can get considered for monkey pox. Come on now, this is crazy. This is nothing other than Fauci, this is nothing other than Fauci playin' his little shit again, like normal. You know that.

Carolyn 48:16
Yeah. Okay, Bob.

Bob 48:17
Yeah. And Carolyn, is that a bunch of people in Washington government? In the government they have to do it?

iON 48:21
Doesn't matter. She's talkin' about, she's talkin' about people who have lascivious living, Bob, where they have too many sexual partners.

Bob 48:29
But she said in Washinton. Why in Washington, Carolyn?

iON 48:32
Well, that's where it's worst. That's where it's the worst.

Carolyn 48:32
Taylor Wallace, our research guy told us about this.

iON 48:34
Occurring the most. That's where it's the most...

Bob 48:42
But Carolyn, who in, why in Washington? What are you doing in Washington to get this sentence?

Carolyn 48:50
Taylor Wallace, Dr. Taylor Wallace told us, me and Ginney, the other day that they're telling gay men in Washington, DC, that they should get a monkey pox vaccine because they're at risk.

Bob 49:08
Who's telling them?

Carolyn 49:09
The CDC, government, Biden, whatever.

iON 49:09
The boys are havin', boys are havin'...

Bob 49:17
And it's not publicly known. You had to hear it from Taylor.

Carolyn 49:22
Yeah, but he heard it on his network. Google it while I'm finishing up this question. This is my last question. It's very important, most important question ever, and of course you butt in with your purple ass-kissing manner. [chuckles]

iON 49:35
Purple, purple, purple ass monkey pox-laced conversation. [iON, Carolyn laugh] Throw salt on him, Carolyn. Throw salt on him. You should have done it the other day. Throw salt on him. See what he does. Let's just see what he does.

Carolyn 49:50
But that's what Lot's wife had to put up with and look what happened to her!

iON 49:54
That's true. That's true. Fair enough. Fair enough.

Carolyn 49:59
Okay, look. So, proteasomal degradation, I want to look at it as it relates to Little Man and the Ascended because you're, it's like you're saying proteasomal degradation in the Ascended, it's like a molar pregnancy and it's a beautiful cell and it will live forever. But in the Little Man, it's gonna kill them. Right?

iON 50:19
Correct. Well, they aren't alive. They actually aren't alive.

Carolyn 50:25
Yeah. Okay. So, here's the words about proteasomal degradation for Bob: "Proteasomal degradation pathways play a central role in regulating a variety of protein functions by controlling not only their turnover, but also the physiological behavior of the cell. This makes it an attractive target for the pathogens, especially viruses which rely on the host cellular machinery ready for their propagation and pathogenesis." So, does that mean that... Is there some viral component to creating the perfect cells?

iON 51:07
Of course.

Carolyn 51:07

iON 51:09
Everything is, everything is, everything is viral sooner or later.

Carolyn 51:16
So, are these perfect cells that we Ascending are making, pulling in some RNA from viruses to help?

iON 51:29
It goes back to the protease, of course. And then what's gonna happen is as you get adjusted, what adjusts is that you... You know this by gauging the CD4. When you're doin' the CD4, you do it with that.

Carolyn 51:49
Okay. So, this viral epidemic is part of the Ascending process.

iON 52:00
Of course.

Carolyn 52:02

iON 52:02
Of course. This is the whole condition. This is the ex -- this is the reason that you got no... Okay. Now, now, in Bob's defense, this is what's... No one's listening to Bob. No one's listening to Bob. No one's listening to Bob. Well, now all of a sudden, everybody's listening to Bob 'cause they're like, "Goddamn! This crazy man has lost his nuts! He's lost his nuts, and now he's being right!" He's so right that now they're startin' to listen to him. They're startin' to pay attention to him.

Carolyn 52:06

iON 52:34
So, this has caused the impotent response. Impotent response. They have no choice now.

Carolyn 52:45
Yeah, yeah. I mean, Rothschild...

iON 52:49
And so, Bob didn't get righter. Bob didn't get righter, everybody just went down the toilet. He's the last man standing. That's the only difference. It's not that he's done anything better than he ever did; we're not really impressed with all that. But everything else fell. [chuckles]

Carolyn 52:49

iON 52:51
Pretty sad when you win the race -

Carolyn 53:08
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 53:08
- and everybody else -- all the other horses in the race fell over dead, and he's the last one to lop over the finish line. So, that's rich, isn't it?

Carolyn 53:17
So, you say it goes back to the protease and to...

iON 53:24

Carolyn 53:26
Inhibitor. Yeah. So, the viral pandemic is part of Ascension.

iON 53:31
Yeah. Turn or burn.

Carolyn 53:32
Does it provide -

iON 53:35
Turn or burn.

Carolyn 53:35
- does it provide some genetic material for Ascension?

iON 53:36
Yes. Turn or burn. That's exactly right. The burn part is what's gonna happen when the oxygen is replete in the atmosphere. You're gonna learn, then you're gonna have no choice but to learn to live without oxygen.

Carolyn 53:58
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, turn -

iON 54:02
You have no choice.

Carolyn 54:03
- we have to turn our...

iON 54:04
Up to that point, up to... Yes. Turn. [Carolyn chuckles] You're right. We're sorry. We're ahead of you. We're ahead of you.

Carolyn 54:10
You're totally ahead of me! So, we turn ourselves into Ascended beings.

iON 54:10

Carolyn 54:17
And if we don't, we burn because of no oxygen.

iON 54:22
Because of, because you're resistant. You're resistant to the obvious condition. It's like anxiety. It's like an, like an anxiety thing where you have what they call panic. You can die of a panic attack for God's sake.

Carolyn 54:37

iON 54:38
You can die of a panic attack! Well, it's the same song, different verse. Now what happens is you forced yourself into a position where there's no other way out. So now, there's no choice. And that's what we said: do it any way you want to. "I don't want to Ascend." Okay, just chill, it'll be alright. Relax. It'll get so bad you will soon, or not.

Carolyn 54:57
Right. So, I asked you several times and you give me, you know, a metaphor. So, let me go back. Does the virus provide some genetic material for Ascension? Yes or no?

iON 55:11
Yes. Mononucleic acid.

Carolyn 55:17
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Bob 55:20

iON 55:21
Mononucleic acid.

Bob 55:23
What, Carolyn?

Carolyn 55:26
This is awesome. This is very cool.

iON 55:29
She said...

Bob 55:29
Why did you say...

Carolyn 55:30
That virus...

iON 55:31
She's like Joe DiMaggio. She's hittin' home runs, Bob.

Carolyn 55:35
Hittin' home runs, Bob.

Bob 55:40
What is it, Carolyn? What did you find out?

Carolyn 55:40
The virus, the pandemic, is part of the Ascension process because it provided nuclear material for our Ascending bodies.

Bob 55:57
How did people get it? Did they have to get COVID? Did they have to get vaccinated? How'd they get it?

iON 56:03
No, no. This is the example of what to do. They had to have that as an experience. Do you remember -- Carolyn, were you dreaming when you were asking about cobalt-60 or was that real?

Carolyn 56:18
I don't know. I don't know.

iON 56:20
Write down cobalt-60. Write down cobalt-60. 'Cause you made a big to-do about it the other night, -

Carolyn 56:27
I see.

iON 56:28
- and got everybody -- put the whole house on their ear. Cobalt-60. So, if you didn't, you need to.

Carolyn 56:36
Yes, exactly. Bob, did you...

Bob 56:41
Hey, Carolyn, what are you saying? You're saying... How did people get this nuclear stuff? By injection or when they got the COVID virus?

iON 56:50

Carolyn 56:51
Probably when they got the virus?

iON 56:53
This, this flu, this influenza, the blue flu, blew through and they found out that the human body, the human strata, couldn't overcome it. Okay? A la qu'est-ce que c'est COVID, just like the Spanish Flu. It blew through, and then you had to build an immunity to it, and how you build an immunity to it is that you have to fight! Well, in the fighting process, you had leftover particulates that was useful in the deconstruction or decontamination of the immune system protease inhibitors' ability to fight and condition the CD4 into a place where that your undetectable load could not be enough COVID to take your life. Then you subtract oxygen from that conversation, and now, now bless God, we're on to somethin' now. Carolyn did it. We like it. That's why we blamed you for it to start with 'cause you're -

Carolyn 58:01

iON 57:58
- gonna be the queen. Paula Deen's the butter queen, and you're gonna be the Ascension queen.

Carolyn 58:06
Well, ahh.

iON 58:05
Dr. Carolyn Dean, the queen of Ascension. That's nice.

Carolyn 58:08
And then you know, Bob, when the, when people will put on respirators -

iON 58:14
Oh, it was over.

Carolyn 58:15
- and give them extra oxygen, it totally -

iON 58:19
Oh, yeah, they're done.

Carolyn 58:20
- overkilled them. It was overkill.

iON 58:22
Yeah. Well, what happened is the body responded to the poison which was the oxygen. That's right.

Carolyn 58:28

iON 58:29
They were vented. They put them on a vent. Intubation. [singsong] Intubation, intubation, intubation gave them [inaudible].

Carolyn 58:37
That's what... When you called me from Walter Reed about Trump, and I said do not let him go on a respirator.

iON 58:45

Carolyn 58:46
That was my battle cry. That was very interesting. Look at that. Now, I...

iON 58:51
Correct. He wouldn't have lived. He would not have, couldn't have lived through it.

Carolyn 58:55
Right. No, it's... no... His chest, he has such a big chest, he would have been, you know, over, over, overkilled. About...

Bob 59:04
And they were trying to do that. When JW was in the Walter Reed Center that night, somebody wanted to put that on him?

iON 59:11
Sure. They had him on 20 liters; they had him on 20 liters of oxygen anyway, which is enough to kill a horse.

Bob 59:18
But your products, our products, kept him going?

iON 59:23
Correct. They cut, they, cut...

Bob 59:25
And they were...

iON 59:26
Ivermectin and the zinc and the silver cut it so that it wasn't, it didn't sop his lungs with fluid because what it does is it sops your lungs with fluid.

Bob 59:38
And there were people in the room who were supposed to kill him, and he'd survived, and they were shocked that he survived. Did they figure out why?

iON 59:44
They still -- and Liz Cheney's still upset about that herself. Yes. [Carolyn chuckles]

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